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It would take some time until Asahina and others come back. Deciding I will enjoy Yuka’s exquisite p.u.s.s.y until then, I erased my presence and went up to the second floor.

Inside the dark room. Yuka has her right hand stirring up het meat hole while repeatedly kissing the Suzuhara doll she’s holding and hugging with her left hand.
Lewd viscous liquid splashes from the meat hole that’s being stirred by three fingers, wanting my p.e.n.i.s inside it.

ーMota-kun, Mota-kun.

Yuka calls my name without letting out a voice.
Yuka engrosses herself in masturbating, m.u.f.fling her voice and her whole body sweats a lot, bends her back, convulse and stick out her tongue every time she c.u.m
She never dreamt that her vulgar, shameful, indecently dirty self-indulging image would be seen by me.

This is it! I don’t care about battles. I want to use my ability on this stuff.

Yuka wants a harsh punishment but I’m the one deciding it. She won’t complain no matter what kind of punishment I give her.
Then, should we tease her without reserve?
It’s not a painful punishment but a pleasurable one.
I’ll repeat Yuka’s beloved kissing and tease her nipple over and over again Her nipple would be so erect that it would explode when I play it with my tongue, suck it and bite it with my teeth. Then, I’ll turn my fingers on her c.l.i.toris. Then when her meat hole floods, wanting my p.e.n.i.s so much, I will never thrust it violently. I’ll put it in slowly and pull out slowly. Obviously, while kissing.
Yuka who becomes a mess just from kissing might become really crazy if I attack her that way.
If she really goes crazy from it, then it will be a severely harsh punishment.
I walked in the second floor’s corridor with my d.i.c.k erect because of those thoughts. Then I stand in front of the door of the vacant room.


Then I clicked my tongue unintentionally. An idiot entered my ability.
Seriously, she’s not just an idiot but her timings are the worst too. I hate people who can’t read the atmosphere.
She run away and troubled everyone by exposing them to danger and yet, Pechahina walks with her chest sticking out.
Why is she being so uselessly proud? Furthermore, it’s more annoying that she looks good when she’s arrogant.
Marina’s coming after Pechahina and the Loli duo are following after Marina.
It seems that they were able to join up safely.
if it was Asahina and Marina, then Yukina and Lolihina, it would’ve been hard to come together. But, s.h.i.+nozaki group made it possible.
They’re people that’s based on human wave tactics. Even if you can’t use a small fry, you can use them if they have gathered in numbers.
But, I have to be careful. Yuka cooperated with s.h.i.+nozaki group for my sake but, normally, they’re people she’d rather die than meet. You can say that Yuka’s no longer afraid but her psychological trauma doesn’t heal so easily. It’s possible that the wound in her heart will spread.
Also, s.h.i.+nozaki’s group used Yuka as their toy before. Even though they’re afraid of me, it won’t be surprising if they try to make a move on their former toy.
After all Yuka’s quite the beauty, she has a beautiful breast, exquisite p.u.s.s.y and an outrageous f.e.l.l.a.t.i.o technique.
On top of her being a former toy, there might be an idiot who would try to make a move on her.
Should I play with s.h.i.+nozaki’s group from time to time for that sake?
I’ll play with them directly. I’m sure that they’ll cry in happiness.

Getting away from the vacant room door, I erased my presence and returned to the stairs.
My ability can only “see” it can’t “hear”
I’d like Asahina to be home to avoid troubles but mother is misunderstanding thanks to Kisaragi.
If this goes well, nothing will be suspicious even if a lot of women gather in our house.
This is a bet but Kisaragi is much more usable than I thought. There’s a possibility that Kisaragi might mediate it well with mother even if Asahina doesn’t engage a conversation. And if I include Marina, the possibility of going well is high.
No, Marina and Kisaragi’s relations.h.i.+p is unknown. If Kirasagi is hostile to Marina, it’ll get complicated.
But that’s okay, Marina should be backing down.
…No, I wonder. Marina’s a natural airhead.
Well, I’ll just think about it when it fails.

Asahina arrived at the entrance of the door and rang the interphone.
Mother who’s talking to Kisaragi in the living room gets up when she heard it.
Kisaragi sitting on the sofa of the living room drinks tea leisurely while mother goes to the entrance.
Hey, Kisaragi, can I use you?
No, well, I “can see” who’s coming but mother and Kisaragi can’t.
It would be strange if Kisaragi comes with mother even though they don’t know who’s coming.
But still, this got me. If mother and Asahina meet each other and talk, it would be troublesome if the conversation doesn’t match.
Then, Kisaragi’s “lie” would backfire.
Thinking about it, mother has opened the door.

『I’m sorry for the commotion earlier』

Asahina standing in the front door looks at my mother then said, then lowered her head.
Uwa, what’s that? That’s not Asahina-like at all. The modest Asahina is disgusting. You’re not that kind of character. You should be the idiot who’s looking proud on whoever it is.

『N-No, don’t mind it. I heard about the situation from Sayaka-chaーno, Kisaragi-san』

Mother seeing Asahina looking modest, she shook her head while blus.h.i.+ng.
s.h.i.+t. Mother took out Kisaragi’s name. Asahina must be doubting because she doesn’t know the situation. If she asks back, everything would be exposed.

『Oh, Asahina-san』

Then, Kisaragi who’s relaxing on the living room comes out and spoke to Asahina.
Oh, nice one Kisaragi. You did it without feeling out of place.


Asahina who saw Kisaragi spoke her name.
Please, Kisaragi. That idiot is inflexible and stubborn. I think it’s hard but please control the difference of enthusiasm between mother and Asahina.
I think it’s super hard, but.

『Sorry, Sayaka. I run away suddenly」

Asahina tells Kisaragi and said.

『No, I don’t have any problems with it. I’m actually thankful for mother for bringing me delicious tea』

Kisaragi showing up her face from the living room lined up next to mother in the hallway.
Asahina and Kisaragi look at each other. Mother’s being embarra.s.sed for some reason as she look at the two.
Good Kisaragi, you’re doing well. Then take Asahina to the second floor. The more you talk the easier it is to get exposed.

『S-Somehow, I’m sorry』

Mother smiles wryly while speaking to Asahina.
Kisaragi, you must not allow the two to talk. Just break in properly and hurry up and bring Asahina on the second floor.

『I’m the one who should be sorry. I’ve made a commotion coming out of the house, but I got hit by the night wind and it cool down my mind』

Asahina looks at my mother and bows politely.
Disgusting, too disgusting. The proud Asahina is annoying but the modest Asahina is too disgusting I can’t stand it.
If Asahina’s not so cheeky. She’s not worth to train. But, the conversation is engaged miraculously.
Kisaragi, for now. Just bring Asahina to the second floor. It won’t look natural at all right now.

『Fufu, Asahina-san’s not so honest』

Kisaragi joins the conversation while looking at the modest Kisaragi with a smile.
Hey, Kisaragi, stop that, don’t provoke Asahina. Just bring Asahina to the second floor already.
Ahー, s.h.i.+t, it’ll get exposed if you don’t hurry up.
Marina, do something.

『Marina-neechan, want to eat Taiyaki?』
『Waa, thank youー!』

Marina’s eating Taikayi from Yukina outside the door.


Then the two of them eats taiyaki happily.
Looks delicious. Leave at least one for me
That’s not it, aah, hey Marina, I’m evaluating you quite highly. It’s not time to eat taiyaki right now.

『Delishー! Taiyaki’s so delis.h.!.+』
『Waa, it even has a filling until the tailー!』

Far from my expectations, Marina’s excitedly eating with Yukina.
Marina and Yukina’s breathing matches if you look at it.
Having fun? You girls are having fun? I’m troubled here though?
But well, if Kisaragi is hostile to Marina, she might have to keep the current state to not make too much problems.

What’s left is Lolihina but she’s on a far away place than the two.

『Yui-chan. Let’s eat taiyaki together! It’s delicious!』

Marina calls out Lolihina who’s looking down but she’s not responding. Yukina is looking at Marina who’s having a troubled face looking at Lolihina.
Yukina shrugged her shoulders while looking at Lolihina on the side while eating Taiyaki she’s holding with both hands.
Was it because she wasn’t able to do anything but being protected by Yukina? Or could it be that her sister told her something when they join up? She looks like completely depressed.
Well, I’m not expecting anything from her.

『Why don’t you girls come in? I’ll prepare tea for all of you』

In the meantime, mother has invited Asahina inside.
Kisaragi, do something. You’re the only one I can rely on.

『Asahina-san…lets eat together. The tea mother brews is really delicious』

Kisaragi tries to force Asahina to the living room with Mother.
Hey, that’s wrong, that’s not it. What are you doing bringing Asahina to the living room? If you make a conversation while drinking tea, it’ll get exposed.
Kisaragi, just what are you thinking? Aren’t you protecting me? Are you planning something?

『Then, I’ll take up your offer』

Saying that, Asahina took off her clothes, turn back to get up in the house and kneeled on the floor. Then, she put the shoes she took off to the corner.

『Ah, Marina-chan, sorry but could you help me serve the tea』

Mother calls out.

『Ah, Sure!』

Marina raised her right hand when called by mother, then Yukina took Lolihina’s hands and come inside.
They look like a mother calling out her daughter and the daughter answering her mother. Marina’s making such a natural conversation. I swallow my saliva unconsciously when I saw that.
When Marina came to meet me, she didn’t see mother and yet, when did they get along?
Marina’s really amazing.

『As if she’s a bride. Yuuki “senpai’ is』

Asahina standing in front of the entrance mutters while looking at Marina coming inside the door.
Marina turned red for a moment.
Did mother hear Asahina’s mutter too? Her cheeks blushes too.

『S-Sorry. Marina-chan’s so easy to talk, so I unintentionally』
『T-That’s! No it’s okay! Also, I don’t have any other merits but housework!』

Mother apologized to Marina and Marina speaks in panic to mother.

『L-Look! Yukina-chan and Yui-chan, do you want tea too? There’s no loss for girls knowing how to make tea!』

Looking at mother apologetically, Marina brings Yukina and Lolihina to the subject and walks in the corridor.

『I’m a boy though!』

She’s objecting being called a girl? Yukina told Marina while walking along the corridor.

『Men and women are a newbie when they first find a job. Everyone’s the same. You have to brew good coffee. You can be liked by your boss from just that. There’s no loss from learning. That’s what my relative said.』
『Oooh, I seeー! Men and women are the same! Then I’ll learn how to make tea!』

Marina instantly made the dissatisfied Yukina get interested.
As expected.
Wait, that’s not it, why is everyone gathering at the living room.
I don’t want to be on my wits end but an unbelievable event occurred.
Marina, Yukina and Lolihina goes with Mother to the kitchen. Kisaragi sits down on the living room sofa and relaxed.
Asahina who remained on the corridor walks towards the stairs instead of the living room.
It’s great that Asahina goes away from mother. But why? Following the flow, she should be going to the living room, right?
Asahina comes up the stairs slowly.
I tried to stand up and back away. But I stopped that.
Why do I need to back away. Why do I have to be impatient?
I try to persuade myself but my heart beats intensely as if ridiculing it.

「As expected you were on the second floor. Eavesdropping is a hobby I can’t praise」

Finished climbing up the stairs, Asahina stands in the corridor and asks me with an arrogant att.i.tude.

「You’re scared of your mother aren’t you?」

Asahina mutters with a grin. Being glared by Asahina, my pulse jumped up and I frowned in suffocation.

「You’re funny. Who would’ve thought that you have an Oedipus complex」

I feel frustration at Asahina looking down on me while grinning. At the same time, my body trembles selfishly.

「I heard it from Yuuki-senpai. Yuka too. You gather us together because you’re fighting someone dangerous right? I don’t intend to complain about that. However, I just laugh because you’re weaker than I thought」

Asahina laughs.
I’m weak?
Hmm, I won’t take on such cheap provocations, idiot. But, telling me that I’m weak, it seems she needs more harsh trainings.

「There’s a possibility that all of us are aimed at so it’s dangerous for us to be alone. Then you try to gather us in a safe place and try not to move as much as possible. It was reasonable. There’s also the truth that Yuuki-senpai was kidnapped once so I think your judgement isn’t wrong. But that’s wrong isn’t it? That’s not your true intention?」
「What are you trying to say?」

I’m feeling the irritation increasing as Asahina looks down on me as she speak.

「You’re trying to look like a lone wolf but you’re afraid to make contact with people don’t you?」

Asahina laughs and mutter clearly looking down on me.
My heartbeat jumps and the blood climbs over my head instantly.

「Shut up.」

I spit out while glaring at Asahina but she laughed happily. Looking at Asahina, I feel my temple convulsing.

「You want to be spoiled by your mother don’t you? That’s why you have an Oedipus complex」
「Shut up」
「You don’t like to act alone but you don’t know anything but to be alone don’t you?」
「Shut up」
「You’re so pitiful. You refuse because you’re scared. If you do that, you won’t be hurt don’t you?」
「Shut up?」
「You want to be spoiled don’t you? Then should I become your mother? Hey, come here, I’ll embrace you」
「Shut up!」

I hear something cut off at the moment then when I noticed, I’m holding Asahina’s chest and pushed her against the wall.
Asahina’s standing tiptoe while pushed on the floor, she’s smiling though her face looks grimaced.

「Don’t blame us for acting alone」

Asahina doesn’t withdraw even though she’s pushed on the wall, lifted to her toes and can’t do anything to resist.

「Don’t say anything. I’ll forgive you if you do. But if you say anything furtherー」
「Anything further? What will you do? Violate me? Your threat won’t do anything this late. Well you’ve already taken my virginity already」

I try to silence Asahina but Asahina provokes me instead of shutting up.

「No matter how strong you are, you have a limit. I would be troubled if you get crushed. I’m the one who will beat you down」

Though her face is distorted, Asahina talks to me without breaking her smile.
Gritting my teeth, I lifted Asahina higher.
Even though you’re weak. Even though you can’t do anything. Even though you got raped by me.
But I get it. This girl will never retire whatever I do to her.
I release Asahina’s chest then her floating body fell and her feet stuck on the floor. Then Asahina coughed.

「You won’t hit me?」

Though she’s coughing violently, Asahina provokes me further than learning from my anger.

「I will beat down those I should beat down. Even if they’re women. But you’re not someone I should beat down. You’re someone I’m violating」

Telling Asahina that, she laughed.

「It’s wrong isn’t it? You will definitely hit someone even if they’re women. But well, it is as you say, only if they are someone you should beat down. I’m not someone you want to beat down but someone you want to violate. But, that is not the reason why you’re not using violence. After all, what I just said is true. You can’t go the line of hitting me who told you the truth right? You’ll use violence on no matter who it is but you have clear rules on it. You absolutely don’t hit someone for no reason」

I grasped my fist from Asahina’s words.
Motherf.u.c.ker. That’s right. It is as you say.
There are cases I wanted to be spoiled by mother. But, I was scared. I was scared that I would be thrown away someday. I’m scared of being scared further.
I don’t know it myself but Asahina may be right, I may have an Oedipus complex..
Also, it might be true that I’m only using Asahina and others as reason to act alone.
Women are weak so I should just move alone. I convince myself as such and act alone.
Surely, everything Asahina has said is true. And yet if I hit Asahina, I’m just escaping.
Running away to win is just a sore loser.

「Are you having fun teasing me?」

When I asked her, Asahina showed a smile on her face I never saw before. Thenー.

「Yes, it’s very fun ♡」

She answered gladly.
Annoying. As expected, she’s really the best annoyance.
I’ll definitely make you regret it. I’ll definitely break your heart with pleasure instead of violence.