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Chapter 80

She saw that Yun Wu in purple walked inside through the door at a gentle pace .

Recently, Snow Murong had been yelling angrily every day . Clearly she did this on purpose .

After Snow Murong saw who just came in, her pupils contracted, her eyes ablaze with anger, “It’s you . You shameless woman have such a thick skin . How dare you come into my sight?”

A smile appeared on Yun Wu’s beautiful face when she heard this . She was in a good mood, “Why should I be afraid of coming here? Because your thick-skinned father insisted on adopting me? Speaking of which, I think it’s members of the Murong family who are shameless and who should be too embarra.s.sed to be seen by others . “

Yun Wu believed that the reason why Cloud Murong wanted her to be his G.o.ddaughter was more because he wanted to co-opt her than because of her medical skills .

Just like back in the Magic Beasts Forest, both Sky Murong and Ouyang Qing tried to co-opt her when they saw her strength, but this Cloud Murong was somewhat smarter, since he knew how to take advantage of his relation with Grandma Medicine .

Snow Murong became furious after hearing Yun Wu’s remarks and it seemed as if flames were about to spurt out of her eyes, “Bulls.h.i.t! Who do you think you are?”

“Didn’t you already know who I am? You father’s G.o.ddaughter!” Yun Wu said in a contemptuous and sarcastic tone, elegantly sat down on a chair beside her, leisurely poured herself a cup of tea and took a sip .

Snow Murong clenched her teeth until they were about to break, “You think you deserve to be my father’s G.o.ddaughter? Pooh! Let me tell you something . You’d better get out of the Murong Mansion right now . Otherwise, you’ll regret not having left earlier when I recover . “

Before bl.u.s.tering, this Snow Murong seemed to have already forgotten what happened in the offshoot mansion of the Murong family not long ago .

She was exactly the kind of person that people described with the saying, ‘Once on sh.o.r.e, one prays no more . ‘

The smile on the corner of Yun Wu’s lips stayed unchanged when she heard Snow Murong’s bl.u.s.ter . She gave a glance at Snow Murong’s legs out of the corner of her eye, “If you’re going to cause me so much trouble, maybe I should kill you right now since there’s n.o.body around, shouldn’t I? Or should I do something to make sure you’ll never recover from your broken legs?”

Hearing her words, Snow Murong whose face was full of anger, abruptly felt a cold shiver of fear run through her, vigilance rising in her .

“What’re you going to do? For your information, this is the Murong Mansion . All people will come to my help if I yell . “

“Really?” Yun Wu lifted her eyebrows, a seemingly curious look on her beautiful face . “But on my way here, I saw that there was not a single person in the whole west wing . Do you think your scream will be loud enough to be heard by people outside the west wing?”

Upon these words, Yun Wu put down the teacup, stood up and slowly walked towards Snow Murong .

Snow Murong watched Yun Wu approaching her, anger in her eyes, but for some reason, horror uncontrollably flooded her in waves .

“You . . . Someone help . . . “


She started yelling .

Yun Wu paused, as if waiting for her to call someone here .

However, Snow Murong kept yelling for quite a while but n.o.body came .

“Are you done yelling? Then I’m going to do it,” Yun Wu’s cold voice was heard .

Finally, Snow Murong’s face slightly changed . She stared fixedly at Yun Wu, “You . . . What kind of trick did you play?”

Hearing her words, Yun Wu curved her lips and folded her arms before her chest, looking at Snow Murong, “I like killing people and I’m good at it . It’s so not worth it to play dirty tricks in order to kill you, a disabled lady . Don’t you think so? Or do you think that I’ve already killed everyone in this west wing?”

The color of Snow Murong’s face alternated between red and livid . What was she talking about?

“You . . . “

“What about me? Are you afraid I’m going to kill you? Or do you worry that I’ll cripple you?” at this moment, Yun Wu’s smiling face suddenly went cold .

“I dare you!” Snow Murong thundered .

Yun Wu suddenly flashed up to her . Watching her amazed face, she said in an icy, low voice, “Do you believe I can kill you right now?”

Snow Murong was startled, her body stiff, stammering, “You . . . You . . . “

“Snow Murong, you’d better change your sn.o.bbish att.i.tude and cut those petty tricks . If it weren’t for that you’re Grandma Medicine’s granddaughter, I would never have let you live after your trying to have me killed in the Magic Beasts Forest . “

Snow Murong’s heart was involuntarily quivering after she heard Yun Wu’s piercingly cold voice .

Watching Yun Wu who was staring at her closely, Snow Murong felt her heart tremble . Anger, annoyance and hatred seemed to have been frozen at this moment .

She could see it from the look in Yun Wu’s eyes that she . . . really intended to kill her .

How . . . How dared she?

But then Snow Murong couldn’t help recalling the scene in the mansion of the Murong family’s offshoot .

She dared to!

She really dared to!

When this positive answer flashed across her mind, Snow Murong’s face abruptly went ghastly pale, horror glinting in her eyes .

Her deathly pale face and the horrified look on it seemed to be exactly what Yun Wu wanted to see .

With a half smile on her icy face, she slowly curved her lips, stretched out her hand and gently stroked Snow Murong’s legs which were on the bed .

“Rest a.s.sured . I don’t want to kill you for the moment . From now on, be smart and don’t do anything stupid . Otherwise, it’s very likely that one day at night, when you’re asleep, your legs will be separated from your body . That would be quite a shame, right?”

Her voice was very, very low, as if she was mumbling and they were the only people who could hear it .

The feel of Yun Wu’s hands moving on her legs sent chills down Snow Murong’s spine . The horror in her was expanding like a black hole as Yun Wu talked . . .

This woman was definitely a devil .

Seeing Snow Murong’s stiff body and her eyes wide with horror, Yun Wu seemed to be in a very good mood, the smile on her face growing bigger .

Finally, the hands on her legs were slowly withdrawn .

However, before Snow Murong could relax, the cold voice was heard again, “From now on, be cautious and don’t offend me, because retaliation is my favorite game . . . “

Seeing that Snow Murong was glaring at her but too afraid to say anything, Yun Wu turned around with a smile and left the room at a leisurely pace .

However, she had just walked a few steps away from the doorway when the sound of someone breaking things abruptly came from inside the room .

“Bang, bang!”

She knew who that was without even thinking about it .

Yun Wu ignored her . Those things she was breaking belonged to her own family anyway .

But after seeing that look on Snow Murong’s face, Yun Wu felt exceptionally delighted .

Let this be a lesson to that Snow Murong .

In the East Garden .

In Wilderness Murong’s dwelling .

At this moment, the living room of the East Garden was crowded with people . Most were sitting but there were also some people standing . Everybody seemed anxious .

“Wasn’t he all right yesterday? Why this morning he . . . What happened exactly?” sitting beside the host seat, the Third Uncle said with a sullen look on his face .

Earth Murong, who was beside him, said, “Yesterday, that old . . . the Venerable Mistress went to see father, and then this morning, father’s condition worsened . “

Hearing this, many people present furrowed their brows .

“Third Younger Brother, you shouldn’t have said this if you haven’t seen it yourself . Otherwise, Elder Brother might think that we’re against the Venerable Mistress personally,” Sky Murong, who was sitting in a guest seat on the right side, said in a deep voice .

But everybody could understand the explicit undertone his words contained .

“Second Elder Brother, I’m not making this up . Ever since the Venerable Mistress came back, she has always been going in and out of father’s room . Everybody in this family saw it . She claimed that she had medical skills and is now trying to treat father with those bottles and pots n.o.body knows where she got from . “

Hearing this, the Third Uncle’s brow furrowed, “Treat him? How can she treat him? Didn’t the doctor say that no treatment should be carried out before the messenger drug is found?”

“Third Uncle, I tried to stop her, but Elder Brother trusts the Venerable Mistress and said that we should let her have a try . What else could I have done?”

“Nonsense!” angry, the Third Uncle smacked a palm on the table .

“What’s wrong with His Lordship? He inexplicably acknowledged a woman as his mother and also adopted a daughter . Now the Venerable Master is critically ill, but he still allows that person mess around . Isn’t he risking the Venerable Master’s life?”

“That’s true . Even the medic who has superb medical skills didn’t know how to treat this disease . Yet that old woman can treat it? Isn’t she deliberately trying to make things worse?”

“I think that old woman’s ident.i.ty is very suspicious . Maybe she’s afraid that the Venerable Master will see through her if he recovers, so she wants to . . . “

“Yes . It’s been decades after that happened . Who can still remember . . . “

“If we allow her to treat the Venerable Master, I’m afraid the Venerable Master will be . . . “

People in the living room started speculating, each speculation more ungrounded than the former .

The look on the Third Uncle’s face was becoming more and more sullen . He did still remember Grandma Medicine, but it had been decades, and n.o.body could verify her version of events .

How could they know what her true intention was?

Instantly, the Third Uncle stood up, “Enough . Let’s go there and see what’s going on . “

Hearing this, all those sitting around also stood up, followed the Third Uncle and headed for the inner courtyard .

In a s.p.a.cious room .

Sitting beside a bed, Grandma Medicine was feeling the pulse of that “fatty” lying in bed .

The “fatty” in bed was n.o.body else but that Wilderness Murong . He seemed to be barely in his sixties but was bloated . At first sight, anybody would think that he was a fatty .

“Mother, how’s he doing?” watching Grandma Medicine who had jus withdrawn her hand, Cloud Murong asked in an undertone .

With a sepulchral look on her face, Concubine Qu was standing beside him, but because of Cloud Murong’s presence, she tried to conceal her true feeling .

“His pulse is much weaker than it was yesterday . Maybe it is because of the loss of blood . Now the bleeding has stopped . I’ll check him again in a while,” said Grandma Medicine .

Watching the bandaged arm of Wilderness Murong, Cloud Murong knitted his eyebrows tightly together .

“Why did his skin crack without good cause?”

Grandma Medicine furrowed her brow with a deeply concerned look on her face, “The distension has been exacerbating and people’s skin has limited elasticity . Judging from the current situation, his skin is probably under too much strain . “

As a result, blood had spurted out the moment the wound had cracked . If it weren’t for that they discovered very soon and stopped the bleeding in time, there might have been unimaginable consequences .