Wild Malicious Consort: Good For Nothing Ninth Miss Chapter 151: Predestination

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Translator: SoldierWhen Yun Wu returned to the room, she faintly sensed that he raised his head and was looking at her with a mild smile.

“Is it done?”

There seemed to be several connotations in this remark.

Yun Wu flicked him a glance, making no reply.

Little Qing, seeing Yun Wu walking inside, sized her up. Confirming that there was no wound on her, he remarked sourly, “It seems that the Lord of Luo City is just another sn.o.b. He must’ve known you are a friend of my master’s, which was why he let you get away with that.”

Saying this, he slightly raised his head, seeming complacent.

The Yun Wu a while ago would definitely contradict him, which would make him blush furiously.

But after entering the box, Yun Wu didn’t seem to in the mood for a verbal duel with him. She sat back into her previous seat and looked down into the hall.

Unexpectedly, the two men that she had met a while ago were really sitting in the two seats close to the auction platform.

“Hey, ugly woman, did the Lord of Luo City scare you so bad that you lost your sanity?” Little Qing, seeing Yun Wu was in an abnormal silence, couldn’t help but look at her, a frown on his face.

After hearing this, Yun Wu withdrew her gaze, flicked him a glance out of the corner of her eye and curved her lips in a smile. “If you care about me, you can just directly tell me. Tart words won’t help. My comprehension is not very good, and I might misunderstand.”

Little Qing’s face instantly went sulky as he heard her words. “Who cares about you? What a nerve! Humph!”

He snorted and twisted his head aside.

Nangong Yi gave a chuckle and then commented in a mild and light voice, “Don’t mind him. He’s always been so childish. But, you went out a while ago. I suppose you’ve got that matter handled? If there anything I can do to help?”

Yun Wu tossed a glance at him and lifted her brows. “You sound like you have an intimate knowledge of my business.”

Behind the white veil, a smile appeared on his divinely handsome face and with that he replied gently, “Rest a.s.sured, I only know what I should know. As regards what I’m not supposed to know, I won’t try to find out. Since destiny arranged a chance meeting between us, naturally we should be friends.”

‘What is he supposed to know? And what is he not supposed to know?’

Yun Wu didn’t quite understand his words, but she felt that this son of the Grand Maester seemed to indeed have found out something about her.

“You seem to be pretty fond of making friends with others?”

The day before, in the tavern in that border city, when she was disguised as a sickly childe, he also made some similar remarks.

‘Has he by any chance really seen past my disguise?’ she wondered.

“Destiny is at work in all favorable and unfavorable turns in people’s lives. And some things have been written for a very long time.” Nangong Yi’s tone of voice was very bland, but his words were inscrutable.


Yun Wu glanced at the auction hall and lifted the corners of her mouth in a sneer.

‘Pity I never believe predestination. I only believe that my destiny is in my own hands, not those of divine providence.’

Right at this moment.

“All right, the auction of the last three treasures will start soon, which will be presided by Childe Wu.” A tender yet clear voice came from the auction platform.

As Ruo Ling’s died away, Coldness Wu in a purple robe rose from his seat in the front row, gave a smile and then walked to the platform at a gentle, elegant pace.

All people sitting in the hall were somewhat confused, wondering why they suddenly changed the auctioneer.

However, when their eyes fell on Coldness Wu, a lot of them seemed to recognize him.

“Isn’t that Counselor Wu serving the Seventh Prince?”

“Yeah. Why is he on the platform acting as auctioneer of this auction of the Dragon Cabinet?”

“Do you think there’s some kind of relation between the Seventh Prince and the Dragon Cabinet? I mean, not everybody is eligible to stand on the auction platform of the Dragon Cabinet.”