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Chapter 72: Life’s Twists And Turns (2)

The four of them rode the elevator and quickly arrived at the garden restaurant on the rooftop. As a show of thanks, Jiang Weiwei went all out and ordered all sorts of dishes. There were clearly only four of them, but the entire table was crammed with various dishes.    

The restaurant’s manager lamented to himself, “A waste! What a waste!”

While eating, Jiang Weiwei kept trying to push for the two siblings to play <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>. However, the two of them were unable to work up the courage to admit that they really did play the game. In fact, they even knew her!

After their meal, both Shen Jingbin and Shen Jingchen decided to visit the restroom, leaving Jiang Weiwei and Zhao Chengning by themselves in the restaurant.

Zhao Chengning suddenly spoke, “Don’t tell them I play <<Legends of Celestials and Demons>>. If you run into Xia Qihui, give him a reminder that he’d better not reveal anything either.”  

“How come?” Jiang Weiwei asked suspiciously.

Zhao Chengning pondered for a bit and replied seriously, “Little Jing doesn’t like people who play games.”

In that moment, Jiang Weiwei looked as if she’d been struck by lightning and cried out, “Why didn’t you mention this earlier?! I wouldn’t have told her I play games earlier if I’d known! Sniff sniff, what should I do if she doesn’t like me because of it?!”

Zhao Chengning cast a sidelong glance at her and replied, “Doesn’t she dislike you regardless of whether you play games or not?”

“She only likes me!” he muttered to himself.

Jiang Weiwei was a postgraduate of B University’s Chinese department. After their meal she received a call from her tutor, so she was forced to reluctantly part ways with Shen Jingbin and return to school after saying her goodbyes.

In the afternoon, Zhao Chengning brought the Shen siblings over to several spots in B City’s downtown area that were rather scenic.

And that was how they pa.s.sed their afternoon.

When evening came, Zhao Chengning quietly drove the Shen siblings back to his place.

Upon noticing the car stopping outside a villa, Shen Jingbin, feeling it was a little strange, asked, “Where are we? This doesn’t look like a restaurant.”

After Jiang Weiwei left, Shen Jingchen had set aside the pa.s.senger’s seat for Shen Jingbin. Zhao Chengning reached out his hand and helped her to undo her seatbelt before saying, “This is my home. Granddad asked me to invite you guys over for dinner.”

Shen Jingchen, who was originally doing his best to maintain a low profile while silently singing “The Single Wretch’s Song” to himself, suddenly cried out, “What the f*ck?! Your house? No way, that’s too sudden! I still haven’t prepared myself to meet your parents!”

Shen Jingbin rolled her eyes at him and said, “Are you mental? You’re meeting his parents, not a ghost,” That being said though, Zhao Chengning bringing them back to his place without saying anything in advance was a little strange. “Why didn’t you give us any advance notice beforehand? It doesn’t look good for us to visit empty handed.”

Social etiquette dictates that one has to bring a gift when paying a visit to an elder. Doing so without one is extremely disrespectful.

Zhao Chengning rea.s.sured the two of them. “Don’t worry, this is a welcome dinner held in honor of you two. You guys don’t need to bring any gifts.”

“But&h.e.l.lip;” Shen Jingbin was still struggling over the matter.

“It’s too late to buy a present anyway since we’re already here. Stop fussing over it, let’s go,” Zhao Chengning interrupted her and got out of the car first.

Shen Jingbin and Shen Jingchen both looked at each other in dismay. In the end, Shen Jingchen was the first to make up his mind. “Let’s go. There’s no helping it since we’re here.”

Shen Jingbin gave a sigh of resignation and exited the car.

The duo were greeted by a fragrant aroma as they followed Zhao Chengning into the villa. Once inside, an auntie who was dressed as a nanny beamed a smile at them and greeted them, “Second Young Master has returned&h.e.l.lip; and the two of you must be Mr and Ms Shen, right? Please come right in!”

The two siblings gave small polite smiles in return and walked further in.

Zhao Chengning’s living and dining room were conjoined, and currently, the dining table was crammed with delectable looking dishes. The three older generation members of the Zhao family, who were sitting on a sofa in the living room, turned their heads in unison when they heard a sound.

Old Master Zhao was no stranger to the two Shen siblings. Seated on his right, there was an outstanding looking woman who appeared like she was just over thirty years old. On top of that, it seemed like she took great care of herself. An impressive and handsome looking uncle sat on Old Master Zhao’s left, bearing about a fifty percent similarity to Zhao Chengning. The only major difference being an air of maturity and steadfastness that came about with age.

These two people must be Zhao Chengning’s parents.

The pair of siblings obediently greeted the three elders. Zhao Chengning’s Father and Old Master Zhao chuckled as they stood up to receive them before walking over to the dinner table. Due to her own Mother’s position of importance within the family, Shen Jingbin paid greater attention to Zhao Chengning’s Mother.

Noticing her gaze, Zhao Chengning’s Mother shot her an indifferent glance before she straightened her hair and looked away.

Shen Jingbin stiffened a little.

At this moment, Zhao Chengning who had walked up to her side, noticed that she was in a daze and looked in the direction she was staring at.

She was looking at his Mother.

Zhao Chengning’s gaze grew chilly. He really didn’t know what to do about his Mother’s unreasonable manner sometimes.

“Don’t let her bother you. My Mother bears an inexplicable hostility towards young girls who’re beautiful,” Zhao Chengning gently said.

Shen Jingbin was silent for a few seconds, before she replied, “Looks like there’s a story behind this.”

Zhao Chengning gave her an amused smile and said, “Mm, there’s lots of stories. I’ll tell you all about it in the future if you’re interested.”


Who said I was interested in listening to your stories?!

Noticing the two of them falling behind, Old Master Zhao turned back to them and winked, his face the very picture of Ole Wantong 1 as he said, “It’s time to eat. You guys can continue whispering your sweet nothings to one another after dinner.”

Noticing Shen Jingbin’s ears turning bright red, Zhao Chengning helplessly yelled, “Granddad!”

Old Master Zhao wore a look on his face that said ‘Alright alright, I won’t speak any further. You guys continue on with what you were doing’, which made Shen Jingbin even more embarra.s.sed, causing her to shoot a look of reproach at Zhao Chengning.


But who would’ve thought that Zhao Chenging’s Mother would pa.s.s by at that moment and glance at her, issuing a cold snort in the process.

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