This MC Is Kickass Chapter 194: If You Can't Beat Em, Harass Em (2)

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Chapter 194: If You Can’t Beat Em, Hara.s.s Em (2)

At Nine Ballads’ command, she and everyone else Crying Fish had brought along immediately activated their buffs and rushed forward. Their target was clear: Quiet And Steadfast!

The other three weren’t important; there was no worry of them running away once Quiet And Steadfast was done for.

Crying Fish and Neverending Journey looked on for a little while before they too jumped into the fray.

As the leader of Sovereign’s Descent, Neverending Journey felt that listening to Nine Ballads’ order was unnecessary. He shouldn’t be attacking just because Nine Ballads said so! But, as he surveyed the situation before him, the desire to do away with Quiet And Steadfast overcame him, and he charged forward as well.

Crying Fish originally planned on taking down Shen Jingbin on her own. After all, she was her most hated enemy. However, as Nine Ballads had said, she could forget about getting rid of that ugly monster without first taking down Quiet And Steadfast. Crying Fish could only grit her teeth as she made Quiet And Steadfast the target of her attacks.

The remaining three of them who’d been intentionally ignored were then blown away from the battle by one of Quiet And Steadfast’s attacks.

His intention was clear: they shouldn’t involve themselves since the other party had no intention of going after them.

Bro, how much confidence do you have in being able to take on 1vN number of people?

“Brother Pure Crane, what should we do? Which side should we be helping now?” Morning Glory Chime had no idea what to do as she looked on at Quiet And Steadfast who was holding his own.

Although Morning Glory Chime’s personality wasn’t all that great and she suffered from a diva complex, she still had a conscience. Quiet And Steadfast and that ugly monster had not only done quests together with her; they’d even saved her. Wouldn’t betraying them just like that be a little too heartless?

“You guys should log off,” Shen Jingbin spoke first while Pure Crane held his silence.

Pure Crane looked at her in astonishment. “Then what are you going to do? Crying Fish has definitely called for reinforcements. Will the two of you be enough?”

Shen Jingbin looked him in the eye and flashed a smile that failed to reach her eyes. “Do you think she’s the only one who knows how to call for reinforcements?”

She’d long since secretly asked for the guild’s help, alright?! She wasn’t an idiot; she knew she was going to b.u.t.t heads with Crying Fish and company in spite of their disadvantageous position.

“Neither retreating nor fighting puts you in a good position, so you guys should just log off.”

“Alright then,” Pure Crane said. “We’ll log off. May fortune be with you.”

Shen Jingbin nodded back at him. Following that, he and Morning Glory Chime disappeared from the spot they were standing. Shen Jingbin then activated her buffs, drew her weapons, summoned Mascot, and jumped into the fray.

She would retreat when there wasn’t a fight, but she would never surrender without putting up a fight! Moreover, she wasn’t ignorant like she was in the past. Even if she couldn’t take down Nine Ballads, she’d at least be able to distract her!

Many years of experience had taught her that in battle, disrupting an enemy’s morale was extremely important. Most of the time, an enemy’s defeat wouldn’t be far off once their morale broke.

Shen Jingbin couldn’t match up to everyone else who was present, but she did trump them when it came to her agility and IQ. To top it off, she also had Mascot as her bodyguard.

Nine Ballads was the most significant threat, so she immediately made Nine Ballads her target.

Taking advantage of the opportunity when they were focusing their attention on attacking Quiet And Steadfast, Shen Jingbin nimbly weaved through the crowd of people. By the time they’d noticed her presence and tried to attack her, she’d already slipped past them and was behind Nine Ballads.

“Smack!” The sound of a horsetail whisk slamming down on Nine Ballads’ back rang out. Although Shen Jingbin had only managed to shave off a sliver of Health, the shock of being attacked caused Nine Ballads to spin her head around immediately.

“Hey there, Spiteful. Look, I’m over here,” Shen Jingbin perfectly executed a hit and run tactic, immediately das.h.i.+ng away the moment she landed a hit, and leaving behind nothing but dust by the time Nine Ballads turned around.

Nine Ballads glared at her and gnashed her teeth in anger. “You b.i.t.c.h!”

Shen Jingbin flashed a winning smile at her in return and said, “You’re the same.”

Knowing that Shen Jingbin was trying to provoke her, Nine Ballads shot back with one final retort before she ignored Shen Jingbin. “Focus all fire on Quiet And Steadfast!” She commanded.

Heh, little girl, I refuse to believe that you can keep ignoring me!

Shen Jingbin then employed the same trick once again. However, this time around, Nine Ballads suffered a swipe from Mascot’s claws even though she was ready for Shen Jingbin’s attack. Mascot’s offensive strength was leagues apart from Shen Jingbin’s, causing Nine Ballads’ face to turn pale the moment its claws swept past her.

“Beautifully done, Mascot!” Stealing away into the crowd, Shen Jingbin gave Mascot a very satisfied pat on the head. Although Mascot could have helped Quiet And Steadfast dispatch a few of their a.s.sailants, Shen Jingbin loved the feeling of pulling one up on her enemies; especially when it came to Nine Ballads. She definitely had to take the time to repay Nine Ballads for what she’d done with her posse.

“Nine, I’ll take care of that ugly monster!” Crying Fish cried out as she threw a heal over to Nine Ballads, helping her to recover all her Health.

“No, take care of Quiet And Steadfast!” Nine Ballads’ eyes blazed with rage as she looked over to Quiet And Steadfast.

There were so many of them, and Quiet And Steadfast didn’t even have a Nymph with him, yet they’d only managed to shave off a sliver of his Health while their side would have lost several people if they hadn’t brought along Shen Nong’s secret medicine.

“F*ck! Those jokers are over here!”

At that moment, they suddenly heard voices in the direction that Nine Ballads’ group had come from.

A smile broke out on Shen Jingbin’s face. That voice belonged to Shen Jingchen!

As expected Shen Jingchen, Slight Chill, the Four Monsters, and the rest of Jade Sea Pavilion’s members appeared before them several seconds later.

“Pui! Leader, you’re being way too selfis.h.!.+ Why didn’t you call us along if you were planning to teach these brats a lesson! Get over here Nine Ballads!” Shen Jingchen’s face immediately lit up the moment he stepped in and surveyed the area. He then issued a battle cry and leapt into battle. The ones behind him also gave a sinister smile as they charged forward.

The state of the battle immediately changed in the blink of an eye.

Nine Ballads felt unresigned as she saw Quiet And Steadfast’s HP get topped up by his Healers and knew that she wouldn’t be able to take him out today. Her face darkened, and she unexpectedly spun her sword around, pointing it straight in Shen Jingbin’s direction.

No matter what, I’m dragging one of you down with me!