This MC Is Kickass Chapter 133: Support From Jade Sea Pavilion (1)

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Chapter 133: Support From Jade Sea Pavilion (1)

“You’re Quiet And Steadfast’s wife?” Morally Grey said as the two of them sized each other up.

He knew that Jade Sea Pavilion’s Guild Leader had married an ugly girl. He’d unintentionally seen her together with Quiet And Steadfast during the previous free for all involving a few guilds. As a result, he still vaguely remembered her.

“You are?” Shen Jingbin wrinkled her brows and asked. The other party knew who she was, but she didn’t recognize him; that didn’t sit right with her.

“I’m Memelord’s Guild Leader. I saw you in Redwood Forest last time.”

Morally Grey’s words jogged her memory, prompting a vague image of him to surface within her mind. She even remembered that he and another Guild Leader had sent out realm messages at the time.

“You’re by yourself?” Morally Grey cast several more glances around and asked. “Isn’t Quiet And Steadfast here with you?”

“He’s offline.”

“This map is quite dangerous. Why are you here alone?”

Shen Jingbin could sense that he was trying to feel her out. “I came here to gather medicinal herbs. I’m learning how to refine medicine, so I wanted to gather a few medicinal herbs to train my Life Skills,” She replied.

Morally Grey nodded, but whether he believed her or not was another matter.

He looked towards Marco Polo Bun once again and asked, “Where are the rest of the guild members? Where’s the Universal Envoy?”

Marco Polo Bun pointed behind him and said, “They’re over there! The Universal Envoy is carrying people back to its nest.”

Morally Grey brows knitted, “How long have they been gone for and when will it be back?”

“It just left and it should be back soon,” replied Shen Jingbin.

Once he heard that, Morally Grey immediately started issuing orders to the players he’d brought along. “Group one, move to the left and lie low. Group two, to the right. Group 3 will wait here. Move out. We have to hide before the Universal Envoy returns. Be on the lookout for my signal once you’ve hidden yourselves. We’ll move once I give the signal.”

“Yes!” The tens of people gathered in front of him replied as one.

Following that, countless silhouettes flashed past her, and in the blink of an eye, they disappeared right before her very eyes.

After making the necessary arrangements, Morally Grey s.h.i.+fted his attention back to Shen Jingbin and Marco Polo Bun. “The two of you will hide here. Escape immediately if the situation takes a turn for the worse.”

“Alright,” The two of them replied.

After everyone had hidden, the Universal Envoy came swaying over with its robust body and swaggered before everyone. It then chose a player and carried it back to its nest.

At this moment, a snap resounded from where Morally Grey was hiding behind a tree. No sooner after that, tens of silhouettes leaped out from all directions, unleas.h.i.+ng mult.i.tudes of colourful skills at the Universal Envoy as they slammed against its body.

Morally Grey had guessed that the Universal Envoy was likely a close combat monster, so he’d warned his guild members to keep their distance from the monster in advance.

Reality proved that his guess was right on the money.

The Universal Envoy noticed the uninvited guests that surrounded it the instant he heard the snapping of fingers. Not missing a beat, it flung the player on its shoulder away and grabbed its mace. With a loud screech, the monster proceeded to pounce on one of the players.

Following the plan that was made earlier, they immediately halted their attacks on the Universal Envoy and turned tail to run. While those beside it also dispersed in all directions at the same time.

They didn’t know whether the Universal Envoy would pursue a player till they died, or whether it would change targets halfway through. As a precautionary measure, they decided that once the Universal Envoy targeted a player, the rest of the players around them would immediately flee.

The Universal Envoy seemed oblivious to the numerous players fleeing in all directions, wholly focused on pursuing its initial target.

“Circles, Kite the monster. The rest of you, go all out on it!”

“Yes!” The players replied as one once again.

The monster had its eye on a player called Circles. Circles buffed himself with an agility boost and was running all about the dense forest. The rest of the players ensured they kept their distance from Circles and went all out.

“Roar!” As its HP gradually decreased, the Universal Envoy suddenly raised its head and let loose a roar.

Apart from Shen Jingbin and Marco Polo Bun who’d experienced this before and covered their ears the moment they saw its throat ripple, the rest of them felt a sharp stab of pain in their ears.

The soundwave caused Circles to slow down as well. It was only for a split second, but it was more than enough for the Universal Envoy to catch up to him!

The Universal Envoy raised its mace high in the air and ruthlessly smashed it down on his head. Circles immediately collapsed on the ground.

This monster could actually unleash a soundwave attack!

Fear arose in everyone’s hearts.