The General's Genius Daughter Chapter 306 – Taken Away

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Chapter 306: Taken Away

The Hare scratched its scalp embarra.s.sedly. The Man-Hunting Insect and the Asura Chicken had also arrived. The Man-Hunting Insect stopped on Tianci’s shoulder. “Master, must we really stay? What a horrific oppressive aura!”

The Asura Chicken also started cackling, indicating that they must leave soon. Tianci watched Bai Qianxue entangled with Xuanyuan Wutian and said disdainfully, “You’re an old man about to be buried in a coffin. And you still have the nerve to seize my bead?”

Xuanyuan Wutian heard him and was so angry that he almost vomited blood. But he did not wish to waste time. Even if he failed to kill Yun Shimo, it would be a good thing to have seized the bead.

After all, the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead was the treasure he yearned for most in this life. Xuanyuan Wutian feinted and caused Bai Qianxue to move away a little from Tianci.

Xuanyuan Wutian took the opportunity to get near Tianci. “Stinking lad, hand me the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead!” With that said, his huge hand cupped above Tianci’s head.

Hua Qiyue saw this, and her hand instantly turned into a claw. “Icy Claws!”

Bai Qianxue also executed a move from behind the man. Both of them attacked together.

Xuanyuan Wutian had originally thought little of Hua Qiyue. He hadn’t expected her first move to be so aggressive. Her powerful aura made him retract his hand to deal with Hua Qiyue and Bai Qianxue.

The Hare leaped up to Tianci’s shoulder and glared at Xuanyuan Wutian, like a ravening tiger watching its prey.

Xuanyuan Wutian did not gain any advantage against Hua Qiyue and Bai Qianxue. Bai Qianxue was vicious and totally unlike his gentle self. Hua Qiyue was even more brutal, her every move aiming to kill. Now and then, she would employ the runes, making Xuanyuan Wutian somewhat fearful.

While the two sides were trading blows, two strong oppressive auras descended from the heavens!

Instantly, Hua Qiyue and the rest stopped, watching a black and a white figure descend in the air.

“Hahaha, Xuanyuan, you old devil. It’s been years! I didn’t expect you to bully my granddaughter-in-law the moment you came out of your retreat!” the old man in black said coldly.

Although he wore a smile, there was no friendliness in his eyes. Instead, they were full of murderous malice!

The old man in white also descended. Bai Qianxue’s countenance changed. “Grandpa!”

Xuanji’s expression was also strange and unpredictable. He stared at the old man in black and cried helplessly, “Grandpa, why are you here?”

“Humph, why? If I had come a little later, you would have been finished off by Chu Qianzhao!” the old man in black said coldly.

He glanced displeasedly at Chu Qianzhao, who was looking surprised.

“Old devil Chu, must you treat my grandson this way? Are you tired of living?” Elder Xuan stared at Chu Qianzhao, his eyes full of a fervent challenge.

Chu Qianzhao broke out in a cold sweat. He had always been arrogant and overbearing, but he still feared these two old creatures somewhat.

After all, Elder Xuan and Elder Bai were both of a generation before him. In terms of cultivation, he quite naturally could not match them.

Hua Qiyue and the others secretly breathed a sigh of relief. It looked like Elder Xuan and Elder Bai’s presence had turned Xuanyuan Wutian and Chu Qianzhao wary.

If so, Yun Shimo might survive.

Yun Shimo’s inky robe was already drenched in blood. He seemed badly hurt. Tianci released Hua Qiyue’s hand and sprinted over to him. “Dad!”

“Tianci!” Hua Qiyue immediately followed. She wanted to thank Elder Xuan.

Elder Xuan stared at Xuanji and then at Yun Shimo. Then, he glanced at Hua Qiyue and Tianci and was feeling bemused.

“Son, if your grandpa hadn’t turned up, would your wife be seized by another man? This lad seems to be on quite good terms with that Hua girl.” Elder Xuan pointed at Hua Qiyue. The moment he arrived, he could pinpoint who Hua Qiyue was.

Ji Jing and the rest had just hurried here. They suddenly saw two strange old men and were quite puzzled.

Xuanji glanced at Hua Qiyue. She was carefully wiping away the perspiration and blood on Yun Shimo’s forehead, her heart aching. Her gentle expression made his heart miss a beat.

“Grandpa, don’t misunderstand. I don’t have any special relationship with Miss Hua. We’re just ordinary friends,” Xuanji said quietly.

Only now did Hua Qiyue turn back her head. She cupped her fists at Elder Xuan. “Thank you, Elder Xuan, for your help. I am infinitely grateful.”

Elder Xuan stared at Hua Qiyue. This la.s.s was smart and extremely polite, and he felt very pleased with her. Furthermore, Hua Qiyue was already at the first level of Holy G.o.d. He could not find many young girls who had reached the first level of Holy G.o.d in the Tianyuan Continent.

Chu Cangye was one. But the Dark Sect had always relied on evil ways to advance their Qi Art.

“Great! Great! You’re deserving of the engagement I made with your grandfather. Hahaha, I am very satisfied with you, Miss Hua. But what is your relationship with that lad?” Elder Xuan ignored Xuanji, who was wrinkling his brows.

Xuanji hurriedly interposed, “Grandpa, the engagement you made will only be a burden to me. Your grandson doesn’t like her. So let it be.”

His voice was low and Elder Xuan could just hear him. Yet Hua Qiyue also heard his words clearly.

Grat.i.tude and helplessness filled her heart. Xuanji liked her—how could she not know? He must have said this so that she and Yun Shimo could be together without any hindrance.

Elder Xuan knocked Xuanji’s head with his knuckle. “Stinking lad, what do you mean?”

Xuanji’s face was expressionless. “I only treat Miss Hua as my sister. I have no other thoughts!”

At this moment, Xuanyuan Wutian started to sneer. “I say, Old Xuan, it’s all your wishful thinking. This girl’s already that stinking lad’s woman. Why will she fancy your Xuanji? Better kill her and break them up outright!”

Chu Qianzhao was hesitating over how to deal with them. His granddaughter had been swept away by the Drunken Flower Fan. And he could not stay for long.

But Elder Xuan and Elder Bai were not creatures one could easily deal with.

At this moment, he could see the restraint from both parties. He also kept silent, watching the scene with cold eyes.

“Old devil Xuanyuan, don’t interrupt me. This is our family matter, humph!” Elder Xuan rolled his eyes coldly at him. The thing he was trying to establish was whether a relationship was possible between Xuanji and Hua Qiyue.

“La.s.s, don’t you like Xuanji at all? Our Xuan Family hails from ancient times. We have rich resources. Better consider twice, my girl,” Elder Xuan said with a smile.

Even now, he was still br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence.

After all, ancient clans like the Xuan Family were more distinguished than even the Murong Family. Which girl would not like to marry into such a family?

“I’m sorry, Elder Xuan… your family is indeed very powerful. Countless girls yearn to enter your family. But I already have a fiance. I’m very sorry to disappoint you, sir.” Hua Qiyue shook her head and refused Elder Xuan outright.

She did not want to give Elder Xuan face. Things would become even more complicated if she tried to humor him.

The countenance of Elder Xuan changed slightly. Xuanji also said quietly, “Grandpa, don’t break up a loving couple just because of some old promises. This girl and Brother Yun are a true couple. They are getting married on the seventh of the next month.”

Xuanji’s expression was extremely cold and indifferent. He seemed to feel nothing for Hua Qiyue.

“Besides, I already have a wife in mind. Please give it up, Grandpa!”

Romantic ardor blossomed momentarily in his eyes. Xuanji’s lies even managed to convince Hua Qiyue somewhat.

But Elder Xuan was after all from the Xuan Family. Naturally, he could read Xuanji’s mind clearly.

Elder Bai started to chuckle loudly. “I have already said that the Hua girl won’t fancy your lad. Old man, you’d better take a stroll with me in the south and relieve your anger there!”

Bai Qianxue was feeling quite uncomfortable. Elder Bai was slighting Hua Qiyue and taking the opportunity to provoke her. He really was at a loss on what to say.

Elder Xuan gave a cold snort and squinted at Hua Qiyue from the corners of his eyes. After all, it was the first time anyone had snubbed him.

Hua Qiyue looked at Elder Xuan, neither conceited nor submissive. “Elder Xuan, Brother Xuan is right. Old betrothals might be meaningful, but if the parties aren’t willing, they will only shackle the next generation. There will then be no point keeping them. The Xuan Family is great, but I don’t have the good fortune to marry into your clan.”

Elder Xuan seemed slightly enraged. “Good, very good! Since there’s no meaning in it, go back with me, lad!”

Neither the Xuan Family nor the Bai Family would intervene in the affairs of the martial arts world. Elder Xuan had always believed that Hua Qiyue would be his granddaughter-in-law, which was why he had frightened Xuanyuan Wutian away before everyone’s sights.

Yet Hua Qiyue had refused to see herself as his granddaughter-in-law. She had slapped him directly on the face. How could he not get angry?

Xuanji furrowed his brows and watched the silent Xuanyuan Wutian. “Grandpa, this Xuanyuan Wutian will harm Qiyue…”

“Although I’m not happy with that old devil Xuanyuan, this is their problem. Not ours. Lad, since she has already said that you two aren’t in a relationship, the engagement will be pointless. Let’s go. Better not stay and embarra.s.s ourselves!” Elder Xuan said coldly.

One of his hands grabbed Xuanji’s. Xuanji immediately said, “Grandpa, Qiyue is still my friend, after all. How can we just leave her to die?”

“Hahaha, Old Xuan, you’re right. Since she said that the engagement is pointless… tsk, tsk. This engagement was made by the older generation. Yet these youngsters think nothing of it. You had better return to your island and live your happy days there!” Xuanyuan Wutian started to chuckle. He was delighted.

Just now, he was still somewhat worried. If Elder Bai and Elder Xuan had intervened in this affair, he would not be able to take Tianci away. Nor could he kill Hua Qiyue!

At this moment, though, the situation had changed. It favored him now. Why shouldn’t he feel delighted?

Elder Bai was also displeased with Hua Qiyue and gave a cold snicker. “Lad, better go back with your grandpa. Our Bai Family has always steered clear of worldly affairs.”

Bai Qianxue glanced embarra.s.sedly at Hua Qiyue. Yun Shimo also quietly raised his brows. “Brother Bai, Brother Xuan, thanks for your help. But since the elders have asked you two to leave, you must obey them. I appreciate both your kindnesses!”

Yun Shimo’s words instantly left Bingyi and the others with a big headache.

Yun Shimo had never liked to owe anyone a favor. But right now, he was facing Chu Qianzhao and Xuanyuan Wutian. If Bai Qianxue and Xuanji left with their grandfathers, he would not be able to last long.

Bai Qianxue and Xuanji exchanged glances. Their eyes spoke their thought: this man was so conceited. If they left, Yun Shimo and Hua Qiyue would surely die!

Yet before Xuanji and Bai Qianxue could react, the two elders had lifted them by their robe collars and sneered. Instantly, they disappeared from their former positions.