The General's Genius Daughter Chapter 304 – A New Turn

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Chapter 304 A New Turn

Xuanyuan Wutian said unhappily with a frown, “Chu Qianzhao, you should know that Yun Family has always been our Xuanyuan Family’s mortal enemy. This time my son died in the hands of Yun Shimo. I must kill him to avenge my son!”

Chu Qianzhao raised his eyebrows in a heartless way. “What’s that got to do with me? I want to take him as my disciple, and that’s my business. You want to kill him. That’s his business.”

Xuanyuan Wutian was delighted to hear Chu Qianzhao say so. “Haha, that’s good. When he beats me, you can take him as a disciple. Either I kill him or he kills me. Yun Shimo, what’s your choice!”

Naturally, Yun Shimo would not ask for help. He shot an indifferent look at Chu Qianzhao and said, “Of course. Today, I will completely put an end to the enmity between my family and yours!”

Chu Qianzhao felt bitter inwardly. He was such a notorious murdering fiend that, had it not been for Yun Shimo, he would never have emerged from his retreat. Few people in the world could see him.

Yun Shimo, however, actually just shot him an indifferent glance, and there was no fear or admiration in his eyes.

Therefore, Chu Qianzhao said happily, “Stinking lad, if you formally acknowledge me as your master at once, then I will drive this old b.a.s.t.a.r.d away for you!”

Xuanyuan Wutian’s face turned grim immediately. He had not expected Chu Qianzhao to go back on his word so soon. Sure enough, these vicious people could not have any credit at all.

“How dare you call me an old b.a.s.t.a.r.d? Chu Qianzhao! Are you tired of living?” Xuanyuan Wutian said coldly.

Nevertheless, he didn’t take any action. After all, the other party was a tough opponent at the great completeness of Great Deity.

He had nothing to gain if the battle broke out. There was a good chance that both sides would suffer.

“Humph, I take a fancy to Yun Shimo, and I won’t let you hit him at will. Who do you think I am? A pa.s.serby?”

Chu Qianzhao sneered. Chu Cangye, however, gave a cold laugh and said, “Grandpa, Ye’er is going to challenge someone I’m interested in!”

After that, Chu Cangye floated in front of Hua Qiyue like a gust of wind.

Hua Qiyue was quite surprised at such a turn. She hadn’t expected that the murdering fiend brought here by the Sect Leader of the Dark Sect had no intention of killing Yun Shimo. Instead, he wanted to take Yun Shimo as his disciple!

Sure enough, homicidal maniacs had no correct values!!

“You’re Hua Qiyue, right?” Chu Cangye looked at Hua Qiyue scornfully, as if she were looking at a humble sparrow.

Hua Qiyue looked at Chu Cangye indifferently, and there was an ironic smile on her stunning small face.

“Yes, I am.”

“Smile? You are still smiling, huh? You’re absolutely going to die a horrible death. I’d like to see how will you laugh by then?”

Chu Cangye’s eyes suddenly grew icy cold, and disgust and contempt showed in her face.

Ji Feng frowned and was about to take action. Bai Qianxue whispered to him, “No need to meddle in it. This woman is no match for Qiyue.”

Chu Cangye’s pretty face was almost twisted with hate as she got angry at the silver-haired handsome man’s words about herself.

“If you have the backbone, come out and die!” Chu Cangye shouted angrily.

Hua Qiyue knew that Chu Cangye was at the great completeness of Holy G.o.d. However, she herself had a strand of purple energy of the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead inside her, so her const.i.tution was stronger than those of others, and she was several times mightier than her peers.

As a result, she had a chance to win against Chu Cangye.

“All I know is that getting rid of a pest for the world is also a good thing,” Hua Qiyue said with a light smile. Her indifferent tone irritated Chu Cangye even more.

Chu Cangye gritted her teeth and said, “What an insolent b.i.t.c.h! I will make you feel that to live is no better than to die!”

Then, Chu Cangye launched herself at Hua Qiyue like a bolt of lightning!

“Bone-melting Palm!”

Chu Cangye’s voice was full of wild hatred. She was fast, but Hua Qiyue was even faster!

The two became entangled at once.

But the Hare and the others wouldn’t worry about Hua Qiyue because they were convinced that she could slap the other person hard in the face!

On Yun Shimo’s side, the two old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds were at each other’s throats.

“Xuanyuan Wutian, kill me if you have the guts!” Chu Qianzhao said with a sneer. He stood in front of Yun Shimo, protecting him like an old acquaintance.

Yun Shimo twitched the corners of his mouth. He had not expected a “pa.s.serby” to have turned the situation at a stroke.

But taking advantage of the idle time, he took an Energy-generating Pill and a Resuscitation Pill, so that his internal injuries quickly healed and the spiritual energy he had consumed came back into his body again as well!

Within just a quarter of an hour, Yun Shimo was full of energy again.

“Chu Qianzhao, I won’t be your disciple.”

While they were quarreling violently, a cold voice interrupted them.

Suddenly, only the sound of Hua Qiyue and Chu Cangye exchanging blows could be heard.

Chu Qianzhao glanced at the two women entangled in a fierce fight not far away. Apparently, he was not worried that his granddaughter would lose.

He turned slowly and watched Yun Shimo coldly. His eagle-like eyes were sharp and emitting a cold and frightening light.

“What did you say?”

Yun Shimo didn’t need Chu Qianzhao to help him erase Yun Family’s humiliation. He had been dreaming of getting it all back. Blood would have blood!

And once Chu Qianzhao b.u.t.ted in, he would become Yun Shimo’s helper. That was what Yun Shimo didn’t want.

“I said I didn’t need you to take me as a disciple. I can kill Xuanyuan Wutian!”

Yun Shimo’s eyes sparkled with confidence. In the eyes of Xuanyuan Wutian and Chu Qianzhao, he was undoubtedly inviting death!”

Xuanyuan Wutian sneered at Yun Shimo’s stupidity inwardly. After all, Chu Qianzhao was a man who could tolerate no resistance. If anyone rebelled against him, he would kill them.

“Oh, you said you wouldn’t be my disciple? You do have the b.a.l.l.s! Stinking lad, I’ll give you one more chance. Are you going to be my disciple?”

Chu Qianzhao suspected that he had heard it wrong. He was such a big name. The others would at least fear him, if not admire him. The lad actually said that he wouldn’t be his disciple? Was he kidding?

“I said I would never be your disciple,” Yun Shimo said flatly. His ink-like eyes shone with divine light.

The summer wind was affected by the pressure here. It kept whistling, making the three’s robes flutter.

“Great… Stinking lad, let me teach you a lesson first to see if you want to be my disciple or not!”

Chu Qianzhao’s face was as dark as night, and his voice was very gloomy. Xuanyuan Wutian sneered and felt relieved. He could kill Yun Shimo with a single move when Yun Shimo and Chu Qianzhao both suffered.

Xuanyuan Wutian was not as face-conscious as everyone else. Besides, everyone here was going to die but Chu Qianzhao and Chu Cangye.

At least, that was what Xuanyuan Wutian thought.

Yun Shimo was neither shocked nor frightened, and his expression was calm, which made Chu Qianzhao furious!

Chu Qianzhao thought he was somebody. He seldom met a young man who was not afraid of him. He should be happy, but driven by his self-esteem, he felt that Yun Shimo despised him utterly.

“Humph, watch out. Don’t let me beat you to death with a single move!” Chu Qianzhao sneered. As his voice died away, he disappeared from the spot!

There was a sharp sound of something being penetrated in the air. Yun Shimo moved so fast that he left the spot in an instant!

“Annihilation—Dissipate the Soul! Spirit-summoning Mirror, do your work!”

Yun Shimo hastily executed two powerful trump cards. Hua Qiyue gave him the Spirit-summoning Mirror a few days ago because she was worried that Chu Qianzhao or Xuanyuan Wutian would suddenly come to him. With the Spirit-summoning Mirror, things would be a lot easier!

And now it did come in handy!

“Golden Buddha Imprint!”

Chu Qianzhao’s strength was as good as that of Yun Shimo. Although the figures of the two seemed to have disappeared from this world instantly, that didn’t affect their moves at all!

Boom, boom—

With two loud bangs, Chu Qianzhao felt that his soul was stunned. Suddenly, an invisible force s.n.a.t.c.hed his soul out, and he couldn’t move!

Chu Qianzhao was, however, somebody. He immediately realized that it was a soul-attack and shouted hoa.r.s.ely, “The Ninth-level Mental Practicing Method!”

Chu Qianzhao succeeded in keeping his mind steady. He reached out his big hand and at once caught his soul in the act of running away. A cold stream flowed into his body. Finally, he forcibly s.n.a.t.c.hed back his soul!

Yun Shimo was taken aback inwardly by the ineffectiveness of the two skills.

Chu Qianzhao’s strength was indeed worthy of the name, and even the Spirit-summoning Mirror could not harm him.

In general, the Spirit-summoning Mirror was undoubtedly effective in the face of Qi Artists at the same level as the user. However, Chu Qianzhao was so mighty that he managed to get rid of the Spirit-summoning Mirror!

“Good, you brat! I didn’t expect you to execute two skills in one breath. If I don’t make you suffer, you don’t know how formidable I am!” Chu Qianzhao was annoyed. For the first time, he faced a young man whose strength was far from his, but the other side almost captured his soul.

Once a man’s soul was captured, he was no different than a dead man.

Chu Qianzhao’s figure flashed out of sight. Yun Shimo, too, disappeared, using the art of invisibility. But with a clap, Yun Shimo was sent flying by a blow in mid-air!

All Yun Shimo felt was a rush of blood. Fortunately, his const.i.tution was strong enough. In this case, others would have been smashed to pieces!

Chu Qianzhao smiled at Yun Shimo’s steady landing. “Haha, the person I favor is truly extraordinary. It’s a miracle that you survived my Bone-breaking Palm. I’m determined to take you as my disciple. If you don’t want to be my disciple, I’ll fight you until you do!”

Chu Qianzhao didn’t mean to kill Yun Shimo, but to make him acknowledge him as Master.

Yun Shimo repressed the surge of blood in his heart. Before he could catch his breath, Chu Qianzhao lunged at him again.

Xuanyuan Wutian, however, was watching them fight on one side.

After he exchanged a hundred blows with Yun Shimo, his physical power was substantially consumed, and he wasted no time in recovering it.

On Hua Qiyue’s side, Ji Feng and Bai Qianxue fixed their eyes on the fight between Hua Qiyue and Chu Cangye and didn’t relax for a second.

Chu Cangye felt that she had thought too little of Hua Qiyue after they had just exchanged ten blows. Although Hua Qiyue was at the first level of Holy G.o.d, she almost reached the great completeness of the first level and would soon advance to the medium level.

What Chu Cangye could not understand was why Hua Qiyue was much more powerful than her, though her strength was two levels higher than Hua Qiyue’s.

Chu Cangye felt that Hua Qiyue’s mighty oppressive aura was not at all at a level with hers. She finally realized that she didn’t have the upper hand in this battle, so she had to fight quickly.

“b.i.t.c.h, die—Sky-devouring Wind & Thunder!” Chu Cangye shouted femininely. A bolt of lightning made of anima energy enveloped Hua Qiyue!