The General's Genius Daughter Chapter 301 – The Murdering Fiend Chu Qianzhao

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Chapter 301 The Murdering Fiend Chu Qianzhao

The Hare stayed sullenly aside, watching Yun Shimo crazily and bombing all kinds of rocks. It kept patting its head and sighing.

It was a famous deity, but unexpectedly, it made a fool of itself in front of so many people by showing its impressive naked body…

“d.a.m.n you, brat. You’re the culprit!” The more the Hare thought about it, the more headache it got. Thus, it jumped up decisively and cursed Yun Shimo.

Yun Shimo stopped, for he was almost done venting his excessive power. He gave the Hare a half-smile, sat down, and began to refine the energy in his body.

“d.a.m.n it!” The Hare was upset, and it blinked. “It seems… I have to go to the city and purchase a set of garments. Next time I do shapeshift, humph, I want them all to throw themselves at my feet.”

Yun Shimo heard that, and a cold smile swept past his lips. “Throw ourselves at your feet? What a joke!” For Hua Qiyue, ten Hares, ten Bai Qianxues, and even ten Xuanjis were no match for one of his fingers.

In the headquarters of the Dark Sect.

Chu Cangye rose slowly from the couch.

A maidservant on one side carefully served her the tea. “Sect Leader, we have only the First Palace Leader and the tenth Palace Leader Lan Luo. You’d better ask the old Sect Leader to come out as soon as possible.”

The maidservant, who had been Cangye’s maidservant for more than ten years, was naturally considerate of her. Seeing that Chu Cangye’s face had remained impa.s.sive all the time, the young maidservant knew that it was the first time her Sect Leader had received such a heavy blow.

“You may leave now.” Cangye just glanced indifferently at the maidservant and said nothing else.

The maidservant put down the tea, bowed respectfully, and went away.

Anyone else would have been slapped to death if they had meddled in the Sect Leader’s affairs.

Chu Cangye took a sip of her sweet-scented osmanthus tea. In the dimly lit main hall, only her pretty face could be vaguely seen. Finally, she put down her teacup, pulled her purple robe with cloud patterns, and strode off to the back of the main hall.

Behind the main hall, however, was a corridor, winding as if it had never reached its end.

Chu Cangye did not know how long she had been walking, but the light around was still dim. She stopped in front of a wall carved with enigmatic ancient characters. She gently pressed her hand on the wall, on which, unexpectedly, a door opened.

The ancient black door opened slowly.

Cangye glanced at both sides of the corridor. Finding that the lines on both sides remained unchanged, she let out a sigh of relief.

Her grandfather Chu Qianzhao had told her that if the door opened and the patterns on the walls changed, he was dead.

It was wonderful that her grandfather was still alive.

Chu Qianzhao had practiced in seclusion for twenty years. During this period, the maidservants put food in a hole on one side. Chu Qianzhao would come here to fetch food if he needed it.

After twenty years, Cangye didn’t know what had become of him.

She quickened her pace and entered the door, which then closed slowly.

Inside the wall was a curved corridor. She took a dozen steps further and found it was bright and s.p.a.cious ahead. A lobby, with the width of the main hall, appeared before her, and the walls were hung with glow-in-the-dark stones that glowed softly.

However, she saw no sign of Chu Qianzhao.

Chu Cangye was stunned, but she refrained herself from shouting. Maybe her grandfather was practicing in a corner, and it wouldn’t be good to disturb him.

Chu Cangye tiptoed into the inner part of the lobby. It became smaller and narrower and finally became a small hall. An old man, with white hair, sat cross-legged, his eyes closed tightly. The old man’s face was lined. He looked about eighty and was skinny.

Cangye paused for a while. Seeing that familiar face, she walked quietly to one side and sat down, silently waiting for him to speak.

After G.o.d knew how long, Chu Qianzhao finally opened his eyes slowly.

He had known of Chu Cangye’s entrance. She had waited for him for two hours. He had not expected his granddaughter to be so patient and to wait for him to wake up, motionless.

“Grandfather, have you finished practicing?”

A blast of powerful coercion overwhelmed Cangye. She stood up and spoke respectfully to Chu Qianzhao.

After twenty years of practice in seclusion, Chu Qianzhao had reached the great completeness of Great Deity from the first level of Holy G.o.d in those days. Cangye had confidence that he could kill Hua Qiyue and her people.

Those people, in Chu Qianzhao’s eyes, were merely small ants, not worth mentioning at all.

“Ye’er, you seldom come in to disturb me. Is something wrong?”

Chu Qianzhao took special care of this gifted granddaughter.

On the other hand, when he went crazy due to Qi Deviation and killed his family, only his poor granddaughter survived. His granddaughter, who was about two years old at the time, didn’t know the truth, did she?

However, Cangye’s gifts were so great that she reached the great completeness of Holy G.o.d at a young age. That satisfied Chu Qianzhao so much that he shut himself up to practice for twenty years.

“Grandfather… Eight of the Palace Leaders of our Dark Sect were slain at a time. I heard that Yun Shimo had reached the great completeness of Great Deity. Nevertheless, he’s only twenty-six or seven…” Cangye said in a low voice.

When Chu Qianzhao heard this, his eyes suddenly lit up.

Although Chu Qianzhao was called a murdering fiend, he still wanted to take an apprentice. Then, the apprentice could take good care of Chu Cangye after his death.

“He reached the great completeness of Great Deity at twenty-six or seven. I guess he must have taken some medicine. However, with your ability, even if he just achieved promotion through the use of medicine, you are not his match… I just want to take an apprentice. Do you mind if he becomes my apprentice?” Chu Qianzhao asked with a faint smile.

His bony face had a deep outline. It could be seen that when Chu Qianzhao was young, he was a very handsome man too.

“Ye’er doesn’t mind, grandfather,” Chu Cangye said flatly. The Dark Sect was almost destroyed, but she didn’t mind Yun Shimo being her grandfather’s disciple. Her behavior wholly ruined other people’s world outlook, views on life and values!

But after all, she was the Sect Leader of the Dark Sect, and naturally, her ideas were different.

“Good. Is there anyone else involved?”

For the first time, Chu Qianzhao became interested in people in the outside world.

After all, Yun Shimo was so young when he arrived at the great completeness of Great Deity, which was the highest level of Qi Art. In the Tianyuan Continent, few figures in the Great Deity Realm could be found.

“Yes, a few outsiders, but they are not important,” Cangye said flatly.

She looked unemotional. Since she grew up with Chu Qianzhao, a killing machine, since childhood, how could she have any feelings?

“Very good! I haven’t been out in years, and now I’ve managed to catch someone who interests me. Now, I’ll go and meet Yun Shimo.”

Chu Qianzhao’s eyes were grim, and a cruel smile shone on his old face.

“Yes, grandfather,” Chu Cangye answered respectfully.

She turned and led Chu Qianzhao out.

“Humph, Hua Qiyue, just wait for your death. The best man in the world is mine!”

Chu Cangye coldly twitched the corners of her mouth, revealing a sneer similar to that of Chu Qianzhao. Sure enough, they were grandfather and granddaughter. Even their smiles were almost identical.

After sitting cross-legged in the mountains for a whole day, Yun Shimo finally refined the raging energy inside him.

He took a deep breath and was going home. The Hare said gloomily, “Boy, you have to repay me for all the sacrifices I’ve made to save your life.”

Yun Shimo glanced at it and said carelessly, “What shall I do in return?”

The Hare blinked its eyes. “Give Tianci to me, and I will teach him well!”

Yun Shimo glanced at it coldly, said nothing, and went to Xuanyuan City.

The Hare followed Yun Shimo obediently. “Hey, boy, I said all these sincerely. I didn’t mean to do anything bad to Tianci. If I had had that idea, I would have acted long ago.”

Yun Shimo paused for a while. The Hare was right. If it had planned to occupy the Purple Primordial Chaos Bead, it would have stolen it that night, when everyone was weak.

“If Tianci agrees, that’s fine with me,” Yun Shimo said flatly. The muggy summer wind lifted his ink-like hair, and threads of it clung to his handsome face. Even some of the little beasts on his side were transfixed.

The Hare made a great leap and jumped onto Yun Shimo’s shoulder. It cast a glance at Yun Shimo’s stunning appearance, which made tons of girls become utterly infatuated with him, and let out a snort.

“I’m much more handsome than you.”

Hearing that, Yun Shimo made no comment.

They had only taken a dozen steps when they suddenly felt an overwhelming oppressive aura approaching them.

The Hare frowned. “Be careful, it seems that a superior at the Great Deity Realm is coming!”

Yun Shimo frowned. He had planned to go back and meet Hua Qiyue. She must have been very worried about him, but she didn’t come because she was afraid of disturbing him.

He hadn’t expected that he was in trouble before he could get back to the yard.

“Looks like it could be Xuanyuan Wutian,” Yun Shimo said indifferently. He no longer hurried to the yard, for if he did and Xuanyuan Wutian wanted to kill him, he would bring trouble upon Hua Qiyue.

If they fought here, they wouldn’t hurt anyone else, and Hua Qiyue and her companions wouldn’t worry about him.

“What a strong oppressive aura! Enjoy this battle slowly, boy!” With a whoosh, the Hare jumped off Yun Shimo’s shoulder and climbed up a side tree, intending to sit idly by.

Yun Shimo didn’t say anything. Xuanyuan Wutian was a vital enemy of the Yun Family. If he could not kill him and asked the Hare to lend a helping hand instead, it didn’t make much sense.

All Qi Artists paid more attention to revenge themselves on their enemies with their own hands. That was true for Yun Shimo.

In the blink of an eye, a fierce gale sprang up. Green leaves were falling, layer upon layer, and dust was stirred up. Not far away, the oppressive aura was even stronger, making people almost breathless.

The Hare was, after all, a 10,000-year-old deity. Yun Shimo’s const.i.tution was so strong that he did not suffer much.

“Hahaha, the stinking lad from the Yun Family, I’ll make your family childless today!”

A burst of wild laughter sounded. Yun Shimo looked at the old man in front of him with an expressionless face. In a few seconds, the man had come from a hundred miles away.

It could be seen that his strength was formidable. So was his footwork.

He was worthy of being a Qi Artist at the Great Deity Realm. The oppressive aura emanated from all over his body made Yun Shimo slightly uncomfortable, though not very uncomfortable.

Xuanyuan Wutian looked the young man before him up and down. His handsome face was exactly a young reprint of Yun Xuan. But the aura he exuded took him by surprise.