The General's Genius Daughter Chapter 218 – City Master Bai Qianxue

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Chapter 218 City Master Bai Qianxue

At this moment, an announcement interrupted the company’s discussions. Hua Qiyue lifted her eyes. She saw from the backyard gate a line of people enter. The man at its head was dressed in snowy-white robes, with silvery hair. His demeanor and gait were n.o.ble. His expression was neither happy nor sad, as he slowly progressed to the master’s seat.

The people behind him were all male guards, every one at the Great Completeness of Cultivation Dimension. The man leading the company had retracted his aura and no one could detect it.

Bai Qianxue nodded at Xuanji and glanced over to Hua Qiyue, the expression in his eyes a little complicated.

When his gaze fell on Hua Mengshi, Hua Mengshi’s eyes started to light up. She also stood up like the rest and gave Bai Qianxue a slight curtsy.

Seeing Hua Mengshi’s “little woman” mentality, Hua Qiyue started slightly. She did not expect this woman to act so gentle and pliant, although she was a most alluring woman—and all for the sake of Bai Qianxue.

Bai Qianxue’s hair was an alternative shade of white, but his features were outstandingly fine too. They were organic and exquisite, his whole body emanating a n.o.ble demeanor.

Such a man would shine even in a crowd of 100,000, causing everyone to notice him in one glance.

Hua Qiyue had to admit that this man was even better-looking than Yun Shimo.

“My G.o.d, Sister, this man is so handsome… even my heart is fluttering!” Ji Jing stared stupefied at Bai Qianxue, almost unable to speak. She could only mutter to Hua Qiyue.

Hua Qiyue smiled faintly like a blooming flower. “Such a man… will not be easy to deal with. Jing, if you really like him, you will find it tough-going.”

Such a man—arrogant, talented and handsome—would naturally have high standards. He would not fall for an ordinary woman.

However, Bai Qianxue seemed to feel something for Hua Mengshi. Hua Qiyue could see the faint smile arising on his lips.

Hua Mengshi sat on her seat, the smile on her lips even deeper. She gave Hua Qiyue an inadvertent sweep of her eyes, and said in her heart, “Hua Qiyue, you’ve lost. Yun Shimo has not only abandoned you, even Bai Qianxue seems to prefer me over you. Humph, compared to Yun Shimo, Bai Qianxue is a thousand times better!”

In Hua Mengshi’s heart, Bai Qianxue was not only much more handsome than Yun Shimo, but also more powerful. He knew such aggressive arrays.

Ordinary men could not know the level of his Qi Art.

“Tonight is a time for heroes to gather. Thank you all for giving me face. Everyone may exchange pointers at this heroes’ feast. And everyone here must eat and drink to his fill. I’d take it that you’re giving me face.” The light and pleasant voice of a man rang out, drawing cheers from the crowd instantly.

“The City Master’s zeal and hospitality really flatter us!”

“The City Master’s too polite. We have to thank you for an opportunity to visit your mansion!”

“City Master, you’re not only principled and outstandingly talented, you are also an approachable man. You make us all so grateful.”

Bai Qianxue gave a gentle smile and gazed at Xuanji. “Brother Xuan, it’s been a long time. How are you recently?”

Xuanji nodded and said quietly, “I’m doing fine. Thank you for your concern, Brother Bai.”

Then, Bai Qianxue looked at Hua Qiyue and smiled lightly. “I’ve long heard of Princess Jinghua’s eminent name. The Gnawing Devils Sect was an evil sect which had been poisoning the world. Yet Your Highness and your men managed to exterminate it! You’ve earned my thorough respect. Bottoms up to you, Princess!”

Saying this, Bai Qianxue raised the goblet in his hand. Hua Qiyue also raised her goblet and said politely, “The City Master’s too polite. My allies and I managed to exterminate the Gnawing Devils Sect thanks to our combined efforts. Without my allies, I wouldn’t have survived.”

Hua Qiyue was generous and courteous, making Bai Qianxue admire her magnanimity even more. Those who knew how to conduct themselves would not steal the credit of others for themselves.

Hua Qiyue was clearly such a clever person.

“The Princess’s astoundingly talented. I wonder if she could play us the zither tonight?” A voice, neither cold nor indifferent, interrupted their conversation. It was Hua Mengshi’s.

Hua Mengshi knew that Hua Qiyue could not play the zither. Even in Tianyuan Continent, the vast majority of women could, excepting girls from truly impoverished families.

But Hua’s Mansion was a general’s mansion. If Hua Qiyue could not play the zither, she could only earn derision.

“Yes. I wonder if Her Highness would play for us?” Bai Qianxue seemed, too, to look forward to it.

Hua Qiyue shook her head gently. “I’m sorry to have to disappoint everyone. I’m embarra.s.sed to admit I’m an uncouth person. I don’t know the zither or music.”

Hearing Hua Qiyue’s words, a few of the n.o.blemen’s daughters started to t.i.tter.

“You don’t mean to say that the daughter of a general can’t play the zither?”

“Yes. Usually, the daughters and sons from such a family could play the zither well. Only those who are very lazy or terribly untalented can’t master it.

The company started to talk loudly, not giving Hua Qiyue the least bit of face.

After all, the dangers from the Gnawing Devils Sect had resided in Changjing Kingdom, not Yuewu Kingdom. Although Hua Qiyue had exterminated the Sect, it was a problem of Changjing Kingdom, not theirs.

In the hearts of the Changjing people, Hua Qiyue was a heroine.

Yet now, in the hearts of the Yuewu people, she was merely a dunce who could not even play the zither.

Bai Qianxue’s eyes showed his disappointment, but it soon vanished. After all, he did not know Hua Qiyue too well. Neither was he keen to rope her in or had felt any love for her.

“The zither is only for girls who always stay in their chambers. Our Princess doesn’t need to know the zither and can win our people,” Ji Feng said this with an indifferent smile.

His voice was exceptionally crisp and clear, melodious to the ears. Ji Feng’s face might not match up to Bai Qianxue’s in handsomeness, but among the crowds, he was still among the more prepossessing.

The moment he said these words, he drew the scorn of all those deriding Hua Qiyue.

“In the entire Tianyuan Continent, most girls must still know the zither? Your words, fellow brother, is obviously biased in favor of your kin.”

“That’s right. Only stupid women won’t know the zither.”

Murong Mengshi felt extreme enjoyment listening to their words. After all, it was the first time she had succeeded in embarra.s.sing Hua Qiyue publicly.

Hua Qiyue was unruffled, however. She completely ignored those derisive stares from the company.

“When you’re fleeing for your life, a zither player can’t do anything. But a female Qi Artist will be a fish in her element,” Xuanji also said quietly.

He was an eminent guest of Bai Qianxue. For a brief moment, no one dared to hurl sarcastic remarks at Hua Qiyue. Hua Qiyue had made some of the pettier girls unhappy since this outsider had managed to occupy an important seat.

But no one dared to offend Xuanji or Bai Qianxue.

“Brother Xuan’s right. Heroes can emerge from every line of work. Eveyone will have his or her strengths and shortcomings. Don’t need to take all of this to heart,” Bai Qianxue said, extricating Hua Qiyue from her embarra.s.sing situation.

Hua Qiyue gave him a quiet glance and pursed her lips, smiling. “The City Master’s right. Qiyue has always been stupid and so naturally cannot master the zither. But I am very committed to my Qi Art. In my heart, Qi Art is far more useful than knowing the zither. At least it can help me preserve my life at moments of crisis. I’ve been observing the anima energy of Spirit Heaven City and it seems that there’s a great formation keeping it at bay. City Master Bai is such a genius at setting up arrays. If I have the time, I need to consult City Master Bai over this.”

Her words made everyone’s face color change! After all, everyone knew that Bai Qianxue was a master of arrays. But this array was unique to his mansion. And yet, Hua Qiyue had dared to ask him about such an awe-inspiring array?

Even Bai Qianxue felt a little surprised, although he did not show it on his face. “You’re too polite, Princess. It’s just a minor feat, not worth mentioning.”

His words had obviously rejected Hua Qiyue’s request.

This time, Ji Feng and his friends looked quite displeased. In their hearts, Hua Qiyue was the most powerful woman—and yet Bai Qianxue had totally snubbed her.

If it had been them, they would have agreed long ago.

The hare devouring food and drinks on the table gave a low snicker. “Girl, this array is indeed a minor feat. Well, I can teach it to you.”

Hua Qiyue’s eyes started to shine. This d.a.m.ned hare, it should have spoken much earlier. It made her risk being embarra.s.sed by Bai Qianxue, begging him.

“Brother Bai, Qiyue’s also a rune artist. She knows quite a lot. Maybe you two can really exchange pointers,” Ji Feng said quietly.


Everyone was shocked. Even Hua Mengshi stared astoundingly at Hua Qiyue. After all, a rune artist… wasn’t easily found on the continent. Those who learned runes needed not just talent, but also a capacity for enduring pain.

In the process of mastering runes, its learners would suffer from excruciating pain. Even those talented might not be able to continue.

And yet Hua Qiyue was a rune artist. This shocked everyone.

For most people, a rune artist was only a mythic presence.

Hearsay had it that rune artists of the continent had long stopped accepting apprentices. It was far too difficult to find a suitable apprentice.

Bai Qianxue stared in astonishment at Hua Qiyue and gave a light smile. “I didn’t expect Your Highness to be a rune artist. Forgive me my disrespect!”

“City Master Bai’s too polite. I am just an elementary student, not yet ready to set up a big array.” Hua Qiyue was not too polite. Being too polite would be construed as hypocrisy by some.

The nails of Hua Mengshi jabbed deeply into her palm. She did not expect Hua Qiyue to have such an encounter. She was now a rune artist!

Most people could only dream of being one. It was so difficult to master the art to become a rune artist!

Hua Qiyue could sense Hua Mengshi’s hateful glare and glanced over to her side. But Hua Mengshi had already a.s.sumed her most tranquil expression.

After learning that Hua Qiyue was a rune artist, the att.i.tudes of the people took a turn for the better.

“I’ve never seen a rune artist before. Would Her Highness show off her abilities before us, and let us witness the powers of a rune array?” Hua Mengshi gave a faint smile.

That was undoubtedly what everyone wanted. After all, all the people wanted was to personally witness the powers of a rune artist.

“Hoho, who are you? Why should the Princess show off her abilities to you?” Murong Zhen’er gave a cold snicker. “Don’t think that just because you’re our adopted daughter, everyone will give you face. You’re just a lowborn, ugly girl who uses forbidden art to improve yourself!”

Murong Zhen’er’s words caused everyone to murmur in discussion.

Murong Lingzhe did not say anything, but his eyes were full of disdain.

Hua Mengshi pretended to look at Murong Zhen’er in amazement. “Sister Zhen’er, when have I offended you? I was merely curious about the abilities of a rune artist. After all, no one has seen them, have they?”

Hua Mengshi was so smart. She quickly turned everyone against Murong Zhen’er.