The General's Genius Daughter Chapter 137 Thunder Calamity

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After circled crazily by that moon-white gas, those liquids quickly condensed into a moon-white medicine pellet!

“Done!” Yun Shimo shouted again and clapped on the tripod furnace. Powerful anima energy rolled into it. It was steaming hot inside. Then there was sunglow coming out of the tripod. The medicine pellet flew out, diffusing a strong glow, surrounded by fairy gas, which was extremely beautiful.

At this time, there was a great storm outside, and it seemed that there would soon be a Water Thunderstorm. The medicine pellet landed slowly and Yun Shimo was puffing slightly. He felt his spiritual energy almost had been dried up.

If he refined longer, he must fail. Fortunately, the tiny hare was around!

“Thank you, Sun Moon Deity. Thanks for your ink fire!”

Yun Shimo took the medicine pellet that had fallen down. He had finished refining this Rebirth Soul-body Pellet finally. It was as big as his fist, with perfect moon-white color, which made the tiny hard could not help licking its lips.

“No thanks, ha, ha, ha… It smells good. Made one for me in your spare time!”

“You’re still alive. Why do you need it?” Yun Shimo found it was a little funny. When they were talking and laughing, a thunder hit the tower heavily!

“The calamity of it!” The tiny hare was serious and then jumped on Yun Shimo’s shoulder. It didn’t want to be ash by lightning at that time.

“Gather up your anima energy to resist the heaven thunder at once!” The tiny hare cried. By having refined such powerful medicine pellet, naturally, heaven was startled by him and made the thunder calamity. If Yun Shimo really died in the thunder calamity, then… This powerful medicine would disappear along with him!

Yun Shimo dared not to be careless. He got together his anima energy to protect himself at once.

Fortunately, the anima energy here was rich. Although the anima energy in his body was almost dried up, Yun Shimo absorbed a lot of anima energy quickly. At the same time, he ate several Rejuvenating Pellets he had made.

A hot gas gushed out at his dantian, and his spiritual energy instantly recovered. Thunder fell down again, hitting Yun Shimo heavily through the tower.

Yun Shimo’s face turned black, but fortunately, he was able to withstand it.

Looking at the disaster aside him, the tiny hare could not help feeling a little frightened. Even a Qi Artist in deity level like it was frightened, it wondered whether Yun Shimo could withstand it.

Yun Shimo sat on the ground, absorbed the anima energy around silently, with no fare on his face. He was. .h.i.t by other ten red claps of thunder, which could only make his skin black, but not cause serious injuries.

The heaven was furious, and the later lightning strikes were even fiercer. Yun Shimo was sent back flying by them, spitting blood. However, he sat up and silently absorbed the anima energy again.

After taking a few Rejuvenating Pellets, he was full of anima energy again.

With several thunderstorms, Yun Shimo was severely injured eventually, but heaven finally stopped, too. The tiny hare breathed a sigh of relief. It jumped in front of Yun Shimo and looked at his burnt face.

“Tut, tut, the handsome Prince Nan once could catch the hearts of thousands of ladies has become a roast pig now!” The tiny hare laughed.

After hearing that, Yun Shimo spat out a mouthful of blood. But he climbed up and regulated breath and nourished spirit immediately. He took the medicine pellets again to restore his seriously injured body to normal.

After everything calmed down. Ji Feng and others finally came up. But they were shocked to be speechless when they saw Yun Shimo badly hurt.

G.o.d forbade! The heaven was angry for Yun Shimo having refined the world’s most powerful medicine pellet. So, it made the handsome man look like a burned black pig.

“Mo’er, are you all right?” Madame Yun was so frightened and painful that she rushed to help him up.

“Mom, I’m all right. You don’t have to worry. I had finished refining this Rebirth Soul-body Pellet, and let’s feed it to my father later.”

Yun Shimo whispered in a little weak voice.

Madame Yun was relieved to see that her son was still alive. Yun Shimo stood up slowly after he turned a serious injury into a minor one by regulating the breath.

Ji Feng supported Yun Shimo with his hands to the second floor. In the second floor, there was the man like a corpse lying above the blue pool. Those blue gases quietly went through his body, nourishing his remaining weak ghost.

“Yun’er… Why did you do that?” The ghost of Yun Xuan saw that Yun Shimo had become a roast pig for him, he could not help but sigh.

He also heard the thunder calamity just now. It was thrilling. If it hit him, he was afraid that he had gone to his doom early.

“Father, wait a minute, and you’ll be alive again.”

Seeing that strand of ghost attached to the corpse, Yun Shimo said excited. For the first time in his life, his eyes were red.

Yun Shimo put the corpse down on one side of the slate. Ji Feng and others looked at him with dignity.

Yun Shimo stuffed the Rebirth Soul-body Pellet he had refined just now in Yun Xuan’s dry mouth, and then fed him some water in the blue pool. After a while, with the moon-white breath coming out one after another, the pellet melted and penetrated into the cells of the dead body.

People were shocked to see the scene in front of them. The corpse was slowly expanding, and the brown skin began to grow a ray of brilliance. It was like seeing a corpse slowly gaining its vitality!

It was amazing!

People watched his body slowly become alive, no longer a corpse, but his face slowly reddened and full…

Looking at Yun Xuan’s body, they guessed that he should be about 30 when he died. As for the reasons, Ji Feng and others naturally did not know.

Finally, after two hours, Yun Xuan’s body had returned to be normal, and that strand of the ghost had slowly seeped into that body.

All the anima energy seeped into the body, as if there was a magic, to nourish him. Suddenly, there was sunglow diffusing from Yun Xuan’s body and kept revolving around him. Both Yun Shimo and Madame Yun were full of tears. They stared at the body attentively.

An hour later, Yun Xuan slowly opened his eyes.

“My husband!”


There were innumerable feelings in these two different voices. There was a family reunion for these three people.

Tianci, down from the third floor, also stared at all this, and his eyes unexpectedly turned red. He had been practicing madly these days, hoping that he would become stronger to protect his mom well.

Because his mom hadn’t come to see him for days.

When Yun Shimo calmed down his mood, he took Tianci down, “Father, this is your grandson, Tianci.”

Yun Xuan was not very strong yet for having just recovered his vitality. He sat up with difficulty to look at Tianci. Then, he laughed happily and said, “Great, great… Tianci, grandfather will teach you about Qi Art later.”

“Old guy, you’d better take care of yourself first, or else… if our news was coming back to Chexue Kingdom…” Madame Yun was silent. Yun Xuan also became serious, nodding heavily.

Yun Shimo took out dozens of medicine pellets and told Yun Xuan how many he needed to take a day. Then, he led Tianci to the third floor.

They left Yun Xuan on the second floor to have a rest.

Generally speaking, people on the second floor couldn’t hear sound on the third, so it was very suitable for practice and rest quietly.

“Brother Yun, Qiyue has already arrived in Red-crowned Crane Mountain. Shall we hurry to get there?” Ji Feng was a bit worried about her. It was said that the Four Great Families had begun to organize the strongest Qi Artists. They also planned to use the Evil Eliminating Array to kill Hua Qiyue.

“Well, let’s go now, but Jing’er, you stay here to look at Tianci carefully. And Mr. Huangfu… You also stay here.”

Yun Shimo said slightly. As perfect pharmacy apprentices, Qingtong and others were accepting the arrangement of Yun Shimo silently.

Hua Qiyue should be safe if Yun Shimo and that tiny hare went into the array to help her.

“Well, please bring my mom back soon. I really miss her very much!” Tianci blinked his smart eyes and laughed.

Yun Shimo nodded heavily. He touched the head of the little guy and then left the tower with the tiny hare.

Noticing that Prince Nan appeared in the courtyard, those Palace Guards waiting in it were shocked, but they dared not fight with Prince Nan in their practice. It was self-humiliating and they would surely die.

Yun Shimo with a very cute and lovely tiny hare on his shoulder turned into a shadow and disappeared in Prince Nan’s mansion.


At this time, Hua Qiyue sat cross-legged in front of a broken temple of Red-crowned Crane Mountain and practiced quietly in Mysterious World.

Hua Qiyue had eaten several Rejuvenating Pellets, which were sent by Yun Shimo from time to time to enhance her anima energy.

A stream of electric light appeared in her body, full of anima energy and momentum.

Tianpi on her side was shocked and even forgot to blink eyes. He kept shaking his head, “You’re such an abnormal girl, abnormal… Now that you are in the ignorant level, even those three in ancient level will probably draw against you with difficulties.”

“Those three in the ancient level?” Hua Qiyue asked while practicing.

Well, she was so bada.s.s as to be distracted from practicing, which would not hinder her progress at all.

Tianpi was jealous of her talent but only jealous.

“Well, there are probably three senior Qi Artists in Tianyuan Continent. They are also Spirit Summoners. They’re my peers and have lived for more than ten thousand years. They’re also capable. Don’t provoke them for no reason.”

Tianpi exhorted her solemnly.

Hua Qiyue’s lips twitched. Why did she provoke others for no reason? Now she only prayed that others would not provoke her.

“Are there a lot of incredible things in Tianyuan Continent?” Hua Qiyue asked softly.

Maybe there were many G.o.d beasts, for which she had seen in ancient books but never met. She seldom even saw evil beasts, because very few Qi Artists could tame them as pets.

Even if there were, those high-ranking figures rarely appeared in front of the public and lived in a low profile.

“Yes, there are many G.o.d beasts. So, you still have to be strong and learn more Qi Arts. Of course, with Killing Array and Transmission Array, no matter when, you can survive.”

Tianpi said in a smile. He was very satisfied with this disciple, Hua Qiyue.

Hua Qiyue stopped talking, but to concentrate on practicing. So, her level got prompted just in a blink of an eye. Now she was at the medium level of Cultivation Dimension, causing Tianpi to turn into green eyes again.

After a while, she suddenly felt that someone was going up the hill, and that person’s practice was extremely high, which absolutely was not under hers.

Hua Qiyue opened her eyes suddenly.

With dim moonlight and shanking shadows of trees in the mountain, a figure appeared on the winding mountain road.

The figure stopped in front of Hua Qiyue without a hint of a murderous look. After looking at the man, Hua Qiyue could not help but raise eyebrows.

It was him!