The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 99 – Blood

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Chapter 99: Blood-Filled Slaughter

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“What are you so anxious for? The female band, the Flying Hearts, will soon have their concert in two days. When that happens, we will let the corrupted Federation know that there are still people in this world seeking independence and freedom.”

The muscular man was completely naked. He was laying in a dilapidated recliner, reading a novel and slowly flipping its pages. His chest was tattooed with a centipede that wiggled up and down as he breathed, looking alive.


He was a new dazzling star the popped up among terrorists these past few years, having made several terrorist attacks in various states. His style of execution was always different, making him impossible to capture, and his methods of killing were cruel to the extreme. It was so bad that even some of the other terrorists weren’t able to accept his cruelty.

Such a monster naturally possessed unique subordinates that would follow him even into death. It wouldn’t be possible to become so infamous within a dozen short years otherwise.

They had come to the State of Korea because the most popular band, the Flying Hearts, were doing a tour there. This band consisted of twins performing concerts where the theme just so happened to be anti-terrorism, advocating great harmony throughout the world.

Not only were these twin flowers beautiful, they were also good at singing and there weren’t any negative scandals about them at all. They started performing a mere three years ago and had already become the top-notch empresses of Asia.

They were very popular, but it couldn’t be said that they were popular among ninety-nine percent of the population. They simply killed it among those who just learned to walk, the youth, the middle-aged men, lolitas, and the mature ladies. These were the varieties of fans they had.

To fight for freedom in an exercise of terrorism at an anti-terrorism concert…. such a thing was quite beautiful.

Sajjad thought about the beauty of sudden bloodshed occurring during the highest moments of the two empresses and their fans, and he wondered what sort of reaction they would have. Would the two little empresses still dare to pose as the incarnations of righteousness in future days? Would they still disseminate anti-terrorism everywhere?

These two silly girls don’t know what freedom means at all! Sajjad violently tossed his half-empty beer bottle to the ground. He raised his head to look at a man shackled to a pillar, the corner of his lips lifting into a sinister and evil smile. “This boss will first screw you in the a.s.s, then I’ll bring those two silly little girls over here! I’ll have my brothers take turns playing with them, record it, and then sell the video all over the Federation. Everyone’s fantasies will be satisfied, and I’ll see if they can still come up with something against the warriors who fight for freedom.”

Sajjad was forced to wait here due to the delay in the concert, and it was just yesterday that a couple of private detectives from the Private Detective Alliance happened to come upon him.

Private detectives. They normally helped catch people in the act of adulatory, shadowed people, and so on. They also did some other things. For example, casually catching some terrorists or wanted criminals. They exchanged them to the Federation for large rewards.

The five private detectives really did possess considerable strength. In the time it takes to eat a meal, they’ve eliminated two elite trained terrorists and charged into the hall on the fifth floor. It was here that they were defeated.

It was unknown when exactly private detectives became the mortal enemies of terrorists, organized crime groups, and other criminal gangs. With the founding of the Private Detective Alliance, these private detectives became harder and harder to deal with.

Quite a few terrorist activities were sabotaged before they could even start by private detectives.

Sajjad felt an enormous amount of hatred toward private detectives. He always tried to capture private detectives alive every time he encountered them, then he would torture them to death.

“Let me die!”

The private detective had his hands and feet tied around the stone pillar. His voice was torn and hoa.r.s.e, and the corner of his eyes had ruptured, leaving dried specs of blood. His stimulated emotions caused his muscles to twitch, causing the corner of his eyes to rupture and flow with blood once more.

This was the sole surviving private detective out of the original five. After he was captured by Sajjad, he experienced the eighteen levels of h.e.l.l spoken of in Chinese legends while still alive.

“Li Xing. Tell me your daughter’s name and her location, and I will let you go.” Sajjad patted Li Xing on the cheeks from behind, his lower member suddenly becoming erect…

Li Xing’s body suddenly froze. The blood in his mouth and eyes slowly flowed outward. He had screamed and howled so many times already, his vocal cords long since torn. The worst of rock ‘n roll singers could not compare to the hoa.r.s.eness of his voice.

Sajjad pointed at the woman moaning on the bed. He whispered into Li Xing’s ear. “Since you’re willing to sell out your wife’s location, why don’t you just say your daughter’s location. I will definitely keep my promise this time. I’ll let you go as long as you say it.”

“She’s… she’s… she’s….” Li Xing’s hands were clenched so tightly into fists that they popped without end. His entire face had contorted, and he whispered with the quietest of voices, “Fourth grade, cla.s.s three of Seoul elementary school. Li Liqi….”

“What’s that?” Sajjad smacked Li Xing’s swollen face hard. “Louder. I can’t hear you.”

“Fourth grade, cla.s.s three of Seoul elementary school. Li Liqi!” Li Xing was completely broken mentally.

“Oh really!! You cursed at me when we first met, calling me sc.u.m. What are you right now?” Sajjad took a few steps back and made his way to be face-to-face with Li Xing. “You even sold out your daughter to sc.u.m. What does that make you?”

Sajjad waved a hand while appreciating Li Xing’s crumbled look. “Akavi, bring his daughter over here. Let us give him a show in front of him. Vesta, you come here! Continue greeting this hero’s private…..”

The eyes of the naked Sajjad suddenly radiated with light, and he left behind a solid footprint in the concrete floor beneath his feet. His entire body pounced toward a different stone pillar, moving like a leopard.

At the same time, seven crisp gunshots echoed through the hall. Li Xing, in the midst of struggling, suddenly had his head tilted to the side as the temples of his head blossomed in a flower of blood. His sorry life had been ended.

Another person died at the same time. It was the woman on the bed. The man, who had been atop of her, had raised her up during the most critical moment to block the shot and seize life.

The terrorist who was concentrated on playing his video game wasn’t so fortunate. The bullet bore straight into his temple, letting him live the final moments of his life immersed in a game.

The terrorist who was eating the chicken leg had done a flip to hide behind the table. He thought he had dodged the fatal attack, but he never expected the bullet to curve in the air. In this unimaginable situation, the bullet had simply burrowed into the temple of his skull.

The other three Arab terrorists had each dodged at the first instance, barely avoiding this fatal attack.

“Excellent marksmans.h.i.+p!” Sajjad hid behind a thick pillar of stone, unable to refrain from uttering words of admiration.

Were it not for his keen sense of smell detecting the sudden presence of additional humans, the gunshots just now, which had appeared without any warning, would have likely ended his life.

Sajjad understood it very well. The first bullet of the seven fired was aimed at him.

There was no killing intent nor was there any feeling of presence. The gunshots had appeared without any signs at all. What sort of person had come? Sajjad’s two thick eyebrows wrung together. If the enemy had been able to conceal the smell of their body, then right now Sajjad’s skull would have blossomed with blood.

Where did these two people come from? They were both actually able to hide their killing intent and presence? Sajjad began to think. He thought about the number of people who had come. Did they come here with a goal in mind? Or was this an accidental encounter?

Aside from the completely naked Sajjad, the other people quickly pulled out guns and aimed at the spot where the bullets had come from. Everyone understood the situation very well. They would have certainly become ice-cold corpses if the person who opened fire had chosen them as the target of the first shot rather than Sajjad.

Though the time between the firing of each bullet was extremely short, it was enough time from the perspectives of these people who possessed decent martial arts foundations and lived every day in tense moments.

In particular, the second bullet had been shot at Tatafu, the one playing the video game. It was only the third bullet that was shot at the others. This short period of time was enough!

If it had been the second bullet, would they have been able to dodge it? The terrorists were completely uncertain. This was the first time they encountered such bizarre marksmans.h.i.+p.

Seven bullets eliminated two terrorists! Such a battle record caused all the terrorists to feel shocked.

An ammunition case fell to the ground in a final dance within the quiet hall.

Was the enemy reloading? n.o.body dared to extend their necks and take a look, so they were unable to verify their conjecture. Only seven shots had been fired just now. In other words, if the magazine could hold ten bullets, that meant there were still three bullets yet to be fired.

An ammunition case was dropped to the ground. Had it been done to lure the terrorists?

While Sajjad silently praised, the quiet hall echoed with an answer that was abnormally calm and cold.

“Killing. I had never done such a thing before. I originally thought that I would be nervous enough to cause unwanted movements in my shooting the first time I try killing someone.”

There was a slight pause before Qin Fen’s voice rang out. He spoke as if he were talking to himself. “So it turns out my thoughts were wrong. You have provided me with ample reason to kill. From my perspective, y’all aren’t human at all, and I am just simply shooting animals. If some of you are lucky enough to escape, you can go complain about my abuse of animals at an animal protection agency.”


As the sound of the magazine entering the gun echoed out, everyone came to realize that the young man was really so brazen as to reload his ammunition so casually.

Of course, the young man’s voice drifted around, the area unfixed. The terrorists were unable to pinpoint where exactly his voice was coming from, as well as the location where he was hiding.


Another gunshot rang out. Three terrorists were taking cover together. The one on the outermost perimeter subconsciously lowered his head, and his comrade beside him had his temples erupt into a flower of blood.

“Boss! This…. the trajectory of the bullet seems to be a curve!”

The terrorist, who had luckily dodged the shot, simply lay on the ground. He wailed loudly without end.

The shot curved? Sajjad’s eyes suddenly lit up, and the words ‘Special Forces Soldier’ flashed like lightning within his mind.

“Toss a gun over to me!” Sajjad ordered, his body heading in the opposite direction of the tossed gun. He increased his speed.

It was a diversion! To threaten the east but attack the west! Sajjad never intended to use the gun his comrade tossed over. He just wanted to draw the sharpshooter’s attention out from hiding using the handgun as it tumbled through the air. He wanted to draw the sharpshooter into shooting the flying handgun.

Who cares if it’s just a single gun! Sajjad was confident that he could use this extremely short period of time to evade to a place with far more weapons.


The gun rang out! Sajjad, who was just about to dash out from the cover of the stone pillar, forcefully pulled himself back to a stop. He pulled in his chest and ducked in his neck, narrowly reclaiming his life.