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Chapter 84: The Heart for Battle Awakens

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Cha Syun-Chae didn’t realize that Qin Fen was the cause of the appearance of Phoenix, Squad Leader Hao, and Gun King. Instead, he believed that their appearances was because Squad Leader Hao’s soldiers had been beaten up. He somewhat misunderstood Squad Leader Hao.

“Cha Syun-Chae.” Squad Leader Hao beat him to the punch. “Matters with the younger generation should be settled by them, but if a subordinate soldier was beaten up, we of the older generation would need to appear. Wouldn’t this mean that I’d need go break that kid’s arms and legs?”

Cha Syun-Chae was silent. There were some unwritten rules of the military that had to be complied with. The escalation of this matter actually might not be a good thing. At the very least, news of the defeat of the Korean Martial G.o.d Bae Seong-Joon’s disciple would indirectly smear the reputation of Neo Taekwondo.

A moment of silence pa.s.sed before Cha Syun-Chae said, “Hao, I understand what you mean very well. I just want you to say a few words here. I will immediately leave with my people if you agree, and today’s matter will be swept under the rug.”

Squad Leader Hao nodded. The escalation of this matter wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing to Qin Fen as well. “Just speak and we’ll see.”

“The first. Can you not interfere in the fights between the kids under you and the kids under us?”

“That’s only natural.” Squad Leader Hao smiled. “When your baby beat so many of my soldiers to the ground, did I even make a sound? I was watching to the side, you know.”

Cha Syun-Chae was speechless for a time. He didn’t know when Squad Leader Hao appeared. He just knew that Squad Leader Hao should have been here for quite some time.

“Okay! I believe you.” Cha Syun-Chae continued, “I don’t want too many people to know about today’s matter. If news gets out too much, the military law office might just come knocking on your door.”

Squad Leader Hao shrugged and nodded. The State of Korea’s faction clearly wanted to cover up this loss, so he would let them cover it up. Qin Fen had many many skills he needed to learn. An early reveal of him wasn’t a good thing.

Two Korean drill instructors lifted Park Jong-Hwan in a very experienced manner. The Korean recruits followed behind, their morale at an absolute low. Cha Syun-Chae brought his hatred-filled eyes to scan around in a circle at the recruits of Third Company. In the end, he brought his gaze to glare at Squad Leader Hao. “Remember what you said here today. We of the State of Korea will likely soon have recruits come to taste the martial strength of your company.”

Squad Leader Hao chuckled. “You’re welcome anytime.”

The lively scene was quickly restored to its previous peace. Company Commander Yan was in a rage as he looked at the recruits surrounding Qin Fen and laughing.

“You t.i.t-sucking fools! You still have the pride to laugh even when you let so many people get injured? I’m going to increase the training volume by twofold starting from tomorrow.”

The recruits were immersed in the feeling of victory. Normally they would cry for days on end from such orders, but this was one of the rare times when they all agreed together.

Company Commander Yan pushed his way through the crowd to arrive before Qin Fen. His eyes were filled with delight as he said, “Not bad, kid. You haven’t caused our Third Company to lose face.”

Company Commander Yan gave Qin Fen a heavy smack on the shoulder before leaving with a smile.

This was just how the military was. Your commanding officer wouldn’t get angry if you beat up someone from a different unit. Instead, your commanding officer would feel that you reclaimed some face for him. If the higher ups were to come blaming down the chain, the commanding officer would naturally carry the responsibility and protect his own subordinates.

If you couldn’t even cover your own men, who would sincerely put their life on the line for you? Who would serve you?

What happened clearly an unwritten rule of the breach of discipline. Such a matter would reach as high as a marshal and as low as the squad leader, yet all these people would still give their tacit approval.

When the company commander left, Squad Leader Hao and the others quietly departed as well, leaving only the recruits of Third Company present.

The recruits surrounded Qin Fen in this very moment. It was unknown who started it, but someone simply grabbed one of his legs. Then another person grabbed a different leg, and Qin Fen was held tight.

Qin Fen was raised up and tossed in the sky in the next second. When he fell back down, he was caught and was tossed back up over and over.

Cheers of excitement came out of their throats in waves, and the recruits lying on the ground all had smiles on their faces. They hadn’t been beaten up for nothing. Qin Fen, this kid, had instantly earned back all their honor.

After tossing him a few times, the crowd finally put Qin Fen back on the ground.

“Awesome, Old Qin!”

“Old Qin, what was the move you did just now?”

“Yeah! I feel like that move could topple the mountains and overturn the seas! You can even kill a rhino with that move.”

The recruits asked questions one after another without end. Youngsters got along with each other quite easily, and after going through such an intense situation, everyone’s feelings toward each other had unwittingly increased.

“Let’s do something first. Let’s take them to the hospital.”

Qin Fen made a suggestion after everyone calmed down.


“Brothers, let’s first take apart the bed boards and use them as stretchers.”

By defeating Park Jong-Hwan in this battle, Qin Fen’s popularity and prestige was rapidly established within the warriors of the Third Company recruits.

The training the recruits received day after day had imbued them with at least some military habits: You’re a good guy as long as you have skill! I’ll respect you!

The crowd of recruits began to hustle. Some people dismantled the bed boards, while some people delt with the bed sheets. The scene was a bit chaotic for a time.

Lin Jiaxuan gradually recovered a clear mind from her stupefaction. She watched Qin Fen’s bustling back and wondered just where in the world he came. He cultivated in the free Dragon Elephant Prajna Art, but he possessed the ability to modify the Jade Girl Heart Sutra to higher levels and teach it to others. Plus, he made short work of the number one young genius of the State of Korea—Park Jong-Hwan.

Wait, this was wrong! Lin Jiaxuan’s eyes suddenly lit up. Only the first three stages of the Dragon Elephant Prajna Art was made to be free martial arts resources! Qin Fen possessed four-star strength, which meant that he certainly broke through the free third stage and was now cultivating the fourth stage.

Could it be? Lin Jiaxuan’s eyebrows shot up slightly. Could he be one of the people of the military region’s plans? Was that why he was low-key all the time, waiting for the chance to for an explosive performance? Lin Jiaxia decided she would investigate him and see.

Though Lin Jiaxuan’s current family connections were in a bit of a bad state, she was confident that she could have a man’s background and ident.i.ty investigated with ease.

“Hey, Old Qin. You should buy a cell phone.” Deng Biao lay on a stretcher, talking to Qin Fen who was beside him. “It would be easy to contact each other if you had one of those things.”

“Hmm?” Qin Fen was a bit hesitant. The living facilities in military camp were quite complete. It seemed to be a bit wasteful to buy a cell phone.

“What I’m saying is true.” Deng Biao had the heaviest injuries out of all of them, but there were no signs of injuries on his neck and above. Though Park Jong-Hwan had fought quite ruthlessly, he still held a certain respect towards such a man of steel. He didn’t beat Deng Biao’s face in to be like that of a pig’s, leaving Deng Biao with a most basic dignity.

“Don’t tell me you believe that things are over just like that?” Deng Biao coughed softly from being jostled. “I have a brother who has fast and abundant news. He has told me that the higher ups in the military region don’t want to lose face in the Military Recruit Tournament this time around. They have used their connections with all sorts of masters to a.s.semble a young generation of martial artist experts. Both sides can surpress and lock down the news of you defeating Park Jong-Hwan this time around, so there probably won’t be many people who will know of this matter. However, people in the circle will certainly be able to find out.”

Qin Fen could tell what Deng Biao meant. He asked seriously, “Are you saying that when they here the news, those summoned young experts will likely believe that my actions today are a show of force toward all of them?That they will likely come challenge me?”

“Yes.” Deng Biao didn’t gloss things over when he saw that Qin Fen hit the nail on the head. “Real talk. We all train in martial arts. There is not a single one of us who doesn’t want to become the strongest. Today you’ve heavily injured Park Jong-Hwan. They will certainly find this unacceptable, at least subconsiously. Quite a few will challenge you.”

“Oh, really?”

Qin Fen was a bit… no! It should be said that Qin Fen was very excited.

The rapid changes between defeat and victory within exchanges of punches and kicks didn’t give him even a sliver of fear nor worry. The fight with Park Jong-Hwan had ignited his blood to boil.

The sensation of fists meeting flesh was a feeling that the Sky Martial Battle Network couldn’t produce completely.

In the past, he had to follow a lifestyle of making sure he could eat food, even though he possessed strength. He currently didn’t have any pressure when it came to living for the time being. His heart for battle had been heavily weighed down from life. But then reality had several drill instructors and experts of the liquid metal push him to higher heights. After the fight with Park Jong-Hwan, Qin Fen’s heart for battle had awakened!



Qin Fen sat quietly at the sh.o.r.e, listening to the sound of waves beating upon the rocks.

The fierce fight from earlier in the day kept on replaying within his mind. Every time the fight was replayed, Qin Fen would gain new comprehensions and discoveries. Neo Taekwondo had its own unique advantages; after all, it was able to become famous.

Qin Fen gently stood up and slowly started to execute the Shaolin Arhat Fist. This set of firm and fierce fist forms was now being executed as if he were an elderly man. His speed slowed further and further.

Qin Fen was understanding through experiencing. The slower his speed, the more likely he could experience the changes in power, grasp more accurate timings on when to unleash his strength, and thus bring out his power to the maximum.

“Digesting is very crucial after a fierce fight. Did he come to the sh.o.r.e to digest his experience from the day by instinct? Or did someone teach him this?”

In the distance, Phoenix’s lips were curved with faint praise as she turned around and disappeared into the night.

Qin Fen was barefoot under the curtain of night on this beach. He took off his upper uniform, and the Shaolin Arhat Fist changed endlessly between his hops and leaps.

Moving to and fro, Qin Fen executed the Shaolin Arhat Fist several dozen times before stopping.

He returned to his living quarters and saw that it was already quite late at night. It wasn’t an appropriate time to give Song Jia a call, so he simply chose to send an image electronically to explain all the things that happened these past few days.

The next morning, Qin Fen opened his inbox and found that Song Jia had replied with her own image message not too long ago.

Qin Fen opened the digital message, and Song Jia’s beautiful face suddenly appeared. Her small pouting mouth hid a happy smile. Her smile reached her eyebrows, betraying her feigned expression.

“I’m very displeased.”

“I’m very displeased.”

Qin Fen had long since guessed the first words that Lady Song Jia would say. He subconsciously spoke in sync with the Song Jia in the electronic message.

“Well! It’s been so long since I’ve heard from you. I’m very displeased.” Song Jia once again repeated her signature catchphrase. “However, I forgive you, seeing how you gave yourself up quickly. I’m quite pleased with this att.i.tude.”

Qin Fen really didn’t know what to say. He could only laugh. His heart warmed as he looked at her image.

“Okay. First of all, congratulations on your entering four-star strength! Continue to work hard! Fight for the day when you enter the meteor level!” Song Jia performed a gesture of a meteor streaking through the sky. “Oh right, how’s your biochemical beast egg? Has it hatched yet? And what has it hatched into?”

Qin Fen felt the biochemical beast egg, which hung in a necklace-pendant style from his neck. He was quite speechless. According to what Lin Liqiang’s instructions, this beast egg had to be carried upon the body at all times, using the energy of the body to incubate and hatch it. There were no signs of this beast egg hatching at all in these recent days.