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Chapter 506

Golden Triangle!? Qin Fen immediately recalled the time he had just enlisted in the army . He gazed at the nearby Lin Ling as a smile of recollection appeared on his lips .  That was really an interesting day .

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A not-so-simple mission: kill a drug lord who had a purchasing channel but wasn’t that strong . Since then, my life had changed greatly .

“What about Du Peng?” Qin Fen regained his wits and asked . “Where is he?”

“And is Kyokus.h.i.+n Genichi still in the Arctic?”

Just as Caesar was about to answer, an inexplicable and unclear lament appeared in his eyes . Yang Lie and the other also had the same look in their eyes .

Qin Fen sunk in silence for a while at the sight of this . Du Peng could be considered a genius . He might be a bit worse than Caesar in the talents’ department but he worked hard, really hard . It could be said that he worked just as hard as everyone or perhaps even harder . Furthermore, he had absorbed all the legacy left behind by Du Zhanpeng . But…

Du Zhanpeng’s death hit him hard, it was like a knot . It might look that he had really untied it on the surface but as long as one looked at the occasional expression on his face when he ate, they could see that this amazing young martial artist still had a knot in his heart .

For people who were completely self-centered and thought that others should do anything for him and that he shouldn’t pay a dime to others, Du Zhanpeng’s death simply wouldn’t form a knot . He wouldn’t even feel sad .

But Du Peng was different . He had been living in this kind of environment since childhood . Most of his memories were related to his hatred for Du Zhanpeng . But all the hate turned into guilty love as the things became clear . This kind of heart devil lingered in his heart all the time . His star-cla.s.s may be able to keep up with everyone’s pace but it was difficult for the martial arts foundation to keep up with this kind of speed .

Reaching the peak of the fifteen-star level but unable to gather energy and congeal the aura might be a great achievement in others’ opinion but such strength wasn’t enough for Qin Fen and his team .

“Some things…” Qin Fen pondered for a while . “Others can’t help you resolve it . ”

Mourad nodded gently in agreement . He himself used to have a heart demon! However, after a series of incidents, although he kept saying he was going to kill Qin Fen, he was no longer going to proceed with it .

He used to have a killing intent for Qin Fen but now, he was unable to make a move on him! Mourad often told himself in his heat, I hate Qin Fen .

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Suddenly, a mechanical roar approached from the distance . It was a huge helicopter with ‘天’ character written beautifully on it .

Elysium! Saturn Elysium’s logo! Qin Fen recognized this beautiful heaven character because of the furnis.h.i.+ng of his house . And also because Gun King’s died in Tathagata’s hand, this Heaven character was etched even deeper into his heart .

Traveling to Saturn wasn’t just for winning the divine beast t.i.tle to win Song Jia, there was another thing he needed to do: kill Tathagata!

Even if he could win the t.i.tle of a divine beast, even if Saturn already had a divine beast martial artist, Qin Fen must go to Saturn so long as Tathagata was living on Saturn!

As Gun King killed Lan Caihe, Tathagata had enough reason to kill Gun King, but Qin Fen similarly had sufficient reason to avenge his Master .

If revenge breeds revenge, will there ever be any end to it? From the third party’s standpoint, it was a very philosophical statement . But when it came to the concerned party, this statement was nothing more than bulls.h.i.+t said by a hypocrite who hadn’t experienced the pain himself .

Gun King was just performing his duty as a soldier, he was attacking Tathagata but ended up accidentally killing Lan Caihe, which wasn’t inconsistent with the orders he received . And it wasn’t like the matter would rest here just because he was killed after he killed others .

There are some things that, once they are started, cannot really end unless one side admits defeat or dies .

The helicopter slowly started hovering not too far away from Qin Fen’s position . Sitting inside it was Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies wearing tight thermal underwear . Her silky long blue hair fluttered in the wind . Her tender cheeks turned a bit red from the cold wind .

The Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies peeked her head out of the cabin . Her cherry lips parted in surprise, staring blankly at the terrible battlefield of Mount Everest .

Is this really the roof of the world? The Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies stuck her tongue .  Why does it look like it was bombarded by an army platoon for several days, endlessly, without rest?

Everest which used to be 8,848 meters tall had already collapsed under the fight between Qin Fen and the others . Now, perhaps it was reduced to only eight thousand or so meters . At the very least, the forty-eight meters peak had ceased to exist for sure .

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Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies jumped off the helicopter . A pair of beautiful, red hiking shoes landed on the snowy field, scattering the snow away as she stabilized her footing before she made her way to Qin Fen through the snow .

“Long time no see . ” Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies looked at Qin Fen with a smile on her face . “You didn’t expect me, right? Even though you have been hiding here, I still found you . ”

Qin Fen calmly looked at the Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies . “Is there something I can do for you?”

“Of course . ” The Mysterious Daughter of NIne Skies raised her head slightly and looked at Qin Fen . She found that these young men, who had gone underground, had long beards growing on their faces . There was an air of mystery around them . Although they couldn’t be called pretty boys, they were overflowing with masculine charm . “I am here to invite you to join Elysium . ”

“Elysium!?” Qin Fen, looking at the helicopter hovering in the air, resisted the urge to turned it into sc.r.a.p metal with the wave of his hand . Nonetheless, he maintained a calm look on his face . “You want me to join Elysium?”

“It’s not just you . ” Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies swept her gaze at the other young men on Mount Everest . “I also want your men to join Elysium . In order to show our sincerity, how much we value you, Elysium has decided to directly promote you to the eight heavenly immortals of Elysium . Even if the quota is full, you will still be given a high position . ”

“Eight immortals?” Qin Fen furrowed his brow . In his mind, only Lan Caihe from the eight heavenly immortals was dead . “Why is Elysium being this generous? Are they making internal adjustments?”

“But of course! Eight immortals!” The Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies took the opportunity to raise her voice as she stroked her long, blue hair beside her ear . “Qin Fen, the position of eight immortals is very high in Elysium . Of course, if you make new achievements in the future, you can still be promoted . Last time you rejected me, you believed that Elysium wasn’t giving you sufficient benefits, right? Is it okay now? The quota of eight immortals!”

Qin Fen, looking at Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies beaming with joy, he looked up at the helicopter hovering in the air and said, calmly, “It’s not impossible for me to join Elysium . If you kill Tathagata, I will join Elysium . ”

“What!?” Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies screamed . She pointed her trembling finger at Qin Fen . “What did you just say?”

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Qin Fen looked at the Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies as words filled with cold killing intent escaped his mouth, reiterating them wordy by word, “Kill…Tatha…gata…”

“Qin Fen!”

Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies raised her willowy brows as she said this, her almond eyes widened in anger . “Last time you killed an Elysium martial dao master, my Elysium let go of it and they even threw an invitation to you . Don’t go overboard! You need to know…”

“Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies, listen well: Tathagata killed two of my masters . ”

Qin Fen’s eyelids were half-open . His voice was so smooth that there wasn’t any emotion in it . The more his words were lacking in emotion, the colder it sounded to the Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies; a chill ran straight down her spine .

This was the first time she was seeing such a cold look on his face . That kind of calmness bore almost a deadly resentment .

Qin Fen raised his two fingers slowly . “Two masters, who had a deep impact on my life, were killed by your Elysium’s Tathagata! And your Elysium still came to invite me!?”

“Killed your Masters? How is this possible?” The Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies started blankly at Qin Fen . “Tathagata hadn’t made a move for so long as Inferno’s Emperor these days…”

“How did Lan Caihe died then?” Qin Fen stared at the Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies . “So, who killed the man who murdered Lan Caihe?”

“…” The Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies opened her red lips, staring at Qin Fen in surprise for a long while . “Those two soldiers with low strength? But they killed Lan Caihe…”

“They are two lives . ” Qin Fen looked at the Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies . “Even if one life is exchanged for another…”

“How can their value be comparable to Lan Caihe?”

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The Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies interrupted Qin Fen’s words, “That’s one of eight heavenly immortals! The two of them add up to Lan Caihe…”


The helicopter in the sky turned into a fireball, Qin Fen withdrew his fist he punched toward the sky and his leg that kicked Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies .

“I won’t kill you today because that day Tathagata left Instructor Butcher alive . ” Qin Fen glared coldly Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies coughing blood . “Go back and tell your Elysium’s Jade Emperor, if you want me, Qin Fen, to join Elysium, it’s easy! Give me Tathagata’s head! I’ll join immediately! Also, the people around me are my friends, not my men . Now, you can go . ”

The Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies sat staring blankly at Qin Fen . For a while, she forgot the pain in her abdomen before she raised her hand and wiped the blood off the corner of her lips and said, “You… you dare to hit me…”

“Human life can’t be measured by how much they value . ” Qin Fen stared coldly at the Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies . “In my eyes, even the entirety of Elysium can’t compare to in value to my masters’ life . You humiliated my masters, it won’t be too much to kill you . Leaving you alive is just to pa.s.s my words to Tathagata, I will kill him . ”

“No… . No…” The Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies shook her head, again and again . “I mean to say, you are a martial dao master, yet you hit a woman!?”

Qin Fen squatted down and looked at the Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies . “You mean, I should just watch you dig up my family’s grave, insult my masters, and all because you are a girl, I shouldn’t hit you? Gender is no excuse . You were hit because you asked for it . No one will hit you just because they are bored . ”

“Elysium!? Qin Fen, by the way . ” Yang Lie sneered . “I suddenly remembered something . The relations.h.i.+p between the Golden Triangle and Elysium is very good . It is rumored that the current honorary chairman of the Golden Triangle is, in fact, Elysium’s Xianglong Arhat . ”

Qin Fen, noticing the dramatic change in Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies’ expression and knew that there wasn’t any need to ask anything . The woman’s expression had already explained everything . Yang Lie’s words were the truth .

“Golden Triangle!? Elysium!?” Qin Fen raised his head slowly, looking in the Elysium’s direction . Whether it was an ambush by the hundred people sent by the Golden Triangle at the seaside or the grudges with Elysium in Shengjing or the matter regarding Gun King, it could be said the things between Qin Fen and Elysium had reached the point where only one of them could survive . “Since that’s the case, we will go to the Golden Triangle to pick up Solomon, and while we are at it, we should pay a visit to this Xianglong Arhat . ”

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