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Chapter 501: 501

In the Sahara Desert, the yellow sand laid quietly on the ground and flowed slowly like a stream into a pond .

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A huge mechanical roar resembling a dragon’s roar broke the eternal silence of the Sahara Desert . The huge metal battles.h.i.+p roared, flying at a low alt.i.tude close to the golden sand .

Everywhere that they pa.s.sed through had a huge sound barrier form in the air . The transparent air was forcibly torn by the high-speed battles.h.i.+p like a water-like tunnel was being opened . Air quickly flooded into this tunnel, and the collision and squeezing of the air with the tunnel caused a thunderous rumble .

The yellow sand on the ground was sucked up by the strong suction of the vacuum tunnel and drawn into the rumbled tunnel continuously . It looked like a rus.h.i.+ng yellow dragon from a distance .

Zuo Dongting stared emotionlessly on the screen . The Secretus Cla.s.s S-Level Battles.h.i.+p had evaded two skynet-like missile attacks . The dragon-like driving technique and the extremely dexterous evasive maneuvers had indicated a thing — he needed more firepower to bring it down .

If there was only the Zuo’s Family in East Asia, then there would be no problems in launching all kinds of fighters into the air as well as more missiles to this encircled battle .

However, there was another family in East Asia: the Du Family! This family had enough strength to carry out checks and balances in all aspects .

After the second batch of missile attacks was launched, Snake King Du Hen, who hid secretly all the time, finally revealed his fangs . He quickly arrested the base soldiers who launched the missile . He informed the whole army that he would accuse these two batches of people of committing war crimes .

Almost at the same time, the officers at each base began to restrict each other . Although no one was authorized to actively suppress each other, they could still successfully delay the opponent and prevented them from having permission to open fire .

Du Hen did not want to win in this battle . He just needed to stall . Then, he would have already won by forcing Zuo Dongting, who would never set out, to make a move!

The missiles were no longer being launched . Zuo Dongting knew that all this was because his nemesis had finally started to act .

“Dear General Zuo, are you still not killing me?” Xing Wuyi’s nasty figure was so polite that people wanted to smash his face, “You’ve been forced to this point, there should be nothing to complain about . Come on! If you still don’t come, you will wait for the global broadcasting of your grandson being hacked to death . Don’t worry . We will have a picture explanation next to it, such as how your grandson plays with women, how he bullies others, and things that he normally does that are nothing in your eyes but are serious things in the eyes of the public . ”

Zuo Dongting’s hands were gently placed on the armrests on both sides of the chair . He slowly applied strength to his arms . His body was straightened up little by little and his b.u.t.t slowly left the seat .

Zuo Dongting’s face was grim . There was only a murderous look on his face, one without any anger . This time he was forced to this point, there was nothing to complain and be dissatisfied about . Besides the trump card Zuo Lin, the opponent also had a super ace pilot in the Secretus Cla.s.s S-Level Battles.h.i.+p; even the smallest details were in the opponent’s control .

Without seduction and deceit, everything was laid out for the naked eye . The tactic of forceful, direct confrontation had achieved its goal .

This is not a trick! Zuo Dongting shook his head gently . This is only a means . Xing Wuyi made full use of all resources regardless of whether they belonged to him to control the situation and make the most accurate coercion .

Among the Federation, all of the big shots in the military were the strongest in martial dao! This world was full of absolute martial strength . If you only had a strong mind, you might be able to work your way up to the rank of the chief-of-staff, but you would be unable to become a feared and respected big shot in the military .

This was not a hidden rule, but a part of the army promotion system due to the appearance of the divine beasts martial artists . Even the common man knew that the big shots in the military were martial dao masters or even grandmasters .

If such a master could not guarantee the safety of his offspring, what ability did he have to ensure the safety of the people? Zuo Dongting smiled and his feet slowly left the ground . The most useless thing in the world was the intention of the gra.s.sroots-like ordinary civilians, but the most useful and powerful tool was also the public opinion of the gra.s.sroots-like civilians .

A single public opinion had no effect . However, when the public opinion came together, the situation of the mighty torrent could only be controlled by the divine beast level martial artists . That was the power even the president could not fight against .

The floor of the Zuo Dongting’s room was slowly drawn to the sides, and the ceiling was also stretched quickly to the sides . Under the ground, a small fighter slowly appeared . It was a special aircraft that was different from the ordinary fighter .

Its shape was like a lion, a lion made of metal .

The seat of the Sleeping Lion naturally had its own unique side . The lifelike design revealed an indescribable power . The metal compartment at the back was slowly opened . Zuo Dongting floated steadily into it .

A roar came out from the metal lion . The special aircraft that was more like a mobile armor than a fighter turned into a metal yellow light, tore up the air, and went straight into the clouds .

“Lion, are you awake?” Du Hen took a cup of tea, “Little Zhao, prepare a Specter s.p.a.ce Fighter . ”

Zhao Huzi, in a daze, glanced at Du Hen in amazement, “General, you…”

Du Hen put down the cup of tea and smiled, “This time Zuo Dongting must die, no mistake is allowed . Qin Fen and the others are not easy to deal with, is Zuo Dongting easy to deal with? I believe in Qin Fen and the others’ skills, but I also believe Zuo Dongting’s . The most likely thing that’s going to happen is the destruction to both sides . The snake sometimes likes to do things like covet gains ahead without being aware of danger behind . ”

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The golden lion, leaving a shadow of a long golden tail in the sky like a falling meteor, moved horizontally at high speed in the sky .


A cautious looking colonel popped up on the internal controlled screen of the lion, “The experimental base t-zero was under heavy fire . ”

T-zero was not the experimental base of the military, but the private property of the Zuo Family . Just like other large families, Zuo’s Family also had its own business . With the sudden emergence of mutant organisms, the biologist quickly discovered the value of these creatures . A large number of people involved themselves in the research .

T-zero was not a biochemical research project . Zuo Dongting did not like to do the same as other people . The Zuo Family had taken another path under his leaders.h.i.+p .

Machinery! Since bullets could kill people and artillery could hurt people, this proved the existential value of these cold hardware . The machines were rendered obsolete due to the rapid advancements in this era . However, what if further development of machinery was possible?

The Zuo Family brought the use of machines to a higher level . Fifty percent of the most advanced mobile armor in the current modern era were made in the hands of the Zuo Family .

Apart from mobile armors, the Zuo Family was also working on other machines, such as the fully automated combat robots! Devoid of flesh, life force, and emotions, the machines were a hundred percent loyal to the cause and ready to deploy!

T-zero was a research inst.i.tute specializing in the development of fighting robots . Under normal circ.u.mstances, the major forces would not launch an attack on each other . However, there was also the existence of the underworld beside the so-called white world, with terrorists and other such criminals .

Zuo Dongting frowned slightly, and there was a very annoying face flas.h.i.+ng in his mind . It was the smiling face of Xing Wuyi .

“I already know that you will do little tricks . Do you want to distract me?” Zuo Dongting sneered, “It’s fine to let the martial dao masters hidden there to smooth out those who make trouble . ”

“General…” Colonel looked embarra.s.sed, “They have already gone on the attack, but there is still no sign of winning . ”

“Is there a sign of defeat?”

“Also no…”

“Xing Wuyi is really smart . ” Zuo Dongting nodded slowly, “Get it . If you are not at an absolute disadvantage, don’t contact me again . Blow up the base if it is breached . ”

Zuo Dongting turned off the communicator, and his face was more gloomy thinking about Xing Wuyi’s nasty face in his mind . Everything was done on time . If he went back to the rescue, the base, of course, could be preserved but he would really be late in catching up with Zuo Lin .

The speed of the metal lion was extremely fast, it went across the ocean and sea, tearing open the surface of the blue sea, and headed straight into the endless Sahara .

The golden sand and the golden lion were sweeping across with golden murderous aura and quickly flew towards the coordinates given by Xing Wuyi with the help of automatic navigation .

The golden sand gently flowed with the wind of the desert at a speed of ten kilometers per hour . Zuo Dongting suddenly opened his eyes . The c.o.c.kpit above his head was drawn suddenly and his body flew out of the seat in a flash . The three figures flying out of the sand swayed their waist and made a small adjustment of their eyesight in the air, turning the target from the metal lion to Zuo Dongting who leaped into the air .


Zuo Dongting’s ear was slightly shaken, and his eyes popped with a flash of surprise listening to the intensively abnormal bursting sound, as if a dozen fighters were swooping quickly . The astonished burst in the air was caused by the apex-level true energy of at least fifteen-star level, and all of them had completed the Gathering Of Energy and Coagulation Of Aura s.h.i.+eld!

The three figures flying at a high speed in the air were like Garuda or a flying elephant, like the Lushan Waterfall that went against the flow . The wrapped fists were fierce and rolled in waves, and went straight from the bottom to the top towards the three tender parts of the body!

“The dragon shape? The aura of an emperor? The tangled intention of war?”

Zuo Dongting’s eyes gleamed repeatedly . The face of the person who was at the forefront was hanging with an excited smile . His body acted like a missile, his arms were pulled deeply behind his waist and the muscles of both shoulders were intertwined with the aura s.h.i.+eld . The explosion sounded as if it wanted to burst and crack the shoulder!

Yang Lie, dressed in red, spread his fingers to do a one-style dragon-throat smash . His eyes bloomed with a flash of light as if he would never return . His body was spinning at a high speed like a gyro . He spun, tore and clawed!

The power of this swept over the world! It seemed like a strong wind and snow had suddenly broken out! Bae Seong-Joon who played Taibai was like a boy playing martial arts under Yang Lie’s one punch .

The double fists and one claw attacked Zuo Dongting at the same time!

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Caesar’s head was facing downwards and his steps were changing repeatedly in the air . It bloomed into a more vigorous Walked Through Mountains and Rivers with a strong sprinting sound that tore the eardrum!

An ambus.h.!.+ Or rather, a sudden interception that could not be ambushed!

The three who had waited for a while were currently the top young martial artists! With the combination of concentrating their spirit to the maximum level, using the level three biochemical beast newborn fusion, ingesting the latest medicines — the Berserker Pill and Amour Pill brought by Enzo Rota — they made the strongest attack since their debuts!

A peerless a.s.sault suddenly appeared! Huangshan was like a dragon . Their hands were like steel . The aura s.h.i.+eld and the strong wind were surging and raging! It was much stronger than the time they killed David Solomon a few days ago!

Today, the several young martial artists who stole the show the most teamed up and launched a sudden attack to one of the senior officers of the East Asian Military, Zuo Dongting!

“I always knew the little fox Xing Wuyi will never show himself here easily, but I did not expect him to calculate the pathway of the flight and send people here to kill and ambush me . ”

At the moment the bodies of the three young people started moving in the yellow sand, Zuo Dongting had become aware of Xing Wuyi’s plan . His lips were lifted into a sneer . He was not surprised by the sudden .

Xing Wuyi was not a fool . On the contrary, he was very smart . In the face of a martial dao master who had a soul like a meteor, he could never tire of launching all kinds of small tricks again and again to try to tear open his opponent’s flawless heart, even if it caused just a crack .

Zuo Dongting had been long guessing that he might encounter a blockade when he came . He thought it would be the same: a missile fired in return and shooting down the battle lion from the air . He did not expect that the first move he made would be against the martial dao young people who caught major waves currently .

When flying into the Sahara, Zuo Dongting had even felt indistinct murderous auras drifting from place to place . However, he could not find the exact position of the opponent at that moment . These young people’s martial daos were very strange .

Zuo Dongting knew they were there .  If he stopped and searched for them carefully, even Qin Fen’s disguise could not deceive him .

However, Xing Wuyi took full advantage of the time problem so that Zuo Dongting could not concentrate to search for them . This made it so that Zuo Dongting could not be the first to make a move .


The sound of the three fighters diving appeared around Zuo Dongting’s body! The first who attacked him was not the Little Dragon King Yang Lie nor the Great Emperor Caesar who stepped on rings, but the Wind Demon Solomon!

This young martial dao master of the sixteen-star level was in a light blue special warrior suit, making it seem as if there was a layer of light covering his body, including his arms, his fists, and feet . It seemed that only those eyes gleamed with the excitement and eagerness to fight, from either the helmet or hat of the strange cloth .

Solomon’s eyes were very beautiful . They were still very beautiful even when he entered a state that made people felt completely abnormal . However, when people looked at these kinds of beautiful eyes, their hearts contracted suddenly as if they saw the real killer Asura!

Super-nano battle suit!? Zuo Dongting was knowledgeable, but he was still a bit surprised in his heart .  How did they get their hands on the special nano battle suit that was still in a prototype stage according to rumors?? And it seems that these super-nano battle suits are finished products! When was it done?

The nano battle suit was a kind of military clothing that was incredibly expensive . It was not afraid of biochemistry . It could make the bullet turn and absorb the odor for a long time without the need to wash .

That day, the scientist rescued by Qin Fen when he performed the mission made another modification on the basics of the clothing . There was a huge increase in the anti-stress ability, as well as other special abilities!

Avici! The muscles on Solomon’s waist were shaking . His arms were flexed and stretched straight like a large gun with powerful flexibility . They made a shocking move when they were hardpressed to the limit and bounced straight out!

Zuo Dongting felt that he was not attacked by Solomon’s arm but a big gun instead! In the ancient battlefield, it was definitely a military big gun that defeated the enemy troops and killed the generals!

The combat of the fingertips flared up in the desert and the howling of the shaking arms made the air filled with crazy attacks . The four sides were like stabbing rifles, enveloped Zuo Dongting’s heart, his throat, his eyes and in between his eyebrows!

This punch was not about killing, but about madness! At this moment, it gave people a kind of feeling where they’d wish that their opponent could kill them through his demon-spirited gleaming eyes . It was as if a devil of the inferno wanted to pull the other party down when he saw a living person in the world that he could not reach! The surrounding air was filled with dismal wind . The yellow sand did not dissipate around his body .

Solomon’s Avici had exerted his vigor and vital essence to the limit and coordinated with the uncomfortable feelings of Zuo Dongting; he brought out a punch that had acc.u.mulated for several hours . It could be said that it was the strongest punch since his debut, even David Solomon had to avoid it as soon as he saw this punch .

Zuo Dongting had met countless martial artists . They were supreme, killing, firm, soft, fast; they were of every kind, but he had never seen anyone with the madness of Solomon . No one in the world was willing to fight with a madman, the same goes for the Federation law . It was not a crime for a madman to kill . He would only be imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital .

Zuo Dongting’s heart welled up with a little admiration . Such abilities at such a young age really made people glad and worried . It’s too right to come today . He had to kill Xing Wuyi and this person as well . If he did not kill him today, it would be a problem in controlling him in the future .

Taking a deep breath, Zuo Dongting’s arm swept to the front of his throat! The arm was heavily hit on Solomon’s fist and arm . The collision of bodies caused the air to explode .

The vital energy and blood in Solomon’s chest were tumbling . His entire arm felt like it was being p.r.i.c.ked by millions of steel needle . He endured the pain and suddenly turned and pulled back his arm . The pores on his fist and arm were still releasing a b.l.o.o.d.y fog . The difference between the strength of the two sides was too big! The opponent is not just a seventeen-star level . Is he almost at the eighteen-star level?

Zuo Dongting wanted to seize hold of Solomon but found that this sixteen-star level young martial artist could come and go freely like the wind . His speed was so fast, it was not what a sixteen-star level martial artist should be like . He had obviously taken eccentric pharmaceuticals, but even the expensive Super Berserker Pill could not grant him such speed and defense power . The hit just now is enough to break the opponent’s arm . How could it have just caused him to bleed?

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Zuo Dongting wanted to go after him again, but the two young martial dao masters had already entered his attack range!

Little Dragon King Yang Lie used the one style dragon-toothed throat smash with three fingers and rushed to the position of his throat .

Caesar used Walked Through Mountains and Rivers, the violent wind of the legs seemed like hundreds of cement mixers working on the construction sites, covering his dantian region, perineum, pudendum, and knees .

The fists and feet of the two men caused Zuo Dongting’s skin to shake for a moment .  Why are these young people so outstanding individually? They are much better than what the information told us?

Zuo Dongting spat the air out of his lungs . He raised himself again during the interval of the battle . Although the flash of time was not enough to raise his power to the extreme, he raised it again in front of the two fifteen-star level martial artists . He turned his two hands into eagle claws and went towards the two in an attempt to remove an arm of the opponents!

Just at the same time!

The yellow sand over ten thousand miles was blasted again . Brooks dressed in a yellow sand color and holding a big sword had his eyes gleam with the intention of war like the G.o.d Punisher . He took his first slash, as if to break the sky!

This slash had been completed almost without any transformation from soundless to earth-shattering!

The wide, thick, and huge saber had a cloud-like pattern on it . The sharp blade gave people a feeling that their skin would crack and bleed with just a glimpse .

The yellow sand in the sky had already naturally turned to the sides without touching the slash . It was as if to claim that this blade could even break open the sky! Not a sound was heard . The power broke out completely . The blade moved from the bottom to the top sounded like a crying devil, targeting Zuo Dongting’s pudendum!

Brooks’s slash exerted the Sword Drawing Technique to the extreme . This slash was also the strongest slash ever since his debut!

In the Sacred Martial Hall, he once saw his master holding a large sword facing the sea . The wave of the sea was broken open by the sword aura even before the sword was unsheathed . He knew that it was not the real sword aura, but the sword intention of the master’s blade!

Zuo Dongting had been through hundreds of battles in his life . He had seen countless people using blades . He had seen opponents who could easily dismember elephants with a blade that was even bigger than this . There were blades that were extremely subtle . However, he had never seen a blade like Brooks’ . It could make people feel like they were being slashed open before the blade arrived .

Brooks’ blade was practiced to another realm! Zuo Dongting believed that if Brooks was the martial artist of the same star level with him, then the sneak attack, ambush, and this time would have succeeded by now! He would have died under the sneak attack of his blade while dealing with Yang Lie and Caesar!

Zuo Dongting was amazed, and his intention to kill was even more intense . These young people must die today . Otherwise, they will become boundless trouble in the future!

Boom! A crack of a gunshot was heard through the sands of ten kilometers away! Zuo Dongting could not hear the sound of the gunshot in the first place, he could not even hear the sound of the bullet breaking the air . However, he instinctively felt that there was a fatal threat behind him as he had the instinct to act as a martial artist of a high star level . He suddenly c.o.c.ked his head to the side .

Swoos.h.!.+ The bullet flew over, his earlobe . The blood which was unpleasant to look at smashed out with burning pain . The pain pierced him in the heart so that he was distracted for a moment . The stable hands that had reached out just now showed a slight deviation . He did not hold the Caesar and the other person’s arms . Instead, the back of his hand knocked with the fists and feet of the two .

Boom boom! The vast power of the eighteen-star level broke out . Caesar could still not fight with this opponent who was two higher even though he had applied medicine and biochemical beast, plus the spirit of G.o.d which was prepared to the culmination . The bones of his leg were making a cracking sound of bones breaking . Little Dragon King Yang Lie was also not in a good condition, the bones of his arms had broke . He opened his mouth and spat out blood like a shooting arrow .

This is? Zuo Dongting was shocked . The true purpose of the two defeated youths turned out to be… The two true energy of theirs… one was cold and one was hot . Once gathered together to a point that was smaller than the tip of a needle, it made a very targeted breakthrough point .

Careless? Zuo Dongting could not consider this as a product of carelessness . It was could originally not be broken through by the sharp point-size highly concentrated true energy . However with these two people, one was extremely yin and one was extremely yang, so the quality of true energy was particularly high . The moment their bodies were hurt by the sniper, they actually drove the true energy into their bodies .

Forced out… Zuo Dongting just about to force out his true energy but Brooks’s saber had arrived . He blocked the two a.s.saulted true energy, but it was too late to force out his own true energy . Both his legs and feet were attacked by the saber, and the endless sword aura tore his military uniform and even the hair on his legs was shaved off .

Zuo Dongting’s legs with the sabers in between suddenly squirmed . The blades that could break the sky made a squeaking sound of metal and suddenly broke!

“Hand over your life to me!”

Zuo Dongting, with the strength of eighteen-star, was unexpectedly overpowered by the young people . He replaced his hands with his feet and used a hidden knife to attack Brooks, who was also bleeding heavily .

“Old man…”

A creepy noise and a dagger without any signs of striking! Xue Tian, who appeared and disappeared mysteriously, was even more elusive than ghosts . He appeared in the air behind Zuo Dongting .

He had learned too much at the Sacred Martial Hall . He was like a super-copier, copying all the various combat skills that he could see at the Sacred Martial Hall .

Ground escaping skill! It sounded like a spell in immortal heroes, but it was actually a fusion of all of oneself’s aura into the sand, making the sense of oneself nonexistent .

The four young martial artists had successively exerted their strength just now, bringing up countless yellow sand . This yellow sand filled the sky with a radius of several hundred meters . Although this yellow sand could not completely block the eyesight, it was enough for Xue Tian to use the ground escaping technique to disguise his own aura .

Special! That bullet was also covering the aura efficiently!

Still vomiting blood into the air, the four young people turned around and flew deep into the desert!

Want to run? Zuo Dongting swept to the escaping four young people through the corner of his eyes . He was impatient . This time he must kill them, or they would cause countless trouble in the future .

“Your opponent is me!”

Although the words were not truly spoken, they could be sensed . The attack of the piercing blade almost touched his skin, forcing Zuo Dongting to evade .

Xue Tian was unlike the other four young people . Zuo Dongting knew it the moment he discovered Xue Tian . The young man was not sent to him . His real purpose was to create time for the other four people to retreat!

Of course, Zuo Dongting believed that Xue Tian would not be one bit soft on him if Xue Tian could really kill him .

“Thousand Swords Break Mountains and River!”

A loud yell! Zuo Dongting’s muscles trembled, but he saw all of Xue Tian’s sword aura actually became a blade smas.h.i.+ng down from the air!

Are you lying? Zuo Dongting was blank . He was actually cheated! The Thousand Swords Break Mountains and River of Xue Tian in the Recruit Tournament he had seen once . He knew that if it was performed by a seventeen-star level martial artist, then the sword aura would blot out the sky and cover up the earth . He immediately wanted to apply the technique of dealing with it once he heard the name of Xue Tian’s big move but he never expected that Xue Tian was using Sky Rejecting Slash, Thousand Returning Blades while yelling ‘Thousand Swords Break Mountains and River’ with his mouth!

Zuo Dongting raised both his hands over his forehead and his hands suddenly clamped onto the middle . This was White Sword Enter Empty Hands! The most common move but also the most difficult and strict in the management of time . As long as he grabbed this blade, Xue Tian’s attack power would be greatly reduced!

Pu! Zuo Dongting’s hands gripped onto Xue Tian’s sword . The speed of this powerful slash was changed at the most critical moment and caused Zuo Dongting’s hands that held the blade to bleed profusely . He was still injured! Even though he had a biochemical beast that could heal him instantly, this was really the first time for him to be badly hurt .

Zuo Dongting was smiling .  This damage is worthy! Grab the sword and I can kill Xue Tian! He was the most dangerous one among these young people .

Xue Tian was also smiling . The moment his blade was clamped, his face also hung with a smile . Zuo Dongting didn’t have time to figure out why Xue Tian was smiling when his kidney suddenly felt pain!

Bullet! The second bullet that could hurt him was. .h.i.t into his waist from the armpit!

The head was the most important part of the soul! If the bullet were to strike the head, the chance of landing the shot was less than two percent with the strength of Zuo Dongting, even with Xue Tian’s unexpected and consecutive attacks as the decoy .

Qin Fen would not waste the Gun King’s ammo on this two percent chance . He only needed to use this bullet to hit Zuo Dongting, to send a message to Zuo Dongting that his master was Gun King! He would teach Zuo Dongting a lesson, to let him know that the Gun King was able to hurt the high and mighty martial artist with his own ammunition!

Pu! The bullet pierced Zuo Dongting’s waist from the left side and exit from the right side! The sudden, severe pain caused Zuo Dongting’s eyebrows to jump repeatedly . The fusion of level four biochemical beast! It was immediately started at this moment . The wound at the waist disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye .

“Thousand Swords Break Mountains and River…”

The pain caused Zuo Dongting’s body to undergo a detailed transformation on a microbial scale . Having prepared for the situation earlier, Xue Tian took advantage of the opportunity to pull out his katana and directly drew out thousands of tangible sword aura and sword blossom above Zuo Dongting’s head!

Blooming sword aura all over the sky! Endless sword aura sweeping across! The Lion’s Roar! That was one of the secret arts of Zuo Dongting .

The desert seemed to be shaking . There was suddenly a gap shown between the endless wave of swords blooming above his head . He used the Wukong technique to land on the ground . The moment his feet stepped on the sand, he suddenly exerted force, causing the countless yellow sands to roll up into the sky . However, he had already flown away . The endless sword aura hacked at the yellow sand in the sky .

After the second shot, Qin Fen had already thrown away the G.o.d Punisher . The seventeen-star level which was completed in the Arctic broke out with the power of Three Dragons Ten Elephants together with the biochemical beast!

The yellow sand shaded the sky and blocked the sun! Qin Fen had disappeared in place . Thunder rumbled in the sky at this moment! Thunder Step? Electric Step? Nope! It was the Thunderbolt Step!

The yellow sand poured down from the sky . Lin Ling was like a puppet, sitting quietly behind the equipment of the super-sniper which weighed a few tons, holding the only remaining bullet of the three bullets .

Hit the heart or the head — this was the request that Qin Fen left . Lin Ling found that her palms were sweaty . Her expressionless eyes began to twitch faintly with doubts .  Is this what they call nervousness? Why am I nervous?

Nervous! Lin Ling had never been nervous . Even when she shot the martial dao master that day, she was calm and quiet and her palms never sweated . She’s never had any nervous experiences prior .

Lin Ling was silent . She slowly loaded the last bullet into the rifle and looked quietly through the scope to find Zuo Dongting, who was in the midst of a fierce battle .

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