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Chapter 471

Lee Myeong-Jeong saw the fists of nine quasi-martial art masters landing hard on Qin Fen’s body in the midst of the smoke . Unexpectedly, the fists that could shatter iron did no damage to him . The fists that landed on his body seemed like it was just for show instead of an actual attack .

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Qin Fen was unscathed! Every muscle in Qin Fen’s body that contracted slightly inwards into the internal body suddenly swelled outwards . A fierce impact exploded on the fists of the nine quasi-martial arts masters immediately with a vigorous strength akin to a roller . The true energy that they spewed out was instantly crushed with a raging force penetrating into their fists and kicks . The violent aura s.h.i.+eld spurted out from Qin Fen’s inner body blasted on their chests high up in the air .

With Qin Fen as the center point, the aura s.h.i.+eld that was visible to the naked eye madly spread around . The mighty power pierced through golden thorn rocks . The nine quasi-martial arts masters all had blood gush out from their mouths . Even the bodies that could withstand strong attacks was cut instantly . The erupted aura s.h.i.+eld was like a real sword that pierced through their body armor’s true energy . It cut open their protective divine art and made direct physical damage .

With the sound of nine heavy objects falling to the ground, the nine quasi-martial art masters who expelled large destructive power just now dropped to the floor, twitching . There was blood on every corner of their body . Their eyes could not hide their fear and trepidation toward Qin Fen as they gazed upon him .

There were basically no Koreans that did not hate Qin Fen for killing the State of Korea’s Martial G.o.d Bae Seong-Joon . As the quasi-martial art masters of the State of Korean martial artists, most of them received guidance from Bae Seong-Joon .


The aura of the martial art master made everyone instinctively feel that their lives were threatened the moment Qin Fen appeared at the front of the door . The mix of hatred and the sense of crisis ignited their strongest blow possible .

At the moment, the nine quasi-martial art masters struck out with the strongest martial art attack their life! For any martial art masters to face off in this situation, they would have the confidence to force the opponent to retreat! If they didn’t retreat, they certainly could beat up the opponent .

However… no one acted! When Qin Fen appeared in this room, he did not even bother to launch his punch! All nine standard martial art masters were seriously damaged in an instant . Never mind having the strength to partic.i.p.ate in a battle, even a martial artist that just joined as a one-star could now easily kill these few quasi-martial art masters that were usually unbeatable .

Qin Fen didn’t even look at the nine martial art masters who fell to the ground . The concentrated true energy that was just released, mixed with true energy that was extremely hot, instantly destroyed the nine opponents’ meridian . In the next few seconds, the true energy will start to collide in their defenseless body .

These quasi-martial art masters on the ground were already dead in the eyes of Qin Fen . It was as easy as stepping on an ant to destroy this group of people with the hot Revelations of Clear Skies .

Both of Qin Fen’s hands were interlaced quietly behind his back . He walked into the room as if taking a leisurely walk around the courtyard . He didn’t look at the people on the ground, nor at the people around him . He just walked calmly, not even giving a glance to Lee Myeong-Jeong .

There was no screaming in the dead room, not even a snort . The only thing was what sounded like a sack hitting the ground with a heavy thud .


Lee Myeong-Jeong was shocked as disbelief filled in his eyes . The generals sitting on the sides of the long table didn’t even have the chance to react as they fell heavily on the ground . The hatred to kill Qin Fen was clearly carved into their eyes .

Within a few breaths, Lee Myeong-Jeong and Qin Fen were the only ones that were still alive in the conference hall . Everyone else was dead, almost all of Korea’s senior generals were eliminated .

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Is this guy crazy? Lee Myeong-Jeong wondered if he was dreaming .  It was too crazy for him to do such things even if Qin Fen was a martial master, right? Even a madman wouldn’t eliminate all the military generals in a state . It would probably lead to too many follow-up incidents…

“You… do you know what you are doing?” It was as if Lee Myeong-Jeong’s chest was pressed by a boulder . He struggled to speak, “This is… but…”

Qin Fen stood in front of Lee Myeong-Jeong with his eyes finally locked on him . At this moment, Lee Myeong-Jeong felt that he was not considered a living human in the eyes of Qin Fen . It was just like he was looking at a pig or maybe a bug .

“You… ”

Lee Myeong-Jeong suddenly felt a tyrannical impact from the ground . This tyrannical true energy rushed into his body along his feet, like hundreds of mobile armor brigades . It was madly attacking all of the meridians in his body . These true energies were like a burning mobile armor . Every place that it had been was boiling hot, as if he could breathe out hot flame once his mouth was opened .


Lee Myeong-Jeong’s throat could no longer make a sound . Hot blood spewed out of his throat and his body slowly fell down . In addition to the anger in his eyes, there was also disbelief . There were actually people who dared to him, the senior military general of the Federation . The even walked into the room so arrogantly, ignoring the existence of anyone and murdered without even saying any nonsense .

Unfortunately, Lee Myeong-Jeong still had some regrets hidden in his eyes . He believed that he could’ve definitely convinced Qin Fen if he was given a few minutes to speak .

Saturn’s military leader! That was a special leader who could get a lot of resources from the military headquarters . The place where only the true general could be a leader!

In order to be able to prepare the final fight on Saturn this time, the military headquarters gave up the previous qualification theory . Even if you are a second lieutenant, as long as you have the ability, you have the opportunity to become the military leader of Saturn .

To become a Saturn military leader, it required the support of all parties . Lee Myeong-Jeong believed that as long as he and Qin Fen were at a reasonable state, he could tell Qin Fen to support him completely to be the military leader of Saturn . Then, Qin Fen certainly would not kill him as he supported Qin Fen .

Qin Fen would not have time to trouble Lee Myeong-Jeongas long as he was able to hold it till he sent support to Qin Fen . Zuo Lin would’ve already given Qin Fen a hard time sleeping .

It only took a few minutes, just a few minutes! Lee Myeong-Jeong wouldn’t even guess that Qin Fen would have said nothing to the crowd when he came . He started murdering directly with a clear purpose that made it unacceptable for the people .



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Lee Myeong-Jeong slowly fell down from the chair to the ground and set off a large amount of dust . His eyes seemed to be bright red due to the high temperature, staring at the foot of Qin Fen .

He could only see Qin Fen’s foot . The only thing the dead sees are the feet of the person standing if the eyes of the dead were open on the ground .

Qin Fen looked through every corner of the room to make sure that everyone was dead . He sighed and said to himself, “I don’t like murdering, but if someone wants to kill me, I’m sorry . ”

The military conference hall was dead silent . The eyes of the dead men on the ground were filled with anger and disbelief, it seemed as though they were complaining about this unbelievable feat . No man should be able to obtain such power, even if it was Qin Fen who had defeated Bae Seong-Joon in Hallasan . He did not even make an attack from the moment he appeared to the moment when the last man was killed . It was like he was just taking a leisure walk and murdered everyone .

“All dead?”

Song Jia looked into the conference hall from outside, holding onto Qin Fen’s elbow as she walked to him . She said, “What’s next?”

Qin Fen used his left hand to grab the huge black backpack that was left outside and shrugged his shoulders, “The only way is to let the terrorist help me take the blame again . ”


The power of the super-high explosives that were bought from the special network black market had once again made big improvements after Qin Fen’s abnormal modulation . It was installed one by one in the most critical positions in the house .

Song Jia rolled her eyes, “Will the world believe it?”

“It doesn’t matter . ” Qin Fen smiled insensibly, “As long as the citizens believe it . As for others? I sincerely hope that the others won’t believe it and I hope they know that all of this was done by me . It feels really uncomfortable being stared at by others from the back . Being a madman once in a while can make some people settle down a little although there might be some unexpected troubles . ”

Two minutes later, a loud noise came from the Korean military’s office . A huge fire pillar appeared, reaching high in the sky, and the building below it turned into a piece of black burnt land . The rubble of the building was shattered into dust by the violent explosion . Even the residue of the dead bodies was nowhere to be found .

Fifteen minutes later, the ‘highest’ military officer remaining appointed other special investigation forces of the Korean military to the scene of the explosion for on-site exploration .

Fifteen minutes after the explosion, the air of the Korean military was still filled with a burning hot smell . The high temperature of the explosion still ravaged the air of the Korean military’s compound .


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The special military school that led the team, along with ten or more special military personnel were all stunned when they saw the scene of the explosion

From the outermost perspective, the Korean military base was luxuriously decorated like a manor . The luxurious walls here still existed and it could even be seen as if there were no such damages made .

The luxuriously decorated office building was the most conspicuous building after pa.s.sing through the gate and the wall . It had now completely disappeared from where it once stood, as if it had never existed . The dust and dark traces of the explosives left on the ground were showing the citizens that the building truly existed here .

On the next day, the headlines of the entire federation newspaper were completely filled with news about Korean military headquarters being destroyed .

“The terrorist attacks have reappeared! ”

“When will the terrorist attacks stop? ”

“Where will the next target of the terrorists be? ”

“Korean military headquarters was bombed, all senior generals were killed!”

“What do you mean by giving me this newspaper? Terrorist attack?”

Zuo Lin threw the newspaper in the trash at the top of a skysc.r.a.per in Shenyang that seemed to pierce through the sky . A huge amount of mockery and disdain was shown on his handsome face, “The walls of the military headquarters were totally undamaged, only the office building of the meeting was razed to the ground . Now even terrorists are becoming gentlemen who love the people? The technology of the explosion had also reached the level of the military’s demolition trump card?”

Several Korean officers were standing respectfully before Zuo Lin’s desk . Although these people were all civilians, they were still carrying the batches of the major general reluctantly . In front of the colonel Zuo Lin, they didn’t even have the status to sit .

“We have asked… this must’ve been done by the most professional explosion expert . Thinking about it, Young Master Zuo must have found out that this wasn’t done by terrorists, but instead Qin Fen right?”

“So what?” Zuo Lin was casually leaning against the back of the seat . His fingers were tapping the table lightly and the disdain and mockery showed on his lips, “This Lee Myeong-Jeong of yours wants to kill him . Qin Fen simply attacked out of self-defense . What does it have to do with me?”

“Young Master Zuo, you should know that it’s now the sensitive period for Saturn . This time if Qin Fen…”

“No a.s.sumptions . ” Zuo Lin waved gently, “I won’t be your knife to go against Qin Fen . He is not worth my fists . This type of man can already be considered a genius . He is qualified to be my helper . I also need a runner to run errands on Saturn right? Qin Fen is a good choice . He has this qualification to work under me . This would be so good . Regardless of any merit he gains, the most important credits will belong to me . Eventually, all credits will be mine and I can use it to suppress the Du family too…”


“It’s needless to speak anymore . ” Zuo Lin stood up and gently rotated the seat with his fingers, “It would be best if Qin Fen becomes my helper . If not, just kill him . ”

“But even our Korean Martial G.o.d…”

“Don’t mention Bae Seong-Joon to me . ” Zuo Lin turned and patted the shoulders of two soldiers that were standing behind him all the while, “Qin Fen is a martial dao master, so what? Both of my bodyguards are also martial dao masters . Two fighting against one . Who do you think will win?”

The Korean soldier looked at both the soldiers next to Zuo Lin . There were no traces of any soldier’s iron will found in them . Their eyes were only filled with the martial aura of martial artists .

“After all…” Zuo Lin gently spread both of his arms . With a confidence faint smile on his face, “I don’t even need to use my guards if I want to kill Qin Fen . I just need to activate my secret weapon . ”

“Kill Qin Fen?”

Zuo Lin gently lifted his right palm and suddenly flipped it down and shouted, “To me, it’s as easy as flipping my palms!”

Secret weapon? Several Korean officers were puzzled, but mainly, they were deeply disappointed . It seemed that they failed to persuade him to kill Qin Fen this time .

Zuo family! The East Asia Military Region was not inferior to the strong presence of the Du family . It would not be impossible for them to recruit Qin Fen as a hitman .

“Terrorist attack… was this done by Qin Fen?”

Zhao Huzi of the Shenyang military headquarters sighed continually holding the newspaper . Although it solved a number of threats, the method used was too fierce . It could even be said to be breaking the rules that everyone conformed to for a long time .

“It’s a bit interesting . ” Du Hen put the newspapers down . A cold breeze was shown through the snake eyes, “Good, very decisive . I was worried that you weren’t decisive enough to gain power in Saturn . It seems like I overthought . The things that were triggered by this doesn’t matter at all . ”

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