The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 453 – The Emperor Of Inferno The Emperor Of Elysium

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Chapter 453: The Emperor of Inferno The Emperor of Elysium

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A blatant threat! When the Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies heard the simple and rude answer from Qin Fen, the glistening teardrops in her eyes disappeared without a trace, the wrongs she suffered didn’t even show up on her face. The initial calm and arrogant temperament once again hung over her elegant face.

“Young Qin Fen kills two factious of the martial dao masters within a day…” The Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies gently lifted her chin with her fair and slender fingers, “Sure enough, he is different. This kind of talent… Elysium needs him. He is probably the most suitable opponent for the mysterious Emperor of Inferno.”

Manager He sat about on the ground and looked at the Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies. Her expression changed multiple times in a short period of time. He had no idea which one showed her real thoughts at that period of time and secretly called this woman a fairy! Only the fairy in myths and legends could transform freely and people could not figure out her true thoughts and ident.i.ty.

Qin Fen’s figure went farther and farther. The Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies put her hand down from her chin and speeded up her pace to chase him up. She whispered again, “Since you have your bottom line of not killing anyone, I will always follow you. There is always a way to find out your weakness and drag you into the Elysium.”

“Yes, indeed! It’s a must to drag him to the Elysium!” The Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies walked even faster. The news about Inferno from Elysium in Saturn came again in her mind.

The power of Inferno in Saturn had always been the strongest power next to Elysium! But it was always slightly inferior to the people of Elysium. Only the two giant powers, divine beast, and martial artist could see the difference.

However, Inferno recruited a new powerful martial artist out of nowhere recently. The new powerful martial artist had even successfully defeated the Emperor of Inferno and became the new Emperor of Inferno in one fell swoop.

The order of strength of the martial artists in Inferno was the same as that of the Ten Kings of Inferno. Except for the first master Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, the strongest was Qin Guangw.a.n.g from the first hall of the Ten Kings of Inferno. The Emperor of Inferno ranked fifth in between the Ten Kings of Inferno. Everyone knew this as long as they knew the myths and legends.

The Emperor of Inferno was initially in charge of the first hall. Later, he became the fifth king of the ten halls because he was too merciful and repeatedly made violations against the regulations of Inferno.

However, his strength was far stronger than his fifth place of the Ten Kings of Inferno suggested! Technically, the Emperor of Inferno was a super presence who was qualified to compete with Qin Guangw.a.n.g for the ranking of the Ten Kings of Inferno.

The Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies was very clear about the Inferno now. The Emperor of Inferno was currently not the strongest among the ten kings but he was definitely the most dreadful and the Emperor of Inferno with the highest potential.

The Emperor of Inferno was extremely mysterious even to Inferno. At present, he was the martial artist who had the most potential in the future.

The world of martial dao was very clear that the martial artist who was famous for a long time was not terrifying. Most of their developments have entered a placid period and their true strength could be roughly calculated.

The most terrifying martial artists in the world were those who arose in haste all of a sudden. n.o.body knew what position they would end up at in the future!

The Emperor of Inferno was obviously the existence of unknown and it was also the most taboo matter out of all in Inferno. At the same time, she had gone through various channels to inquire about his information. He was the important target of the Elysium no matter what was his ident.i.ty and what position he was at.

The Celestial Emperor of Elysium had given a clear att.i.tude on whether or not this mysterious Emperor of Inferno was Mars’ Chuan Qi as guessed in the rumor, the son of Vermillion Bird, Shang Guan Chuan Qi! They would immediately kill him once they found him!

Inferno, of course, was clear about the thoughts of Elysium. Hence, they had been continuously trying to cover up the ident.i.ty and position of the Emperor of Inferno. No matter how hard the Elysium searched, they could not find it, unless the Elysium took all the strength to fight with Inferno, but the fight would probably be hard to end in that situation at that time.

How could one find out about the Emperor of Inferno and kill him? This matter was a b.u.mmer for innumerable people in Elysium.

The moment Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies saw Qin Fen, she firmly believed that if there was someone in the world who could draw out the Emperor of Inferno, then it must be this martial dao master who was now on a roll.

“Recruit Qin Fen into the Elysium and put him under the protection of the masters of the Elysium. Then challenge the power of the Inferno all around to force the Emperor of Inferno out! He can avoid fighting when facing martial artists of the older generation using the excuse of still being on the unsound footing, but if he still refuses to fight when facing martial artists of the same generation, the t.i.tle of the Emperor of Inferno should be replaced.”

Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies strongly believed this. Before Qin Fen closed the taxi’s door, she reached out and caught the door that was about to close.

Has.h.i.+moto was a little surprised watching the Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies walk gently into the taxi and calmly sit down.

Qin Fen looked at the rearview mirror. When he saw Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies sitting in the back seat quietly, Qin Fen frowned slightly.

Even after learning psychology from Squad Leader Hao, he still could not see through this woman who laughed and cried as she pleased, was frosty one second then put herself into the taxi following them the next.

The taxi driver looked back at Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies, “Babe, I already have a guest in my car.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies folded her arms across her chest, there was deep confidence in her quiet face, “I’ll go wherever they go.”

The taxi driver turned and looked helplessly to Qin Fen, “Mr….”

Qin Fen looked ahead without even turning his head, “I don’t spend money on people who are irrelevant.”

Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies straightened her waist and furrowed her eyebrows slightly. She regained the indifferent att.i.tude in the blink of an eye and straightforwardly took out a banknote from her bag and handed it to the driver, “Fare is on me.”

Has.h.i.+moto looked at the changes of Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies next to him and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The sudden breakout of the breath of anger was definitely not deliberately disguised.

Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies’ body leaned against the back of the taxi seat with her arms wrapped around in front of her chest. She rolled her eyes to Has.h.i.+moto. When Qin Fen said that he was not treating, she really wanted to say something in retaliation.

Through the mirror, the Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies keenly caught the words between the lines from Qin Fen’s eyes. If she dared to say that she would want to take a ride without paying, she had no doubt that Qin Fen would treat her like a baby chick and slip her out of the taxi instantly. Perhaps, he would slam her and throw her far away.

He would do such a thing! The Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies was sure that this Qin Fen could really do this kind of thing.

The taxi driver started the car quickly. Throughout the journey, Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies never asked for a word or tried to invite him to Elysium; the car was unusually quiet.

When the car arrived at the military headquarters, Qin Fen got off and walked into the military headquarters. Has.h.i.+moto turned and found a coffee shop nearby. As a martial dao master, he could get himself into the Shenyang military headquarters if he wanted to build good relations with people of military headquarters. However, Has.h.i.+moto was not in the mood to deal with people in the military headquarters and chose to wait outside in the end.

The Mysterious Daughter of Nine Skies naturally could not enter the military headquarters, so she could only helplessly follow Has.h.i.+moto into the coffee shop and waited there.

Qin Fen had repeatedly entered and exited the Shenyang Military headquarters. He was already a familiar face around here. He went straight to the office of Zhao Huzi. The three people sent were hit by the Building Tyrant, he had to talk about this kind of thing.

It was also a necessity to greet the superior as he was a soldier. He also wanted to deal with his personal marriage with Song Wendong.

Although the military headquarters had not yet given a formal arrangement, Qin Fen knew that he was still a soldier after all. He should abide by the military regulations so that he did not put the people who supervised him in a difficult position.

“Kid, you make great progress!”

Zhao Huzi saw Qin Fen appear in the room and as usual, he gave Qin Fen a bear hug. The stubble on his cheeks made Qin Fen consider using the protection of divine art to withstand it.

After the hug, Zhao Huzi maintained the composure of a soldier as he sat on the couch and smiled, “Congratulations, you’ve successively defeated two martial dao masters in one day. Now never mind the younger generation, even in the whole martial dao world, the most famous one is you. The Emperor of Inferno that might be Shang Guan Chuan Qi as rumored in Saturn as well as the Young Hades who made an astounding feat when he just arrived at Venus have nothing on you.”

“The Emperor of Inferno? Shang Guan Chuan Qi? Young Hades? What did he do?” Qin Fen was in a slight daze. He seemed to have missed a lot of news after his nearly two months of practicing martial arts with great concentration in the Sahara.

“There has been a new master emerging in Inferno of Saturn recently. It is very mysterious. I only know that he is the Emperor of Inferno of the Ten Kings of Inferno and his momentum is soaring.” Zhao Huzi showed admiration in his words, “If he maintains this rapid momentum, the military headquarters in Saturn would be completely out. I’m afraid that even the Elysium will have a rough time of it. Gos.h.!.+ Is there really no chance for the power of martial artists and divine beast to appear in the military headquarters?”

“The Emperor of Inferno…” Qin Fen raised his eyebrows, “What’s up with the Young Hades? Is he back to Venus?”

“Yes! He has returned to Venus!” Zhao Huzi held up a thumb high, “This kid is indeed the son of White Tiger. According to our news, he returns to Venus through a secret channel that we can not detect. He immediately disappeared after lurking on Mars after killing the capable a.s.sistant of Golden Goat Gui, the constellation warrior of the original White Tiger. In less than two months, the Golden Goat Gui and Golden Ox Niu who were once the constellation warrior of White Tiger each lost two capable a.s.sistants. You have to know that they were all powerful martial dao masters!”

Zhao Huzi took a deep breath and said in admiration, “A martial dao master is one in a thousand! For the constellation warrior, it is also a scarce resource. It is amazing enough for this kid to kill two followers of the constellation warrior in less than two months. But this is not all, you have to know that the second person killed by him was a martial dao master of the seventeen star-cla.s.s!”

“Seventeen star-cla.s.s?The eternal star level?”

Qin Fen’s calm expression became a bit more surprised. For the Young Hades two years ago, never mind killing the martial dao expert of the seventeen star-cla.s.s and the eternal star level, even defeating Bae Seong-Joon and Kyokus.h.i.+n Kouten was impossible for him. How could he become so powerful in the blink of an eye?

“Oh right!” A message that Lin Liqiang once said flashed in Qin Fen’s mind. This insect warrior was very special. He could stimulate the super-explosion of human potential and his biochemical beast inside of his body.

“Kid, tell you the truth.” Zhao Huzi looked dignified, “Between you and the Emperor of Inferno, I don’t know which one is stronger. But Snake King says that if you come across the Young Hades, you are ninety-nine percent defeated.”

Qin Fen kept silent and thought curiously about the insect warrior. If this kind of thing could make people’s strength improve so explosively, did it really have no side effect?

“I supposed that when White Tiger finds out about his son being so violent that he woke up after being crippled by you, he’ll finally be able to rest in peace.” Zhao Huzi showed admiration in his words and tutted repeatedly, “Although I’ve heard people saying that after he killed the martial artist of the seventeen star-cla.s.s, he also became seriously injured and has been out of sight to avoid tracking by the constellation warriors, but that’s really impressive! A wise goose never lays a tame egg!”

“Why don’t you talk?” Zhao Huzi looked at the silent Qin Fen and asked, “Oh right, what did you want to see me about?”

“Oh?” Qin Fen nodded, “Two things, the first thing is about the people you sent to help me move…”

“I know this.” Zhao Huzi waved his hand and said without even care, “He was beaten by the people of Elysium, isn’t it? At first, I plan to send people directly to those Building Tyrants to put them down. Then I got the news that you were coming back, so I just left it.”

“The second thing.” Qin Fen said quietly, “I want to ask Elder Brother Zhao to help me out, get me as many vacation days as you can. I have some private affairs to deal with.”

“Private affairs?”

The two tiger eyes of rough Zhao Huzi were bright. He nodded his head again and again, “No problem! I am also planning to tell you, if you have anything, hurry up and do them during this time. Snake King told me that some important things are going to happen soon. Although martial dao masters are qualified to get a military sinecure, Snake King does not seem to want to let you free.”

“Oh right!” The two tiger eyes of Zhao Huzi grew even brighter as a meddlesome smile appeared on his face, “By the way, what are your private matters? Can you tell me?”

Qin Fen thought a little, nodded, and said, “Elder Brother Zhao should know about my relations.h.i.+p status. The main reason why I left Sacred Martial Hall this time is to go to the Song’s Family to propose marriage. If Bae Seong-Joon had not come out and messed around, I would’ve already done the proposal.”

“Going to the Song’s Family to propose marriage?” Zhao Huzi’s body suddenly trembled, the two big eyeb.a.l.l.s looked over Qin Fen non-stop, “You want to bring yourself to him? Are you sure you want to meet with…”

Zhao Huzi then whispered in a low voice, “To meet with Qilin?”

Qin Fen took a deep breath, he then spat and said, “Well! I’ve thought about it. Some things can’t be avoided and it doesn’t help to try to escape. Besides, it is useless to be pa.s.sive like this. I want to have a look at the Song family to see what is Qilin thinking. What is his request? I also want to tell him about my att.i.tude. I must marry Song Jia! Even in the face of Qilin’s opposition, I must marry her! Even I have to rob or steal, I must let Song Jia be the daughter-in-law of the Qin’s family.”

During the conversation, Zhao Huzi suddenly discovered that Qin Fen was emitting a kind of power. There were only four words to describe it: to never stop advancing!