The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 394 – Asura Making A Move

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Chapter 394: Asura Making a Move

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Tick-tock… tick-tock… tick-tock…

Time pa.s.sed by second after second, and the entire surveillance room fell into complete silence.

A proud smile was hung on Ferrero’s lips. The strength of these young men is far better than their ability to ring the bell.

Sakra Azia furrowed his brow tightly. The young man called Yang Lie on the screen says that he only took thirty minutes to enter the ten-star level after his True Inborn Blood Transfusion Rebirth! This number is still amazing in the Sacred Martial Hall.

Of course, the best thing is not the ten-star level, neither is the fact that he completed the True Inborn Blood Transfusion Rebirth but rather his battle strength.

Practicing martial arts did not differ much from learning at school. Some students aced exams in the school but weren’t able to apply what they had learned in school well in practical life.

The same was true for martial arts. Some people learned things very quickly, but if they were asked to display the true essence in a fight, they wouldn’t be able to do so.

Sakra Azia had no choice but to admit the fact that a will to fight was ingrained in the very blood of this young man called Yang Lie, and his combat ability was even more shocking than his strength.

If a martial artist of the same level as that of Yang Lie from the Sacred Martial Hall was chosen to fight Yang Lie, Sakra Azia was sure that Yang Lie would very likely end up as the winner. This young man’s combat talent can be described with one word alone – genius.

The more Ferrero looked at Yang Lie on the screen, the more pleased he was. This kid’s performance is simply too shocking. He appeared as a freshman, but even those equity-type martial artists who had been practicing in the Sacred Martial Hall for an entire year, no, even those martial artists of inner Sacred Martial Hall would stand defeated before him.

The heads of other departments looked at each other and found appreciation in each other’s eyes. Only a few newcomers could be found in the entire history of Sacred Martial Hall who were as strong as Yang Lie.

Particularly, those three strange moves. It was quite apparent to them that they were originally created and devised from the fusion of multiple schools of Dragon Fists and other boxing techniques.

Sakra Azia nodded slightly. These three moves must be created by some boxing master, right? If other martial artists wanted to learn just one of these moves, they’d be unable to learn it in a span of one or two years or even three or five years.

Then, how could he learn all three moves perfectly ? Sakra Azia shook his head lightly. This Yang Lie is less than nineteen years old yet he could these three moves in the fight. Although his combat skills in a group fight seem discordant, they are still very shocking.

“Which martial dao master of Dragon Fists in this world created such skills?” Several figures flashed in the Sakra Azia’s mind but very soon, he quickly denied their names. Although the foundation of those people’s martial dao was very strong, they simply didn’t have that swallowing-the-entire-world-aura of power like Yang Lie’s just now; it was even more impossible to create such fist techniques.

“It’s Qin Fen.”

Bai Sheng, who was standing beside Ferrero, answered in low voice to Sakra Azia’s mumbling.

What!? Suddenly, heads of various departments were shaken at the same time. They c.o.c.ked their heads as they looked at Bai Sheng, who had just spoken. Their eyes filled with shock, disbelief, and doubt.

This news was a hundred times, a thousand times more shocking than the ringing of the fog bell.

Ringing the fog bell was in and of itself a manifestation of a person’s current integrated strength, particularly in the regards of control. This kind of person would very likely be a martial arts genius who could learn any martial arts at a glance and make rapid progress. Such a genius may have powerful martial strength in the future.

Of course, only having powerful martial strength could become one of the important standards of Sacred Martial Hall to make someone the focus of training.

But those three boxing techniques just now was a completely different concept.

Learning a boxing technique quickly and creating one was two completely different concepts. The difference between them was like that between sky and earth.

The heads of various departments were all master-level figures in martial arts. Their understanding of the martial dao was far more than the ordinary people’s, and they knew more about how terrifyingly hard it was to create a martial art of one’s own.

Eighteen years old, this should have been the age when one was paying attention to learning an advanced boxing technique from a senior and doing everything they could to advance their cultivation and internal arts. They simply shouldn’t have time to do other things, let alone create their own martial art.

An eighteen years old martial artist, who could vaguely explore the direction of his own martial dao, was already very valuable. As for one who had created a martial art!?

It’s wasn’t just a matter of lacking time, it also had a deeper problem. And that was that the creation of a martial art needed a really deep martial arts foundation and a unique understanding of martial dao.

Where would a martial artist, who was just eighteen years old, have the time to have a solid martial arts foundation? Unless he had been watching all kinds of battles since childhood. More importantly, he must have the brains to a.n.a.lyze them minutely. And he could not rely on his elders’ guidance for this kind of a.n.a.lyzation; rather, he needed to rely on his own perception to a.n.a.lyze. In the later stages, he would integrate all the fights he had seen and fought with the guidance of famous masters and extraordinary talents…

Create a martial art!? That was an extremely huge and systematic project! Even the martial artists from martial arts families, who had enjoyed the guidance of his elders since childhood and had learned and understood the essence of the martial arts of their own family, would find it difficult.

Viewed all kinds of martial arts in the world!? This was a thing that if one didn’t handle it well, he or she would be completely lost and might even unable to comprehend their own martial art; thereby creating a unique martial art barrier and ultimately, forever losing the ability to move forward on the road of martial arts.

Young people were filled with vim and vigor. After having seen and read various martial arts, it was too difficult to not get lost, unless they had a heart that was as stable as a rock.

Young people creating martial arts wasn’t that strange in Sakra Azia’s opinion. Many young people would create their own martial art when they found the direction of their own martial dao. But they were not even semi-finished in the eyes of experts, and even if they were semi-finished, they weren’t considered anything.

A young man, who was not older than nineteen years old, created a martial art that could definitely be called master-level!? Sakra Azia always believed that unless a mythical figure from legends had appeared, an absurd thing could not be possible!

The conditions required for the creation of a martial art were far too complicated. And for a young man, who was less than nineteen years old, the possibility was far smaller than ringing the fog bell.

Stared at by various heads of departments, a pleased smile hung on Bai Sheng’s face. Creating a martial art was as difficult as climbing up into the sky. Even he himself had been unable to create a martial art that truly belonged to himself. But it didn’t mean that no one else could do it.

Immediately, Qin Fen’s information flashed in Bai Sheng’s mind. This guy’s information is indeed a bit legendary. From a young age, he had been facing poverty to the point where he had almost starved to death. In order to survive, he had to work various jobs to survive; one of them was to observe other people’s fight on and then, summarize, edit, and a.n.a.lyze them before selling it to the newspapers.

Not anyone could write articles at that young of an age that could be valued by the newspaper and even receive a column like s.p.a.ce to use.

Although it had also something to do with the fact that the level of one, two, and three-star martial artists was simply too low so the newspaper did not pay too much attention to it. Be that as it may, but for it to be chosen by the newspaper, it was still necessary for the author to a.n.a.lyze it carefully.

Bai Sheng had seen some of Qin Fen’s previous a.n.a.lysis of the fights on the Skybattle. His ident.i.ty behind the id “Thirty-Six Hours” may be a secret for many people, but for the information network of Sacred Martial Hall’s Recruit Department, it wasn’t really difficult to check.

Often, the power of an organization was stronger than an individual’s. Therefore, even the divine beast-level martial artists had their own civil organizations. These organizations could turn into a true combat organization at any moment.

Even Bai Sheng praised the reports written by Thirty-Six Hours after he had read them. Every report was a.n.a.lyzed and written very carefully. The author wasn’t dazzled by the martial arts of various schools. On the contrary, he could always observe things in a very objective manner.

He has a rock-like will of a martial artist! Bai Sheng could not help but sigh after remembering the information. Is this the so-called providence? Qin Fen’s calm character, coupled with his extremely difficult living environment, made him studious; he has the rock-like will of a martial artist. And also, unlike the descendants of martial arts aristocratic families, he had the chance to observe tens of thousands of martial arts.

Chance and coincidence! Bai Sheng had seen everything. He could only describe Qin Fen’s encounters as chances and coincidences. Perhaps, heaven has chosen this young man to take the road of martial arts.

“I happened to have seen Qin Fen’s fight during the recruit tournament once.” Bai Sheng spoke in a very serious manner. “That day, he had used Eighteen Dragons Gathering Wind and Clouds as well as Yin and Yang Limitless Twin Dragons. What’s more, he did not even use the offensive martial arts just used by Yang Lie.”

Swish swish swish…

Bright flashes flickered by in the room, one after another. Bai Sheng was almost blinded by those competing flashes, those lightning-like expressions in the eyes of the heads of departments; he had no choice but to hastily close his eyes.

“Recruit Tournament!?” Ferrero sightly furrowed his brow. “I recall that you went out once three months ago to recruit. It seems to be a Recruit Tournament of some federation military division.”

Sakra Azia knit his brows together tightly and coldly spoke with a disapproval expression, “Three months ago? How old do you think he is? If that’s the case, it is even more unlikely for him to be the founder of the martial arts, rather very likely to have learned them from someone else, don’t you think?”

Various heads of departments of Sacred Martial Hall nodded, one after another. It was quite clear from their gazes that they agreed with Sakra Azia’s notion.

Three months ago? Forget three months ago, these young boys and girls can shock everyone speechless today if they could create a martial art at their current age.

These young boys and girls were in their outbreak period of martial arts. In theory, the level of martial arts of these young boys and girls three months ago was far inferior to their level today. They had not even finished their True Inborn Blood Transfusion Rebirth. Their understanding of the martial dao was far much inferior. So, how was it possible for any one of them to create a martial art that had the momentum to swallow the entire world with the foundation of their martial art being so weak!?

Ferrero’s eyes flickered with similar disbelief but it was not as obvious as the rest of heads of department. After all, Bai Sheng belonged to his own department. If even his own head of the department didn’t support him at this moment, then, what face would he have in the future?

But, just three months ago!? As a martial dao master, Ferrero was naturally aware of how weak the foundation of the young martial artists would be three months ago. It was truly difficult to accept the fact that a young martial artist like Qin Fen had created such a martial art three months ago.

“Respected Sakia.” Bai Sheng took a deep breath before raising his chest and speaking slowly under the watchful eyes of various heads of department, “I have once asked Qin Fen the same regarding this matter. He accepted that the Martial Emperor Dragon Fist was an unfinished boxing technique and it was created by him personally.”

Martial Emperor Dragon Fist!? A sharp gleam flickered in the eyes of various heads of department. What a domineering name! It’s also very similar to the previous three martial arts. It seems the creator of these boxing techniques is indeed skilled.

The more it seemed true, the more difficult it was for the various heads of the departments to accept Bai Sheng’s reply. Even though his answer was as firm as iron, they found it even more unacceptable.

What a joke!? A martial artist, who has not even crossed his teens, had started to create martial art!? Although it was not a complete set of martial art at present, it was still an overstatement!

Bai Sheng heaved a helpless sigh before speaking in neither a fast nor slow manner, “I know that it’s too much of a shock to believe, which is why I urgently reported to you before he rang fog bell.”

Too shocking! Sakra Azia sneered. A young boy, who is less than nineteen years old, had created three powerful martial arts which can only be created master-level martial artists after shedding blood and tears!? Isn’t this too shocking and unexplainable!?

Bai Sheng didn’t give any more explanation and simply took out his emblem from his arms. After clicking a few times on the emblem, all the collected information on Qin Fen was projected before everyone.

Line after line, screen after screen, was like a silent bolt of lightning striking directly at the souls of various heads of departments.

Sakra Azia, on the other hand, clucked his tongue, again and again. Much to his surprise, someone had such a twist of fate!? Personality, encounter, plus luck were all indispensable conditions and one man was blessed with all of this.

Ferrero clucked his tongue, again and again. A martial artist as young as he wasn’t dazzled or affected even after having seen tens of thousand types of boxing technique… on the contrary, it helped him have the perceptive that it’s always the other mountain that looks higher. His rock-like will is the most precious.

The room fell into silence once more. Ferrero’s face, which was filled with praise from the beginning, slowly glittered with happiness. There was even a little bit of ecstasy. His glance flew towards Sakra Azia, intentionally or unintentionally.

This Qin Fen uses strength according to his situation. He may not be a top expert in the Sacred Martial Hall today, he can easily be defeated by Bai Sheng.


Ferrero was extremely clear that everything Qin Fen has shown to everyone was a clear sign of a fact that his strength may advance by leaps and bounds in the coming days of the Sacred Martial Hall.

Anyone who could ring the fog bell, even if he or she was a basic martial artist from the Outer Sacred Martial Hall, won the right to enter the Secret Art Hall of Sacred Martial Hall for half a day.

The current Qin Fen has already entered the state of a well-grounded development. If he was allowed to enter the Secret Art Hall, even if it was just for half a day, it would provide him an immeasurable help.

If a young man with a solid and deep foundation and a young man who was a genius among geniuses were to enter the Secret Art Hall, the young man with a solid and deep foundation would be far worse off.

A genius might learn something or a few secret arts from the Secret Art Hall. But a monstrous genius like Qin Fen might merge and create something new just after one trip to the Secret Art Hall.

Genius! That’s right! That’s a true genius!  Ferrero smiled heartily. A martial artist, who could learn anything in one glance, could be called a genius in a pleasant-to-hear term, but he was just a learning machine in simple and displeasing terms.

A true martial art genius was a person who could learn by a.n.a.logy and infer other things from one fact to merge and create something that truly belonged to him!

This gamble!? Ferrero truly felt the chances of winning this gamble increasing rapidly because the next batch of people, who were going to put the freshmen in their places, were very likely to be the equity-type martial artists from the Outer Sacred Martial Hall. And they would just be running a fruitless errand apart from sending combat experience to Qin Fen, Yang Lie, and the others.

Perhaps… The corner of Ferrero’s lips rose high into a smile. Perhaps when it the time for martial artists like Bai Sheng to fight, Qin Fen will have already entered the growth period.

Qin Fen’s martial arts foundation seems to be too strong at the moment. Judging from the intel, the foundation of his body may be lacking by birth, but it could be compensated by the pills of the Sacred Martial Hall.

T hat’s right! Ferrero had secretly made up his mind. If he couldn’t, he would allocate a portion of his pills to Qin Fen to help him grow quickly, to not be challenged by those martial arts fanatics before he had finished his outbreak period.

Martial arts fanatic… Ferrero furrowed his brow tightly. At present, if anyone among the many martial artists in about the same age group could defeat Qin Fen, he or she must be a martial arts fanatic.

Sakra Azia’s face grew colder and colder. The possibility of losing this gamble appears to be increasing rapidly. If Qin Fen is given enough time, not only Martial Arts Fanatics, even martial artists like Bai Sheng would be defeated by then.

Even if Bai Sheng was defeated. .. Sakra was a bit discouraged. Even if someone like Bai Sheng defeated Qin Fen, he would still lose. The moment a Main-Star level was needed to be mobilized against a freshman, the glorious tradition would have already lost its significance.

Win or lose!? Sakra Azia’s eyes flickered with a dazzling gleam. It seems that success or failure will depend on a martial arts fanatic. So, it is necessary to find a way to let a martial arts fanatic to know earlier.

Martial arts fanatic!? Sakra Azia could not help but sigh when he thought of the martial arts fanatics. Theoretical martial arts fanatics were all under the jurisdiction of Asura Fenghua Danyun of Department of Martial Arts Theory. For an HoD, it was quite easy to get close to anyone, but when it came to Fengyun Danyun’s favorite toy, the martial arts fanatics, it wasn’t that easy even if it was the HoD of Legal Department.

Ferrero raised his chin a little and looked at the six stars of Sacred Martial Hall floating in the air. The bet this time was simply too big. It even drew the attention of the six stars of the Sacred Martial Hall.

“Respected Stars of Sacred Martial Hall, is it possible to consider it once more now?” Ferrero raised his finger and pointed at the screen. “The young man named Qin Fen had shown an integrated strength far more than that martial arts fanatic had shown that day. It could be said he is the strongest freak among the freshmen since the establishment of our Sacred Martial Hall! I believe that this freak’s record will not be broken for a long time.”

The six stars of the Sacred Martial Hall remained silent, as well as the other heads of departments.

“I think.” Ferrero raised his hands to fix his collars, only to discover that the martial arts attire he was wearing didn’t have a collar. “Maybe we can break our rules a little bit for this freak, and invite him again? I was thinking of changing the contract and inviting him to the Inner Sacred Martial Hall!?”

The six stars of Sacred Martial Hall exchanged looks with each other. Then, Fiend Star of the six stars of the Sacred Martial Hall said, “There is no need to modify the rules of the Sacred Martial Hall. If this boy named Qin Fen is truly dedicated to the martial dao, then he will know how strong our Sacred Martial Hall is so long as he enters the Secret Art Hall for half a day.”

The various heads of departments nodded in unison. Ferrero also heaved a sigh and was forced to admit this in light of this fact.

The Sacred Martial Hall wasn’t called the holy land of martial arts just for show. Not only was it rich in all kinds of martial arts records, it also had notes of martial arts comprehension written by many master-level martial artists. Their value was not any less than the secret arts.

Also, many master-level martial artists had simply copied some of the martial techniques they had created and placed them in the Secret Art Hall.

If we only talked about the number of books, even the martial arts aristocratic family of the divine beast-level martial artist that had a wealthy heritage would act like a beggar in front of the Sacred Martial Hall.

Half a day in the Secret Art Hall!? Even half a year… no! It would take years or tens of years to read every book in the Secret Art Hall.

Such a ma.s.sive and valuable treasure… The corners of Fiend Star’s eyes moved with a confident smile. Let alone a martial artist who was dedicated to martial dao completely submitting in admiration, even a layman to the martial dao would be completely obsessed after coming in contact with these martial dao books.

The more someone was dedicated to martial dao, the more he would be obsessed after entering the Secret Art Hall.

A smile was hung on Sakra Azia’s face. Qin Fen!? Once you enter the Secret Art hall, you will be crying and shouting, asking the Sacred Martial Hall to modify the contract to join the Inner Sacred Martial Hall for sure.

By then… A hearty smile bloomed on Sakra Azia’s face slowly. He thinks he will be rewarded for his meritorious work in protecting the regulations after coming to the Sacred Martial Hall.

Bai Sheng sighed lightly. Authority! The rules of the Sacred Martial Hall were the authority. If the rules were modified this time, then the authority will decline! It seems that it is too difficult to change the rules of the Sacred Martial Hall.

Bai Sheng shook his head, again and again. The people of the Sacred Martial Hall are still not aware of what kind of person Qin Fen is. The rock-like will of this young man played a crucial role in helping him reach the point where he is today.

If the Sacred Martial Hall did not yield to Qin Fen, why would Qin Fen yield to the Sacred Martial Hall!?

“Isn’t it boring? Aren’t you peeping toms finding it boring?”

A crisp and clear as oriole voice rang from everyone’s emblem at the same time. Being addressed as peeping toms, all the heads of departments smiled helplessly. The speaker was the head of the Department of Martial Arts Theory, Asura – Fenghua Danyun.

On the high rooftop, Fenghua Danyun placed her hands on her cheeks as her legs kicked the air like a child, making crisp tapping noise as her heels came in contact with the stairs.

“What a powerful young man, but unfortunately I didn’t see the fog bell kid make a move.” Fenghua Danyun put her hands on either side of her cheeks. “Looking at this situation, I don’t know how many groups of martial artists it will take to force this fog bell kid out? It’s really boring, why don’t I play first?”

Just as this voice fell, Bai Sheng suddenly failed to find Fenghua Danyun’s figure on the screens. The Head of the Department of Martial Arts Theory, Asura – Fenghua Danyun had taken action!