The Favored Son Of Heaven Chapter 370 – The Super War For The Younger Generation

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Chapter 370: The Super War for the Younger Generation

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The vast starry sky was hiding the unknown secrets of countless human beings. Venus, the planet that had been terraformed by mankind, had bustling cities established all over the planet.

The outer s.p.a.ce was ever cold and lonely. Everyone could only use stars.h.i.+ps or s.p.a.ce fighters if they wanted to travel between planets.

Anyone would die in this ice-cold s.p.a.ce very soon if they wanted to rely on their fleshly body to travel unless they had the rumored nano battle suit.

However, someone people could break this norm.

Divine beasts were the top martial artists in this world! Their strength alone was enough to break this norm; they could survive and fly in this s.p.a.ce which was devoid of oxygen.

“You crippled my son’s martial arts, so I also crippled your martial arts. I won’t kill you, I just want you to unable to accept any challenge in this life, lose your martial arts, and lose your beloved! If Qilin is dissatisfied with my approach, then, he can come to me! I, White Tiger, too, am a divine beast-level expert like him.”

White Tiger, carrying his hands behind his back, flew proudly towards Venus. His anger had not been completely dispelled even after having crippled Qin Fen with one slap. How could my son be crippled just like this after having trained for many years? I will somehow cure him for sure!

In the vast outer s.p.a.ce of Venus, there was another person apart from White Tiger.

A burly figure shrouded by a dark green cloak had his long hair slipping out of it. His figure appeared so small compared to Venus behind him. But the moment his majestic aura of power broke out from his body, his figure appeared to be gradually expanding. Even the giant Venus appeared no bigger than him.

The freezing-cold battle intent seeping out of the dark green cloak seemed to be much colder than the cold, dark s.p.a.ce itself.

Suddenly, White Tiger’s galloping figure came to a halt, standing a kilometer apart from the other man. White Tiger’s crimson blade-like eyebrows twitched a few times as his deep-blue eyes flickered with surprise and nefarious intent. “Kid, it’s you?”

“Jarl La.s.sen, my brother indeed doesn’t have the best talent but if I see him, I will still say he is an incompetent rookie, even beat him a bit.”

White Tiger’s crimson eyebrows twitched, again and again as his square face flickered with a sliver of surprise. “You…”

“That’s right, the Qin Fen that you crippled today is my, Qin Zhan’s, brother.” A pair of bright as lightning gleam shot out from underneath the green cloak as it fluttered slowly in the s.p.a.ce.

Jarl La.s.sen slowly narrowed his slender eyes as a vigilant blue gleam flashed out from his narrowed eyes constantly. This young man wouldn’t appear here just to say this.

“I can understand you taking action for your son as a father, so I take it you can also understand that I am doing this as a brother, right?”

Suddenly, a pair of strong and powerful arms clenched their fists. Immediately, s.p.a.ce thundered as if a cosmic wars.h.i.+p had started firing its artilleries. The subsequent tyrannical aura blew the cloak away!

“At the same time, I always tell everyone that I don’t care how you attack me, be that as ganging up on me or challenging me alone but don’t break my bottom line. If Qin Fen was beaten in a fair compet.i.tion, then it would just mean that he had not been focusing on martial arts all the while. But the big bullying the small? This has already broken my bottom line.”

“Right, your surname is also Qin.” Jarl La.s.sen slowly nodded as the corner of eyes eyebrow twitched with faint disdain. “Kid, don’t think that since you have received recognition, you can really sit at the same table with us.”

Qin Zhang lightly rotated his shoulder under the cloak as he confidently said, “Do you know what the older generation is there for? Let me tell you, the older generations are there to be surpa.s.sed. Sit at the same table with you? You are overestimating yourself too much.”

Jarl La.s.sen’s figure glowed with a golden aura. At that moment, he was like a small sun. The Gold Absolute Divine Art shone brightly in his hands; it was more than a thousand times stronger than Hades! He slightly raised his chin as a killing intent filled with confidence gathered on his palms. “Kid, do you really think you can defeat me?”

Qin Zhan’s laughter was full of heroism. Even the aura of power exuding from him gave everyone a kind of feeling that even if there were tens of thousands of people, he could come and go freely!

“Let’s fight and see.”

Jarl La.s.sen’s slender eyes flickered with inexplicable surprise. His thick lips twitched again and again. “Don’t… don’t you care about the bigger picture? Aren’t you most concerned about the overall situation?”

“Ha! I care more about my brother than the overall situation!”

The dark green cloak fluttered once again. Qin Zhan’s battle intent filled eyes flashed with a sliver of tender feeling as he took a step forward. Immediately, the tyrannical energy of both sides clashed with each other. “Jarl La.s.sen, even if someone is missing in this world, Earth will still continue to revolve.”

“I have already crippled him,” Jarl La.s.sen’s blade-like eyebrows twitched momentarily as he said, coldly and proudly. “He can no longer stand before me in this life. And today, even you will be sc.r.a.pped with him. My advice is that you save yourself from the trouble.”

“Crippled him!?” Qin Zhan’s eyes hiding behind the cloak flickered with a confident smile. “My, Qin Zhan’s brother can’t be crippled by just a white cat like you just because you say so! Jarl La.s.sen! I will show you how I will break your Absolute Six of the Dazzling World!”

Just as his voice fell, Qin Zhan’s cloak flew up even though his figure didn’t sway or shake one bit. Immediately after, his figure rushed out like a meteor under the gravity of a star. The distance of several kilometers between the two seemed to be non-existent. At the moment where his lips had just closed shut, Qin Zhan was already before White Tiger!

To deal with a divine beast-level White Tiger, Air Splitting Palm martial arts were simply ineffective. They could only hurt or even possibly kill each other through real hand-to-hand combat.

This momentum of Qin Zhan’s was like a flying dragon ripping the sky apart. Any artificial satellite hit by his energy waves were torn to pieces in the blink of an eye.

In s.p.a.ce, even without any actual clash between the two, just their actions were strong enough to produce storms and a series of lightning. This was a divine beast! The divine beast that could influence the world! The divine beast that could even make the cosmic wars.h.i.+p no longer invincible in s.p.a.ce.

“Arrogant kid, you think you can break the Six Absolutes of Dazzling World?”

Jarl La.s.sen shouted in an overbearing voice. Extreme tension was clearly visible in between his two blade-like eyebrows. To his surprise, the strength of a young man like Qin Zhan had actually reached such a level, such a heroic punch, heroic momentum! This was Qin Zhan’s martial dao of lofty sentiments!

Qin Zhan raised his arm and moved it backward, but not too much. He kept his one fist at his waist and raised his other arm high. His five fingers of each hand were locked together but not in the form of a punch, rather a half-opened palm state, which appeared a bit like an ax.

Pangu Ax!

This seemingly simple blow was the amalgamation of Qin Zhan’s countless martial daos! Under this one ax, the subsequent shockwaves gave rise to ripples within a one-kilometer range in a s.p.a.ce that was devoid of any atmosphere at all. A small meteor flying close by disappeared into nothing in the blink of an eye when it was. .h.i.t by this ripple.

White Tiger’s thick neck turned stiff as tremendous power infused into every cell in his body! His entire momentum suddenly swelled as his body bloomed with the dazzling golden glow of Golden Arhat. His arm that was raised toward Qin Zhan’s oncoming Pangu Ax was wrapped in even more intense golden airflow. This airflow was flickering madly as if it was alive. A metal fragment disappeared into nothing in the blink of an eye when it brushed past this golden airflow.

The metal fragment didn’t shatter into pieces by this golden true energy, but rather melted away… the Melting Absolute of White Tiger’s Six Absolutes of Dazzling World! In the blink of an eye, White Tiger had employed three absolutes of the Six Absolutes of the Dazzling World!


In thunderous roar reverberated in the s.p.a.ce. The shockwaves from this ear-piercing sound spread beyond the ten thousand meter radius! Countless s.p.a.ce debris was melted into pieces by the shockwave of this blow.

Qin Zhan’s Pangu Axe, which was strong enough to open a world of its own, clashed with White Tiger’s Three Absolutes of the Dazzling World.

In the blink of an eye, the expensive clothes on White Tiger’s body were ripped into pieces, whereas the golden true energy flas.h.i.+ng on his arm immediately surged with a red glow!

This!? How is this possible!?  Countless questions filled with surprise flashed in Jarl La.s.sen’s mind instantly. To his surprise, Qin Zhan’s Pangu Ax was so strong, so strong that it broke his three absolutes with one blow! Much to his dismay, his Melting Absolute was unable to melt away Qin Zhan’s power, the Gold Absolute coupled with the offense of the climate was unable to completely block the strength of Pangu Ax, a part of which had been melted away.

Suddenly, Jarl La.s.sen felt the pain of tens of thousands of needles stabbing his arm. His chest, even more so, felt as if it had been hammered heavily. This kind of unpleasant feeling was a first for him since he became a divine beast.

Much to his surprise, someone had injured a divine beast with just one move! Jarl La.s.sen’s eyes opened wide. Is this kid not injured? Does he not feel pain?

Just as this thought flashed in his mind, Jarl La.s.sen could not pay any more attention to it as the fist placed at Qin Zhan’s waist transformed into a huge spear that could pierce the hole out of sky itself and attacked directly!

The dozens of large screens present at the satellite observation center of Venus flickered fiercely as countless snowflakes appeared on them and then, they no longer displayed anything.

“What happened? What’s going on?”

“Check it quickly! What the h.e.l.l is going on? Why did we hear thunder before the screen went black? There should not be any storm or lightning in the s.p.a.ce!”

The Venus’ satellite observatory center immediately became busy. They were busy for an entire day but they weren’t able to announce any news.

The next day, whether it was the largest website on the federation’s internet or the smallest website, no matter what type of website it was, even if it was just a purely scientific and technological exchange website, the same news was published at the most prominent location on the home page.

Venus’ Divine Beast White Tiger Is Dead.

The divine beast, who was truly standing at the peak of martial artists, the guardian G.o.d of Venus, the despotic and murderous divine beast – White Tiger – was dead!

His corpse was placed in front of White Tiger Palace in Venus’ White Tiger City. It still came as a surprise to the cleaners and guards who found him in the morning.

White Tiger was dead! The divine beast – White Tiger, against whom not even the military cosmic wars.h.i.+p was able to fight against was dead just like that!

Almost no one could accept the reality of this news. Is today April first? But everyone had to accept the reality of the news. And no newspaper dared to make fun of this news.

Very soon, people thought another thing. Who killed White Tiger! There were not many people in the world who could fight with White Tiger. Who killed White Tiger!?

It didn’t take long for people to react. In this world, only a divine beast was capable of killing a divine beast! So which divine beast exactly did the divine beast – White Tiger, Jarl La.s.sen offend?

While everyone was immersed in shock, only a small part was secretly guessing; this time, it may be the strongest divine beast among the divine beast who might have taken the action: Song Wendong.

Jarl La.s.sen made a move and heavily injured Qin Fen, disobeying Song Wendong’s command. The oldest divine beast might have personally taken action and sought for Jarl La.s.sen.

Only… with the same divine beast t.i.tle, Qilin actually killed White Tiger! That is to say, there is a gap between the strength of divine beasts?

“Divine beasts are all standing at the peak of martial dao.”

Song Zhenting was standing a stone room, listening to that not-so-old voice of his father, Song Wendong. His ears slightly perked before he spoke, respectfully, “Father, news just came from Jupiter, Azure Dragon has chosen to go into seclusion. Rumor has it that he might have comprehended something even deeper in martial dao. That’s why he wanted to understand profundities in seclusion and make a breakthrough again.”

“Understand profundities? What profundities? Understanding profundities in seclusion is nothing more than a cover-up for his injuries.” Song Wendong’s confident voice was relayed from inside the stone room. “Kill White Tiger – Jarl La.s.sen but not suffer any injuries? How is this possible? How can any injuries that could force a divine beast to go into seclusion be light? However…”

The confidence in Song Wendong’s voice suddenly changed to some surprise and admiration, “It’s really hard to imagine that he can actually kill White Tiger – Jarl La.s.sen! In a battle between divine beasts, killing the opposite party is a very difficult thing to achieve. If one side bore the idea of peris.h.i.+ng together, even if he was killed, the other side might also be seriously injured. Even if his or her realm fell, it would be very difficult to return to peak in this life.”


Song Zhenting heard his father sigh after so many years, and it even bore an endless regret at that.

“Did he want to tell others the bottom line? Except for big bullying the small, he can accept others, is that it? Why do I have a strange feeling that the man who attacked Jarl La.s.sen isn’t Azure Dragon?” Song Wendong asked himself. “Is it really worthwhile to kill White Tiger at the risk of getting seriously injured and even have his realm downgrade and never return to the peak in his life? It will be extremely difficult to return to peak even for a peerless genius.”

A realization flashed past Song Zhenting’s eyes. Rumor has it that the temperament of the mysterious Azure Dragon was very hard. When he does things, he can even risk getting seriously injured to the point that he would have to go into seclusion for recuperating and possibly have his realm dropped just to kill White Tiger.

Song Zhenting quietly withdrew from the stone room. White Tiger – Jarl La.s.sen suddenly came to Earth, hurt someone, and walked away. And on his way back, he was killed by someone. Furthermore, it is quite possible that it’s the work of Azure Dragon. How is Qin Fen related to Jupiter’s Azure Dragon? Having suffered Jarl La.s.sen’s slap, Qin Fen has completely withdrawn from the compet.i.tion of the younger generation. I wonder if anyone someone will take this opportunity…’

“Qin Fen is seriously injured!? That’s very good!” An excited Lee Myeong Jeong threw the data in his hand before quickly picking up the phone and dialing a number, “Quickly spread the news that Qin Fen is injured! That’s right! He is seriously injured and in a coma! Spread this news to those who already know that if anyone is successful in challenging Qin Fen, then he will be worthy in becoming a relative of Song Wendong.”

Hanging up the call, Lee Myeong Jeong sat down on the sofa; his ten fingers kept on tapping the armrest. Qin Fen getting injured is too big of an opportunity! I can’t let him go like this, not only will I humiliate him by making those young martial artists challenge him but also let them kill him! Ah, right! In the past, even if I notified the forces of the Golden Triangle, Qin Fen could easily escape with his skills. After all, if super first-cla.s.s martial artists of Golden Triangle suddenly sneaked into Zhongzhou, they would be closely monitored by Zhongzhou police for sure, who might even drive them out.

But now!?  Lee Myeong Jeong picked up the phone with a smile. Qin Fen was seriously injured and in a coma. He didn’t need super first-cla.s.s martial artists to enter. As long as a bunch of people sneaked into his room, they would be able to successfully kill Qin Fen.

“Coma… coma…” Lee Myeong Jeong tapped his fingers on the armrest in excitement as if he was playing the piano. “Coma… coma…”