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Chapter 354: So-called Thrill! Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

“Special Security Detachment’s Operation To Crack Down On Prost.i.tution Achieved Significant Results!”

“Special Security Detachment Captured SS-level Wanted Criminal with Bravery!”

“Special Security Detachment Won the Public’s Praise!”

The front-page headlines on official newspapers had always been used to publish presidential or parliamentary resolution doc.u.ments. Headlines on entertainment newspapers, on the other hand, were used to report news on celebrity scandals or incidents involving explicit pictures. Situations in Tianbei City were usually only published on the inside pages of official newspapers, and would never make it onto entertainment newspapers.

Han Jing looked at the papers in his hand. Regardless of whether it was the official newspaper or the entertainment newspaper that never published practical matters, every front-page headline today was about Tianbei City’s operation to crack down on prost.i.tution.

“This bunch of young masters…” Han Jing threw the newspaper in his hand onto the table and shook his head. These lads from the special security detachment don’t seem to be good in any other matters, yet they are definitely the best in this kind of nonsense. With the power supporting them coupled with their mischievous att.i.tudes, they have whipped up the public’s opinion at full steam.

Besides a few divine beast martial artists who were positioned way up, who in this world wouldn’t be afraid of the public opinion? Even the President would have to bow down in the face of public opinion.

With the members of the special security detachment pulling such means, Han Jing could only give a thumbs up and praise, “The army had forces that followed three main routes – land, sea, and air. Your publications also followed three simultaneous routes – the internet, television, and newspapers.”

It had been ten days. It had been ten full days since the day Hua Jinhan’s bathing center was shut down. The young masters of the special security detachment didn’t seem to have the slightest intention of stopping.

Han Jing was skeptical, wondering if these young men, who had always been too free, had finally found something fun to play with. Besides training, all their attention was focused on this operation to crack down on prost.i.tution, as if they had been injected with chicken blood [1]. Various media presses of Tianbei City also were also extremely cooperative and turned a one-time operation to crack down on prost.i.tution into an entire storm.

The influence of this matter had also expanded from the city of origin into the province. The provincial newspapers had also begun to gradually report on it, even to the point where it was brought onto a second page for a full coverage report.

It wasn’t that no one protested during this period.

Whenever the voice of such protests appeared, Han Jing would feel incredibly sorry for the protesting party. The young masters at the special security detachment were always carefree, but their power could not be underestimated. Their connections to finding out news were sometimes even more sensitive than his as a bureau chief. As soon as they heard that a place had protested secretly, they would raid the place immediately for three to five days, or even for a whole week.

On the ninth day, Han Jing discovered that this world was finally quiet. All the protests have disappeared, as everyone had understood one thing.

These young masters were really idle and bored. It was natural for them to keep playing with something they found fun. If someone were to choose to use under-the-covers means, it could be said that they chose to be played by them willingly.

What these young masters were afraid of was that no one would want to play with them, not people using under-the-covers means.

When everyone understood this, they finally kept silent. Everyone knew that as long as they were silent, these young masters would get bored eventually and stop.

The protests were gone, but Han Jing was not happy at all. The police station was not a company that produced benefits, and all funds needed financial support.

The operation storm to crack down on prost.i.tution today had caused an income reduction for some civil servants in Tianbei City. In the aspect of approving funds, they only needed one blockage in the process. Without the need to do anything that violated principles, the financial situation of Tianbei Police Station would have already been reduced to an awkward point where even the funds for handling cases were somewhat inadequate.

It had now reached the payday of the police station, but Han Jing couldn’t even fork out the salary for ten people. It would be useless regardless of how he went about begging for help as those people obviously had their own opinions. As they couldn’t challenge those young masters, and with the fire in their hearts that couldn’t be released, it was natural for them to use this opportunity to vent it out externally.

Deng deng deng…

A rhythmic knock on the office door was heard, as well as the noise of a group of people outside the door. Han Jing knew that the young masters whom he had just called were finally here.

“Come in.”

Han Jing adjusted his sitting posture as he looked at Wu Hui and the others who followed behind Qin Fen. After a few days of not seeing these hooligans, their faces were all radiant. It seemed that they’ve had lots of fun playing!

“Bureau Chief.” Qin Fen nodded slightly and sat down on the sofa under Han Jing’s beckon.

“Good day, Bureau Chief!”

Twenty-two officers of the special security detachment yelled at once, and the full-blown aura almost blew the newspapers on his desk away.

“What is good?” Han Jing finger swept the rest to the sofa and said, “I don’t have many sofas here, whoever gets it gets it. For those who don’t, I don’t mind you sitting on the floor.”

The room went into chaos as the twenty-two special security detachment policemen started playing a game of s.n.a.t.c.hing sofa seats instantly.

Qin Fen looked quietly at Han Jing who had a bitter face, and a bitter smile with slight guilt followed to show on his face.

The initial beginning of this operation to crack down on prost.i.tution storm was because of Hua Jinhan, and was initially thought to be solved within a day. Qin Fen just didn’t expect that Yang Ruoruo’s home would be smashed by a group of people who broke in suddenly on that same night. At the same time, he also received orders from Zhao Huzi, Major General Zhao… no! Now it was Lieutenant Zhao who said that things were being handled well, and requested to proceed with this!

A general from the military had called in the middle of the night just to ask a bureau chief from the police to proceed with the operation of cracking down on prost.i.tution. Although this was somewhat puzzling, Qin Fen still decided to execute General Zhao’s order.

First, this is also for the Yang Ruoruo sisters. Having just experienced some severe beating in the day, there were people who dared to provoke them in their homes directly at night. If they hadn’t transferred the two sisters away in advance, who knew what could’ve happened?

Qin Fen knew very well that according to the psychology of Squad Leader Hao, if such a mad arrogance was not suppressed, it would only become even more troublesome, pus.h.i.+ng the two sisters into an even more dangerous situation.

For these two sisters also, we have to do this! Since there were also orders from above to do so, let’s do it with all our might! Although since this was the general’s order and not an order from the Chief Superintendent, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with following these orders. Plus, he was only temporary a.s.signed at the police force and his roots were still at the military. There wasn’t anything wrong with obeying military orders.

General Zhao had never called for him to stop during those ten days, and Qin Fen simply continued to lead the special security detachment in conducting the operation of cracking down on prost.i.tution.

Although conducting such operation had offended a certain group of people, they had also won the respect and support of many. When the policemen of the special security detachment walked in the police station in the past, the other police officers would avoid them fearfully, and they looked at them like they were looking at the sons of the rich.

Now, regardless of where Wu Hui and the others went, they would always get gazes of admiration! The public also swarmed the police station every now and then with countless flower baskets, fruits, calligraphy scrolls, and even silk banners.

“Brave and Fearless, Courageous Against Smugglers”, “Justice Guardians, Social Conscience”, “Serving the People, Legal Pioneers”, “Upright and Outspoken, Uphold the Law Firmly”, “Legal Guardians, Social Conscience”.

Silk banners with various slogans covered the walls of the special security detachment room completely, one of the silk banners had even been used as a mop.

“Three feet high”! This satirical banner that described corruption had now been turned into the special security detachment’s mop. The number of silk banners they received was too much, and the people they met were also too many. No one could remember who the sender of this satirical banner was.

“Three feet high”? Qin Fen wasn’t sure whether he should laugh or cry at the thought of that banner. The sender of this silk banner was probably some boss of the bathing center, right? The only people in Tianbei City who saw the special security detachment as grotesque devils nowadays were the bosses of those bathing centers.


Han Jing coughed heavily twice and gathered everyone’s attention back to him. Only then did he say slowly while rubbing his temples, “During this period of time, your work performance has been not bad. The bureau is preparing to report this to request for your merits. Especially Little Qin, you have caught so many wanted criminals. It’s only right for you to gain a lot of merits.”

“This is all credited to the bureau chief’s wise leaders.h.i.+p.”

Qin Fen spoke the words he had learned from Squad Leader Hao quickly. Squad Leader Hao and the others had been calling a lot lately and had helped a.n.a.lyze this situation to plan strategies. The gathering now was exactly what Squad Leader Hao had been nagging at him about, to make sure he had to keep repeating these words during appropriate occasions.

Wise leaders.h.i.+p? Han Jing did not know whether to cry or laugh at that split second. He said after he stabilized his emotions, “Besides affirming your work performance, I called you guys in today also because I have something to tell you. I also don’t intend to hide from you guys, as I believe that all of you are clear that this time’s operation to crack down on prost.i.tution has offended many people.”

Wu Hui and a few others nodded. They had also been nagged constantly these few days when they went home, but it had only been a few painless words. Behind these nagging, they could also hear the pride of their families. After all, they had done something good for the people this time.

“Ai!” Han Jing sighed as he leaned back on his chair, “Many people seem to be friendly on the surface, but their hearts are indeed dissatisfied. Look at this, it’s almost payday, but regardless of where I go to apply for funding, I keep getting the same response, claiming that funding is tight! Some of these people were offended directly by you guys, and for some, it was because of the interrelations.h.i.+p… in short…”

Han Jing clenched his fists, knocking gently on the table. He said softly, “For the funds in the bureau, for the overall situation in the bureau! You should know what’s right when it comes to certain things!”

There was a sudden silence in the bureau chief’s office and Qin Fen frowned slightly. In this world, prost.i.tution, gambling, and drug dealing were never separated. Not only did they catch wanted criminals in the ten-day sweep, but they also swept two bathing centers that dealt drugs. During the operation to crack down on prost.i.tution, they found that many women only joined this industry because they were either forced or semi-forced to join at the beginning.

The madness of bathing centers was completely hidden in the dark. You would never know if you never tried to understand it in depth. And if you understood in depth, many of the findings would make people shudder!

With the kind of evil things that the bosses of some bathing centers had done, dismembering them would still be considered being lenient. There were still so many people that protected these in the dark.

During these ten days of sweeping, Qin Fen had already switched from initially just following orders to doing this voluntarily. If he wore a police uniform, he should own up to the body of uniform! That was respect toward the police profession, as well as respect toward himself.

Blocked funding? Qin Fen’s face turned black. Wu Hui beat him to it and laughed. He stood up, blocking the view between Qin Fen and the bureau chief.

“You’re right, bureau chief. We already know. Rest a.s.sured that this time, we know.”

“Yes, that’s right!” Lin Feng also got up smiling, “We’re not people who don’t know how to read expressions, you don’t have to worry.”

Han Jing gave a long exhale, and his tightened heart could finally return to its original state. As long as there was a guarantee from these young masters, Qin Fen wouldn’t be able to ha.s.sle him even if he wanted to. He couldn’t possibly rush into the bathing center alone, right?

Twenty-two people surrounded Qin Fen. While saying “We understand”, they walked out of the office quickly.

After they left the office, Qin Fen looked at the twenty-two people under him who were giggling. The moment Wu Hui opened his mouth, he figured out what these boys were up to. At the same time, he was also slightly touched. As he thought about the things he had seen these days, his emotions were somewhat heightened to the point where he almost couldn’t contain his mental state.

Weird? Qin Fen’s two eyebrows furrowed together. Ever since he entered ten-star, his temper seemed to not be as stable as before. He seemed to get excited by little things. Could this the side effect of not completing the Reborn of Blood Transfusion successfully?

Qin Fen shook his head hard. According to the master’s explanation, although the Reborn of Blood Transfusion of entering the ten-star level was more difficult, the benefits would far outweigh undergoing the Reborn of Blood Transfusion in the nine-star if succeeded.

“Let’s go, captain!” Yu Xiao stretched out his arms while stretching his back and walked out of the office building, “Time to start working.”

“Start working?” An old policeman who pa.s.sed by looked at Yu Xiao with curiosity, “Officers, where are you planning to start your work today?”

Lin Feng patted that policeman’s shoulder, “Senior, we are applying for your salaries and office expenses this time! Ai, do we have it easy? As policemen, not only do we need to catch thieves, we also need to be responsible for our colleagues’ office expenses and salaries!”

“You’re applying for funding?” The old policeman shook his head, and his heart wondered secretly, What? The bureau chief really values them so much now? Even matters of funding applications were allocated to them?

Twenty-two magnetic flying cars rose up and disappeared into the sky above the Tianbei Police Station quickly. The special security detachment did not appear again in the Tianbei Police Station compound for the whole morning.

At noon, the people of the special security detachment came back! Twenty-two people followed behind Qin Fen and went straight into the bureau chief’s office.

“This is…?” Han Jing looked at Qin Fen with surprise, “Didn’t you leave to train? How…”

Qin Fen placed the black bag in his hand onto Han Jing’s desk quietly and signaled for Han Jing to open it.

“This… inside this…”

Han Jing looked at the black bag. An extremely bad premonition wandered in his mind.

The zipper opened and Han Jing’s eyes went wide…

In the black leather bag, there were stacks of banknotes and fine ticket stubs.

“Bureau Chief.” Wu Hui’s head emerged from behind Qin Fen, and his happy face had a faint smile, “This is the result of our labor this morning. We did another thorough inspection in the city and gave out fines of less than one million. I’m thinking that it should be enough to pay our brothers…”

Han Jing’s sight went black and his legs went soft. He sat down on the office chair heavily and stared at the young man behind Qin Fen. This group of young masters is really fierce! They were just showing off an att.i.tude to support Qin Fen! Disregarding the opinions of others, these twenty-two people supported Qin Fen strongly! If anyone dared to cause trouble for Qin Fen, they would then provide the most violent counterattack.

“If the money isn’t enough, it wouldn’t be a big deal to just conduct a check three times a day.”

Yu Xiao said without a care, and other young people nodded. After these days of following Qin Fen, these people understood that they had been too laid back previously. Although this young deputy captain did not have very intense emotional expressions, he was always fair in his work. Even toward the women who engaged in the special industries, he never showed any contempt or disdain. He would only really take action toward those who deserved it.

Justice? Yu Xiao didn’t know if doing these things with Qin Fen was undergoing justice, but he knew! Doing these things with Qin Fen, his heart was thrilled! His whole soul had a sense of fulfillment!