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Chapter 235: Insect Warriors And Fight Against Spirit of Militant Pride

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“Qin Fen, down there…” Chen Feiyu snorted in the air. There were hundreds of those weird things on the ground, with some weird sound transmitting from their body and their tentacles were waving upward excitedly.

The muzzle of Thunderstorm was once again pointed at the ground. The tornado’s shooting mode was changed to a fan-shaped attack mode. There were countless rotating metal pieces chopping the weird creature to ribbons [1] one step ahead and rus.h.i.+ng into the ground.

Dong dong dong…

The recruits who escaped from the cave fell to the ground. Their feet were stepping on the weird creatures that had turned into muddy flesh. They took a long breath.

The screams in the cave had stopped. Qin Fen reloaded the sh.e.l.l splinter on the Thunderstorm and snarls into the cave with a tornado mode attack.

“Hooah…” Qin Fen once again landed back on the ground, exhaling his breath while reloading sh.e.l.l splinter, “What was that?”

“I don’t know, I have never heard of it.”

Xing Wuyi’s voice revealed a little hint of fear. It wasn’t shameless to be killed as a martial artist. But being killed by this creature that was neither a bug nor animal…then he would really die with everlasting regret.

“Never seen it…”

“Never heard of it…”

“Not sure…”

“It seems to have intelligence? Is it an alien creature?”

The recruits shook their heads, even those who did not have a sweaty body from the urgent march before had sweat out of fear from the previous scene.

Chen Feiyu looked at the flesh on the ground hesitantly. He then lowered his voice to Qin Fen and said, “They are not alien creatures. I think I might know where they are from and what they are. This is called a parasite.”

Qin Fen stunned and looked at Chen Feiyu, astonished, this man who had stayed in the Golden Triangle for many years turned out to be…


A scream suddenly burst out from the recruits not far behind, forcibly interrupting Qin Fen’s mind.

The body of the recruit who screamed slowly fell to the ground. There was a fist-sized transparent hole in the heart of the chest with blood pouring out from it.

There was a recruit standing behind the victim. His face was dark blue. The blue veins of his neck rushed to the forehead through his cheeks. Both of the pupils of his eyes had spread out, s.h.i.+ning with an enchanting brutish light.

The palm of the recruit was stained with blood as he held the beating heart with the monstrous claws. The blood fell into the muddy flesh on the ground.

Chen Feiyu’s eyes narrowed into a slit with a doubtful gaze glaring out, “The parasite has succeeded…?”

Before Chen Feiyu finished his sentence, the parasitic recruit’s throat made a strange humming sound that ordinary people could not understand. The legs straightened. He rushed out like lightning with arm opened and pierced forward directly. It was like a spear with a spiral of rotation confronting Qin Fen face-to-face.

The recruit’s uniform that was tailored was slightly loosened. The noise of the sleeves and the air collided against the flesh echoed. The rapid stream of the river drained the riverbank.

“This parasitic recruit is a total freak now yet he still retains his martial art?”

Qin Fen was a little surprised. This man was still a recruit that was also a three-star martial artist. However, the strength that rose suddenly was almost the same as the peak of the five-star martial artists. The fist technique still carried the aura of a martial artist. The ‘Cruciatus Flame’ back punch was bursting with the temper of the king.

“Since you killed my comrades, then you are my enemy.”

Qin Fen’s left arm was strong like iron, fighting while defending. He struck the forearm of the opponent and blocked the beastly punch from the opponent. Both of their arms smacked together with a slapping sound.

The recruit was only a martial artist with three-star at the beginning. This sudden physical change made his strength raised, the meridian expanded, and the genuine energy also surged in a sudden. Although he was irrational during the madness, the strength should also have risen a lot due to this fierceness. The rapid expansion of muscle fiber. The simple physical strength has risen repeatedly, including the burst of genuine energy. Each of its fist was unexpectedly powerful.

Qin Fen’s left hand that blocked the right arm of the recruit moved like a poisonous snake. The recruit pressed and held Qin Fen’s left hand, turned his upper body to the left, and punched his right fist directly into the heart of Qin Fen’s chest.

‘Cruciatus Flame’ back punch: be the first to take the attack!

The fist did not reach but there was a whistle with the strong wind came with the fist, which immediately made Qin Fen’s chest feel the punch before it actually reached.

Qin Fen lifted both his left and right foot, causing the ground to tremor. With his legs slightly bent in a squat, his right hand clenched his fist and blasted a close proximity hand cannon.

Cannon against the cannon!

The tyrannical forces collided together. The recruit’s hand bones were smashed with a cracking sound. The body could not hold the attack of the outrageous force, and the feet flew off of the ground.

To deal with this thing that was neither monster nor human…it didn’t need a tyrannical attack such as Martial Emperor Dragon Fists.

A black large net silently covered the parasitic recruit’s head. It was so sudden, like how it ambushed the other recruit.

The parasitic recruits instinctively tore at the black net. It wanted to break the black net that trapped him. The body hit the cliff and rolled down to the ground. The black net shrunk smaller and smaller in this entanglement.

“Caught it.” Xue Tian gave a sigh of relief, “If it can struggle free, that’s a strange thing. This can trap unarmed martial artists with seven-star level for fifteen minutes.”

Qin Fen stepped forward and lifted his foot to smash the recruit’s knees and his shoulders.

“Old Qin, it doesn’t matter.” Xue Tian took out two more black nets and threw them directly on the creature, “I prepare a lot this time. I was planning to catch a few recruits from West Asia and tease with them when I bored. Now, it is for them.”

Three black nets were stacked together. Qin Fen suspected that even if he was the one wrapped up, it wouldn’t be an easy task to rush out.

Qin Fen looked up at Chen Feiyu and saw his eyes flas.h.i.+ng complex anxiety.


The rolling sound of the gravel in the cave suddenly came out. A black shadow fell straight down from it.

It was also a parasitic recruit mentioned by Chen Feiyu!

At the moment, Deng Biao, who had no mental relaxation, launched the first attack with the M-34 in his hand. The bullets rotated at a high speed and brought a strong airflow wrapping layer. It hit the recruit’s body and penetrated a hole that bigger than a fist.

Bullets were like intensive rain, it smashed the new recruits who hadn’t yet landed on the ground into a pile of flesh.

The rotating electric motor of M134 Vulcan Cannon hadn’t stopped. There were two more parasitic recruits rus.h.i.+ng out from the cave!

Deng Biao pulled the trigger and swept, the bullets cut the two bodies completely.

“Hu…” Deng Biao rubbed his sweat on his forehead. If it wasn’t for Qin Fen who had been asking to carry a real combat chain, it would be really dangerous this time.

There was another rapid running sound in the cave. Qin Fen exchanged a surprised look with Xing Wuyi. Didn’t the Thunderstorm work? How did those guys escape the attack of the Thunderstorm?

The sound of rapid running increased. There was not much time left for Qin Fen to think. His strong legs sent him off the ground again with the Thunderstorm as he sent a silvery metal tornado towards the cave.

The crowd calmed down as Qin Fen’s feet landed.

In less than half a second, the cliff was blasted inside, and countless rocks were blown up from the cliffs. Each of the blasted positions was a black hole that could accommodate a person.

In this black hole, there are two blood-red eyes. The beast’s aura shocked everyone’s soul with both eyes.

Qin Fen stroked the Thunderstorm in his hand and muttered in his mouth, “So that’s how it is…”

The gravel was blasted. The newly parasitic recruits in the caves screamed like a beast and rushed out with the agility of a monkey.

There were still new additions in the hole that rushed out of the parasitic recruits. They were planning to rush out.

Qin Fen turned on the fan-shaped attack mode of Thunderstorm in his hand, dragged Jin Kui back quickly and shouted, “Retreat!”

At close range, the fan-shaped attack of the Thunderstorm could not be fully unfolded. The huge cliffs were a distance of a hundred meters away. There was also the appearance of parasitic recruits.

Xing Wuyi dragged another weaker recruit in the Qin Fen cla.s.s and retreated immediately. All of them were clear that the precise number of opponents killed from the two attacks on the cave not long ago was unknown.

These strange guys could pop out of the mountain at any moment. What if those strange guys suddenly emerge from the ground if they continued stayed here?

A recruit with three-star responded slowly. When their feet left the ground, the parasitic recruits who had rushed out had taken off his head.

The fan-shaped attack mode Thunderstorm turned more than twenty chasers into ribbons, which slightly slowed the opponent’s attack.

Qin Fen chased Chen Feiyu and whispered, “What the h.e.l.l is going on? What parasitic success?”

Chen Feiyu turned and looked at the ‘monster’ that was still chasing after them, and with eyes filled with complication, whispered, “Remember that my meridians are only half of ordinary people’s? They should be written by the same force that made me. A long time ago, I remember that I have seen similar things before, but at that time, they were still in the stage of parasitic failure.”

Qin Fen breathed in the cold. He had already thought that the story behind Chen Feiyu would not be simple, but he did not expect it to be such a surprise to this point.

“It seems that they have really made new progress breakthrough.” Chen Feiyu’s two thick eyebrows acc.u.mulated a lot of grievances, “Parasitic success? Not sure how many living bodies were used to test and finally create this fighting machine named insect warrior.”


The number of insect warriors behind them was increasing. In the blink of an eye, the number had increased to more than two hundred. Their actions were not exactly like human beings. They were running fast on the ground, like stray dogs on the wilderness. The dirt and sand on the ground was splashed and it formed a rolling dust shadow behind it.

Qin Fen and the others worried about the speed of other recruits in three-star. They could not run with their full speed. Soon, they were chased by the insect warriors who suddenly surged in the rear.


Qin Fen installed the sh.e.l.l splinter again and heard the sound of the Thunderstorm. His eyebrows were screwed together again, “If the problem of the energy could not be solved, the Thunderstorm can never be the main weapon.”

“Old Qin, in front of you!”

Qin Fen looked up and retreated from the ground. Hundreds of insect warriors with no parasitic body were waving their soft, dancing, wet tentacles, and they rushed up.

Compared with the humanoid opponents, these smaller and more flexible insect warriors were more difficult to cope with, and more disgusting.

“Get out!”

Tornado shooting state had been quickly switched back to the fan attack state.

Thunderstorms picked up a low roar, sweeping the earth and the sky, removing all the insect warriors that were on the road ahead.

“Help me…”

The recruit behind him screamed, and his whole thigh was torn apart by the insect warrior’s tentacle. There wasn’t even a chance for the other recruits to rescue him, because the insect warrior slapped the recruit’s head…

The recruit who was still alive a second ago had turned into a lifeless body in a blink of an eye, the body was still unconsciously twitching.

“Captain Qin!”

During the escape, a strange voice suddenly came from the front. Ten recruits carrying guns equipped with bullets were shouting in a position fifty meters away, their eyes filled with fear and confusion.

“Run! Retreat immediately!”

Qin Fen waved his arm hard, but a man had already run out a distance of more than ten meters.

“What’s the things behind you… you guys…?”

“Run if you don’t want to die!” Qin Fen waved a Thunderstorm with no energy and said, “Run!”

The recruits were still puzzled. An insect warrior reached out and grabbed a recruit who was running away, and tore the recruit in half with the strong arms.

There was no need for any verbal persuasion after watching this brutal action. Ten recruits turned around and ran, and turned back to Qin Fen, who was chasing, “Captain Qin, what happened?”

Qin Fen had no time to answer — more recruits appeared hundreds meter away outside the forest.

“What is going on here?” Qin Fen asked urgently.

“The Chief Commander sent a lot of spies and determined that there were no ambushes nearby, therefore brought these people to support you…”

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Qin Fen scolded with hatred, his neck filled with true energy and screamed, “Those who are in front! Retreat! Quickly!”

Yang Jiwu heard the sound rus.h.i.+ng out of the crowd, “Captain Qin, this…?”

Before Qin Fen could answer, the insect warrior behind him lifted their claws and smashed the head of a recruit.

This cruel and cold attack sent an icy fear straight down the spine from the brain of Yang Jiwu, and the rice-sized goose b.u.mps spread all over the body.

The strength of that attack was enough to compare with a five-star level! Two or three hundred five-star level enemies, facing more than a thousand five hundred recruits with only three-star.

What is the gap between five-star martial artists and three-star martial artists? Yang Jiwu was clear about it, but it was a single attack that completely drove the three-star martial artists to the edge of death, and even managed to kill with the strength directly.

Thousand five hundreds of recruits with three-star…even if they could form a five-on-one situation, the winning chance wasn’t optimistic.

If the recruits were holding actual ammunition, Yang Jiwu would ignore Qin Fen and others, and directly order a shooting, which would save most people’s lives.

In the blink of an eye, insect warrior which were chasing after Qin Fen, pushed forward dozens of meters.

Yang Jiwu took a deep breath and turned his head to the adjutant who stood next to him, “Retreat with everyone! Retreat to the main position!”

Yang Jiwu once again turned his head to Qin Fen, who was approaching at high speed, “Captain Qin! You guys can have the heroic spirit of fighting against me!”


Qin Fen replied without thinking.

This weird incident suddenly developed into this point. It was impossible to escape with a thousand five hundred people.

If they were to fight against the enemy together, most people would probably die in battle. The best choice was to let them retreat.

Once the goal was determined, there was no hesitation.

Qin Fen launched Dragon Elephant Prajna Art’s to the highest level. The earth received a strong and powerful pedaling, and the soil under his feet suddenly fell. His people were like high-speed trains, rushed to Yang Jiwu in the whistling sound of friction with the air. It does not even look like Qin Fen was carrying weapons with heavy weight and also a fat recruit.

With the leaders.h.i.+p of Qin Fen, Kyokus.h.i.+n Genichi and others had accelerated to catch up, Xue Tian was like a running antelope.

There was no earth-shattering momentum, Xue Tian almost stopped at the side of Yang Jiwu at the same time with Qin Fen even he though accelerated slower.

This fast? Yang Jiwu’s eyes were full of surprise staring at Xue Tian. The information said that Xue Tian was very lazy. People who were not diligent in practicing martial arts could not have a speed this fast…

Abandoning more than a dozen recruits that was rescued earlier, Kyokus.h.i.+n Genichi and others also speeded up a lot, and quickly rushed to the front of Qin Fen, “Master…”

“You guys, take Jin Kui and the others and go first.”

Qin Fen took the M134 Vulcan Cannon from the hands of Deng Biao. There was only a chain of more than one hundred bullets, which made people feel a little discouraged.

If the chain was long enough, this was the best chance.

Park Jong-Hwan, Kyokus.h.i.+n Genichi, and Okamoto Takes.h.i.+ looked at each other and silently left with Jin Kui, Deng Biao, and others.

Their strengths were good, but the body was still injured, the possibility of death in this sniper war was not small.

At this moment, there was a clear line completely drawn between those who were strong enough and who were not strong enough.

Among the recruits who once challenged Qin Fen in the recruit camp, only Zha Can stayed.

The recruit of Neo Muay Thai still improved his strength to five-star in the state of injury. Compared to other recruits, Zha Can’s fists were hard enough, and his hands were merciless!

Plus with the biochemical beast that was never used, he had the qualification to stay for the war at this moment!

The insect warriors that were running wildly suddenly burst out from the sides…

“Oh no…”

Before Yang Jiwu even finished his sentence, the M134 Vulcan Cannon that was held by Qin Fen rang out. These insect warriors had to vacate a group to chase the recruits who were retreating!

The high-speed shooting frequency and the five-star mobile strength would increase the difficulty of shooting. This was completely different from the shooting target. The opponents were all the strength of five-star. The intuition of being locked by others seems more acute than ordinary martial artists.

One hundred and thirty-seven bullets killed sixty-nine insect warriors. Qin Fen took a long sigh inside, originally proud of his marksmans.h.i.+p, but it seems that he had not really reached the highest realm.

At least, if Gun King shot in this situation, he could take a hundred and thirty-seven lives with the same amount of bullets.


Qin Fen and Yang Jiwu shout out the same order, and Du Peng and others dispersed in different directions at the same time.

At this moment, they had to try to hold enough insect warriors for the recruits to have enough time to gather. The recruits of more than four thousand people gathered together. The ability to protect themselves would always outweigh the situation of a thousand and five hundred recruits.

Qin Fen took a deep breath and the true energy in his body swelled in the blood, stimulating his muscle fibers.

At this moment, the mythical legend, Konjac, had returned! Qin Fen’s body instantly pulled up nearly ten inches, the blue veins that were thick like fingers bounced under the skin, the ferocious face was more horrible than the insect warriors’ facial blue veins!

“Come on!”