The Empress' Livestream Chapter 94 – Son, Let’s Visit the Brothels (I)

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Chapter 94: Son, Let’s Visit the Brothels (I)

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When Jiang Pengji returned to the Liu residence, the soft ping of a System notification sounded in her ears.

System: My dear host, the results of your full interaction streaming mode poll is ready. Most voted for “I want to visit the ancient brothels.” Please complete this task within three days.

It was an automated System message. Jiang Pengji took a quick glance at it before tras.h.i.+ng it.

“As expected… The viewers are more interested in this type of questionable content.”

Jiang Pengji was utterly disappointed with her viewers, and she had now lost the drive to continue streaming. Even if she did draw the card to raise her level, would that mean that instead of 3,000 lecherous viewers she would have 10,000?

“Actually, I want to see it too…” the System said quietly.

Jiang Pengji: “…”

System, you are made up of numbers and have no physical body. Why do you want to go to a brothel?

It was still early when Jiang Pengji returned to the residence. She headed for her own wing and began was.h.i.+ng up. Even though she had not sweated much, her clothes were dirty from being in the fields.

“Langjun, you’re a n.o.ble. If there’s anything you need, just leave it to that blockhead Xu Ke. Why do you have to go there? Now look at you, so dusty…” Taxue nagged.

Jiang Pengji knew that she should not argue. The best solution was to remain quiet.

As expected, Taxue stopped nagging when she noticed Jiang Pengji’s quiet demeanor.

Elsewhere, Xu Ke suddenly grew courageous and planned something behind Jiang Pengji’s back.

Jiang Pengji solemnly ate dinner with Liu She and Madam Hu. She was in a good mood and had already eaten two bowls of rice. Her speed was fast yet elegant. The amount of food she had eaten was more than Liu She and Madam Hu’s meals combined, yet she finished at the same time as them.

“Lanting is still growing. I had the kitchens make two more meat dishes.”

Liu She’s appet.i.te had always been poor, but when he saw his daughter’s satisfied expression, he managed to finish a bowl of rice without stopping. Madam Hu noticed the change in his eating habits and secretly rolled her eyes. She had given up trying to be as elegant as possible.

Madam Hu did not want people to think that she mistreated Liu Lanting. Therefore, did not bother reminding Liu She that Lanting was his daughter, not his son. With the amount of food Jiang Pengji had eaten, she would be fat by the end of the year.

But Jiang Pengji would never grow fat. Any food she ate would be turned into muscle.

Jiang Pengji gave Liu She her respects after dinner and resumed her elegant posture. She tried to guess when Liu She would speak.

She knew Liu She kept tabs on her through Xu Ke and that his intentions were purely out of concern for her well-being. Jiang Pengji quite enjoyed the care and concern he had shown her. But she knew that she could not enjoy it for much longer.

If Liu She’s behavior did not change soon, one day it would be the stake that drove them apart.

No matter how close people were, there still needed to be some distance between them, even amongst fathers and sons.

Jiang Pengji had a strong personality. She could not tolerate other people ordering her around or trying to control her life. Even if Liu She tried to imprison her for a day, she would not stand for it.

She could enjoy Liu She’s care once or twice, but she would likely fight with him if he continued. So to prevent the worst from happening, it would be wise to talk it out early.

If Liu She wanted to know something, he could ask her directly. He did not need to go through another person.

Liu She told her that he had gone through Xu Ke to understand her better, and he had not even blushed at his actions. The next thing he asked floored Jiang Pengji.

“Xu Ke said in his letter that you’re curious about Langlang Alley?”

Jiang Pengji, Liu She, and Madam Hu often bonded after dessert because the atmosphere then was less formal than it was during dinner.

Jiang Pengji: “Eh?”

Madam Hu glared at Liu She. Her posture spoke volumes about how she would strangle him if he said anything more.

“I am curious…” Jiang Pengji admitted. She had plans to go check out the place tomorrow. “Ahem—why do you ask?”

It was obvious in Madam Hu’s expression that she wanted Liu She to restrain himself. He was talking about visiting brothels with his son in front of his mistress.

“You’re not young anymore, and there are some things you need to know.” Liu She raised his brows at Jiang Pengji.

Jiang Pengji’s tea went down the wrong pipe. Before she could start coughing, Madam Hu flipped over the table. The table and its contents clattered to the floor loudly.

Liu She behaved as if nothing had happened and gave a sweet smile. “You want to go too?”

Jiang Pengji: “…”

Liu had talked about visiting brothels in front of his mistress, and then he had asked her if she wanted to join them. Jiang Pengji wanted to bow down to his kicka.s.s att.i.tude.

“Be careful tonight in case Gu Min comes to strangle you in your sleep. To think that you would lead Lanting astray…” Madam Hu’s face was flushed with anger, but Liu She was laughing instead.

“Hmph!” Madam Hu flung her sleeves angrily and left the room hurriedly.

“Don’t be too surprised by her temper there.” Liu She regained himself, “It’s natural to be curious at your age. Instead of waiting for you to sneak out there and encounter any unfavorable situations, it would be easier if I brought you there. Once you have seen everything, you won’t be curious anymore.”

Jiang Pengji: “…”

His reasons sounded very rational, but was there something amiss here?

“Why don’t you don’t seem surprised?”

Liu She had definitely visited brothels before! Was his love for Gu Min a lie?

“I was your age before. How could I not understand?” Liu She replied happily, and his eyes were gentle. “And the first time I visited a brothel, it was your mother who asked me to accompany her.”

Jiang Pengji: “…”