The Empress' Livestream Chapter 145 – How To Lend a Helping Hand (III)

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Chapter 145: How To Lend a Helping Hand (III)

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Liu She had noticed the youngster behind Wei Yuan at their arrival, and Wei Yuan’s

intention was clear: he wanted to introduce the teenager to him so that he may look

after him at the court in the future.

Still, their subject at the moment was solely Wei Yuan’s resignation.

Wei Yuan joked with a bitter smile, “Liu Zhongqing, you’re going to make me say it,

aren’t you? You know your child and I can’t get along, and it will do more harm than

good if I continue teaching him. I figured out I should leave before you ask me to.”

“Still…” Liu She was hesitant. “What about Lanting’s study?”

“Certainly, I hope all the best for him. After all, I’ve taught him for some time.” Wei

Yuan took out a reference letter from his sleeve.

The father opened it with confusion, and then appeared shocked. “How can Lanting

become Master Yuanjing’s pupil? The child is so plain!”

The teacher shook his head. “He doesn’t have to become Yuanjing’s pupil in order to

learn from him. We’ve all heard about the strange man and can tell Lanting’s

temperaments will not suit his taste. I recommend the child go there because Langye

is a place that accommodates the most talent in the kingdom. It’s time for him to

leave home and make friends in a new environment.”

While one-on-one teaching at home was desired for many families, Wei Yuan found

Liu Lanting too shy and timid, and thought that he should go out to acquaint his

peers. If he had come from the modern times, he would call Liu Lanting a couch

potato—too lazy to take a step outdoor.

It would be the best if Yuanjing accepted the role of Jiang Pengji’s master. If not, she

could still read and socialize in Langye Academy. She needed friends and allies to

survive in the court, especially when her father was an influential bureaucrat with

many compet.i.tors. Those men would not show mercy to the feeble kid of their rival.

Since Jiang Pengji would be confronted by her dad’s opponents, she had to expand

her social network as soon as possible.

These were all Wei Yuan’s concerns for Jiang Pengji. Liu She was of the same

opinion. He was planning to visit Wei Yuan about his resignation if he had not come

on his own initiative. Since he was there, however, it saved much trouble for Liu She,

and he thought he should thank him for it.

“Gongcao, you’ve done a lot for my child.” Liu She sighed as he carefully folded up

the letter. “It’s been years since our last meet. Will you stay for lunch?” Their

friends.h.i.+p was a little more than a common acquaintance, although the two were not

close friends.

“I can’t say no to your invitations.” Wei Yuan laughed and touched his beard. Liu

She’s response was as he expected.

Liu She raised and ordered for their meals. Then, as if he had just noticed the

youngster next to Wei Yuan, he faked a surprise look and teased, “Is this a member

of your family?”

Qiguan Rang had stared at the ground quietly during their previous chat, and only

gestured to show respect when Liu She mentioned him.

Wei Yuan smiled. “Not yet, but soon.”

Liu She immediately understood that the boy was his soon-to-be son-in-law, and he

observed Qiguan Rang curiously. It was a youngster with a pleasing air. His

elegance was not affected by his rough clothing.

Liu She praised, “I wonder where Gongcao met this exceptional young man!”

Wei Yuan was proud of his choice. Qiguan Rang, at the same time, held his hands

into loose fists and remained silent. The usually composed teenager could barely

conceal his nervousness in front of his idol—he was one of most popular figures in

Dongqing at the time.

Wei Yuan showed his humbleness for both Qiguan Rang and himself, so saying that

was flattering.

“How should I call you?” Liu She asked amiably. Wei Yuan let Qiguan Rang reply for

himself. He had taken the youngster with him to meet Liu She so it would be better if

the two could have a chat.

“I’m Qiguan Rang. Good day, Officer Liu.”

Inexplicably, Liu She fell into silence, and then smiled. “Where are you from?”

“Shangyu at the northern border,” replied the teenager.

Liu She looked down solemnly, and his voice further softened. “Do you have another


“Yes, it’s Wenzheng. It’s given by my teacher.”

“…” Liu She guessed that he needed peace for a moment.

Qiguan Rang, also called Qiguan Wenzheng, was born in Shangyu. He had lost his

wife at a young age…

That alone could not astonish Liu She. He also knew Qiguan Rang would become a

cruel man who would burn the palace a few years later and order beheadings to all

royalty in favor of the master he would serve.

What was more, he was one of the few who could defeat the force of Empress Chen,

Liu Xi, at the moment, with his unpredictable intrigues.

Still, if that was everything he had learned, he would not lose his words.

According to Gu Min, the future master of Qiguan Rang was susceptible to rumors.

He had distrusted Qiguan Rang because of the rumors and had imprisoned him, and

Qiguan Rang retaliated by designing the master in prison and forcing him into


On the day that Empress Chen defeated the master, Qiguan Rang opened the town

gate to receive her. He would then work for her.

“A wise man chooses the most competent master, like a bird picks the strongest

branch to live on. My old master has deserted me. Now, I’m his rival.”