The Empress' Livestream Chapter 123 – Nice Try, Kid (II)

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Chapter 123: Nice Try, Kid (II)

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What did she mean? She left it for the audience to guess.

Jiang Pengji appeared indifferent, while Liu She wore a smile on his face. “Yes, this is Lanting.”

The girl noticed that he did not introduce further and was embarra.s.sed.

Jiang Pengji sat down, pretending to be observing her tea, but was in fact secretly examining the “girl” and Liu She.

There was not much to say about her cousin. Anyone with a sharp eye could spot the flaws in her seemingly brilliant disguise. Besides, Jiang Pengji could smell “her” exceptionally revolting scent.

What was more interesting was Liu She’s reaction.

He was maintaining an intimate smile towards the guest, but Jiang Pengji could feel the distance he was keeping. The way he looked at the teenager––with the almost imperceptible movements of fingers and facial muscles––indicated his abhorrence.

Oh, even “abhorrence” could not fully describe his feelings.

It was like finding a dishful of rotted animal corpses and excrement of various creatures during a New Year’s Eve dinner. That was how nauseous he felt.

The cousin mentioned Jiang Pengji repeatedly, yet Liu She changed the subject every time to some meaningless chats as if the two were close relatives. At last, the “girl” stated the reason for her visit: She wished to see the lady.

Instead of rejecting as Jiang Pengji had supposed, Liu She agreed without hesitation.

She frowned and suggested to her father, “Since the physicians said mother’s illness can be affected by her moods, meeting someone from her maiden family may favor her recovery. Still, I’m afraid my cousin might get lost at our home. Please let me lead her to mother’s chamber.”

Liu She frowned, yet allowed it in silence.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Jiang Pengji turned to catch the cousin’s gaze as if she had seen it with the back of her head.

The girl said shyly, “Lanting, that must be a joke, for you are walking in front of me!”

Jiang Pengji nodded and the two continued to walk in silence. Her reaction surprised the audience, who thought she would try to befriend the cute girl.

Houdandan: “Grasp the chance to speak with her!”

Zhengmiangang: “Feel like the host is waiting to pull out the big guns.”

Laosiji Lianmeng: “As an old viewer here, I get what the host means. There’s something wrong with the girl.”

The comment, together with what Jiang Pengji had said earlier, formed an appalling picture in other viewers’ minds.

Still, there were people who asked for a clearer answer.

Chiputao Daotu Putaopi: “Have you all got it? I’m still puzzled… Can anyone explain?”

But the others decided not to tell the innocent viewer about the dirty truth. Jiang Pengji was of the same mind.

Host V: “You’ll understand when you grow up.”

Chiputao Daotu Putaopi: “Eh? Host, you noticed me in the wave of bullet screens! I’m so happy that you replied!”

They did not know she read every comment on the interface.

The two were lucky, as the lady had just woken up and was feeling quite well.

Hearing the message Jiang Pengji asked an attendant to bring, the lady was surprised, but then frowned. “Help me to the dressing table.”

Sitting straight up and looking at the dim face in the bronze mirror, she let the attendants dress her hair and put makeup on her countenance. The sophisticated hairstyle was then decorated with two simple, yet elegant, hair pins, while the creased sleepwear was also changed to casual clothes with a fresh, clean aroma.

Under the care of the nimble attendants, the fatigued lady soon appeared refined and dignified.

“This will do. Now, let’s meet…” She paused, then smiled like a blooming peony, breathtakingly proud. “Let’s meet my niece!”

At that moment, the attendants suspected it was the imperious Madam Hu they were serving. But they dared not to speak their minds, and accompanied her more carefully.

When Jiang Pengji entered, she saw the lady sitting on the main seat with a novel air. Jiang Pengji sighed. It was as she had suspected.

“Mother, I’m glad you’re feeling better today.”

As she said it, she tried to block the gaze between the cousin and the lady, but failed with her current short body at the age of twelve. The “girl” behind her was a head taller.

“This is?” The lady nodded lovingly at Jiang Pengji, then looked at the d*mn familiar “girl.” Her facial expression was almost out of control, but she managed to retain her humor. “Where did my child find this adorable young lady? Are you here for my permission to marry her?”

Well… Jiang Pengji pretended to be a boring, stubborn boy, “Mother, we must not harm the girl’s reputation. Didn’t the attendant tell you that we have a guest from your maiden home?”

It was then that the lady glanced back at Jiang Pengji, hiding her smile under a handkerchief. “Now that you’ve grown up, you won’t let your aunt tell a joke, eh?”

She then observed the “girl” closely, acting as if she was recollecting. “You look familiar. Who’s your mother? How would she allow you to come to Hejian alone?”

The “girl” nervously rubbed her handkerchief, swallowed her reply while glimpsing at Jiang Pengji, and looked at the lady with repressed longing.

What was going on? Jiang Pengji perceived everything and thought with irony. Was “she” hinting that Liu Lanting was an outsider who could not learn about their shared secret?

Of course, Jiang Pengji could understand what the cousin suggested, but she decided not to comply.

The atmosphere became strange as she insisted not to leave the “girl” and the lady alone.

In the end, the lady asked Jiang Pengji to give them a private moment. Yet, she did not know Jiang Pengji, who could sense whatever happened within fifty meters around her, was paying close attention to their interaction to ensure the lady’s safety.

After confirming Jiang Pengji had stayed at a distance, the lady turned back to the teenager. “You’ve grown a lot.”

As soon as she finished, the “girl” knelt down abruptly, and moved towards her on “her” knees, sobbing. “Mother, I miss you terribly!”

Shocked! The audience listened to the clear voice. That’s obviously a boy!