The Dying Angel: Origin 4 Chapter 4

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1 Year later G.o.d made Jack revive and once again Jack was so mad and angry that he killed 6 angel knights and went down to earth and tried to destroy all humans, but Jack powers weren’t the same he had a limit. Jack still had black and white wings but when Jack was revived it didn’t only made him weak, but he also came back with 2 horns. G.o.d started to communicate with him and told him that because of his dark and white heart he was revived as a half demon and half angel and G.o.d also told him that he couldn’t come back to heaven nor he can go to h.e.l.l. Jack was stuck in the human world known as Earth.

Jack became like the heir of The Devil. He became The Demon King, but he also showed sympathy to people that had almost the same condition he had in his first life. Jack gave money and food to people with the same condition he had, he supported them, but at the same time he killed everyone that looked down on him in his first life and in a little amount of time he had killed about

Millions of people and had saved a lot a people at the same time he gained the t.i.tle of “The Demon Angel of Two Faces” because he killed people because of hatred but also save people that were dying of hunger, bullying and more. He helped them as much as he could. After a couple of years, he started to change because the people that he saved started to love him, they started to see his true self the good side and then in 2 more years he changed a lot and began helping humans as much as he could.
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Jack story was pa.s.s down into generations and also Jack founded love, years later. Jack fell in love and they had a big family with a lot of children and half of his children had his ability so his family have lived for generations and obviously, Jack died at his 200’s because angels and demons have a greater life span than humans and he died because of his age and illness.

Jacks family have been helping humans throughout generations and people loved his family and respected Jack and his story.