Silent Crown Chapter 528: Go Back To My Profession

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“I always wanted to become a historian. Your Majesty, among all the scholars, I know the most about the Dark Age,” Ye Qingxuan said coldly, “so I am qualified to say that there is something wrong with this subject. On one hand, we lack enough historical materials, and on the other hand, the direction that those historians are heading is wrong… After I heard what Gaius told me, I finally realized that we have been misled. Someone is trying to make the whole scholarly circle focus on something meaningless, making us historians study fairytales… The true history, however, has been neglected all the time.”

“You are right.” The King of Red nodded.

“You concealed what happened in the past, and twisted and changed humanity’s future.”

“Yes.” The King of Red nodded again. He confessed it without any hesitation, which surprised Ye Qingxuan.

After a long while, Ye Qingxuan asked, “What on earth have you done?”

“I can not tell you. I have been keeping this secret for hundreds of years,” the King of Red replied. “Once they know what happened in the past, they can’t bear the pressure. The King of Blue, the King of Yellow, and I decided that one day, the church group should tell this secret to the entire human race, but now…”

“Is ‘Son of Original Sin’ also part of it?”

“Maybe.” The King of Red did not directly answer this question. Instead, he looked at Ye Qingxuan and said gently, “Ye Qingxuan, you have asked too many questions, and we should stop here. Now it is your turn to answer my questions.”

Ye Qingxuan was silent.

On the day when Ye Qingxuan woke up, the King of Red had promised Ye Lanzhou that he would take up for his son. He kept his promise by giving Ye Qingxuan the bishop’s ferraiolone. If Ye Qingxuan joined the Sacred City, in less than five years, he would become the archbishop and have great power in the Cardinal Church. In only a few decades, he would become the most powerful man in the world, and his offspring could even inherit his t.i.tles.

Both Ye Lanzhou and Ye Qingxuan had protected the glory and solemnity of the Sacred City by defeating No one had done a better job than they had in defending the city. If Ye Qingxuan did not want to be a clergyman, he could also be a member of the Silence Governance, and all the cla.s.sic books and information would be open to him. In less than five years, he would reach the level of scepter, and then he would be granted the holy t.i.tle of Hendel and the Scepter of Messiah. He would become a holy saint of the highest rank…

These were the promises the King of Red had given to Ye Qingxuan on that night in the holy temple of Sarroman.

However, until now, Ye Qingxuan had not given any reply.

“I still need more time,” Ye Qingxuan said.

The King of Red did not urge him to give his answers right away. Seeing his face, the King of Red seemed to understand something.

The King of Red said, “The world is moving fast. I hope you can make preparations beforehand.”

Before Ye Qingxuan got out of the carriage, the King of Red gave him his rosary and said, “Come to the Apostolic Palace tomorrow and tell me your answer. Take this with you and you can pay me a visit whenever you want.”

The King of Red spoke firmly, as if he knew Ye Qingxuan would think things through by the next morning.

Ye Qingxuan hesitated for a while and received the beans.

The carriage left. Ye Qingxuan stood at the end of street alone. He stood there, silently, for a long time. Then he turned around and went back to the graveyard.

There was only Bai Xi standing in front of Hermes’ tombstone. She stared at the tombstone for a long time and took off her scarf. She wound her scarf around the tombstone, though it looked very ugly.

The tombstone would not feel cold, and neither would the dead.

“I have never been kind to him,” Bai Xi said gently. “He helped a lot, but I have never had the chance to return the favor.”

Ye Qingxuan did not say anything. Bai Xi turned her back to the tombstone and said, “Let’s leave here.”

“Okay.” Ye Qingxuan nodded and walked with Bai Xi, side by side.

Bai Xi said she did not want to take the carriage. “Let’s take a walk.”

“Now?” Ye Qingxuan was surprised.

“Yes, now.” Bai Xi stepped on the snow and looked at him. “Don’t you think it is the perfect time to take a walk around this city? It is quiet and not crowded.”

Watching her serious face, Ye Qingxuan agreed.

Throughout the years, the Sacred City had never been as desolated and quiet as it was then. Few people were walking on the street, and most of the shops were closed. Since the government had adopted the ration system, there was enough food and water for people. Two days ago, there were few luxury goods here, but soon, merchants from all over the world would come with their luxury goods, hoping to make a big fortune.

The construction of rebuilding the city was going on. Soon, the Sacred City would be bustling and prosperous again.

Now, there were ruins everywhere, and apart from the places that had been protected by the enchantment, nothing intact was left.

“Everything has been ruined,” Bai Xi said when she arrived at the sixth scenic spot. “There is nothing but broken churches, ruins… and dead bodies.”

She kicked away a few broken bones that were in her path and looked at Ye Qingxuan. “Cousin, I want to see the Apostolic Palace.”

“…” Ye Qingxuan looked at the sky and did not reply.

The Apostolic Palace was the power center and military-restricted area where the Cardinal Church was located. It was heavily guarded by the Knights Templar and surrounded by three layers of enchantments. Not even a fly could get in, not to mention a person.

“Then show me to the Stela of Destiny?”

Ye Qingxuan still did not reply.

When the Terminal Red Dragon fled, the entire Central Square was burnt, as was the Stela of Destiny. Now, there was only a big hole left there. The hole was also a restricted area, since it was directly connected with the Underground Palace, which was supposed to be secret. From time to time, some devils would crawl out of it. It was going to take at least three months to clear it up…

Apart from the brothels and bars, there was no place that was worth going.

“Not the Apostolic Palace, not the Stela of Destiny, why not just destroy the whole Sacred City.” Bai Xi frowned and said, “How about the Central Holy Cathedral? I have always wanted to go there!”

Go there to do what? Play with bombs?

Ye Qingxuan was speechless.

“Sorry, I can not take you there.”

“F*ck.” Baixi cursed and did not say anything. She walked forward and wandered in the street. After a long while, she stopped and pointed to the crowd in front of them.

“Cousin, I am hungry.”

In front of them was the temporary Food Distribution Zone. Here, people could not only receive the staple goods and daily necessities, but could also eat deli food. People who did not like eating compressed biscuit would come here. The deli was well-supplied and cheap, but it didn’t taste that good…

“Sure, let’s eat some delicious food.”

Although the business sector was not ideal at the moment, over the last two days, many famous restaurants and clubs had opened their doors again. So people could eat many delicious cuisines from all over the world there. The price had gone up a lot however, not that the usual patrons would notice or mind the increase.

I remember there was a restaurant that was the best in the Sacred City.

When Ye Qingxuan was still in the prison, Ludovic often invited him to visit that restaurant and taste the signature dishes. It was really delicious.

When Ye Qingxuan walked to the restaurant, he realized he did not have any money with him. After he woke up, everything had been taken care of by the officials of the Sacred City. In his pocket, there was only some coins.

“What’s wrong?” Bai Xi saw him digging in his pocket for the money and instantly knew what was going on. She did not feel unhappy or angry, instead she pinched her small jaw for a while.

She found another restaurant that was not far away and smiled to Ye Qingxuan. “It is fine, cousin. It is my treat today.”

“What?” Ye Qingxuan was confused. “You have got money?”

“Of course not,” Bai Xi said. “I am going to go back to my profession.”

She cut off the lower hem of her coat and changed it into a mask with Alchemy, then used it to cover her face. Then she snapped her fingers and cut the statue of a saint along the road into pieces. She picked up two swords made from the arms of that statue and walked into the restaurant.

“Do not move!” she yelled. “Give me money!”