Silent Crown Chapter 382: Miracle Crystallization

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In Ye Qingxuan’s eyes, the moonlight lit up, illuminating the reality. The moment the Garment and the flesh became one, he finally saw Crowley’s true appearance.

Within the solid darkness, countless tiny music notes connected, constructing an entirely different interval like a vast music score.

At just a glance, Ye Qingxuan knew this music theory was too far beyond him. It contained the School of Modifications, Revelations, Summoning, and even Abstinence… These different theories were combined under one wild rule, transforming into the power of the abyss.

It revealed itself using the aether. This was the true nature of the Garment—a weapon carved with a symphony of predestination and even containing a scepter!

But amidst the complex music theory, within the rising and falling notes, music theory intertwined and countless music sheets twisted together. They vaguely formed a menacing face that changed with Crowley’s expressions. It seemed to cry, laugh; it seemed to be furious or depressed. It was tempting, luring one into its emotions.

Just as the Romulusian alchemists had used a music score’s spirit to replace a man’s will, this music theory had created something comparable to a man’s will.

No, this came from a man’s will!

The moonlight traced the roots and Ye Qingxuan used the interpretation method to find a critical point among the messy music theory. The point was using the way of raising beasts by the School of Summoning to cut a person up psychologically and join the pieces into the music score…

This was where Crowley had come from. He was a beast born from the pieces of a man’s personality and soul! But who could create the Garment while cutting himself apart and joining it at the same time?

Here, Ye Qingxuan’s expression grew bitter. Who else could it be?

“You’re ‘Paganini,’ right?” Studying Crowley, he said haltingly, “You’re made from the pieces of Paganini… He cut out the wildest, darkest part of himself and you were born!”

Crowley studied him in return. He seemed to smile and his eyes changed. Under the menacing mockery, a shred of pleasant shock flashed by. However, it quickly turned into an unnerving murderous glare.

“You must be Ye Qingxuan.” He looked at the young man behind Wolf Flute and lowered his head slightly. “As expected of the genius highly recommended by Naberius. That picky fellow was right.”

“What did he say?” Ye Qingxuan felt a chill.

“For people like you, if you can’t become a right hand man, then one day you would become a scourge!” Crowley narrowed his eyes. “But sadly…you won’t get the chance!”

Wolf Flute’s expression changed. He shoved Ye Qingxuan to the side.

Ye Qingxuan stumbled but silver light flashed before his eyes. The light changed, flitting past countless images in a second. In the last instant, he saw darkness swallow him. The armor of the Blade Dancer instantly rusted as if a millennium had pa.s.sed.

The moonlight only held on for a moment before breaking down. He spat out a mouthful of blood, feeling his organs fail. During this dizziness, he saw Wolf Flute jump into the aether world with the help of his scepter and land back in the material world. He crossed hundreds of meters in an instant.

Darkness swallowed everything. However, this time, the power was like a blazing sun. It created storms in the aether sea. The darkness rushed into the sky, practically enveloping the entire city. It called for the abyss’s power and activated the huge wind tunnel again.

It was like a ring of darkness. It loomed over the city and pushed down!

At the city’s peak, the Sacred Fire wavered.

“F*ck, is this s.h.i.+rt high on crack? It’s too powerful.” Wolf Flute’s hoa.r.s.e voice sounded in his ears. “Leave us and run! These guys must’ve planned something. The entire city will sink into the abyss. You have to find that d*mn Romulusian girl!”

“And then?” Ye Qingxuan froze.

“And then you know what to do.”

Wolf Flute’s answer was calm—calm to the point of being chilling. Then the voice disappeared. The moonlight threads snapped. Wolf Flute had cut off the coherence between the two.

Ye Qingxuan could only sense that terrifying changes were happening on the other end.

In the darkness, Wolf Flute’s lower body had already been corroded. The silver wolves’ hair were gray and mottled as they continued killing.

“You sent the kid away like that? You might be too confident in him.” Crowley snickered. “Without your protection, he’ll be devoured by the city.”

“No, he doesn’t need my protection,” Wolf Flute said indifferently. “He’s the representative of the School of Royalty and is the future of all of Anglo…”

“Really?” Crowley shook his head in dissatisfaction. Something fierce flashed past his eyes. “Then let’s have the future of Anglo be buried with you!” The plaintive melody sounded. The darkness swallowed everything.

At an alt.i.tude of thousands of meters above sea level, wild wind raged. Ye Qingxuan thought he was being blown by the wind like a leaf. He had never hated his weak body more than now. Why didn’t he exercise more? Even if he was not a muscular pig, he would at least not be blown by the wind.

Every element in Faust’s world should be frozen. However, Ye Qingxuan still felt aether flooding around him like furious tides in the ocean. Here, the aether and material world overlapped. The ripples of the aether sea had seeped into reality. Inside the large temple, it was as if a thousand ton sluice had opened. The aether formed a hurricane and wind, sweeping in all directions.

The aether density was far beyond a black zone. It was almost solid and within it, Ye Qingxuan was suffocating. He yanked out a steel nail form his damaged armor and anch.o.r.ed him to the steps. He trudged forward like a lonely mountain climber.

The steps spanned thousands of meters. The two sides were filled with delicate yet dark statues—suffering saints, lonely travelers, meditating girls, dying old men, tired merchants, terrified officials, furious kings…

The weakest parts of a human’s heart were presented here, transformed into realistic statues, frozen as beautiful pieces of art. Every statue was flawless and touching. One could feel the hearts of the characters.

At the end of the steps was the temple at the highest point of the city. Ye Qingxuan forged on, going against the aether flood. He approached it step by step but did not dare to make any sound.

In a black zone, a sound slightly too high could create abnormal changes. In a place where the aether was as terrifyingly dense that it was, even a cough could probably cause a chain reaction. The most common being explosions…

He climbed amongst oil that the alchemists had created. The slightest spark could cremate him. When he reached the last step, his armor had crumbled under the aether flood. His revealed clothing weathered until he looked like a beggar.

Thankfully, he could still use the sub-originator. In fact, it worked better than before. The surging aether filled the empty sub-originator, replenis.h.i.+ng his energy. Now, his condition was unbelievably good.

At the temple gate, the flood disappeared completely. Like the eye of a storm, there was not a ripple. He could feel the thing burning like a star within the temple, even through the thick doors.

Dumbfounding music theory was being born within the Sacred Fire, creating something awful and awesome that Ye Qingxuan had never seen before.

This was something that was far beyond a symphony of predestination, the Garment of Original Sin, or anything he could imagine. If this thing could still be called a music score, it was undeniably a terrifying power that sat above all knowledge.

However, the larger a music score was, the stronger of a spirit it needed. It was like how a symphony of predestination’s spirit could replace a man’s soul and control him. So where the spirit of the Sacred Flame come from?

He held his breath and gaped. As expected…in the large hall, atop the altar, the Sacred Fire that contained all family flames and the countless souls of Romulus burned. It absorbed the power of both heaven and the abyss, unleas.h.i.+ng a grand melody.

Elsa slept within the flames. The Sacred Fire had already become tangible in the crack of her chest. It had transformed into the crystals of a miracle. The crystal came from the fire where countless memories and souls were burning—including herself.

Everything was to create a realistic miracle within the Sacred Fire’s flame.

“Those Romulusians wanted to use this to make a scepter or even a more terrifying thing. It can be called…” The hoa.r.s.e voice paused to find an apt description. “The core of a natural catastrophe.”