Silent Crown Chapter 24

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The twelve musicians in the paintings depicted the twelve great masters of the western world.

The three portraits in the forefront were the three kings named after the impressive, and glorious “Bach”, “Mozart” and “Beethoven”, followed by other gurus like “Chopin”, “Haydn” and “Brahms”.

In addition to their extraordinary abilities, these big musicians inherited their names from the dark ages of the saints, who were also in charge of scary power and technology.

Because of the countries’ confidentiality policies and the masters’ wishes, some of their abilities were unknown.

For example, Mr. Haydn, the one who was permanently stationed in the holy city, secretly guarded the sheet music considered taboo, Genesis. The last time Genesis was played was forty years ago.

The phenomenal natural disaster called Holy White Storm, from the tip of the northern sea, invaded human countries. It had completely flattened half of the land and the population. This was followed by an invasion of beats which completely destroyed one of the countries. Mr. Haydn had then led the holy choirs to the northern wall, where the power of Genesis took out all the aether within a thousand mile radius, completely defeating it in one swoop.

The power of the irresistible force was beyond any ordinary person’s imagination. It got into the fertile plains, turning them into burning lava. Mooen Mountain had been turned into a huge valley by the exhaustive power. With hundreds of millions of tons of water coming in, most of the plains had sunk into the ocean forever.

The place was still a wetland. The wealthy city had completely vanished, only leaving skeletons under the sea.

The power was miraculous, it could not be controlled by the call of humans. When the power of the weapons was too strong, it did not matter who won or lost, because it lead to extreme loss, and tragedy on both sides.

On the border of the Anglo Kingdom and the Burgundy Kingdom, although there were two musicians descended from Chopin and Brahms, they had never fought against each other before.

It was said that in the East, the musicians of the powerful Imperial Nine Musicians were too strong, that they could not even control their own power. They could not stay in one place for a long time, otherwise a disaster would follow known as Armageddon.

A well-deserved icon of the Western musicians named ‘King of the Blues–Bach, had eternally lives in the dark world, opening up the land for mankind. After inheriting the holy name, he never returned to the hinterland of the civilized world.

And the papal of the generation, in the succession of inheriting the name King of Red– Beethoven simply lived in seclusion in the holy city. All educational affairs were given to the Cardinals. Beethoven’s mind was devoted to the Guarding the Abyss mission.

As for The king of Yellow–Mozart, he had been missing for many years. No one knew where this genius was.

Twelve portraits represented the twelve giants. But four portraits were still missing, which meant that no one was ent.i.tled to those names yet.

Looking at those blank portraits, Ye Qingxuan felt a little bit sad. There was not a big chance to become one of the great musicians.

“Your Royal Highness, Mary, I did not expect you to come. I am quite surprised.”

In the corner, a white-haired old man saluted the blonde girl in the front of him. The girl nodded back. She had a slender neck and looked dignified with a soft beauty.

She wore a blue dress, wit her hair in a simple bun behind her ear. She did not look like a girl going to a banquet, but more like a girl walking in the park.

“This is not a formal meeting. Please don’t be too serious, Mr. Dean.” The girl’s voice was very gentle. She looked around with admiration, “Although I came to handle other matters, but I saw this admission dinner ad decided to attend, feeling that many students will be the pillars of the future.”

She was almost as old as these students, perhaps even younger, but she seemed superior when she spoke.

“Just a group of children, who knows what they’ll do in the future?” The old man shook his head emotionally, “But every time I see them, I always feel that I am getting old.” He sighed, “Honestly, I have been a scared three times already by a student waiter today. I will go and ask the supervisor whether they recruited a Persian to work in the school. ”

“You are exaggerating.” Mary could not help but whisper softly, “But I’d love to see the person who scared the dean three times.”

At this point, the gentle band music gradually stopped. Most of the commotion in the hall had returned to silence, and everyone looked towards this corner, puzzled.

Based on the schedule, it was time for the dean’s speech, but the dean was not willing to step on stage. He stood in place, not moving, but just sipping his champagne.

“Dean, your speech,” Sidney whispered to remind him.

“Sorry, I don’t feel well today. Let’s not have a speech today.” He looked at the stunned Sidney. “Maybe you can go up and say a few words?”

Sidney was surprised for a moment. “Maxwell, you initially wanted to…”

“Oh, don’t be too rigid. How could you take my random idea seriously? Plus, I hate to discipline people. What if I say something inappropriate?” Maxwell waved lightly. “Skip it, skip it, let’s move on. Did you say that there was a young man here who was Master Schumann? Let’s request a piece. Music please! I like the sound of the piano.”

Sidney was speechless. He felt that the committee and himself had been played by this guy once again. It was like watching a strong enemy raise his palm, antic.i.p.ating him to strike, then watching him gently put his hand down. Although there was no slap, it still made people upset.

But what could he do?

All the people who hated him so much had no way to deal with him. Because he was Maxwell, the guardian of the blood of Anglo, the ruler of the Royal Music Academy. He had shown off from a young age, never giving anyone respect, nor caring about other’s opinions. 

He did whatever he wanted, not afraid of messing up. It was arbitrary chaos, he never cared about consequences too much.

For decades, he firmly occupied the seat in the House of Lords and the supreme hegemony of the school, ignoring the Queen’s order. Obviously he was from a n.o.ble family, but he had offended almost all of the families, and was even absent from three consecutive roundtable meetings…

Sidney sighed, “Next.”

This was the best solution. At least he did not need to worry that there was something wrong with Maxwell’s speech. Moreover, this was the committee’s special arrangement for Banner.

It was easy to say that it was better without Maxwell’s involvement!

In order to cultivate the younger generation, the Adrian family donated a large sum to the aristocracy committee. Just thinking of it, Sidney’s heart felt warmer, his fists clenched.

“Banner, it is your s.h.i.+ning moment now!” In his eyes, full of expectation, a blonde teen walked onto the stage quietly, standing in front of the piano.

In the public’s attention, he slightly bowed. His eyes swept across the whole audience, then sat down nicely and silently. His hands were on the keys, and slowly pressed down.

It was like the sound of broken crystals. Crisp reverberation from the keys resounded in everybody’s ears.

Maxwell squinted his eye, and gazed up. He whispered, “Pretty good.”

In the quiet atmosphere, the notes were echoing in the air. The collision rippled in all directions, colliding with each other, resonating in the air.

The gentle sound spread toward the Quartets, filling every inch of s.p.a.ce in the big hall, like a soft wind blowing into every corner. The music gradually increased just as the proliferation of silk, intertwining with everybody’s breath.

It subtly lingered in everyone’s ears. The music became more intense, then became a loud echo. Suddenly the notes burst.

The deep piano sound pressured everyone’s heart, like the flow of a river had suddenly frozen, and then burst!

This was one of the many “March” pieces spread around the continent, but it was the favorite progressive format used by the School of Modifications, different from the fugue format. It could be gentle at the beginning, but the notes must be continuous. Like a gentle veil was thrown, it gently evolved into a frenzy of brazen bursts.

Only a few people could play a piece so dense. The notes were jumping back and forth between each part, like an urgent storm, giving people no time to breathe!

What was once soft music had now brought strong shocking senses, making it impossible for anyone to gain their footing in the frenzy. Thoughts and feelings were swept away in the waves, distancing themselves.

The last note abruptly ended. The perfect melody slowly disappeared into silence.

In the quiet banquet hall, there was only the candidates’ astonished gazes and heavy breaths.

Banner got up silently, bowed, and left the stage.

After a long time applause erupted, like a storm.

“Well done!” Sidney whispered happily, almost dancing. He readily pulled the young waiter next to him, grabbed the champagne bottle from his hand and slowly poured himself a gla.s.s, feeling relieved after finished it.

He wiped the sweat on his forehead, but felt something was wrong. With a puzzled expression, he looked at the waiter next to him, “Have I seen you before?”

Ye Qingxuan slightly shrugged, his white hair hidden in the hat.

Sidney looked away and put the champagne back into Ye’s hand. “Do not be lazy, work hard!”

Ye Qingxuan carried the plate away. If the b.a.s.t.a.r.d found out he had snuck in, he might ask the attendees to beat him. Then it would be impossible to get some sausage for Old Phil!

Back in the kitchen there was still the banging sound of dishes. After Ye Qingxuan returned, he was pulled to wash the bowls and dishes. Soon, he heard John and several busboys talking about the performance in the banquet hall.

“What an outstanding performance!” The waiter said, “I almost dropped the plate.”

“It was shocking!”

“I could not even breathe. I never heard a student play that well.”

“What a pity. I was busy at the time.” The cook wiped her hands on her ap.r.o.n and looked depressed. “That fat vice dean, the fat man just came to check how the fruit plates were arranged. I didn’t know what he was thinking. Otherwise I would have gone and listened to it too.”

Ye Qingxuan heard their discussion next to them. Puzzled, he asked “Just playing the piano? What was the big deal?”

The cook and John looked at him, shaking their heads and sighing, “Little devil, you will understand when you grow up.”

The cook touched his hair with her greasy hand and sighed, “We, the civilians could only listen to the street band’s performance and the piano performance in the taverns. If I was not working here, I would have no hope of listening to someone play the piano in my life. What a pity I could not listen to it, you guys!” The cook grumbled with regret, “Well, it was initially my turn to go inside the hall today.”

“Actually I have learned how to play the piano a little if you want to listen to it…”

In front of the sink, Ye Qingxuan tapped the plates with his knuckles.

“I can play it for you.”