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89 Yamano Household’s j.a.panese House

(Mitsuha) 「This place is my j.a.panese house!」

Or should I say, my own house.

(Sabine and Colette) 「「 ………… 」」

Sabine-chan and Colette-chan had been studying j.a.panese in another world.

Sabine-chan, needless to say, wanted to watch the DVD freely without me translating it for her everytime. As for Colette-chan who is my retainer and the person who will be in charge of Yamano territory in the future when I’m gone, was studying various methods of modern politics and territory management through my instructions.

Of course, as a bait, I showed all sorts of Anime DVDs and made them addicted to it. The effect was outstanding!

They are still young and fast-learners. They had a terrifying willingness to study because they could watch as many DVDs as they like even if I’m not around. As a result, they can already speak broken j.a.panese by now.

It’s still a little bit confusing when they talk, but the listener could understand most of the meaning if they don’t talk too quickly.

As expected of Sabine-chan and Colette-chan. Clearly, they are far more excellent than the other children who are the same age in that world. Those two, yup……,

or so I thought.. In my mind, I saw the face of that orphanage’s cunning girl, the boy who made the cart, Loïc, and Manon-chan and the others who served as a.s.sistants.

……How come the children of that world had so much abilities!?

No, well, although their civilization was delayed, compared with earthling, their intellectual ability wasn’t so different, maybe. It’s probably because the amount of information is small…….

If I bring the children of that world to j.a.pan to study, they will probably have the same ability as j.a.panese people.

No, maybe they will outperform j.a.panese people in physical strength, views about life and death, 『mental att.i.tude as a person』 and such..

In the future, Yamano territory’s children will be transferred to Earth’s school……

No no no no, it’s still a long way off.

I’m still doing my best with what I’ve got right now and continue step-by-step.

And for the time being, with these two..

(Mitsuha) 「It’s my emergency safe house. This place is the country of origin of the thing that you guys had seen everyday, 『DVD』 and the country which speaks the language that you are currently studying, 『j.a.panese』.」

(Sabine and Colette) 「「Ooooooohhhh!!」」

Thus, I guided them around the house. They already knew the bathroom, the TV and the air conditioner beforehand because we have it in the manor and the royal palace, so it wasn’t a surprise. Then, Sabine-chan muttered.

(Sabine) 「It’s quite a small house…..」

S-shut up!

Well, she lives in the royal palace, and there are only visitation to the n.o.ble family’s houses or my, Yamano household’s General Store Mitsuha in the royal capital, hence this kind of commoner’s house may be her first time, but……

Apologize! We built it after great pains! Apologize to my dad who had worked hard to repay the loan!!

(Mitsuha) 「Th-that’s because it’s a safe house, you know……」

Sabine-chan, who seemed to have thought 『Ah, I made a mistake..』 due to my trembling voice, followed in a hurry.

(Sabine) 「N-no, there’s an exotic atmosphere here. It’s pretty much a nice house, yup!」

It’s fine already!

It was already 10 o’clock which was a quiet long time after we checked out from the inn. Should we go soon?

(Mitsuha) 「Alright you two, because we will go out after this, change your clothes to these ones!」

Having said that, I took out the clothes that I bought in advance from the closet and gave it to them.

(Sabine) 「These are..?」

(Mitsuha) 「These are common clothes in this wor-……country because your clothes will stand out, after all.」

Yup, because Sabine-chan’s and Colette-chan’s clothes will seem a little out of place in j.a.pan, I had prepared it in advance.

(Mitsuha) 「After you have changed your clothes, we will greet the people in the neighborhood and then go to a department store, okay?」

(Sabine and Colette) 「「De.. de-de-de…department store!!」」

Yes, it’s a department store that came out in the 『Anime』 DVD!

Sabine-chan and Colette-chan changed their clothes at super speed.

Finally, with the two who had finished changing their clothes, we greeted the people in my neighborhood.

(Mitsuha) 「These are my relative’s daughters. My relative got married with a foreigner and because the husband came back to j.a.pan due to a job transfer, they will come to play from time to time, so please take care of us.」

(Sabine and Colette) 「「Ple~ase, take care of us!」」

As I taught, the two agreed with the setting.

After saying our greetings to the police officers at the police box, we got on the mini car and went to the department store.

I won’t drive around the city with the RV because I’m a beginner who just got my license, after all. Thus, I’m totally unsure about parking on packed roads and small parking s.p.a.ces with such a big car. In this place, having an experience with driving a small light car is the best choice!

I had prepared beforehand to introduce these two to my neighbors and the police officers.

Until now, I normally used transfer for sewage treatment and returning back to the car, but other than that time, I was always with Sabine-chan and Collette-chan. But from now on, there will be times when they will do something separately, thus I cannot afford to leave them alone with no security.

Therefore, the neighbors can bring them back to my house and let them wait until I come home. If they give the two of them sweets and game consoles, they would probably be waiting without complaining.

However, if by some chance, there is something going on.

In the event of a thief or robbery, a fire, or anything else happens when it’s only the two of them alone.

And if I didn’t come back for some reason.

At that time, they can go around the neighborhood asking for help.

I’m planning to tell them where to dig up the hidden place under the floor if there’s a situation on which I can’t come back at all. Yes, I buried a sealed container containing various doc.u.ments, one meter below ground.

The doc.u.ments contained in the container describe how to contact the captain of the mercenary group, 『Wolf Fang』, and ask him to retrieve the underground savings holes, Swiss Bank deposits, etc. which can be used for the two of them as their savings to live comfortably. Letters to the captain and necessary doc.u.ments had also been prepared as many as possible.

There is a low possibility that it will happen and I will do my best not to do so, but It won’t hurt to prepare for it. Yes, I won’t overlook any small possibilities for the sake of these two.

I parked the car in the department store’s parking lot and sightseeing the department store together.

There was no problem in particular because I told them to never touch the products.

Nevertheless, two pretty foreign girls stood out because they were looking around in high spirits. They were unexpectedly stood out. Thankfully, it’s weekday in the afternoon and I have no acquaintances who got a job in this department store too. Well.. I could endure this for now……

(Aunt) 「Oh, is that you, Mitsuhchan? It’s been a long time~!」


(TL Note: See..)

My former cla.s.smates’ mothers…, I encountered the Mothers Groupppp!

After asking about Sabine-chan, Colette-chan and my current lives thoroughly, they finally released us after over 30 minutes.

Sabine-chan and Colette-chan couldn’t understand much because the aunts were talking at a fast pace like machine guns.

I was exhausted, hence I moved up our schedule and went to the restaurant in the department store for lunch!

Yup, it’s today’s main event.

TL Note:

I dunno why but I got a ‘GATE’ vibe because of Sabine-chan and Colette-chan behavior.. ( `・ω・´)

Therefore, they need to go to the ‘Art’ section too~


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