Rebirth: The New Game Of Life Chapter 80 Temporary Farewell

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Inside Aunt Mei’s Hosting room, Xiao Xi and Xinyue were sitting on the bed in meditation position, they were absorbing and refining the juice from the Fruit of Reconstruction.

Liu Yang had to insist enough to get the two women to accept such a gift, he even threatened them saying that if they did not drink the juice, he would make them suffer in bed again.

The two women were extremely embarra.s.sed when Liu Yang spoke again about it, they remembered the scenes of a few hours ago, that made their faces turn completely red. Xiao Xi and Xinyue clenched their teeth and accepted the gift of Liu Yang.

As for the subject of Liu Yang’s ident.i.ty as Indiana Jones, Liu Yang decided not to tell Xiao Xi, not because he did not want to, because it would be too dangerous if more people knew. To keep the safety of those Liu Yang liked, he preferred to keep it a secret. Thus, Xiao Xi continued to think that Liu Yang could be from the same faction as Indiana Jones or was an acquaintance of his.

Currently, only Xinyue knew Liu Yang was Indiana Jones, she decided to keep it a secret because she knew what would happen if others discovered this information. Xinyue was happy with this situation because this secret was something that only she knew, even the first wife did not know it. As a lover, it was a victory she got over Xiao Xi.

The women finished meditating after some time, and realized that there were some black smudges that came from the pores of their bodies, were the impurities, one of the effects of the juice of the Fruit of the Reconstruction was to clean the body, removing the impurities.

They were taking bathe to clean these black smudges, like every woman, they liked to be clean and perfumed.

When Liu Yang saw them after they came out of the bathroom in light clothes, the image he saw was of two fairies coming down from the heaven into the mortal realm, their baby-soft, white skin, two women looked younger.

Especially Xiao Xi, after some activities with Liu Yang and, have taken the juice, she was even more beautiful than before. The effect of the juice on Xinyue was not so great because it had already taken five drops before, but it still increased its beauty.

Liu Yang was looking at the two women with stunned eyes. Xiao Xi and Xinyue noticed the silly look of Liu Yang, they began to laugh, they were satisfied with this att.i.tude of his. That was normal, any wife would like her husband to appreciate her beauty?

“Husband, what are you looking at?” Xiao Xi’s words awakened Liu Yang.

“I’m looking at two beautiful fairies.” Liu Yang’s words left Xiao Xi and Xinyue satisfied.

“You rascal, your gaze is indicating that you are thinking of something perverted”

“Of course, what man would not think of perverted things when he has beautiful wives”

Liu Yang carried the women on his shoulders to the bed and began to take off their clothes.

“Husband shameless, what are you doing? Were not you tired? “

“I was, but now that I’ve seen you both, I’m full of energy again”

“Ah …”

“Ah …”

Liu Yang began kissing Xiao Xi while stroking Xinyue’s body with his hands, a new activity session began in the room.

After a few hours of activity, the two women were lying on Liu Yang’s arm, this time they did not let him do what he wanted.

“Husband, are you satisfied now?” Xiao Xi had some complaint in her voice, but she could not hide the joy she felt.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you bullied us again.” Although she had not given her body to Liu Yang yet, Xinyue was pleased.

“Extremely satisfied, if only we could do this for a few more hours” Liu Yang looked at Xinyue and Xiao Xi with perverted eyes.

“Pervert husband”


The two declared their grievances and each pinched one side of Liu Yang’s waist.

“Ah !! All right, your husband surrenders. My dear wife Xiao Xi, when will you return to your companions? “

“I have to go back before nightfall, some elders are following me to make sure nothing happens to me.” Xiao Xi looked disheartened as she answered Liu Yang’s question.

“I see, so let’s enjoy these last few hours to have fun together”

“No.” They both spoke together.

“Me and young sister Xinyue are tired after two sessions of activities in a single day, let’s do something else. Husband, I want to eat your food again, is it possible? “Xiao Xi was showing an aura of the older sister when she said it. Xiao Xi was younger than Xinyue but treated her as a young sister because Xinyue was new in that relations.h.i.+p.

“Okay, the husband is not going to force you to do that. My Little Xinyue, would you like to eat my food?”

“Young sister Xinyue, the husband’s food is extremely delicious”

“Yes, I want to try this rascal’s food” Xinyue was curious about the taste of the food that Liu Yang did, she understood that Xiao Xi had already eaten the food of Liu Yang.

“Wait a minute”

Liu Yang got dressed and took out some kitchen utensils, pots, seasoning, meats, and vegetables. As he could not create a bonfire inside the room, Liu Yang used the magic Fire Ball to cook the food.

Roasted meat, soup, fried vegetables, rice, there were four kinds of a dish on the table the look and smell was making the stomachs rumble. The two women were immersed in the delicious taste of food, they ate until they were full.

After eating, the three of them lay in bed and talked for a while, as the night began to fall, Xiao Xi left Aunt Mei’s Hosting and returned to the Xiao clan’s mansion, but before leaving the room, Xiao Xi launched a meaningful look at Xinyue and then spoke: Young sister Xinyue, I need you to take care of our perverted husband, during the battlefield fights and the night in bed. When you need help, I’ll try as hard as I can to help.

Xinyue was extremely embarra.s.sed at the words of Xiao Xi, she did not believe that Xiao Xi was so direct and say those words. Xinyue knew what it meant. Liu Yang just pretended not to hear, but when he turned around and looked at Xinyue, he realized that her face was completely red.

Liu Yang said goodbye to Xiao Yi with a long and hot kiss.

Outside the Aunt Mei’s Hosting, there were two old men with gray hair, they were elders of the Xiao clan. When the two of them saw Xiao Xi who had her skin completely renewed as a baby, they began to have several a.s.sumptions about what happened inside the room.

The three of them walked to the mansion, the moment the other young people saw the new Xiao Xi, they were enchanted by its beauty. Some girls even asked what Xiao Xi had done that last day to achieve such an effect.

The elders of the older generation were able to observe something that the young men could not do. They began to think that the person Xiao Xi visited was her husband, and the two probably did some activities on the last day, they only thought but did not speak because this was none of their business.

But Xiao Xi’s words were unlike her thoughts, she had said that her friend had given an elixir that removes the impurities from the body, that made skin renew. These words aroused envy in the girls in the mansion.

The young people who had a crush on Xiao Xi were totally glazed at her beauty, they could not take their eyes off her. Some even started to have misconceptions to try to take it.

Xiao Xi did not know these things, she was just inside her courtyard relaxing, she was totally satisfied and relaxed after this reunion with Liu Yang.