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After the elders left with the young people, only Liu Yang and his in-laws remained.

“Boy, you and the big sister have any plans to deal with that b.i.t.c.h?” After a few minutes, the matriarch spoke. Liu Yang has placed a powerful barrier to prevent others from hearing what they were talking about.

“Yes, Xillia does not want to kill her quickly, Xillia wants Long Jingyi to suffer all her life because of the things she did. Only then, Xillia will be satisfied, and I have an interesting way to make it happen, but she and I have decided that we will not go beyond the tolerable limits.” Liu Yang spoke mysteriously.

“Okay, we will not meddle in that, since you have enough power to achieve your goals. Boy, I have some information to give you, it’s about the younger sister Zi Wu’s sect, according to my informants within the sect, some elders were secretly watching over the place where little sister Zi Wu was asleep.

A few tens of years ago, before you took the younger sister, the elders discovered that her body had turned to dust, but her soul could not be seen. All the elders of the sect thought that she had died, after a few days of mourning, the sect returned to normal.

But there were some strange things, these elders who were always watching over the frozen chamber received many benefits from some mysterious group after reporting on the alleged younger sister’s death. I suppose this influential group is the Long clan.”

“Auntie, I am aware of this, before I left the frozen chamber, someone entered, according to Zi Wu, the person who entered into an elder of the sect, she had a cheery face when she saw the ice dust in place of the body. It showed that she had been expecting this moment for a long time.”

“Boy, the Nine Worlds are in chaos and clans and sects are doing their best to form alliances, the Xiao clan does not have many enemies because they are commercial clans and are part of the Mercantile Alliance. But this is different for the Song clan, since the ancestors killed many ancestors of other clans, even if they were forced to do so.

Many enemies see this as an opportunity to invade the Song clan and steal our treasures, although the clan has lost much of the ancestors, there were still many hidden within the coffins of time. Even if we fight against two supreme clans, we can still stand, but if one more is added, we will have many problems.

Currently, Song clan only a few allies, among them are the Xiao clan, Floating Feathers Sect, and your Explorers’ Faction. The other groups are still disgruntled of the things that happened inside the pyramid.

Although the Xiao clan also had some resentments, the sister-in-law did not mind this, since she had already warned about it before.

Boy, do I have a question for you: Would you fight in this war if it becomes large-scale?”

After the speech of the emperor of the Song clan, he asked a question to Liu Yang.

“Uncle, honestly speaking, I would not want to get involved in this war, as there are still hidden enemies waiting for the clans to lose before they can take the benefits. Besides, even if my faction struggles, we will also have heavy losses, and this is something I do not want to happen.

I understand that many clans and sects are trying as hard as possible to make alliances to fix ancestors’ mistakes. I know this is a very difficult thing to do since not everyone would agree to these marriage arrangements or alliance treaties.

If I can get the Nine Worlds to be in peace again, even if it is accepting the daughters of those influential couples. I would not mind doing this, but I also do not intend to use my children in this.

You may find me hypocritical in that sense, but that’s what I think.”

“I see … Boy, I believe that with your power and influence, it is possible that the wars in the Nine Worlds would stop a little, but there would still be many internal conflicts in those clans that accepted this agreement. For many of them will still want to take revenge on their ancestors”

“Auntie, I know that. At times like this, the only way to make everyone calm down is by showing great strength or all being in a common situation. And I think the things that can happen are all being in a situation in common. For the Remnants will not stand still any longer, I’m feeling it.”

“Boy, did that little girl see anything with her abilities?”

“Yes, Sara has been able to see that in the near future the Remnants will attack the Nine Worlds, but she doesn’t know how long this would take. It may be a few months or years, but one thing is certain, time is less than ten years.”

“Boy, we’re going to make arrangements for our clans. Our daughters and granddaughters are safe with you, so we do not have to worry about Remnants trying to kidnap them. “

“Yes, as long as I’m alive, nothing will happen to my women and children. Uncles, aunties, you have to prepare as much as possible for the war against the Remnants, this here may help you a little. Only open it when you are in your rooms.” Liu Yang handed a scroll to each of them. The two couples were curious to know the contents of the parchment.

“Okay, anything you give us is always some weird treasure. And it probably will not be any different”

“Yes, it is indeed a mighty treasure that can make you strong together. Uncles, aunties, I need to get out now. Someone is calling me” Finis.h.i.+ng to speak, Liu Yang used spatial distortion and disappeared.

The two couples were curious to know about the contents of the parchment, they returned to their respective rooms.

When they opened the parchment, the information entered their minds, they discovered that the parchment had a skill called Dual Leveling. This ability allows couples to level while doing activities. Liu Yang created this ability while doing activities with his wives and lovers inside the tower.

The two couples were shocked when they saw the contents, they were very embarra.s.sed with the positions that needed to be done during the process. Liu Yang designed several images using dolls without faces to simulate the movements.

That night, the two couples did their utmost to learn the movements described in the skills. After each climax, the energy of the man and the woman would increase.

The two couples were surprised by this scene when the first climax was reached, after that, the two couples made several rounds that night.