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Liu Yang took out a small, ordinary-looking necklace and showed everyone, at first no one knew what the ordinary necklace was, but after a while, the great elder and the Yin Gate elders were shocked at what they were seeing.

Even Qin Xinyi and Wen Zhi, who already knew about it, were shocked because they only imagined it and did not think Liu Yang really had the necklace of the Heavenly Empress.

“Barrier!!” The great elder shouted suddenly. The old women quickly created a barrier that surrounded them, only Liu Yang, Qin Xinyi, Wen Zhi, and the old women were inside the barrier, the other women were out looking at this situation with curious eyes because they wanted to know what was happening.

“Young man, where did you get that?” The great elder asked with a solemn face, the other women also wanted to know that answer.

“I won from my concubine,” Liu Yang said with a casual tone.

This response left them all frightened and shocked, for they never imagined that anyone could get something like the Heavenly Empress’s necklace in this way. Listening to the word concubine, many were strangers, for some of the women knew that Liu Yang already had several wives, concubines, maids, and children.

But now he was also the man of Qin Xinyi, the Holy Virgin of the Yin Gate, and also seemed to be very close to Wen Zhi, who was the current supreme master of the Yin Gate.

Qin Xinyi was not upset or anything like the word concubine, for when she traveled to the outside world, she had heard of much information about Liu Yang. And she also thought it normal to have more than one wife and concubines.

But the situation was different for Wen Zhi, as someone who never left the sect, she always imagined that a man should have only one woman. Luckily, Liu Yang had already told her about him having other women in the Nine Worlds. At first, Wen Zhi was upset because she saw that the man who took her heart and had the power to help her was a pervert.

Wen Zhi thought that Qin Xinyi was Liu Yang’s first wife, but after she talked to her, the truth was a bit shocking. But after much talk, she accepted, but on condition that she knows the other women later. Liu Yang promised the two women who were soon to meet Xillia Wolf, Xiao Xi, and other women.

“I see … Young man, what will you do with it?” The great elder realized that Liu Yang knew what the necklace was.

“I will make Wen Zhi become the next Heavenly Empress.” Liu Yang’s words were like a bomb in the ears of the old women. They never imagined that he would deliver the necklace without wanting anything in return, but it was a pity that neither of them knew that Liu Yang had already taken his part without anyone knowing, he had taken Wen Zhi.

“Young man, are you really going to give the necklace to the sect?” The old women could not believe what they were hearing.

“Yes, a friend asked me to take the necklace back to the sect.” Liu Yang spoke mysteriously.

“Alright, let’s go to the lounge talk first”

“It will not be necessary, Wen Zhi has already made the preparations to try to pa.s.s the trial of the inheritance”

“I see … But we have to make other preparations first”

“What kind of preparation?”

“We need to get rid of you first. Surround him! “Cried the great elder. All the elders surrounded Liu Yang and the two women.

“Great elder, what are you doing?” Wen Zhi asked in a heavy voice, she never imagined that the elders of the sect would treat Liu Yang in such a hostile manner.

“Supreme master Wen Zhi, even though you are the supreme master of the sect, you are still young and do not know the outside world. This young man named Liu Yang may seem like a good person, but the rules of the sect are very clear: No man can come to the sect, if they come, they will be killed”

“So this is how you thank the people who help you?” Liu Yang casually asked he did not care about this group of old women.

“We thank you for bringing the necklace, but these are the rules, and these rules must be fulfilled.” The great elder spoke in a fair and arrogant tone; she did not care about Liu Yang’s status in the outside world.

“I see … It seems that you, old women have forgotten what the meaning of grat.i.tude means. I really regret the little empress that her sect has become that way.” Liu Yang sighed as he spoke.

His words infuriated the elders, for to them, Liu Yang was mocking their sect. But it was different for Qin Xinyi and Wen Zhi, when they heard the words “little empress”, they immediately thought of the Heavenly Empress.

They were frightened when this thought came to their mind, for they never imagined that Liu Yang knew the empress, and moreover, call her a little empress. This showed that the two could be good friends, the two women were curious to know how Liu Yang knew the Heavenly Empress.

“You really have the courage to slander our sect, we will punish you and take you away because of it.” The great elder spoke in a fair tone, but she could not hide the greed in her eyes. She had been searching for the necklace for a long time but never found it, she would never imagine that someone would come who would deliver the necklace directly to her.

“I see … It seems that the great elder wants to stick to you and try to inherit the inheritance of the empress, but it’s a pity you can not do that because your age has already exceeded the requirements.” Liu Yang’s words startled the elderly because they did not imagine that there was an age limit to partic.i.p.ate in the trial.

“Young man, are you just trying to fool us? This is clearly a blatant lie”

“If this is true or not, you should ask her.” When Liu Yang finished speaking, he snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, a wave of energy pressed totally sect, and all the disciples fainted and even some elders who were weaker. Inside the barrier were only a group of people standing, but each of them had faces shocked and frightened.

Liu Yang used his power to make everyone in the sect faint, the elders stronger were looking at Liu Yang as if they were looking at a monster. For even on their level, they could not do it.

“Young … You … you’re not at level 900 and rank 9 but at level 1000 and rank 10. Only someone with that power level can make the entire sect faint, even though I’m at level 999 and rank 9, I cannot do such a thing.” The words of the great elder startled everyone on the spot, including Qin Xinyi and Wen Zhi.

Liu Yang just laughed at those words and did not comment.

“Little Empress, I think it’s time for you to show up since these crazy old women are trying to force me to give the necklace”