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The mood inside the VIP room was warm, while the couple did an intense activity, the man was sitting on the couch while the woman was sitting on top of the man and swinging her hips. Her b.r.e.a.s.t.s were being sucked heavily while her bottom was tightened tightly. The woman was beautiful and seductive, while a man was common, they were Wan Yuzhu and Liu Yang.

After Wan Yuzhu announced the beginning of the auction and left the stage, she was sent to Liu Yang’s room by order of the Universal Bank owner, he wanted to give Liu Yang a little more benefits besides his daughter. Because Liu Yang made the bank have a great chance of gaining a lot of wealth, because of this, the owner decided to thank Liu Yang for offering Wan Yuzhu.

When Wan Yuzhu entered the room, she immediately removed her clothes, as she already knew about her task after being sent to Liu Yang’s room. The two did not have to say a word, only the burning glances already revealed everything. The two kissed before doing the activities for several hours, Wan Yuzhu could only endure this time because of her power, otherwise, she would have fainted in the first hour of the activity session.

After Wan Yuzhu left and came back again, the couple did activities for a few more hours before leaving the room by the transportation array. Liu Yang was extremely satisfied with the things he received, after delivering the things he did not want to the bank, he left and went back to the Xiao clan along with Wan Yuzhu. The owner of the Universal Bank had given her to Liu Yang, from that moment, she was Liu Yang’ maid and would have to satisfy all his desires and pleasures.

When Liu Yang arrived in the Xiao clan, his in-laws were not surprised when they saw Wan Yuzhu with him, and they imagined what had happened because they knew about the Universal Bank’s methods of tying their customers.

They were stunned because of this because Liu Yang was already the banker’s son-in-law, it was not necessary for him to receive women from the bank, but even so, the owner still gave him a maid. This made them think that the owner of the bank wanted to please even more Liu Yang, even having already given his daughter to him.

Liu Yang and his in-laws went to the Xiao Xi courtyard room, while Wan Yuzhu went to one of the vacant rooms in the courtyard mansion, she would wait for him. Liu Yang talked about the things that happened at the auction, he also talked about the clans being stolen by the traitors, and that he received those stolen items.

The stolen items could not be returned, for it was not Liu Yang who stole, moreover, he had already traded for the silver staff. And there was nothing he could do, Liu Yang knew that these stolen clans and sects would complain later, even if he had nothing to do with it, but before that, they would go to the place of the pyramid since the Remnants had the three keys.

A few days after the auction ended, news of many clans having been betrayed and stolen was spread throughout the Nine Worlds, many laughed at this situation, as these clans and sects were very greedy and did not pay the price stipulated by Liu Yang, that’s the reason they were stolen.

Sometime later, the Remnants appear near the pyramid, the group had thousands of members, but there were also thousands of strange creatures resembling wolves with eight eyes with teeth and nails sharpened like a blade, and its bodies seemed to be made of energy from the darkness. The levels of these creatures were 900.

Looking at the group of Remnants, everyone around them was shocked, for they never imagined that they would show their strength at that moment. This proved that the Remnants were of great value to the pyramid.

To prevent the Remnants from succeeding, the more powerful clans and sects began to send their ancestors who were inside the coffins of time. These groups were using pretty words like they were fighting the Remnants to keep them from creating chaos in the Nine Worlds, but behind all that, their goals were the same. Everyone wanted the pyramid.

While these things were happening, Liu Yang was in the courtyard of Xiao Xi together with his in-laws and Wan Yuzhu, the six were seated at a table while watching the pictures of the place next to the pyramid. When Liu Yang saw those creatures, he was shocked but at the same time furious, for he knew what those creatures were.

The name of those creatures was Soul Devouring Beast, as its name already said, the creature had the power to devour and refine the souls of living beings. And then converting it into energy, the more powerful the soul, the more energy the beast could gain, and thus gaining more power.

To have a group of ten thousand beasts at level 900, how many souls would it take? That was the question Liu Yang had in his mind.

Liu Yang realized that he had underestimated the Remnants, for he never imagined that this group could have an a.s.set like the Soul Devouring Beasts.

After talking to his in-laws about the creatures, the four were shocked at this, for they finally understood why the Remnants were collecting so many souls, their goal was to increase the power of these beasts.

Liu Yang knew that it was not yet time to make his move because it was too risky to fight for the pyramid, and he did not want to expose himself yet. Liu Yang would let the Remnants and the other clans fall into Zac’s trap first.

In the next few days, the Remnants split into three groups as they prepared to insert the key, during which time Liu Yang stayed inside the room with Wan Yuzhu, was enjoying them while watching the pictures. They were like a couple doing activities while watching television.

The ancestors finally appeared on the spot, they did not start a fight against the Remnants, as they were at a disadvantage. The Xiao clan and the Song clan wanted to force Liu Yang to go to the battlefield by giving the order to his in-laws.

But it was a pity that Liu Yang was not someone easy to intimidate, he replied that he would only make his move when it was necessary if not, he would do nothing. This response irritated the two clans, but they could not do anything about it, because they already had bigger problems to solve and could not create conflicts with Liu Yang, even if they are related relatives by marriage.

Liu Yang asked his in-laws not to walk from one place to another, for now, they should stay in the courtyard of Xiao Xi until this matter of the pyramids is over. After that, they could leave because it would be very annoying to Liu Yang if they were caught and forced to go to the battlefield.

The four understood these words and accepted the suggestion of Liu Yang, and chose to stay inside the courtyard of Xiao Xi, but in different places. Liu Yang was in the mansion while they were in the garden next door.