Rebirth: The New Game Of Life Chapter 37 The Petrified Tree

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While the other partic.i.p.ants were doing their best to meet, Liu Yang was following Xillia Wolf’s instructions to go to the central area of this forest, according to her, there are many powerful animals in the place. Liu Yang was not anxious to get to the place, he walked neither fast nor slow, his steps were firm and constants.

Although he had spent five years in the Sea of Endless Forests, he was only low level, so Liu Yang could not train heavily before, but at least made certain battle instincts in his bones. At this point, Xillia Wolf wants Liu Yang to improve those instincts.

Liu Yang was alert with his mind all the time, this caused an excessive spending of mental power, despite not using the MP, with the low level Intelligence that Liu Yang had, he could not stay very vigilant, before his face began to sweat.

After a few hours walking, Liu Yang comes across a giant and strange tree, was tall as a skysc.r.a.per and its width seemed to be needed a hundred people holding hands around it, with extremely thick branches like the body of an adult, its leaves were as large as an adult elephant, and appeared to be made of stone. Looking at the tree with the Phantom Vision.

Petrified Tree – Common tree that was born in a land abundant in energy of the earth element, after absorbing for thousands of years this energy and making several cycles of life and death. The common tree began to grow petrified.

Effect: Contains very much of earth energy .

“Xillia, is that it?”

Looking at the information, Liu Yang was in doubt about some things and decided to ask Xillia Wolf.

“These trees are special, it can help in the domination of the elements, in that case it would be earth. When some user of the earth element trains it mind or techniques within that tree or next to it, it will be several times faster than normal “

Hearing these words, Liu Yang awakened in interest, currently he needed to have control of nine elements, and earth was one of them.

“So you mean this place of challenge can have more than one element?” Liu Yang asked with a face full of expectations.

“I think you’re being very greedy, to find such a tree is already a fortune for a lifetime. Such a tree is very difficult to create, since the elemental energy to make the transformation is immense. Imagine an ordinary tree turning into stone, it would have to die, grow, die, grow. This cycle needs to be done until it is totally petrified, have you ever imagined how much earth energy would need for such a thing? Look at the size of this tree, for a tree of this size to completely petrify, this tree must be hundreds of thousands of years old, and the earth energy to make a tree of this size grow is totally absurd, It’s so absurd that it sounds like a joke. You are lucky to have found such a treasure that defies the heavens in this place after only a few hours walking “

“If I train inside this tree, will my domain in the earth element increase?”

Liu Yang already knew the answers to his question, but he wanted confirmation from Xillia Wolf to be absolutely sure. Looking at that young, expectant face, Xillia Wolf could only shake her head and respond.

“Yes, his domain will increase, but I have to warn you that your case is different from the others, to advance to level two in the domain you need to complete all nine elements”

Liu Yang knew this, his Domain of Elements skill, had no separate elements, they were all in one skill, rather than nine skills.

“Xillia, I’ll train within this tree for a while”

“I knew you would say this, but remember not to take off the cloak, for those who are watching do not know who you are”

“I’m aware of this”

“Try to find an entry in this tree, training on the inside is better than the outside due to the density of the energy, let me guide you”


Liu Yang followed the instructions of Xillia Wolf, Liu Yang found a small entrance somewhere in the base of the tree, looking at the entrance was totally dark inside, Liu Yang hesitated a bit at first, but gritted his teeth and entered. Seconds later the entrance is closed and everything is clear, there was a circular stairway that led to some place in the tree. Liu Yang knew he could not leave, he could just go ahead and climb the stairs.

Liu Yang had been walking for several hours, but there was no sign of reaching the end on the stairs. Soon he realized that something was wrong, Liu Yang activated the Phantom Vision, looking at the scenery again, Liu Yang saw that things changed drastically, he saw that the stairs were a huge illusion labyrinth. With the Phantom Vision, Liu Yang managed to advance normally, avoiding the traps that led to the initial points of the ladder.

At the end of the stairs was a small room, in the middle of it was a crystal the size of a football that radiated a brown light, using Phantom Vision, Liu Yang was able to see the information. But before he could read, Xillia Wolf let out an excited scream in his mind.

“Crystal of Earth Energy !! It is a Crystal of Energy and it is top quality or better saying it is of supreme quality !! You’re very lucky, little rascal! “

Crystal of Earth Energy – Crystal condensed from the pure energy of the earth element, contains the purest energy in the world.

Weight: 1000 grams

Ding …

A system sound is heard and a screen appears before Liu Yang.

“Choose an element”

“Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, Wood”

“I choose Earth”

“Choose Accepted”

Once you have confirmed the choice, the energy in the room of the earth begins to get denser. A small stone table appeared in the middle of the room, where the energy converged.

“Sit down at that table, fast, do not waste time !!”

Realizing the urgency in Xillia Wolf’s words, Liu Yang did not ask questions, running into the middle of the room and sits quickly at the table.

“Close your eyes and concentrate your mind, do the mental training as always”

Liu Yang followed the orders of Xillia Wolf and begins to meditate.

Seconds after Liu Yang sat down on the stone table, a system sound emerges for the other challengers.

“Choose an Element”

“Fire, Water, Metal, Wood”

“Choose Accepted”

“Secret Mission: Find the location of your element and connect to it, but only one person can connect to the site”

“Reward: You can ignore the previous conditions for completing the challenge”

Looking at the screen, the faces of the ten changed. Several thoughts popped into their mind. After each of them chose their own element, a small map appeared to them, indicating a large area in some part of this enormous forest, each element had its area. Those who chose the same elements will have the same destination. Neither of them knew what element their partners chose, but one thing they knew, only one person could enter the place.

At the entrance site, the crowd saw that Liu Yang had found that Petrified Tree, those who used the earth element, had red eyes of greed and envy, because they would never in their lives find such a thing to accelerate their training.

But when all saw the screen that appeared to the other ten, the members who were it companions, were scared looking at that, even the allies were afraid. Because their members would fight each other, but they could not blame anyone on this, they wanted to blame Liu Yang for getting into the tree, but they did not have the courage because if it was any of them in place of Liu Yang, they would do the same, they would enter the tree. Now these people could only pray that those partic.i.p.ants would not die at the hands of their own allies.