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Having rested a bit and eaten some pills, Liu Yang managed to recover the physical and mental energies, the counter showed “00:10”, Liu Yang took a deep breath.

By the time the meter reached zero, stronger winds than before began to blow, some black clouds began to form in the blue sky, it seemed that it would begin to rain later if anyone looked at this kind of weather.

A rotten and horrible smell began to appear on the spot, but suddenly a worse smell still appeared, two horrible smells appeared at the same time, Liu Yang could not describe in words how horrible that smell was.

Some bodies around began to rise slowly, a b.l.o.o.d.y glow appeared in his eyes, a total of fifteen zombies appeared in Liu Yang’s vision, ten equal to the previous ones, and five new ones. These five were carrying a bow in their hands and an arrow quiver on their back.

Using Ghost Vision, Liu Yang was able to see the information of these new zombies.

Zombie Archer – A warrior who died while trying to escape, after hundreds of years he became a zombie that prevents others from seeking exit.


Level: 30

HP: 1600

MP: 0

Stamina: Infinite

Hunger: 0


Strength: 60

Agility: 50

Vitality: 40

Dexterity: 80

Intelligence: 0

Physical Attack: 90

Magic Attack: 0

Physical Defense: 100

Magic Defense: 40


Infected Arrow (Pa.s.sive) (Level Max) – Upon being struck by some attack, it is infected with a venom of the dead, causing 30 damage per second.

Unstoppable Will (Level Max) – Ensure that zombies attempt endless energy, never get tired.

Pa.s.sive Arrow (Level Max) – All arrows have 100% accuracy, never misses the target.

Double Shot (Level Max) – Shoot two arrows at the target. Causing 100% of attack damage.

Looking at the skills of the Zumbi Archer, Liu Yang’s back began to get wet with sweat, these new zombies were indeed terrifying, they will never miss a shot.

This time, the zombies did not move, they were divided into groups of three, forming a square, each group was about fifteen meters apart, four on the sides and one in the center, the common zombie was at the front, the archer zombie was in the middle and the warrior zombie was in the back.

They were standing looking at Liu Yang with their red eyes. Staring at such formation, Liu Yang frowned, his face beginning to show a thoughtful expression.

“Why are not they attacking me? It could be…”

Liu Yang wanted to test his theory by walking slowly toward one side of the square.

Twenty meters, nineteen meters, eighteen meters … Sixteen meters, fifteen meters …

Shuoo … Shuoo …

At the moment when Liu Yang came fifteen meters away from one of the groups, two sounds of something breaking the wind is heard, without having time to look from where that sound came from, Liu Yang backs off quickly, giving only three steps before two arrows. .h.i.t him, three numbers went up in his head, “70, 60 and 30”. Liu Yang received a total of 160 damage, but the effects of the Infected Arrow remain until the poison is removed.

-30, -30, -30, -30 …

With each second that pa.s.sed, a number 30 appeared above Liu Yang’s head.



+80 HP


+80 HP


+80 HP

Using the Purify spell at the wound site, Liu Yang was able to remove the venom from the arrow and use the healing to restore the lost HP.

Opening the statistics page, Liu Yang began to think of some plan.

” ” (Name)

Level: 28

Race: Human

Cla.s.s 1: Magical Knight – First Order – Intermediate

HP: 1065

MP: 783

Stamina: 65

Hunger: 100


Strength: 43 + 27

Agility: 43 + 27

Vitality: 43 + 30

Dexterity: 43 + 27

Intelligence: 43 + 27

Physical Attack: 51 + 29

Magic Attack: 51 + 29

Physical Defense: 80 + 13

Magic Defense: 80


Refined Steel Sword – A common sword made of refined steel, it is extremely sharp.

Rank 1 Sword

Attack + 40

Weight: 500 grams

Cloth s.h.i.+rt, Crocodile Leather Armor, Ripped Cloth Short, Crocodile Leather Pants, Cloth Shoe.


Innate Talent: Ghost Vision, Divine Hands.

Healing, Purify, Fireball, Controlled Healing, Controlled Purification, Windsheps, Enchanting Blade, Domination of the Swords, Mastery of the Elements, Magical Dominance, Enchantment of the Elements.

Liu Yang a.n.a.lyzed the terrain, formation, distance, each variable that could be a.n.a.lyzed, Liu Yang a.n.a.lyzed.

After a few minutes, Liu Yang started to walk towards one of the zombie groups on the sides.

Equipping his sword and putting a solemn look on his face.

“Steps of the Wind”

Liu Yang’s racing speed exploded at that moment as he carried the group in an extremely fast way. By the time Liu Yang reached fifteen meters, the group of zombies moved, the archer zombie began to shoot arrows, while the other two were guarded as s.h.i.+elds of flesh, one in front and one behind.

Shuoo … Shuoo …

-70, -60, -30



+80 HP

Liu Yang had dodged, but the arrows made a turn and hit Liu Yang, causing 160 damage. This scene surprised Liu Yang, he finally understood why its never missed a shot.

-70, -60, -30



+80 HP


+80 HP

-70, -60, -30



+80 HP


+80 HP

Coming in front of the common zombie, Liu Yang makes a quick cut on the zombie’s head with the sword, and in the other hand, Liu Yang summoned a fireball that also hit the head of the common zombie, taking the two attacks, the zombie fell to the ground without life.

The zombie archer did not stand still, he kept shooting arrows toward Liu Yang, Liu Yang was. .h.i.t by a total of six arrows, and the venom fired three times. The warrior zombie sighted Liu Yang and advanced towards him, preventing Liu Yang from attacking the archer zombie. Realizing the zombie warrior advancing toward him, Liu Yang uses the sword to cut toward the head of the warrior zombie.

Having altered the opponent, Liu Yang took another 160 damage from the arrows. With the Metal Enchantment, Liu Yang quickly eliminates the zombie warrior, running toward the archer zombie, Liu Yang defeats its with a few sword cuts. So the first group was eliminated. Finis.h.i.+ng to defeat the first group, Liu Yang falls to the ground due to mental fatigue and bad smell.

The plan that Liu Yang was extremely simple, fight the group being away a little more than fifteen meters. As the square is fifteen meters and the zombies were fifteen meters away with their attack range of exactly fifteen meters. If Liu Yang took a false step and entered the square, another zombie would start shooting the arrows, this mistake was something that Liu Yang did not have a luxury to commit.

Sitting on the floor to rest a bit, Liu Yang starts to vomit again.