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On the first day of searching for fish with dragon blood, tens of thousands of people were killed by the fish that lived in the depths below five hundred meters.

With every meter that was lowered, the pressure increased, although it was imperceptible to an ordinary person when someone descended hundreds of meters, anyone could feel the difference in pressure. To withstand depth pressure it was necessary to have one hundred levels above the level of the fish in the site.

But it had some exceptions, those with more vitality and physical defense will be able to withstand the pressure even if it has not met the one hundred-level requirement.

Liu Yang and Little Silver were in the depth three thousand, they always checked the whole area first before advancing to the next thousand meters below. Although it took a long time to check everything out, they had to do it so that nothing escaped their eyes.

To make things more difficult, the Divine Sense was only five hundred meters in reach, that was the limit, no matter the level of the person, the Divine Sense had a range of five hundred meters.

But Liu Yang’s situation was different, with the help of the Eye of G.o.d, he could see in the darkness of the sea and the information of all the fish ahead of him for ten kilometers. But all around him, he could only feel five hundred yards.

Because of this restriction, Liu Yang and Little Silver took a long time to search the area every five hundred meters. This was also true for the others, everyone was having trouble finding the fish with dragon bloodline.

Those who were the strongest who were at levels above 500 and rank 5 went to lower depths to try their luck, as there were almost five hundred million people in the place, although most are below level 500 and rank 5, this did not hinder demand, on the contrary, it increased efficiency at depths of up to twenty thousand meters, since most had already been exploited.

So it was easier for those who were at the higher levels not to have to worry about it, and they were just to the depth below twenty thousand meters exploring. However, as they were the minority, and creatures in that depth were extremely dangerous, many groups were formed to deal with unpredictable situations.

Members of the Xiao clan, Song clan, and alliance members formed a large group with only people with levels above 500 to explore environments below twenty thousand meters. Liu Yang and Little Silver were also invited.

Liu Yang and Little Silver did not want to join the group, as they had a great advantage. But when he thought about the Xiao and Song clan, the two accepted, since they were part of the family.

The group was extremely happy with their help, even if Liu Yang was only in levels above 500 and rank 5, he was much better than fifty percent of the whole group, and Little Silver would also be in the group, and she was in the group. levels above 800 and rank 8, this was a great help for the group.

The strongest person in the group was from the Song clan and was at level 890, thirty levels above Little Silver, although they had only two high-level members, it was still much better than many groups at the scene.

Hundreds of clans and sects tried to join the Liu Yang group, but only those who were in levels above 500 and rank 5 could enter, as they would be going to the lower depths. And a weak person in the group could kill everyone.

The news about a large group being formed spread, many began to want to join because they would have more chances of survival and find a fish with dragon bloodline. But not everyone wanted to join the group, there were those who preferred to be alone.

After the group of a few thousand people was formed, everyone began to move toward the deeper parts of the ocean. The group was led by the strongest person in the group, who was an elder of the Song clan who was at level 890.

He was in charge of taking care of Song Zhong, but the two went to different realms, the old man did not know what had happened to Song Zhong, but knew that he had died somewhere.

The elder asked that Little Silver also go ahead to help, but she refused because she wanted to be with Liu Yang, he was the only person in the group she trusted. Liu Yang agreed to go ahead along with her, although many disagreed this, still accepted, because, with the help of Little Silver, the group would have more chances of survival.

After the preparations were made, everyone began to descend slowly and gradually, this was to accustom the body to the pressure of the water.

After a few hours descending, the group finally reached the depths of twenty thousand meters, on the way they had to face several types of strange fish that inhabit the depths of the ocean of the main realm. Several members were injured during the descent, luckily no one died due to rapid reaction of all.

The group began to separate after they became accustomed to the effects of the pressure, but there were those who could not bear, these people had to rise again.

The elder of the Song clan asked Little Silver to help him explore along with the other strongest members of the group, but to everyone’s surprise, she declined, Little Silver preferred to be with Liu Yang.

This refusal left the old man annoyed, for it was the first time someone had refused his request, even in the Song clan, he is an extremely respected person. But now, a young girl did not face him, how would he tolerate it?

Despite the anger, the old man controlled himself, knowing that if the young woman had that level of power, he could not imagine how strong her mother was. In the end, the elder of the Song clan called some members of the group and began to separate to search the place.

Some groups were created with a thousand members each, except for the group of Liu Yang, who only had him and Little Silver, the two preferred to be alone.

The amount of fish in the twenty thousand meters deep was not many, but they were not few, there were only a few million. More than half of these fish were as big as a whale, and the smaller ones were like a bear, each of these fishes was extremely dangerous in the water because it had special abilities that matched the darkness of the ocean.

Vision skills allowed people to see in the dark, but the vision was not as good as seeing something with light. Everywhere was afraid to use any item that emitted light, because of a simple fact.

All saw several people who used light stones to try to see better in the darkness, but the side effect extremely frightening: A large number of fish of other depths were attracted by light, because of this, people who took the stones of light were killed in an extremely miserable way. So, no one had the courage to use light stones.

Although they all parted, they still kept a close distance, as that would help if any group were in danger.

As the only group of two people, Liu Yang and Little Silver were swimming at random in the surroundings, Liu Yang was using the Eye of G.o.d to look at the information of the fish that were ten kilometers ahead and five hundred meters around, and Little Silver was helping him by talking about his surroundings.

The pair advanced slowly, there were times when they had to fight against monstrous fish, but Little Silver killed everyone with facilities. The fish at this depth was only at levels 300-500, they could not compare to Little Silver that was at level 800.

Liu Yang asked Little Silver not to use any kind of light-emitting skill, this was to avoid catching the attention of the other fish in the lower depths. Because of this, she used only her hands to kill the fish.

Even with Liu Yang’s ability to see, it was still extremely difficult to find a fish with dragon bloodline. He had already seen hundreds of thousands of different fish, but he still did not find any fish from the mission.

The pair knew that it would be extremely tiring and time-consuming to look for these fish, they could only accept that fact and keep looking.