Rebirth: The New Game Of Life Chapter 330 A Group Of Villains Trying To Kill The Hero

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Returning to the tenth secret realm…

No one inside the secret realm knew that their images were being pa.s.sed on to people outside. So many were doing what they want without thinking of the consequences, like killing and stealing.

Returning to the labyrinth, the place was extremely chaotic, the creatures were having a great slaughter when it met those who were extremely weak. Those who were strong still had a chance to survive.

When those below rank 5 encounter some of these creatures, death was certain, unless the person has a life-saving item. Those who were in rank 5, but below rank 6, had a chance of surviving if they knew how to correctly use spatial distortion to escape.

Only those who were above level 600 and rank 6 had the ability to fight these creatures on an equal basis, even if they can not win, they could still escape alive. The creatures were between levels 600-999 because of the varying levels of those who entered.

With each pa.s.sing day, the accountant was rapidly falling, in a few months, hundreds of thousands had already been killed by the creatures. The number began to fall more slowly after more than fifty million were killed, as many groups were formed to try to deal with these creatures.

The strongest people were not caring about these creatures, for they could defeat them without any problem, but none of them were doing it for a simple reason: to diminish the compet.i.tion.

Even after several months running behind the person with the map, it has not yet been found, but the arrow indication was still with the same person. Many were getting nervous because they did not know the distance between the beginning and the center of the labyrinth, some were even thinking that the person with the map would be nearby.

While many were rus.h.i.+ng through their lives trying to escape, others trying their best to find the person with the map, and the person with the map was running as hard as it could, it spent thousands of pills and elixirs to keep running for several months in a row, but it had not yet reached the center of the labyrinth.

Liu Yang was running at his own pace, he had discovered that there was something filming him and everyone else. When he entered the labyrinth, Liu Yang felt something watching him, after some time thinking, he imagined that it could be like the secret realm in the Ninth World that he had discovered after he met Xillia Wolf.

That secret realm was broadcasting images of all those inside, but when he entered that secret realm, Liu Yang could not feel anything, even though he was at level 999 and rank 9. He even imagined that scene when he and Aisha were in the cemetery were seen by all Nine Worlds and that she would already be being coveted by thousands of young masters.

Liu Yang did not regret that, if he had the opportunity to go back in time, he would still do the same thing. For it was the last moment of Zhong Ling’s life, and Liu Yang would not stop Aisha and he from saying goodbye to each other, that was their last moments.

If the Nine Worlds acted against him, Liu Yang would fight back with his own methods, as he had the tower of Lu Mei, he could put his women and children in to protect them.

Liu Yang did not put them this time because they needed midwives to help the child to be born, but after he left the secret realm, he would call the women to go with him.

After several months following the vacant compa.s.s path, Liu Yang managed to map the southern side of the maze, and he was slowly advancing toward the center, but he did not know if he would have to go elsewhere.

One day, after walking for several months, Liu Yang found one of the creatures that were hunting those who were inside the labyrinth. Seeing that wolf, Liu Yang saw that it was only level 600, waving his hands, the wolf’s body exploded into a thousand pieces before disappearing. The creatures were not giving any kind of experience or item.

Liu Yang began to accelerate his steps, he imagined that the person with the map would be guiding millions of people to the center of the maze. Even though it is in another location.

As he ran faster, Liu Yang had to swallow a lot more pills and elixirs than before because he was hiding his powers and it was not yet time to show, although no one knew he was inside the maze. As his abilities were suppressed, he could only use the body or skills of items to run.

Liu Yang had no items with special powers, so he could only use his feet to run and sometimes use the carriage he had inside the s.p.a.ce ring. He bought this carriage from the matriarch, this item was to be used in emergencies, with him not wanting to show off his powers, so the carriage was a great item to use on this kind of occasion.

The carriage had no pulling animals and only worked with energy stones. It was quite exquisite, but it was small and fit only two people inside, Liu Yang bought this carriage because of the great speed, he had a few more carriages inside the s.p.a.ce ring, but he would only use according to the situation.

The moment Liu Yang put the energy crystal in the control center, the carriage was activated, after selecting the direction, he began to guide the carriage. Liu Yang had to change direction thousands of times because of the compa.s.s, as it indicated only to vacant places, one thing that greatly helped Liu Yang in this ran was his innate talent, the Eye of G.o.d.

The power of the Eye of G.o.d allowed Liu Yang to see through the walls, but he could not use Divine Sense. Despite being able to see only through ten walls the front, this was much better than nothing. Because of this, his journey has always been smooth, he has always been able to find the right paths after a few attempts.

While Liu Yang was traveling through the maze using the carriage, let’s go back in time for a bit.

After everyone entered the secret realm, each person stopped in different places. The secret kingdom was divided into nine great realms, six middle realms, three small realms, and one main realm.

When billions of people entered the secret realm, all were divided and each appeared randomly in one of the nine great realms, these realms had varying sizes, that is, there were realms that were larger and smaller.

The larger ones could have more people and the smaller ones a little less, this was valid for all realms within the secret realm.

Coming back a few months ago …

After Liu Yang separated from his group and entered the door leading to the second realm. The members of the Xiao clan and their allies had bitter fights against the skeletons, many of their members died, while others managed to find one of the doors by luck after they separated.

The clan that suffered least losses was the Song clan, as they had the most powerful members of the place, excluding the Remnants, since they were elsewhere.

Each clan and sect sent tens of thousands of members to explore the secret realm. As all the groups were divided were separated, many of those who were strong and weak were also separated.

The clan group Xiao and his allies who entered the Bone Realm were quite unbalanced, there were only a few dozen people who were at level 700 or above but less than 800. The vast majority were at level 100 to 400, and some were in the 500.

Since the Song clan and the Xiao clan were long-time allies, the two helped together with the alliance members. The Song clan was with a divided group otherwise, there were less than five members who were at level 800 with the group, but the rest were just below 500.

The Xiao clan, Song and alliance members mingle to form small groups, the Song clan had the strongest members but few were able to care for their younger generation. While the Xiao clan was a little better, although they had fewer members of the lower level, those who were at the higher levels were weaker than those of the Song Clan. The other members of the alliance were in the same situation.

After the decision was made, everyone prepared to fight against the skeletons and look for the door. The most influential members of the groups had to protect the most influential members of the group itself.

One of the examples was Song Zhong, he was in the same group as the strongest member of the Song clan, another person who is also in the group was Xiao Huang, he was being protected by an old man from his family who was at level 700 and rank 7.

Many of the young masters who wanted to kill Liu Yang and steal Xinyue and Fang Luoyang were in place. They formed an internal group to exchange information about Liu Yang.

The group was like a bunch of villains trying to kill the hero.