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The group ate cheerfully and entertained, after which Liu Yang gave the two little girls presents and played with them along with the wild beasts. Xiao Xi’s cat, Song Hanying’s bear, Fang Luoyang’s ice bird, and the two Zi Jiao snakes. The other women still did not have their beasts contracted, because they still did not find one suitable for them, and it would be strange for them to ask Xiao Xi and others for it.

But that was no problem for Liu Yang, he just gave a catalog of beast eggs that he cataloged when he got everything inside the tower, he asked Saya and the maids to choose whatever animal they wanted and what he would give them. The women were thrilled by these words, they wanted nothing more than being with Liu Yang, and seeing him being so good to them. The women realized that it was the right choice to be his side.

Liu Yang asked them not to hold back and they could choose any beast egg, puppies or adults that existed in the catalog. The two little girls were jealous because they also wanted a beast hired to play, for they played with the beasts of another. Liu Yang thought a little before asking them what kind of hired beast they would want.

Xiao Mei replied that she wanted a cute and strong animal, and Song Guiying asked for an animal that could fly and when it grew up could take her to travel. Liu Yang thought for a moment before taking two large eggs from within the s.p.a.ce ring, one of them was white with blue stripes and the other was black with red stripes.

He asked the two little girls to stretch the finger to make the contract, they were extremely happy with it because they could also have a little animal to play with. Despite the small pain of having their finger cut, Liu Yang used magic to lessen the pain. Xiao Mei got the white egg and Song Guiying got the black egg.

As the beasts inside the tower were not common, it took a while to completely form the contract. After the contract was made, the two little girls were extremely happy about it, they began to run happily around the house while playing with the other beasts. Liu Yang and the women found this scene quite amusing.

Saya and the maids chose the animals they wanted, and Liu Yang drew the seventeen eggs from within the s.p.a.ce ring. Each of them cut off the wrist and poured blood on the egg until the contract was made. Then it was just waiting for the eggs to hatch to be born.

Liu Yang wanted to have a serious talk with the women about their situation, but they wanted something else. Do activities, but Liu Yang had to refuse this time, as the little girls were still awake and they could do this in the evening. It was only a few hours before the moon rises in the sky.

Although the women were disappointed by this, they still agreed, for it would be extremely shameful if the little girls saw what they were doing. The group went to the main room, Liu Yang asked how they were and they did during that time.

The women were happy to know that their man was interested in this sort of thing. Each of them talked about the things that happened after he left.

A few months after Liu Yang’s departure, Xiao Xi and Song Hanying discovered they were pregnant, this made them extremely happy and at the same time timid. Xiao Xi’s parents, Song Hanying’s parents, and her grandmother were happy with this, they were already getting old and wanted some grandchildren to play and spend time, despite the lack of time.

Song Hanying’s parents went to the Second World to pay a visit to the Xiao clan, this became great news because it was rare for the royal couple to pay a visit, it was usually only the empress who did it. This visit showed that the alliance between the Xiao clan and the Song clan was still firm and strong.

This left those who were trying to usurp the leader seat of the Mercantile Alliance and the position of chief of the Xiao clan to think a little more before acting. With the support of the Song clan, the matriarch would have far more influence than anyone in the Nine Worlds.

When the imperial couple arrived in the courtyard of Xiao Xi and saw that Song Hanying’s belly had grown a little, after a.n.a.lyzing a little, they realized that there were signs of life. This was proof that she was pregnant, the same was true for Xiao Xi.

On that day, a couple of the Xiao clan and the Song clan celebrated until the other day because of happiness. Song Hanying’s grandmother was taking care of her at the time, as she saw her son and daughter-in-law celebrated happily.

Grandpa Kun also paid a small visit to them and wished them good luck and congratulations before giving him some presents and leaving. Xinyue could not leave the sect for a while, so she sent some congratulatory messages as well, there was a bit of jealousy in her voice, but she knew that her turn would come when she and Liu Yang would meet next time.

After discovering that they were pregnant, Xiao Xi and Song Hanying did not leave the courtyard all this time, this was for the safety of the two and the children in their bellies. Their parents created spells and protective mats around the courtyard for more protection.

For nine years, the women did not leave the courtyard of Xiao Xi because there were people trying to kidnap them to discover the secret to level fast. As time pa.s.sed, their belly grew, after nine months, the two children were born. That was the beginning of fun days as a mother.

As there was nothing to do but read books and train, women spent time teaching things to the two children as they grew up. She also asked that the beasts could play with them.

The beasts of the four women managed to successfully evolve after Liu Yang from a few drops of Fruit juice from the Reconstruction to them. Each of them was stronger than before.

Xiao Xi, Fang Luoyang, and Song Hanying did not partic.i.p.ate in alliance or clan tournaments, they preferred to spend time with the children and meditating. The same was true for other women.

But a few years later, the news about Xiao Xi and Song Hanying having had a child spread through the Nine Worlds, no one knew how this was discovered. But n.o.body cared about it, because someday this would be known by everyone, if it was sooner or later it did not matter.

The matriarch and the empress spoke only a few words about the husband of their daughters but did not speak their ident.i.ty. This made everyone curious on the subject, even after investigating, no one discovered who the two men were. The only information they had was that in two that were distant, a person wearing a black cloak entered the courtyard of Xiao Xi if the arrays and protection spells were not activated, it showed the ident.i.ty of these two people.

Although this news is one of the most spoken of the Nine Worlds, it was not possible to overcome the news about the Tower of the Beginning having disappeared. Even after eight years it was not possible to find vestiges of the tower or the culprits for it.

The women wanted to enter the secret realm of the Xiao clan to train, but the pregnancy of the two women changed the plans. They were waiting for the two little girls to grow up to take them along and get to know the world.

After hearing about the things that had happened in those separate nights, Liu Yang was thrilled but sad at the same time. For they were trapped inside the courtyard of Xiao Xi for nine years.

The women noticed the mood changes in Liu Yang, they began to speak that they were not caring about the fact that they were inside the courtyard for only nine years. Each of them could live for over a thousand years, and nine years was just nothing in comparison to that.

Liu Yang knew they were trying to cheer them up, he was glad for it, how kind of it, several parts of their bodies were caressed and seductive groans were heard.

The women cursed Liu Yang internally for this, he had said he did not want to do activities because the two little girls were still awake, but he was still stimulating their private parts, he was very shameless.

After that, Liu Yang ran out of the room and left the women lying in bed panting. He went to play with the two little girls and the wild beasts.

That night, after the two little girls went to sleep. The group did activities as a wild animal, women took the debt for nine years without activities and almost broke Liu Yang, his essence was sucked to the last drop.