Rebirth: The New Game Of Life Chapter 283 Zi Jiao's Challenge – Part 12 – Final

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After the war began, the bodies of low-level soldiers began to fall like rain, the battlefield was with tens of thousands of fallen bodies. And the blood flowed like a river.

Arrows and lights of spells being conjured shone on every part of the battlefield. Fire, water, wind, thunder, earth, wood, metal, light and darkness; on both sides there were soldiers who could use at least one of these nine elements.

Zi Jiao who was in the back of the squadron began to make her move, using the giant and heavy sword she received from the army. At each horizontal sweep, dozens of enemy soldiers had their bodies cut into two. She was like a killing machine on the battlefield.

She had no problem killing in the war since she had killed her pursuers before. After Zi Jiao breakthrough to rank 1, she received several benefits like powerful new skills and more points in Strength and Stamina.

The enemies realized that she was someone who was part of the elite squad, so they also sent their elite members. But there was restraint in this war, only those below 100 that could partic.i.p.ate.

As all partic.i.p.ants were below 100, and the Zi Jiao’s Strength attribute rivaled someone of level 200, while she had Stamina, Zi Jiao was an unbeatable G.o.ddess of slaughter on the battlefield.

The high-level opponents who were being sent to fight Zi Jiao were ma.s.sacred as if they were nothing, the only ones who managed to make her have any difficulty were those who attacked the long distance, due to the number of soldiers, Zi Jiao could not attack those who were far from her.

The Conquistador Empire’s army saw Zi Jiao’s exploits on the battlefield, they are shocked by the ma.s.sacre she was making. The generals had pale faces when they saw this scene, they knew that Zi Jiao would leave the army after one of them had given the order to sacrifice her.

If they knew she was so strong, they would have done their best to keep her as a friend. And much did they know that she would eventually join a powerful sect in the future, with that kind of connection, the empire could suppress its enemies since they would have stronger support.

Although the Conquer Empire was influential in this area, it could be compared to super clans or countries that existed billions of years ago. There was no way to describe this difference.

The elites of the two armies began to move forward, they were watching Zi Jiao’s fight against ordinary soldiers and against some elite members. The allied side was happy to have someone like Zi Jiao on their side, while the enemies were with ugly faces, they had to kill Zi Jiao as fast as possible.

As the elites began to move, normal soldiers began to retreat, knowing they were useless in this type of combat and could even disrupt the fight.

After the soldiers retreated, only the level elites stayed on the battlefield, Zi Jiao retreated to the empire’s group, she could get glares of admiration, envy, and jealousy from those who were looking at her. For Zi Jiao showed a talent in combat that none of them had.

Zi Jiao did not want to stand in front of everyone, she was not stupid to be the first person on the front line. She came back and ate some potions to regain her energy.

The enemy army began loading at full speed, some were using horses, while others were using wild beasts as a mount. The empire’s army could not retreat, so they also charged at full speed.

Zi Jiao was still sitting in the back recovering along with several other young people who came and n.o.ble backgrounds. Looking at those bright lights, Zi Jiao began to think about which would be the most appropriate element for her, she has not yet done the affinity test. After this war, Zi Jiao would go to some magic shop or sect to find out about it.

A few hours after the war began, the battlefield had tens of thousands of bodies on the ground. These elite soldiers were just ordinary people to those who came from great clans.

After returning to the battlefield, Zi Jiao again turned a killing machine, with each sweep of her sword, ten enemy elite soldiers died immediately when the body was cut in two parts.

The arrival of Zi Jiao changed the course of the battle, for each soldier of the empire that was dead, five enemy soldiers were dead. The enemy soldiers began to focus on the spells, and arrows on Zi Jiao.

Thousands of lights began to glow around Zi Jiao, she stepped heavily on the ground and shot like an arrow coming out of the bow, where she stood was just a jerk after a thousand blasts.

Zi Jiao began to run through the battlefield while the spells that had the power to follow the targets until they hit them. She just ran toward those who wanted to hurt her whenever she got close to one of these people. Zi Jiao immediately jumped and stopped close, and standing until the magic came.

When the magic came close, Zi Jiao moved a little so that the place hit was fatal. She did this several times, tens of young men who had some kind of rancor with her for being ignored were killed by spells from enemies.

Many realized this, including the generals, but none of them cared about this since their focus was to win the war. And as many were like Zi Jiao who came from no background, they sympathized with her for killing those arrogant young people who used the status to treat them as slaves.

Zi Jiao killed a lot of those young people, she still was not satisfied with it, because she wanted to kill everyone, but she knew it would be difficult. So she kept the focus back on the war and starting a new ma.s.sacre.

The war lasted three whole months, those who were tired could retreat and regain their energies, for there would be someone to take the place. Zi Jiao came back a few times to recover before returning to the battlefield.

In the end, the Conqueror’s Empire won the war and gained the right to possession of the territory for fifty years. Zi Jiao was the person who won the most in this war, because of the number of enemies she killed.

Depending on the enemy’s patent, the merit points were different, after several months of ma.s.sacres on the battlefield, Zi Jiao managed to get tens of thousands of merit points to use.

Zi Jiao received the n.o.ble status for being the person who killed the most and earned more points of merit in the war, and also received a small area to become a lord. With merit points, Zi Jiao picked up equipment, items, and skills.

The generals did not mind the fact that Zi Jiao indirectly killed dozens of n.o.ble kids. Even the emperor did not care, he would not offend someone who greatly helped his nation win a war.

To please Zi Jiao, the emperor gave her a little bigger territory, there were a large mansion and several villages under her command. As Zi Jiao did not have time to manage a territory, she went to the guild of the adventurers and hired a manager.

Liu Yang had given her a lot of money, she only used part of it to rent a good manager and a group of soldiers to make the territory safe, until the emperor dispatched a few squads to help Zi Jiao on this matter.

Finis.h.i.+ng matters, Zi Jiao continued her journey, she would level again. The emperor gave the blessing and wished her good luck, while the n.o.bles who wanted to kill Zi Jiao had plans to kill her when she left. For they wanted revenge for the death of their children, even she was not the person who killed them.

Zi Jiao traveled through several different places, leveling, acc.u.mulating great wealth, and pa.s.sed through thousands of moments of life and death for three years. Secret realms, test for sects, strange dungeons, dangerous forests, and among other types of places she explored.

After two years traveling, she finally stopped in a big city, Zi Jiao heard news about a person named Liu Yang. She immediately thought of her young master.

Doing research on this person named Liu Yang, Zi Jiao discovered that he was her young master, and said that he was already married to a woman who had high fighting skills.

After seeing all the news about him, Zi Jiao felt great happiness. For in one of the recordings she saw, Liu Yang was wearing an amulet on his neck, this was the gift she and her friend gave him before they separated.

Feeling that her efforts were not in vain, Zi Jiao was even more motivated. She swore to herself that she would be much stronger than his wife, but after a while, Zi Jiao received the news that XInyue had made a contract with a unicorn.

This fact made her feel more pressure still, but Zi Jiao was not discouraged and continued to work harder each day. Because of this, she managed to get this far, despite being just an ordinary person with no background.