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The next day, inside Song Hanying’s bedroom, she began to open her eyes slowly, the heat was being felt. Images from the night before began to appear in her mind, Song Hanying never imagined that she would be so bold and would sleep with a man in the same bed.

Opening the eyes fully, she realized that Liu Yang was still hugging her, but his body had a thin layer of ice, the skin was frozen because of the long time they were hugging each other.

Song Hanying felt the heat in her heart, but also a little pain. She was glad that Liu Yang refused to release her even after being frozen, but the fact that her body was freezing him, made her very sad.

Suddenly, Song Hanying feels something hot and hard pressing on her abdomen, and two warm hands squeezing both b.u.t.tocks and ma.s.saging. She knew what was happening, Liu Yang was already awake and had no problem. This made her relieved and extremely ashamed.

“Good morning, my dear Hanying. How are you? “The ice from Liu Yang’s body was thawed and he returned to normal.

“Rascal, you’re taking advantage of me again.” Song Hanying’s voice was still emotionless, but Liu Yang could see some changes in her tone.

Song Hanying remembered the way Xiao Xi, Xinyue and Fang Luoyang called Liu Yang, she also decided to call him that way, it already showed that the two were close.

“Hehe …” Liu Yang just looked at icy beauty in his arms, he lowered his head and sealed her thin and cold lips.

This time the two languages intertwined immediately, Song Hanying was no longer awkward as yesterday, she already learned what it was like to kiss. Liu Yang did not hold back like yesterday, he realized that she was willingly accepting his advances.

Liu Yang did not do exaggerated things, he just used his hands to slide down her back, hair, and tightening the b.u.t.tocks. He did not have the courage to use his fingers to explore the cave or squeeze Song Hanying’s b.r.e.a.s.t.s, as it was not the right time yet. The kiss lasted for a few minutes before the four lips parted.

Someone knocked on the door seconds late.

“My dear granddaughter, it’s time to eat. The matriarch is calling “The old woman’s voice echoed inside the room, she did not want to enter the room because she knew what Liu Yang and Song Hanying were doing inside.

The old woman could only sigh on this subject, her granddaughter was no longer a child, in a few years, she may already be married. If Liu Yang manages to help Song Hanying with her problem, it is possible that she will win a great-grandchild. At the thought of it, this left the old woman extremely happy.

Song Hanying was extremely embarra.s.sed by this, she knew the old woman had seen the things that happened in the bedroom. She wore her small fists and began beating Liu Yang’s chest as a way to relieve her embarra.s.sment, he did not care about it and let Song Hanying hit his chest.

After Liu Yang finished preparing food for everyone, he began to walk from the mansion, sometimes he looked at the pendant he received from Izlan. For there was a strong glow when pointed in a certain direction, this showed that there was a fragment of the soul nearby.

As he walked, Liu Yang appreciated the beautiful scenery inside the mansion. After some time walking, he found several guards patrolling the place, each of them had a solemn face. When the group saw Liu Yang, they did not stop him, since the matriarch had given the order to let him walk through the territory of the clan.

Following the pendant, Liu Yang arrived near a training ground, whenever it exceeded a point, the light became weaker. When he returned, the light grew stronger, it showed that what Liu Yang was looking for, was below him.

Using the Eye of G.o.d, Liu Yang saw that there was a gigantic hall with tens of thousands of items arranged on shelves, this was one of the treasure room of the Xiao clan. Liu Yang knew it would be a little complicated this time, he did not want to invade his mother-in-law’s treasure room. On second thought, he decided to ask the matriarch if he could enter the treasury room.

But before Liu Yang could return, an arrogant voice is heard.

“Stop !!!” Looking toward the voice it was possible to see a group of young people, there were boys and girls in the group, they seemed to be 15-17 years old. They all had arrogant eyes as they looked at Liu Yang who was wearing ordinary clothes for mortals.

Using the Eye of G.o.d, Liu Yang saw that this group was only at level 50, at most 80. For him, this group was just a bunch of useless, Liu Yang just turned around and started walking back.

Realizing that they were ignored, the group became angry, this was their clan, how could anyone have the courage to ignore members of the main clan in their territory? No one recognized Liu Yang, everyone was thinking he was just a new servant who started working in the clan.

“Stop right there !!!! Who do you think is to ignore us? !!! “A young man from the group shouted.

“Stop!!! We told you to stop !!! Are you deaf??!!!!!”

The group began to scream with all their might in the attempt to catch the attention of Liu Yang, but it was a shame he did not care. He just kept walking and ignored the group, it was as if they did not even exist.

“Young people, why are you shouting?” An old man appeared after he heard the screaming of the young.

“Elder, that person there is very rude. He pretended not to hear us and went away as if we did not exist “

“It’s true, elder, this person is very rude, he deserves to learn who owns the place”

The young people began to talk a lot of things to show the elder that Liu Yang was a bad person. Although he was listening to this conversation, Liu Yang did not care about it, he knew the elder would find out who he was if the elder looked at his face, but as Liu Yang was on his back, the elder could not see his face.

The elder thought it would be a good thing to try to gain some points of favor by doing a favor for these influential young peoples. Some of them were grandchildren or the son of important figures within the Xiao clan, although he was an elder, the old man was not as influential in comparison to these young.

“Young man, wait!” The old man shouted at Liu Yang. But he was also ignored.

The old man was furious that he was ignored by someone unknown. He ran towards Liu Yang and stopped in front of him, the moment he saw his face, the old man showed a shocked face and began to sweat cold.

Seeing the face of Liu Yang, the old man no longer had the courage of before, he was like a scared cat. The elder knew who Liu Yang was, he was the husband of Xinyue, a little apprentice matriarch and a person who was under the protection of Xiao Xi. These two ident.i.ties would make him extremely important in the clan.

The old man cursed those young people for not recognizing Liu Yang, he could have avoided this problem.

“Is there a problem?” Liu Yang asked as if he did not know what was happening.

“No, I apologize, Mr. Liu, I have deceived myself.” The elder spoke in a manner of court.

Liu Yang just said goodbye and kept walking. The young people were stunned when they saw the old man act so respectfully towards Liu Yang.

“Elder, what happened? Who was that unknown young man? “One of the young people asked, he was displeased with the fact that the elder treated Liu Yang in such a respectful way.

“Who is he?? Do not you really remember who he is? “The old man calmed down before he spoke, the young men in front of him also had higher statuses than his, he had to do things calmly.

“I do not recognize you”

“Me neither”

“He looks like the husband of the matriarch’s second apprentice, Xinyue”

At the time these words were spoken, the group of young people froze on the spot. They took out an imaging device that had the photo of Liu Yang when comparing the young man who was walking and the image, they all came to the conclusion that they were the same person.

The boys in the group were jealous and envious of Liu Yang for having a pretty, powerful wife like Xinyue while the girls were looking at his back with curiosity in their eyes.

After they knew who they were dealing with, the group prayed that Liu Yang would not be offended by the words they had shouted earlier. For that would be a great tragedy for them.