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Sometime after breakfast began, the group was eating cheerfully. Suddenly a servant appeared and made an announcement.

“Matriarch, some of the great elders are here to talk to the matriarch”

“Alright, prepare a table for them”

“Yes.” The servant bowed and left.

A group of servants began to carry tables and chairs, and they were tidying and decorating. Seconds later a group of old and young people enters the main hall.

As they enter the hall, the group saw that the women were also eating there. Xiao Xi and her parents, Fang Luoyang, Saya, maids of Liu Yang, Song Hanying and her grandmother, were all eating together.

As the young men looked at the women, l.u.s.t, envy and jealousy began to appear in their eyes. They also wanted a woman like them, but now there was a man who was seventeen, how could they not be jealous?

The elders could see the changes in the young people, but they could only sigh about this matter since these women already belonged to another man.

To make those who had thoughts of taking the women, the matriarch said that the young master of them belonged to a clan that had one of the nine tokens that belonged to her. This news made those who had the goal of taking these women by force think twice before doing so.

The group that arrived began to sit on the tables and chairs that had been prepared, and the food began to be served. As they ate, the young men could not help but look at the beauty of the women at the other table.

After some time eating, one of the great old men spoke.

“Matriarch, we have a small problem”

“Grand elder Yong, what happened?”

“I believe the matriarch has received the news that some middle-level members of the clan have disappeared.” The great old Yong had a heavy voice when he said this since one of these people was one of his family.

“Yes, I received this news, but it was not just people from our clan who disappeared but also from several other clans. “The matriarch spoke, she knew who was responsible for it, but she did not mind, until they sent someone who was at level 900, she knew that Liu Yang would be safe.

“However, there is a detail in the disappearance of them, it was not possible to detect any type of vestige, it is as if all had disappeared and died. The crystals containing the energy fragment were destroyed, this showed that all are dead, but the person who killed, left no trace, not even images were collected by the devices “

The young people next door were shocked to learn that more than a thousand people had been killed and no one was able to find out the culprit, but there were two people in the group who had ugly and dark faces as they listened to each word.

But at that moment, Liu Yang appeared in the hall, he was carrying a bowl of pasta and using the chopsticks to eat. Looking at the situation in front of him, Liu Yang just found it amusing, since he was listening on the subject.

The two young men whose faces were ugly and dark became even uglier and darker than before. Their fists were closed, but internally, they were feeling scared, since they finally realized that Liu Yang was much more than what he appeared. It was as they say: Do not judge the book by its cover.

By the time the elders and youths saw Liu Yang, they immediately recognized him. The old men were surprised to see him in the hall, but when they remembered who he was, the old men were quiet. Already the younger ones were looking at Liu Yang with envy and jealousy, as he was the husband of Xinyue, the young woman who became famous in the Nine Worlds for having found a unicorn.

Liu Yang did not greet anyone and just sat in the empty chair that was at another table since he had a different status. In the eyes of everyone, without his wife around, he was just a person hired by Xiao Xi.

The women at the next table realized this and did nothing about it, for Liu Yang knew that this was best for everyone. They just felt sad to be at another table.

The great elders became angry with Liu Yang since he was only a servant of Xiao Xi, but he did not greet anyone and just sat down at the table and began to eat as if no one was in the hall.

When they would say something, they noticed the matriarch’s gaze, she was saying that she had more important matters to deal with first. The elders knew this, so they calmed down, even if a few dozen level 200 members were not much, if you added up all those who disappeared, that would be a big problem.

As the Remnants returned, this brought a huge headache to all the clans of the Nine Worlds. Many were thinking that it was they who killed their members.

But it was a pity that only a few young people who knew about it since it was they who silently sent these people as pursuers to kill Liu Yang. These young men could only shut their mouths and hide this until their deaths if this matter were discovered, they would suffer great punishment. Already even their own clans asked not to go against Liu Yang. And in the end, they broke this rule because of jealousy and envy.

The great elders talked about matters with the matriarch and her husband, the younger generation could hear this because it was extremely important. And the story behind the Remnants, all the people who lived in the Nine Worlds knew, since it was the basic story for them, no one wants this kind of tragedy repeated again.

After some time talking, someone mentioned about the fact that the Remnants were planning to interfere in the tournament, since there would be millions of people gathered. The matriarch and her husband were also aware of this fact.

It was the same situation as the Tide of Shadow Beasts, where several million young people were gathered. And this time it would not be any different.

The group argued for a few more hours before they left, some were ordered to step up security in the next stages and raise the level of investigations so that nothing is wrong. The matriarch also sent messages to the other clans of the Mercantile Alliance and other great clans of the Nine Worlds.

Liu Yang just listened on the subject, he would ask Sara Cuts to help him a bit on this subject, but it would not be for free, Liu Yang would reward her very well for it. She did not mind the reward, just because Liu Yang asked for her help, for Sara Cuts, that was kind of a reward.