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The princess did not seem to be embarra.s.sed or anything, even though she was a newcomer to this man-and-woman affair, she understood a few things.

She knew it would be strange to see a man and a woman in the same room and the others would think the two of them would be in a relations.h.i.+p. But the words that Liu Yang whispered aroused her curiosity.

“Princess, you cannot do this, he is a man and you a woman, the two cannot be in the same room alone without someone to supervise.” It took a while for the group to come back to them self and the elder disagreed of the princess.

“Elder, do not worry about me, I’ll be safe, and besides, I’m not alone, remember?” The cold and indifferent voice of the princess made the elder thinking.

“Okay, but I’ll have to inform the emperor and empress about this, okay?” The elder took a deep breath before agreeing, and he knew there was an extremely powerful person protecting the princess, so he reluctantly agreed.

“It’s all right. Let’s go “The princess called Liu Yang as she walked to the embarkation place under the eyes of envy and jealousy of the people around.

“Elder, is everything okay with that?” Someone asked in the group.

“No problem, the princess is safe. She has someone very powerful protecting her, let’s go back and inform the emperor about this “

After the Song clan group left, news of these events exploded. The news was like a flame in the dry woods, in a matter of minutes the Nine Worlds knew that the princess of the Song clan was traveling along with an unknown young man and that the two were sharing the same room.

This was shocking news, could it be that the young man would be the princess of the Song clan’ s man? That was the thought of everyone who heard about it.

While Liu Yang and the princess were inside the room, he was sitting cross-legged on the floor while the princess was also sitting cross-legged on the bed.

Somewhere in the First World, there was a country that was governed by a clan that had the flag of a dragon and a tangled phoenix. This country was governed by the Song Clan.

The largest city in the country was where the main clan lived, inside the huge mansion there were two people sitting drinking tea as they talked. The two were looking at the image of Liu Yang and Princess together as they walked.

“Honey, do you think our daughter fell in love with this man?” The man asked his wife.

“It’s hard to say, this is the first time our precious daughter has made such a trip. She may have been interested or not, but it should not be a problem since she was accompanied. “The woman replied.

“Yes, she is safe, but I have doubts about this young man. I already had a group gather information, but I could not find anything about it, the only information available was that he went to the Alliance Shop in the Floating Cloud City.

He was treated as a special VIP customer, the person who attended him was the previous manager chief of the store, the two went to the manager’s room and several hours later, the two left hand in hand.

One group was sent to persecute the young man, but all the persecutors were killed. Honey, these are the images of the moment of the deaths of the persecutors “

The man took out an imaging device and showed the moment when the s.p.a.ce is broken and the bodies are destroyed, and then the appearance of Liu Yang. ‘

“Honey, what do you think?”

“I think this young man is in disguise, have you ever tried to look at him with your vision ability?”

“Yes, but I could not see anything, honey, try you since your innate talent allows you to see through illusions”

The woman nodded and stared at the images for a few seconds before spitting out all the tea she had in her mouth. The man was frightened by this scene, he did not know what his wife had seen.

“f.u.c.k, if this rascal dares seduce my precious daughter, I’ll skin him alive!” The woman was furious when she saw the image of Liu Yang beneath the disguise. She no longer had the n.o.ble aura of an empress, she was just an angry mother to discover that there was a rascal trying to seduce her daughter.

“Honey, who did you see?” The man was curious to know who would be the one who could irritate his wife.

“That young man is Liu Yang”

“What????!!!! But how is this possible ?? I thought he was just an ordinary person, how could he receive the VIP treatment of the alliance ?? “The man seemed to be shocked by this revelation.

“Honey, do you remember when I told you that the older sister asked us not to do anything against him?”

“Yes, I remember that you asked me not to investigate this young man’s background”

“He has another ident.i.ty besides being the husband of that girl named Xinyue who got the unicorn”

“What another ident.i.ty?”

“He is the Xiao Xi’s husband”

“What?? Honey, are you serious ?? “

“Yes, the older sister told me this when the seventeen women appeared in the Xiao clan. From the information the older sister told me, those women are Liu Yang’s maids”

The man could no longer keep his composure, he stood up because of the shock, those words were too much for him to handle.

“Darling, calm down …”

“Sorry, but I can not keep calm, how did he get this done? Sixteen women with 450 and rank 4, and one with level 500 and rank 5. How did he manage to do that? “

“According to the words of the elder sister, he bought them in a seventh-world slave market, and each of them was level 1, after training for three years, they reached the current level”

“But that’s impossible, you can not level it that much in just three years. It took you over a hundred years to get to level 350, how could they have managed to do that? “

“The elder sister said that he found one of the secret realm belonging to Izlan, the Puzzle King”

This information was another bomb in the exploding in the mind of man, he never imagined that someone could have found a secret realm left by Izlan.

“Is this true?”

“Yes, the older sister has confirmed that these words are true. But he was careful, he made the women sleep, so they would not know the location of the secret realm, just him. The older sister does not know if he found the secret realm by accident or already knew the location “

“Is this young man really mysterious, did the sister-in-law say anything about his level?”

“Yes, by their words, he can already use s.p.a.ce power and fly. This proves that he has advanced to rank 5 or above “

“Darling, if this young man seduces our daughter he would be our son-in-law. I do not think he’s bad since his achievements far outweigh our “

“I also thought about it, but he’s a pervert, which makes me angry. Among the slaves he bought, there was due that was mother and daughter too, that rascal bought someone who was a widow. This perversion that makes me angry, in addition, he is also the husband of the older sister’s apprentice, the little girl Fang “

“He also took the sister-in-law’s apprentice ?? He’s really brave to do that, to take her daughter and the apprentice. So he and his master gave ten drops of juice to have this marriage “

“Yes, the older sister did not go into detail, but his teacher is an extremely powerful person. Even she could not win in a direct confrontation “

“It seems that he’s background is really extraordinary. If he can capture our daughter’s heart, it would be a good thing, since she has her problem … “

“Do not say that … We just need more time, if our dear daughter falls in love with that rascal, does not matter, she deserves her happiness, too. We can not leave her locked up for life “


The couple were a bit depressed when they talked about their daughter, what kind of problems could she have?

The matriarch of the clan Xiao told some things to the Empress of the Song clan since the two consider themselves sisters. The matriarch is not afraid to be betrayed by her, this has ensured that the Song clan does not investigate Liu Yang. The emperor gave the order that no one investigate the past or anything about Liu Yang, this saved him from many problems.