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The light of the moon illuminated part of the strange forest of the secret realm, the shadows of the trees were strange and bizarre. If any mortal came into this forest, it was possible to die from fear.

Through the trees, it was possible to see a black shadow running at high speed. Looking closer, you could see that it was a person dressed in only a black cloak. After several hours of running, this person stopped and began to look for a large tree to hide.

It took a few minutes to find a large tree, it took seven people holding hands to go around the tree, there was no leaf on the branches, and it was totally dry as the other trees around.

The place where this person in black was totally dead, there was no live plant in the place, it was all dry and lifeless.

After making a hole in the trunk near the top of the tree and hiding, the person in black finally sighed in relief. Removing the hood, a face of a young woman appeared, was handsome and exquisite, this person in black was Zi Jiao who ran desperately after the egg disappeared.

She did not even have time to a.n.a.lyze the situation before other people arrived, forcing her to flee. Now that she found a safe place, Zi Jiao started to a.n.a.lyze her body, she wanted to know if there was any tattoo or not.

Removing the cloak, her clothes made leather that tightened the body was exposed. It widened her curves, chest area and bottom. Raising her sleeves, she could see a tattoo of a small egg with red lines, it was the tattoo of the snake’s egg.

Seeing that tattoo, Zi Jiao finally relaxed, she tried to open the information about the egg, but it was impossible, the only thing that showed was a small progress bar that was at 1%. Looking at her own HP bar and realizing that the values were slowing down rather slowly but steadily.

Zi Jiao understood that the egg needed her blood to hatch because of this, she decided to stay inside the tree until the progress bar was complete. That would be safer because she could be at risk if she struggled and the egg continued to suck her blood.

She did not know how long it would take for the bar to be complete, Zi Jiao just sat cross-legged and began to meditate.

The time pa.s.sed slowly …

The seconds turned into minutes, the minutes turned into hours, the hours into days, the days into weeks.

A month pa.s.sed after Zi Jiao was hidden inside the tree, she did not go out once, whenever the bar of HP came in half, she ingested pills and elixirs to recover.

The egg progress bar was at 90%, it needed a few more days to complete.

A few days later…

Zi Jiao was looking forward to her arm, the progress bar was at 99%. To avoid any kind of disorder, she placed several heavy barriers inside the tree, this was to prevent any kind of energy being detected by other people.

By the time it reached 100%, a light leaves the body of Zi Jiao and takes the form of a large egg with a few colors, it was the snake egg.

Clack .. Clack … Clack …

Seconds after the egg came out, crack sounds could be heard. The sh.e.l.l of the egg began to break. After a few seconds, the egg breaks completely and a strong white and black light emerges from inside the egg.

Zi Jiao had to close her eyes because of this, when she opened her eyes, she was shocked by what she was seeing. It was the first time I had seen anything like this, even after reading hundreds of books on pets, it was the first time I had seen this kind of thing.

Usually, when a new life is born from an egg, it always comes alone, in extremely rare cases that two beings are born within a single egg. These rare odds took place before Zi Jiao’s eyes.

After she opened the eyes, Zi Jiao saw two small snakes ten centimeters long, one is was black-colored with white stripes and the other is was white with black stripes, a small horn emerging from its heads.

Using the ability of sight, Zi Jiao got the basic information about these two little snakes. She was quite surprised by what she saw.

Name: Puppy of the World-Destroying Snake – Yang

Race: Magic Beast

HP: 200

MP: 100

Level: 1

All Statistics: 1



Name: Puppy of the World-Destroying Snake – Yin

Race: Magic Beast

Level: 1

HP: 200

MP: 100

All Statistics: 1



The magical beasts and the wild beasts were different from the other beings, for when they are born, all their statistics are 1, but HP and MP were different, they could be larger or smaller than the base of other beings.

The real power of the beasts could only be shown when it began to level, before that it were extremely weak.

Recalling the information she had read in the books, Zi Jiao knew that normally the beast pups had around 100-150 HP and 30-50 MP. But the HP and MP of these two small snakes were bigger than normal, she immediately thought she got a big treasure.

Chiiii … Chiiiii …

The two little snakes began to sizzle like it were crying. Upon realizing this, Zi Jiao saw that their level of hunger was in only one digit, she simply picked up an elixir and divided it for the two.

The energy contained in the elixir was quite powerful, Zi Jiao did not dare to give much to these two small snakes, one drop was enough for the level of hunger to reach 99.

After it had eaten, the two small snakes looked happy and began to crawl around Zi Jiao as it looked cheerful. She placed both palms on the floor palms on the floor to see if these two snakes would rise, and recognize her as its mistress.

As if understanding her intentions, the two snakes went to the palm, but it did not climb. Suddenly, the two small snakes bite one of the fingers of each of the palms, this caused a few drops of blood to flow out.

This action surprised Zi Jiao, she did not want to be bitten, she was just trying to hold both. But the next scene surprised Zi Jiao.

The drops of blood fell on the heads of the two snakes, white and black lights began to emerge from the body of the two snakes. A character Yin appeared on the head of the white snake, while Yang appeared on the head of the black snake.

Two system sounds echo in Zi Jiao’s mind, she finally understood the reason for the bite. She was extremely happy with the result, but there was still a great deal of doubt in her mind: what had happened to that giant body of the snake that was in the cave.

Zi Jiao had searched all over her body but found no sign of another tattoo, which intrigued her.

After the contract ritual was done, the two small snakes climbed Zi Jiao’s arms before it turned into two lights, one white and one black, and entered her body. Looking at one arm it was possible to see a tattoo of a white snake and on the other arm, it was possible to see a black snake.

Knowing that she got the contract, Zi Jiao began to think of the plan to hunt more creatures in the attempt to level the two small snakes, as it also received experience by the creatures she defeated.