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Hearing these messages from the system, those who were already awake and those who were awakened by the explosions were surprised, but soon realized that this would happen, because it was the same with the black tiger and the black tortoise. Many began to wonder if there was anyone or group that got the four cores. At the thought of this, everyone in the town began to be jealous, jealous and intent to kill.

Tens or hundreds of thousands of people died in the battlefield for these cores, but someone unknown has reaped all the benefits. This feeling was bitter for those who came from great influences, be used as a chess piece to the plan of others.

Each influential power, be it small, medium or large, began to mobilize to find out who was or who were the people who took the cores. But when they remembered that the method for getting the black dragon’s core was different from the other three, many began to wonder if there was any connection between these cases.

Inside one of rooms of Tia Mei’s Hosting, there was a medium-sized table, four people were eating, one man and three women. The man was ordinary, but the women were extremely beautiful. They were Liu Yang, Xiao Xi, Xinyue and Fang Luoyang.

Liu Yang and Xinyue were looking at the thoughtful Xiao Xi and Fang Luoyang, they were like that after receiving the messages in the morning. Liu Yang was already aware of what was happening in the city, Xiao Xi and Fang Luoyang had said about the messages they received.

As Liu Yang was not “born” in some influential clan, he did not know the real value of these cores, but he had a vague idea of ​​what could be done with these cores, beyond to the effects of gaining level and statistics due to memories of Arthur Pendragon.

Xinyue who came a branch from a great clan, she knew some things about those cores. Even though she was interested in these cores, she knew it was impossible for her, so she did not even care.

But for those who came from influential clans, there were some extra things they could do with those cores.

The four of them ate quietly this time, but nothing to disturb the mood in the room. Xiao Xi and Fang Luoyang would have to return within the next two days to receive envoy from the Xiao clan, they knew they would have no more time to stay with Liu Yang. Because of this, in the next two days, the three women caused Liu Yang to completely release his essence in them.

The three women gained several benefits by receiving the essence of Liu Yang, such as statistics, skill level increases, clearer and softer skin. In these two days, Liu Yang was totally broken by the three women, although satisfied, it was quite tiring, he had to ingest various types of pill and elixir to regain his stamina which was rapidly decreasing.

A few days after Xiao Xi and Fang Luoyang returned to the Xiao clan, Liu Yang warned them to take care of those around them, especially when it came to eating and drinking. The two women knew this, after the events of a few days ago, they became cautious of the other members of the clan.

After the two women left, leaving Liu Yang and Xinyue alone, the two began to do activities to make up for the lost days. As Xiao Xi and Fang Luoyang were returning to their clan, Xinyue let the two women have more time with Liu Yang. Now that they were gone, it was time to get what Xinyue deserved after giving the two women more time.

A large crowd was waiting near the four entrances of the city, suddenly four large gates appear like a magic out of the city, in the four entrances of the City of the Wall of Blood, thousands of people began to leave these gates, they were the envoys of the clans. Each envoy went to their respective clans, sects, or group.

After meeting the envoys, each member took them back to their respective homes to discuss the subjects of the shadow beast tide.

The envoys began to read the reports of all the events that took place in the tide of shadow beasts. From the beginning of the tide to the end of the third stage of the tide.

Information about the people who went to the Alliance auction, the forging compet.i.tion, the Hall of Honor, the Meeting Room, the most prominent people on the four battlefields, and so on.

The day after the envoys arrived, the City of the Wall of Blood became quieter, for no one wanted to offend any of these envoys.

Liu Yang and Xinyue continued to do the same things they always did, which were: eating, doing activities in some room and sleeping.

But three days before the beginning of the fourth stage, the two were called by Xiao Xi and Fang Luoyang, the two were known as subordinates of Xiao Xi, they had to meet her call. The two have been called to a meeting, all representatives of all influential powers will be there.

The next day, Liu Yang and Xinyue were hand in hand walking down the busy streets of the city, the two attracted the attention of many people because of their new ident.i.ties, one was a genius in the art of forge and the other was a genius in combat. Many thought that the couple had been hired by Xiao Xi as their subordinates, this aroused the envy and jealousy of many people.

The couple was headed toward the meeting place with the younger generation and the envoys of the influential powers of the Nine Worlds. The name of the place was Heroes’ Park, this place was in the eastern part of the city, the place was silent and calm, green trees surrounded the place.

The Heroes’ Park was a flat lot the size of hundred soccer fields, there were thousands of stone tables, on each of the tables there were about ten people around.

By the time Liu Yang and Xinyue arrived, they attracted the attention of many at the scene, as they were a famous couple, the envoys had received information about the two. They knew that Xiao Xi had recruited the two to her side, because of this, no one had intended to try to take them both.

The place where the Xiao clan and the alliance members were was near the center of the square, this was where the most influential powers were. The couple was greeted by Xiao Xi, this aroused jealousy and envy of those around, as they were receiving the welcome directly from the princess of the Xiao clan.

The square was already crowded, but there was still room for more people to arrive, and it took a few more hours before all the places were occupied. When all the tables have been occupied, a loud sound is heard.

Tong !!!!!

Tong !!!!!

Tong !!!!!

Tong !!!!!

It was the sound of a great bell being struck, this signaled the beginning of the meeting.