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Fang Luoyang was happy with the fact that Liu Yang had offered something of greater value than the dowry offered, and at the same time was ashamed. She realized that Xiao Xi’s actions were indifferent when she mentioned this matter, it was as if already knew the final result.

The feeling of happiness came from the action of Liu Yang, so she could stay with him, the shame was that she remembered the words she had said to him when they were alone inside her room in the Commerce Hall.

But there was great doubt in Fang Luoyang’s mind, she wanted to know where Liu Yang managed to get so many drops of juice.

“Little Xi, do you know where that perverted rascal got so many drops?”

“I do not know exactly because he did not tell me the exact information, he just said that’s part of it for some payment. That perverted rascal asked the big sister to go to the place where he currently, he said there would be a surprise to the big sister. “Liu Yang did not tell Xiao Xi exactly where he had gotten those drops, because it would be extremely dangerous for him this information was leaked.

“A surprise to me? Little Xi, do you know what he’s going to do? “Fang Luoyang was curious about what kind of surprise Liu Yang was preparing for her.

“I do not know, that rascal did not tell me. Just go meet him tomorrow, because tonight he’s with the younger sister Xinyue. “Xiao Xi’s voice could not hide happiness and jealousy.

She had a little talk with Xinyue about some things, but in the end, the decision would just fit Xinyue.

“Then those two …” Fang Luoyang could not complete the sentence before her face began to blush, because she understood the meaning of Xiao Xi’s words.

“Probably the two should be doing some night activities”

But it was a pity that what they were thinking had not happened.

“Big sister, as you already know that my mother accepted the dowry of that rascal, you will have to fulfill the promise to your promise with him”

“That’s …” Fang Luoyang’s face turned extremely red when she thought about it.

“Do not worry too much about this, he’ll be nice to the big sister the first time.” Xiao Xi tried to calm Fang Luoyang, but that attempt made her even more embarra.s.sed.

Hearing Xiao Xi’s words, Fang Luoyang managed to detect some hidden things, she looked at Xiao Xi with a strange look.

“Little Xi, tell me the truth. That day you went out to meet a friend, that person was that girl named Xinyue? “

“Yes, she and the rascal were in the same room”

“So you three … Did you do that?” Fang Luoyang remembered that Xiao Xi’s skin was as new as a baby’s.

She knew some stories about married women would have a glowing skin when she performed activities with her man. Fang Luoyang began to imagine some scenes where Xiao Xi and Liu Yang were having long and intense activities. That made her extremely embarra.s.sed.

“Yeah, but it was just me and that pervert, the younger sister did not because she wanted to be alone with him, she wanted her first time to be like this. I talked to her about it, she agreed, but I do not know if she did. “Xiao Xi was not too embarra.s.sed to talk about it because she was talking to a person she trusts.

“Little Xi, the first …”

“The first time it hurts a lot, but then this pain will come a sensation that I can not describe in words. That perverted rascal was very experienced at doing these things. “Xiao Xi did not let Fang Luoyang finish speaking before responding.

“Little Xi, I do not know if I can do such a thing suddenly, I have to prepare my mind first …” Xiao Xi’s words helped her understand some things about these activities.

“I think it best not to think too much, it will be his someday, sooner or later it does not make much difference. In addition, the younger sister has probably overtaken the big sister in this regard. “Xiao Xi was trying to incite Fang Luoyang to become one with Liu Yang, in the same way, she did with Xinyue. She wanted them to officially become Liu Yang’s women.

“Little Xi, even if you tell me this, I still need to prepare. I’ll be saying goodbye now, it’s getting late, it’s time for us to go to sleep. Good night, little Xi “Fang Luoyang was too embarra.s.sed to continue the conversation.

“All right, big sister have a good night”

Xiao Xi did her best she can on this subject, the remainder would be Liu Yang that should do.

The night pa.s.sed slowly to those who were inside their rooms enjoying life, while those on the battlefield were dying in miserable ways.

A few hours before …

In the Second World, inside Xiao clan territory, inside a room with several chairs and tables, there was a lot of exquisite food that exuded a delicious scent, there were two people sitting at one of the eating tables, it was a man and a woman, they were respectively the father and mother of Xiao Xi.

The two were eating peacefully and quietly until the matriarch’s device of communication shone. Listening to the first part of the message the matriarch was extremely happy, but when she heard the second part, she was furious.

It was the message Xiao Xi had sent to the matriarch, talking about it between her and Fang Luoyang, and what she had done about it.

The matriarch’s husband was curious about the content of the message to make her so angry.

“My dear wife, what happened?”

“Darling, our daughter did it again, she ended up doing another shocking thing without my permission again.” The matriarch could only sigh when she spoke about it.

“What did she do this time?” Her husband asked curiously.

“Our youngest daughter threw a rabbit into the mouth of a tiger, the rabbit would be my precious apprentice and the tiger would be her husband”

“What did she do exactly?” Her husband understood some things, but have others doubted.

The matriarch began to tell about the content of the message, the more the husband listened, the more frightened he became. Because his youngest daughter was really too daring or too pure, he could not choose which of the options.

“What will you do dear? Those old men who want power are trying to arrange a marriage for their precious apprentice “

“Yes, I’m aware of that. I will not let that happen “

“Honey, what are you going to do? You should know that the greatest dowry offered was a drop of juice from the Reconstruction Fruit, if you refuse such a thing, it will cause a lot of discontent in the clan, that’s what those b.a.s.t.a.r.d want’

“Yes, I know that, but at present, I don’t have an idea what to do about it”

The husband looked at his wife who was helpless, he was quite sad about it, because he always saw his wife laughing or with a serious face.

“Why do not you try to use our son-in-law to try to delay this arrangement a bit, so we’ll have some time to think about a measure later”

“It’s a great idea because I did not think of it before”

The matriarch followed the suggestion of her husband, sending a message to Xiao Xi on this subject. Then she asked if there was any sort of thing that Liu Yang could use as a wedding dowry, something that might have some value.

Xiao Xi asked what was the largest dowry offered for this arranged marriage, the matriarch replied that the other side was offered a drop of juice from the Fruit of Reconstruction. Xiao Xi took a while to respond because she went to ask Liu Yang about what he thought about this matter, and without hesitation, he offers as dowry ten drops of juice.

These words shocked the matriarch, she did not believe what she was hearing, she had to ask Xiao Xi a few times before accepting the truth.

The matriarch asked Xiao Xi to thank Liu Yang for this matter because it was something that was putting a lot of pressure on her. The matriarch still did not speak the final answer, because she wanted to meet Liu Yang before, she wanted to know how it was that person who stole her precious little daughter and now is stealing her precious disciple.

Although she did not give the final confirmation, Xiao Xi was happy that her mother approved the relations.h.i.+p of Liu Yang and Fang Luoyang. This made her plan move forward successfully.