Pure Love X Insult Complex Chapter 803. Kiyohara Ai / Do You Believe In Magic?

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「 Yukiyo-san It’s Ojou-sama who’ll decide that, not you 」

Katsuko-nee tells Iwakurkaichou

「 I-I, uhm 」

Iwakursan trembles.

She’s no match against Katsuko-nee, Minaho-neesan’s right hand.

「 Putting that aside. Take these disgusting men out already. Also, Ojou-sama’s looking for a fascinating plan 」

「 Minaho-sama?! 」

「 That’s right. If Ojou-sama is bored and you found something that interests her, then she’ll give permission. Naturally, if it’s boring, then it’s rejected. Also, if you do anything as you please again, then it’ll make Ojou-sama frown. Well, I know that Yukiyo-san is smart enough to know that 」

「 Y-Yes! 」

And so, Iwakursan won’t be reckless for a while.

「 Then go. You know that we’re about to have fun, don’t you? 」

Katsuko-nee looked at our direction and laughed.

「 Oh, I-I see 」

「 Therefore, we don’t need any interference from Yukiyo-san 」

「 C-Certainly 」

Katsuko-nee gave a warning, so Iwakursan won’t meddle with Ai-san.

It’s like that with me back then, but…

Iwakursan always tries to play some tricks on the newcomers.

「 Then, hurry up 」

「 E-Excuse me! Hey! Useless judo club members Ichigo, Nigo, and V3, come with me! 」

「 Yay! 」

「 HEY! 」

「 Yosoro!! 」

Yomi’s power carved absolute obedience to Iwakurkaichou on the hearts of s.h.i.+ndou and the two.

They follow her with a hollow look in their eyes.

Then, the four of them disappeared.

「 Geez, that’s the first stage over 」

Nei smiled.

「 Oh, Kanchan, you don’t have to mind what Iwakursan said earlier. She was talking about being free to use the power behind the scenes in the school, but that’s just what she thinks. We have more control in the dark side of this school than the student council president 」

Iwakurkaichou is one of Minaho-neesan’s pets.

She doesn’t have the authority to freely access the hidden cameras and microphone system in our school.

She can’t enter the monitoring room under the princ.i.p.al’s office, either.

Nei and the girls have more control over the dark side than her.

「 Well, Iwakursan’s in control of the whole student council, and she can use the student council room, this warehouse, and other places to her tastes 」

Then, Kansenpai thinks for a while…

「 But, that’s a good proposal. Me, becoming the student council president 」


「 And then, the members of the bakery would become the student council staff. Our school only elects the president, and the president can pick the rest by herself 」

Kansenpai’s going to become the next student council president, and we’re the staff?

「 And then, they won’t see us gathering like this as strange. And we can use the student council room, which is bigger than the bakery staff room 」

「 You sure, Kanchan? 」

Nei’s surprised.

「 I mean, if one were to pick out a candidate, it would be me, right? 」

The next student council president should be currently a second-year student.

Nei’s also a second-year student, but she’s a repeater.

The impression from her old days still remains, and so I don’t think she can enter the student council.

「 Also, I think this is good for Megumi-chan 」


「 I understood it after a week of working in the bakery, that girl is hardworking, but she doesn’t get the knack of it. She does as she’s told, and she’s doing her best, but she’s the type who can’t come up with an idea of what to do. Basically an honor student type 」

Kansenpai thought that way.

「 That kind of girl would work hard if you give her a post. She’s not a leader who can gather everyone in one place, but, yes, she’s like a cla.s.s rep who’ll do what the teacher told her, or in the student council, she’d work as the secretary 」

「 Wow, you got that? As expected of Kanchan

Nei’s impressed.

「 She’ll do what you ask for because she has a strong sense of responsibility, but on the other hand, she’s the type that feels uneasy when she’s not relied on, right? Thinking “Maybe n.o.body needs me?” and then she’d fall depressed 」

Yeah, correct.

「 And in that regard, Katsuko-san, Nei-san, and Edie are all too talented. Well, I’m in that group too. Megumi-chan always asks Katsuko-san what she should do, but we only look at the situation and do what needs to be done, right? There’s no need to ask each and everything, I already know what to do after working for just three days. And Edie thinks of what shouldn’t be done instead. 」

Y-Yeah, Kansenpai’s already used to the jobs in the bakery. And she works harmoniously with Katsuko-nee and Nei.

「 Well, she can’t help it in the bakery. There are too many customers she had to handle during the lunch break. Megumi-chan can’t control the pace 」

But, if it’s now…

Megu would think that she’s cast out, and her insecurities would come out again.

Oh, it’s just like when I appointed her as the housewife of the mansion.

She’s appointed as the sub-chief of Katsuko-nee, she looked happy from that, but…

In the end, Ruriko and Mana are more talented than Megu.

The two of them are superior…

Before anyone realized, Ruriko and Mana have become the sub-chief of the mansion’s housewife.

Megu got angry as she should have that position.

「 Therefore, I think that Megumi-chan needs another job where she can take things to her pace 」

「 And that’s the student council? 」

Nei mutters.

「 That’s right. I’ll be the president, but then if I give her tasks where I’d say “I’m busy, please deal with this instead,” and she’d go nuts with it. Furthermore, Megumi-chan’s better at negotiating with the ordinary students than Nei. She can look at them at an equal status 」

Well, Nei’s way of thinking and energy is out of the bounds of an ordinary student.

In that regard, Megu thinks like an ordinary student.

「 As for me, I don’t know what the student council or Kuromori owns, nor I don’t want to discover it, but Megumi-chan would think that it’s something only she can do if I explain it to her, right? 」

Kansenpai purposely doesn’t want to know our secrets.

She knows that it’s too risky to have knowledge of it.

She’s got that perfect sense of balance in that regard.

「 Right. I think Megu-chan would agree when we tell her that we’ll be normalizing Iwakursan’s absurd student council 」

Nei said.

The dark side of our school has Kuromori’s brothel system.

This school’s used as the cover for the prost.i.tute search.

s.h.i.+rasaka Sousuke used this as well.

Back when Minaho-neesan’s grandfather bought this school…

The girls bought in the area to become prost.i.tutes attend our school, and come to the brothel as a women’s dormitory and yet…

s.h.i.+rasaka Sousuke took over the selection system for the prost.i.tutes in our high school.

Katsuko-nee and Nagisa were kidnapped during their first year in this school and turned them to prost.i.tutes.

Look at Iwakurkaichou, Minaho-neesan checked her personal prost.i.tute age, and turned her to a prost.i.tute of Kuromori.

Then, Iwakursan gathered s.e.x slaves and do whatever she wants with them, that’s the current student council.

If we’re to restore the school, then we’ll need to repair the student council as well.

It’s our responsibility.

Megu, who’s a child born in Kuromori, must feel that way.

「 And then, Megumi-chan can be the next student council president after me 」

Kansenpai said.

「 A girl that was in the student council on the year has a strong chance of winning. It’s okay, after a year of her being a number three who follows my orders, she surely can become the number one! 」

She laughed.

「 I mean, Kanchan, you’ve got the charisma and popularity of a number one, and yet, you always push the troublesome stuff to the number two, don’t you? 」

「 Naturally. I always push the troublesome part to others, but… 」

Kansenpai looked at Nei and Katsuko-nee.

「 Katsuko-san, Nei-san, and the ladies of Kouzuki house, people who are superior to me, come one after another. I thought that settling down on number two at the ordinary high school level makes me small. I need to aim higher, or life would be boring 」

「 Hearing you say that honors me 」

Katsuko-nee smiles.

「 Therefore, I’d go to the student council. Oh, I’d push all the troublesome jobs to Megumi-chan though 」

「 I think that’s okay. What do you think, Dear? 」

Katsuko-nee asks

「 I think that should be okay 」

I shouted from the warehouse.

I also think that’s for the better.

If you give her a job, then she’d do it with all her best.

「 Then, I’ll discuss it later 」

Nei looks at the siblings clinging to Katsuko-nee.

「 Done talking? 」

Yomi asks.

「 Yomi wants to go to Sensei now 」

「 Me too 」

Luna mutters.

「 Yeah, sorry about that. Let’s go over there 」

Nei-san points at Ai-san and me in the warehouse.

「 The main event is about to start! 」

「 Let’s go 」

「 Ufufu, Sorry about that, n.o.bu. Sorry to make you wait, Ai 」

「 Now then 」

Nei, Edie, Kansenpai, and the shrine maidens Katsuko-nee brought…

They all walk towards us.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 Now then, Ah, Katsuko-oneechan, close down the door! 」

「 I know 」

Click. The door’s locked as Katsuko-nee entered the warehouse last.

And a chain lock as well.

「 Eh?! Eh?! Eh?! U-Uhm 」

Ai-san’s eyes are flapping./

「 Hmm, so it’s this girl? Yeah, she looks cute 」

Yomi looks at Ai-san’s face and said

「 No, u-uhm, I… 」

The room’s closed down.

Sensing all the gazes concentrated on her, Ai-san trembles slightly.

「 For now, that pervert from the Judo club won’t bother you anymore. You may not understand what happened, but I give you my guarantee 」

Katsuko-nee tells Ai-san.

「 It’s going to be okay! I perfected it, right? Luna 」

「 Yes, there’s no more problems 」

Yomi and Luna guarantees Ai-san’s safety

「 Ha, ah, yes, I see 」

AI-san replied in a small voice.

「 Oh, is that all? 」

Katsuko-nee smiled and glared at her.

「 Shouldn’t you say something to us? 」


「 Huh? Ah, huh? Ah. Uhm, that 」

「 Did your mother not teach you to say thank you to people? 」

Katsuko-nee said. Ai-san continues to tremble.

「 No, uhm, that, I-I 」

「 Oh, your mother really didn’t teach you 」

What’s going on?

Katsuko-nee looked at Nei and Kansenpai.

「 I know that you girls planned it, but do you mind if I take over as the MC? 」

Nei looked at Kansenpai…

「 I don’t mind. 」

「 Sure. Katsuko-san, you must be planning something 」

Kansenpai speaks to Katsuko-nee.

「 I’m glad that you’re quick-witted 」

She smiled.

「 My appearance here isn’t just my idea but also Ojou-sama, Nagisa, and Margo-chan, who is in America right now…It was discussed among the senior group of Kuromori. And this case would be crucial for him 」

To me.

「 And so, sorry about that but I used Yomiko-chan and Lunchan’s trump cards right away 」

Is the Miko power necessary?

For Ai-san?

「 Well, I’ll leave this to the senior group. I know from my one week of working together that Katsuko-san’s skillful and amazing 」

Kansenpai said and sits down.

「 And as for me, I’m here to study 」

「 Then, I’ll study as well 」

Nei sits next to Kansenpai.

「 As for me, I’ll be watching out for anyone outside 」

Edie places a chair near the door.

「 Oh, but I don’t think the boys from Judo club would come back 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 I’m more worried about the student council president 」


「 If it were me, I’d pretend to withdraw and send in an underling to scout 」

Oh, she’s likely to do that.

「 Therefore, I won’t bother with those just watching from afar, but if they try to come close, I’ll threaten them 」

Edie can sense hostility from people, and so I can leave that job to her.

「 Yeah, if you’d please, Edie 」

「 Okay, Darling entrusted the job to me! 」

Then, she takes a seat.

「 Now then…Ai-san, Kiyohara Ai-san, isn’t it? 」

Katsuko-nee smiled.

「 Y-Yes 」

Ai-san looks down, trembling.

「 How about you sit down over there. There’s a bed 」

Katsuko-nee points at the bed.

「 U-Uhm, H-Hos.h.i.+zaki-senpai…I-I, I want to go back… 」

Ai-san asks for Kansenpai’s help.

However, she only looks at the floor, not at Kansenpai.

「 No, sit there. Ai 」

Kansenpai said.

「 Besides, Katsuko-san said it earlier, have you really forgotten what you should say right now? Do you not know what to do? 」

「 Eh? Eh? Eh? U-Uhm 」

Ai-san looks nervous. Kansenpai.

「 That’s enough. Sit down already 」

「 Y-Yes! 」

Ai-san sits down on the corner of the bed.

Her body’s stiff, still nervous.

She’s only placed half of her a.s.s on the bed to escape anytime.

「 Ai, anyway, the matter with s.h.i.+ndou should be okay now. I’m telling you this, there’s no mistake. That guy won’t chase you anymore 」

「 Ah, Y-Yes, I-Is that so? 」

「 That’s right! And so say your thanks to everyone here! If you don’t, they’d think that I’m also rude since we’re both in the tennis club! 」

「 S-S-S-S-Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! 」

「 Don’t say sorry! Say thanks!!! 」

Kansenpai shouted at her unconsciously.

However, Katsuko-nee.

「 It’s okay. It’s nothing special 」

「 But, Katsuko-san, that’s… 」

「 I’m not happy even when someone says that they’re thankful, but they never were. Don’t you think so? 」


Ai-san’s not thankful that we saved her?

「 Yeah, this person’s nothing but afraid, she doesn’t feel grateful at all 」

Luna reads Ai-san’s thoughts.

I see.

Katsuko-nee brought Luna here to read Ai-san’s thoughts.

「 N-No, Uhm, I-I-I-I 」

AI-san squirms her kneecaps on the bed.

「 Huh, what do you mean by that, Ai?! I thought s.h.i.+ndou’s troubling you?! 」

「 Awawawawa, uhm, auuuuuu 」

「 Don’t tell me that you actually like s.h.i.+ndou, do you?! 」

「 U-Uhm, that, I… 」

「 Speak!!! Ai!! I asked for these people’s help just for you!!! 」

Kansenpai speaks her anger.

「 Aaaaah! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Hos.h.i.+zaki-senpai! I’m sorry!!! 」

「 I won’t understand a thing from your “I’m sorry!” 」


「 This girl did think that the guy from earlier was troublesome 」

Luna’s holding Yomi’s hand, using her power to scan Ai-san’s thoughts.

「 Yeah. I heard her say that she has someone else she likes 」


Therefore, Kansenpai didn’t misunderstand anything and dealt with s.h.i.+ndou with that in mind.

「 Aaaaah, auuuu, S-Sorry 」

「 But, this girl doesn’t feel grateful to us either 」


「 What do you mean? 」

Kansenpai asks.

「 No, uhm, Ah, I-I… 」

「 This girl thinks that other people helping her is natural 」


「 T-That, err, I-I, that… 」

「 She thinks that “someone strange is causing trouble to me again,” and then, she just makes that “I’m troubled, I’m troubled” look to her cla.s.smates, to her seniors in the club, and they’d help her as usual 」

As usual?

「 Hey! Ai?! 」

Kansenpai’s surprised.

「 No, U-Uhm, wrong, I-I 」

「 You can’t lie. I can read your thoughts and your memories 」

Luna said.

「 Hiii! Uuuuuuuuuu!!!! 」

Ai-san trembles in fear.

「 Oh, I see, so it’s the usual? If something troubles you, you just make that “I’m troubled” look in your face, and then kind people would ask “What’s wrong,” and things settle down, that has become natural for you 」

「 Aaaauuuu! Ai, t-that… 」

「 That’s why you don’t feel grateful to people anymore 」

Luna exposes Ai-san’s heart.

「 What?! You were that kind of girl?! 」

Kansenpai’s shocked by the discovery.

「 N-No! She’s wrong! I-I! Ai…. 」

「 Oh, sorry, I know that girl can read people’s thoughts 」

Kansenpai sighed.

「 I never knew that Ai’s that kind of cunning girl 」

「 N-No…I-I 」

「 Yes. That’s wrong. It’s what’s always happening to this girl, and so, when she has a problem, someone will deal with it, and so she doesn’t think that she’s doing anything cunning 」

Luna reads.

「 She only thinks that it’s natural 」


「 But, have you never thanked anyone for helping you? 」

Nei asks.

「 Ah, T-That’s…That’s… 」

「 She just shows her timid look, and try to say something, and then the people around her would say thanks to those who helped her, that’s how it has always been 」

You mean…

「 Oh, I get it. In this case, you’ll just stay timid, and I’ll have to thank everyone for your sake. You’re my junior in tennis club after all 」

Ai-san looks timid, and so Kansenpai would say her thanks instead.

「 And then, if we were to come back to the tennis club and I complain, another girl would say sorry for you. Then, they’d bow their head, saying, “thank you.” And with that, you’ll forget to say your thanks to me, to anyone… 」

「 And that’s how you lived all this time 」

Katsuko-nee looked down on Ai-san and said.

「 After all, you look cute, and when you tremble, people would want to help you, right? And so, when you’re in trouble, someone’s always coming to your help. That kind of good person will always come. And it has become so natural for you that you forget to be grateful to people. No, you might’ve never known to do so in the first place 」

「 Uuuugh, U-Uhm, I…Ai, that… 」

Oh, she never did.

This girl lived her life without saying thank you to people.

「 But, unfortunately, your magic won’t work on us. Do you know why? 」

Katsuko-nee whispers to Ai-san.

「 Sure, you look cute, and so you attract the pity of people, and they help you out, but… 」

「 Look at us 」

Yomi uses her power to compel Ai-san.

「 !!! 」

AI-san who’s been looking down all this time looked up.

Yeah, Ai-san has a lovely face, but…

Her eyes are dead. It lost its vigor.

「 Look at us 」

Katsuko-nee said.

「 Unfortunately, we’re much cuter than you! Therefore, your magic won’t work on us 」