Pure Love X Insult Complex Chapter 733. 14Th Floor

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「 Sorry~ I don’t know what happened, but they all fainted, look~ 」

Nei opens up the room of the four devas of president Oodori on the 13th floor of the hotel and speaks to the Yakuza outside.

「 W-What did you say?! 」

「 T-Takasaki Aniki?! 」

「 Morisawneesan?! 」

「 O’Sullivan Aniki’s blowing foam in his mouth!!! 」

「 All of the elite guards are knocked out?!!! 」

The Yakuza who came into the room checked the situation and screamed out.

「 Y-Youu! What did you to do Aniki?! 」

Then, Margo-san;

「 Who knows? Maybe it’s food poisoning? They’re all knocked out when we entered the room 」

「 Food poisoning, you said!? 」

「 Maybe they ate something terrible during lunch?! Lmao 」

Nei’s laughing.

「 That can’t possibly be true! Hey!!! 」

One of the Yakuza’s getting furious but, Margo-san;

「 Isn’t food poisoning a better excuse? 」

She speaks in a low tone.

「 Or could it be that you’ll insist on saying that we knocked out all of the living four of Kansai Raijin Houkai by ourselves? 」

「 If I recall, the heavyweights in the Yakuza industry are coming to this hotel as well! 」

「 I heard that Satake and his group are in here too 」

「 Let’s say that we knocked Takasaki-san out, are you okay with everyone else knowing about that? 」

「 That would be embarra.s.sing, right? 」

Nei and Edie looked at each other and laughed.

「 Kuh 」

The Yakuza looks disheartened.

Even if they avenge them, it’s too late.

It can’t overturn the fact that the four major leaders were defeated by girls.

That includes the over-50 Yakuza on the floor.

「 Oh, if you contact the lobby, Kouzuki SS’ relief team would come. They’ll give you medical treatment, and if you want, they’ll send you to your desired hospital 」

Kinos.h.i.+tsan from Kouzuki SS said.

「 I mean, I think you should get yourselves some food poisoning too 」

Margo-san smiles.

「 If you come together with Oodori-san in the venue, you might not be able to return to Kansai alive 」

「 D-Don’t f.u.c.k with us! W-We’ve come here because of a dispute!! This place is where we’d make a deal! 」

「 T-That’s right! N-n.o.body kills during a deal! 」

「 That’s Yakuza’s common knowledge! 」

Though they’re trembling, they shout back at Margo-san.

「 Indeed. That’s common sense for Yakuza, but we’re not one 」

「 Kouzuki-ojiichan too! 」

Margo-san and Nei laugh.

「 Hey, do you really think your logic still applies after all these events? 」

「 Sorry, but we have a better common sense compared to Yakuza 」

The hallway quiets down.

「 Let me say this again, take this as a warning 」

「 There’s no next time 」

Margo-san and Edie emit bloodl.u.s.t.

「 H-Hey, I’m Takasaki-Aniki’s underling. I’ll bring him to a hospital 」

「 Ah, I’ll bring MorisawAnego! 」

「 I’m O’Sullivan Aniki’s follower, I-I’m sorry for Big Boss, but I have to prioritize Aniki here 」

「 T-That’s unfair of you! 」

「 Are you guys even Yakuza?! 」

「 Yeah! You go with Big Boss Instead 」

「 Ugh, I feel my stomach is grumbling. It might be food poisoning! 」

「 Ugh, my chronic disease! 」

「 Aaah! My old scar on my knee hurts!!! 」

「 Hey! Wait! Tanakaaaaaa!!! 」

Most of the members are starting to run away.

「 Then, we’re going back now 」

Edie laughs.

「 T-That’s right, let’s hurry up! 」

Kudou Haruka’s still clinging to me.

「 With that said, could you guys give way? 」

Margo-san said. Then the black-clothed Yakuza makes way by sticking to the wall.

「 Oh, by the way, My name’s Margo Starkweather Kuromori. In one year, I’ll be a world-famous personality 」

「 And I’m Nei! Remember that! 」

They smiled at the Yakuza guys.

「 Okay, okay! Give way!!! 」

Kinos.h.i.+tsan orders the Yakuza.


Margo-san and Nei taking the lead, Edie, Kudou Haruka, and I walk in the center as Kinos.h.i.+tsan follows behind. We walk through the corridor as the Yakuza gives us a sidelong glance.

Then, we reached the elevator hall.

Oh, the Yakuza’s still on the floor.

「 Here 」

The floor guard from Kouzuki SS opens the elevator and is waiting for us.

「 Thanks 」

Kinos.h.i.+tsan thanked her colleague.

We get in the elevator.

「 Well then, goodbye everyone! 」

Nei waves her hand to the dumbfounded Yakuza.

Then, the elevator door closes.


「 With that, Oodori-san will only have only the new guards with him 」

Margo-san mutters.

「 But, he didn’t show up at all 」

I thought that was strange.

After one of the four major leaders were taken down, Morisawa Mami appears right away.

She changed her response in no time after knowing the strength of our group.

Even so, Oodori doesn’t appear even after his minions are beaten up.

「 It can still count as a failure of the subordinates 」

Margo-san said.

「 The living four are all equal rank, and so the failure of one is also a responsibility of the three. Therefore, she responded right away. But, Oodori-san is the big boss. With that, Oodori-san can pretend that he didn’t know what happened and throw all of the blunders to his subordinates. But if he showed himself before us, it would involve him in the case, and that’s why he had to draw the line 」

「 What does that mean? 」

I asked.

「 That would be to kill all of us 」

Edie smiled. Kudou Haruka trembles.

「 That’s it. It’ll affect Oodori’s name if he doesn’t go that far. But, Oodori-san saw our power 」

Oodori knows that Kinos.h.i.+tsan knocked out over 50 Yakuza by herself, and he also knows that O’Sullivan is knocked out quickly.

「 Even though there’s only a small group of guards among his subordinates, it would be impossible for him to kill us, The other floor has Kouzuki SS, and then Satake’s group 」

Margo-san explains.

「 Oodori-san didn’t show up because he can’t 」

Nei laughs.

「 By the way, which floor are we going to next? 」

Kinos.h.i.+tsan asks us as she faces the elevator’s control panel.


We still haven’t decided which floor should we go to.

The elevator door is closed, but we’re not moving anywhere.

「 I guess, we’ll head to the 11th floor? 」

We’re here to do power scouting.

We’ve drastically reduced the strength of Oodori on the 13th floor, so we should go to the 11th floor, right?

「 No, let’s go to the 14th floor now 」

Margo-san said.

14th floor.

That’s the venue for the deal today.

「 As said earlier, Satake’s just a new guy, he doesn’t have the same prominent name leaders, and I don’t think he’s that close with the old names in Yakuza 」

She smiled and looked at me.

「 Therefore, it would be impossible to employ the same strategy we just did earlier. If things go badly, they might come at us ready to die 」

「 Son Goku said that don’t chase someone that’s cornered already 」

Edie nods to herself.

「 Son Goku, what? 」

「 That’s not Son Goku! It’s Sun Tsu! 」

Kudou Haruka retorts.

「 Oh right! I messed that up! 」

「 How can you mess that up?! 」

「 Both have Sun in their names! 」1

Edie’s doing that on purpose.

「 Okay, how do you differentiate the two? 」

「 One’s from Dragon b.a.l.l.s and the other one is a Chinese General! 」

「 Oh! I get it now! 」


「 But, why 14th floor? If we’re done with the recon, then let’s go to the 16h floor with Jii-chan 」

Minaho-neesan and the sisters are in there.

I still have to talk to Jii-chan about the three.

「 Yo-chan, take a look 」

Nei shows me her watch.

The time is 2:50 PM.

「 Do you remember what time the deal will start? 」

Three o’clock.

「 That’s right. We only have ten minutes left, it’s better if we go to the venue and wait 」

Margo-san tells me.

「 That’s right, either way, Kouzuki-ojiichan’s coming down 」


Even if I’m dumb, I can tell what’s going to happen.

「 Margo-san, could it be 」

「 You don’t have to say it. You’re correct 」

I was made to join this power scouting because,

Jii-chan’s making prior consultations with Minaho-neesan and the Takakura sisters before the deal.

Maybe it’s problematic if I’m there.

「 Is it Minaho-neesan? Or Jii-chan? 」

Who can’t make a choice in my presence?

「 Why not both? 」

Edie smiles.

「 Minaho and Kouzuki-san are having a mature talk 」

Margo-san tells me.

「 Yos.h.i.+n.o.bu-kun, you should be aware that you’re powerless, and that your opinion doesn’t hold weight 」

Yeah, I’m just a high school boy.

I’m dumb. Poor.

I’m a failure, an inferior being.

「 Once you feel hopelessness in yourself, then you’ll start to know what you can do by yourself. You’ll see what’s your true power 」

In this case, Minaho-neesan had me take care of the Takakura sisters, but,

In a conversation between adults,

In Jii-chan’s business and Shou-neechan’s strategy meetings,

I can’t partic.i.p.ate in there,

No, that’s natural.

There’s no meaning in me partic.i.p.ating in that conversation.

They’re adults, and I’m just a kid.

「 But, Tsukiko, Yomiko, and Luna, 」

I still need Jii-chan to approve that the sisters won’t become prost.i.tutes.

「 Do you think that Minaho can’t persuade Kouzuki-san? 」


No, Minaho-neesan can persuade Jii-chan better than I can.

「 Just leave it to Kouzuki-ojiichan and Minaho-oneechan! Yo-chan, you should do what only you can do 」

Nei smiled and hugged me.

Nei buries my face in her plump b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

「 But I can’t think of anything that only I can do 」

Right here, right now.

We’re in a hotel with Yakuza and Kouzuki SS.

What can I do?

「 If you can’t think of it, look for it, there surely is one. That’s why Yo-chan’s here 」

I don’t get it

「 For now, let’s go to the 14th floor! 」

Kinos.h.i.+tsan pushes a b.u.t.ton to raise the elevator.

◇ ◇ ◇

We arrived on the 14th floor.

「 Okay, we’re here 」

The 14th floor is filled with Kouzuki SS guards.

Jii-chan’s gonna show up, so it’s natural.

Kinos.h.i.+tsan leads us to a room large enough for a banquet.

「 Oh, looks like they’re ready 」

Margo-san looked around and said.

This really is a s.p.a.cious room. It’s wide enough to fit in our school’s gym.

The ceiling’s also high.


「 Why are the chairs lined up like this? 」

「 Who knows? I don’t know much about Yakuza customs 」

The venue has a large square s.p.a.ce in the center.

Then, chairs are arranged facing each other on the left, right, and in the front.

The front is covered in a large amber curtain.

Could this be?

「 A karate match venue? 」

Kudou Haruka’s right.

If that curtain had a sign saying “Heisei Judo Tournament” or something, then it would be perfect.

「 The s.p.a.ce in the middle is about four times as large as the Judo grounds. 」

Yeah, the seats divided into the left, right, and front, have considerable distance.

I guess this is to prevent the Yakuza from fighting each other.

「 Oh, you’re finally here 」

Shou-neechan’s near the microphone stand placed in front of the curtain.

「 Kinos.h.i.+ta, good job. Stand in position for now 」

「 Okay~ 」

「 Thanks a lot 」

I thanked her.

「 Not at all! It was fun for me too! See you later! 」

Kinos.h.i.+tsan parts from us while swinging around her flail as she smiles.

「 Err 」

I look around.

Where’s Jii-chan, Minaho-neesan, and the sisters?

「 Kakka will arrive last 」

Shou-neechan smiled as she looked at me.

「 We can’t afford to have Kouzuki-san come down before the safety of the whole venue is confirmed, right? 」

Margo-san tells me.

Oh. I see.

「 That’s not it 」

Huh, Shou-neechan?

「 Well, there’s various stuff on in regards to the ceremony 」

I-I see.

「 Then, is Tsukiko and the two coming after Jii-chan? 」

「 Yes, that’s the plan 」

Then, Taki-san from Kouzuki SS comes in trotting.

「 Seki-san, the west side is ready 」

「 I see, what about the east side? 」

「 That side seems to be taking a bit more time 」

East. West?

「 What about our guys? 」

「 They’re on standby 」

「 Then, let’s begin in five minutes. The others will be right after the ceremony 」

「 Roger 」

Taki-san starts half-running again.

「 It would be hard to have the two groups of Yakuza b.u.mp each other on the way, right? And so we used the elevators and stairs at the end of the building and have them go to this floor. The big bosses will take the elevators, and the followers will take the stairs. The other floors are open for the general customers, and so we can’t have the elevators occupied forever. The dozens of underlings going in the elevator would bother the other guests 」

Oh my, we occupied an elevator for a long while though.

Sorry about that.

「 And so, for the left and right, no, I mean east and west side of the banquet room, There are waiting rooms in the east and west, but once they’re there, the Yakuza will stay in there and enter here in turns. This is to prevent confusion 」

I see. There’s a lot to consider.

「 As for the witnesses, they’ll come from the southern reserve room, and they’re already there 」

「 Then that means 」

「 In front of us, the curtain side is the north. 」 Well, for the sake of convenience, I’ll just call it front. Then, on the east side comes Oodori. Satake’s group will be from the west side 」

And from the south side, would be the witnesses from the big names in Yakuza.

Then that means,.

I think Jii-chan would be sitting behind this big curtain in the front.

「 And, where should we go? 」

Margo-san asks. Shou-neechan;

「 Can you see the chairs near the wall at the end of the curtain? For now, stay over there 」

Yeah, there’s some pipe chairs near the wall.

「 Sorry, but this is a place where Kouzuki house and the two groups of Yakuza would have a deal, Kuromori house isn’t involved 」

I see.

We can observe the deal, but,

We’re not a direct partic.i.p.ant in this.

「 Minaho-san and Michi-chan should be going there too 」

As for Tsukiko and the two.

They’re the descendants of Takakura shrine and the root of today’s deal.

Therefore, they’ll be involved in this ceremony.

「 It’s okay. Reika’s with the sisters, don’t worry about it 」

Rei-chan is an ace of Kouzuki SS, if she’s guarding the three, then there’s no problem.

The Yakuza should know Rei-chan, she’s a celebrity by now.

「 It’s okay. If anything happens, Michi and I will jump in 」

Edie tells me.

「 Then, let’s go to our seats. Shou-oneechan’s busy in organizing the ceremony after all 」

Nei said and smiled.

「 That’s right. I’m the MC today thanks to Kakka’s orders 」


「 Master of the ceremonies, I’m basically the host 」

Shou-neechan sighed.