Pure Love X Insult Complex Chapter 726. To Underground

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「 We’re in the city 」

Edie looks at the road.

She’s already remembered the map and the names of location in Tokyo’s suburbs.

Edie didn’t just receive elite education as a combatant of the a.s.sa.s.sination, she’s a genius. She has nearly the same intellect as Michi.

「 Shou, I’d like to hear the instructions on what to do on site already 」

Edie tells Shou-neechan

「 We’re to wreck the Kansai Yakuza. No mercy 」

Shou-neechan looks at the mirror.

「 We’re killing them all? 」

Kudou Haruka’s startled as Edie speaks without reserve about killing.

「 You don’t have to go that far. It’s not worth it. Although, be sure to take down those who come for you in one shot. 」

「 One action, you mean? 」

「 Indeed, don’t kill them but instead take them down in one shot 」


「 As mentioned earlier, Kouzuki SS now is Kakka’s private army. Our job on the surface is a security firm for VIPs from wealthy families, but our other side is a group of specialists who accomplishes Kakka’s requests. But, it won’t go the same way from now on. You know that the situation has changed, don’t you? 」

Edie and I nod.

Kudou Haruka’s showing a surprised face.

「 Jii-chan’s retiring from the Kouzuki group and s.h.i.+bsan will be the manager. Kouzuki SS won’t be backing up the Kouzuki group like how they do it before, right? 」

Up until now, Kouzuki house, Kouzuki group, and Kouzuki SS are all under Jii-chan’s control.

But, Kouzuki SS is Jii-chan’s personal company, and so s.h.i.+bsan can’t take control.

s.h.i.+bsan may be dissatisfied because of that.,

「 To be honest, we’ve received funding and information from the Kouzuki group until now. Our company needs a lot of money to spend on the other side. We’ve sent employees to Kouzuki group to investigate. We’ve also asked for cooperation from Kouzuki group’s companies in various ways 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 But, we can’t allow that intimate relations.h.i.+p going forward. See? From s.h.i.+bsan’s eyes, he only sees it as a professional spy under Kakka’s rule to see if he’s being sloppy in his control 」

You wouldn’t want that. That’s natural.

It would seem like Jii-chan’s looking down on you.

「 That is why we will continue to work with Kouzuki group in the future, but we will make a clear line between our relations.h.i.+p. To put it in a nutsh.e.l.l, Kouzuki group will also have to sign a contract and will become one of the groups of companies trading with us 」

Kouzuki SS will continue to carry out their security duties for the Kouzuki group.

However, the relations.h.i.+p won’t get closer than that. There will be a clear line.

「 With that said, Kouzuki SS needs to become a self-sustaining company. First of all, we have to become the best professional security specializing in both the surface and the other side business 」

If they’re going to refuse the financial support from Kouzuki group, then their only choice is to earn profit themselves.

「 Therefore, this case is important to us. This will be the showcase of the new Kouzuki SS 」

This case.

It’s not about Jii-chan intervening with the Kansai Yakuza causing trouble in the Takakura shrine.

「 To the distinguished families, they see the case this time as the Takakura sisters asking for Kouzuki SS’ protection 」

Tsukiko and the two made the request.

「 Well, there would be a deal with the Yakuza later but, what kind of conclusion could you imagine happening? 」

How would the Yakuza settle the score with Jii-chan?

「 Hmm 」

I think.

「 After all, if you look at the situation, the Yakuza’s at a complete defeat, right? The group who came after the Takakura sisters in Tokyo were almost completely destroyed, Yazawsan also raided their base in the Kansai area. Lastly, they’re called over to Tokyo from Kansai 」

Even if you call this a “deal,” the two bosses of the Yakuza groups are sent to Tokyo, Jii-chan’s ground.

You can only see it as an overwhelming defeat.

「 You seem to be misjudging the Yakuza. 」

Shou-neechan laughs.

「 The Yakuza still thinks they can make an even deal with Kakka. No, if you ask me, they’ll try to make it advantageous to them 」

「 Huh, why? 」

Why would they think that way even in that kind of situation?

「 It’s because they’re Yakuza 」


「 They’ll try to be eloquent, bluff, distract, snap back, use sophism, violence, bribery, influence, or even connections, anyway, they’ll use whatever they can to make the transaction advantageous to them. That’s how Yakuza works. Especially with the two big bosses, in this case, Kansai Raijin Patriarch Oodori, and Unryuu Kaizan’s head Satake. Both of them are heavyweights of Kansai region, the Yakuza of Yakuza in there 」

They won’t hear out what Jii-chan has to say.

「 Besides, it’s still possible that the Yakuza will try to reverse the situation, see? 」

Like, taking away the Takakura sisters from us.

Or maybe, taking Jii-chan as a hostage.

It’s possible that they attack our mansion and kidnap Misuzu.

There are so many possible methods.

「 Furthermore, they don’t even have to do it. All they have to do is make the other party think “This guy can do this,” “If I don’t pull out, it will become troublesome,” or “These people are too dangerous” 」

If you think that they’re scary, then you lose.

The fact that they use bluffs and threats makes them feel mad people and that they can do it.

Also, they do have the power to support their threats.

「 Yakuza’s a wide-area gang, they do have enough “violence” to make threats. They can have someone throw in themselves to shoot a bullet. They could even use suicide bombers. For example, they could send one at the school where Misuzu’s attending. They don’t mind involving outsiders, students, teachers, and whoever it is, and just blow them off. They could even send in five to ten people with dynamite in their stomach 」

It’s hard to prevent acts of terrorism as such.

「 Normally, they won’t do that, see? Involving unrelated people is out of the question, and Misuzu-sama’s cla.s.smates are all from distinguished families as well. They’ll turn all of the n.o.ble families in j.a.pan as their enemy if they do that 」

Yeah, if they try to use indiscriminate terrorism and put the other children of distinguished families in danger, then it won’t end well for them.

「 Though there’s that risk, if they think that they can retort against Kouzuki house and win against Kakka, then Yakuza will believe that it’s worth it 」

「 Why? 」

「 Looking at the Kansai Yakuza’s side; if Kouzuki s.h.i.+getaka “Kakka,” the n.o.ble among n.o.ble families backing off from them is good propaganda. That Kouzuki house was afraid of us, they’ll say 」

Geez, they’re so troublesome.

That means, it’s “that.”

Old men with elementary school brat logic.

「 OK. Shou. That means, we can’t show that we’re afraid no matter what they do. Instead, we have to scare off the Yakuza 」

「 That’s it. They need to think; “These people are too dangerous, are they crazy? You can’t go against these guys, they’re scary” 」

「 Got it, I’ll be sure to poke their earholes and make their teeth rattle! 」

Edie, that’s a strange line to say.

「 Thus, if they show that they are hostile to us, then take them down on a single blow. If you only hurt them, then it’ll only make them have a grudge. If you take them down in one shot then they won’t have memories of it, they won’t hold a grudge either. On the other hand, it would create an impact on the surrounding people. You know the parts where you can hit in one shot to take them down and show now after-effect? 」

「 Naturally 」

Edie laughs.

「 Do you know them? 」

She then asks Kudou Haruka.

「 W-What are you talking about?! If you try to hit a Yakuza and they avoided it, it would become a big deal! 」

「 That’s why it’s only one punch 」

Edie sticks out her fist to Haruka.

「 No, but the other party could also be doing martial arts, and what would you do with their numbers? 」

「 That’s easy, take them down one-by-one with one punch 」

「 That’s impossible! 」

Edie laughs out loudly.

「 I can. You can’t. It’s easy 」

She smiled.

「 I can do it too, and of course, Reika and Michi-chan can do it as well 」

Shou-neechan speaks from the driver seat.

「 The other party is Yakuza though?! That’s impossible!! 」

Kudou Haruka shakes her head.

「 This is why Kouzuki SS won’t employ someone like you 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 Our company makes the impossible possible. It may look impossible to turn real, but we do it 」

「 Shou, you can’t convince her no matter what 」

Edie stops Shou-neechan.

「 Her logic goes “Those who know will know. Those who can will. Those who can’t understand never will. And those who can’t do it never will.” And she’s the last two types! 」

「 I-I! 」

Kudou Haruka tries to refute but she can’t.

「 Well, try shutting up for a while. You can’t do anything if you don’t understand 」

Shou-neechan sighs.


「 U-Uhm, Shou-neechan? 」

「 What? 」

There’s something I’ve been curious about.

「 Uhm, it’s about Tsukiko and the girls’ Miko power 」

I now understand that the discussion with the Yakuza will likely become difficult, but.

If we have the Takakura Miko power, the power to read one’s mind and make one obey, can’t we turn things to our advantage?

「 Edie, how far have you gone training Luna and Yomiko? Do you think they can use it to some extent? 」

All while I was doing it with Tsukiko;

Luna is training with Edie and Yomiko with Michi.

Although, there wasn’t enough time for the three to train with their powers combined.

「 Well, they can control their power better than I thought. But, Darling, 」

Edie smiles wryly.

「 I think that we should consider not using the power of the cousins as much as possible today 」


「 Well, what do you think was their purpose of coming yesterday? 」

That is to have s.e.x with the Takakura sisters,

Their power awakens from losing their virginity.

I had s.e.x with them early in the morning, and they trained so they can use it.

「 It was just yesterday, and today, we don’t know if the three can use their power at this stage. Those girls may not be able to control their power while facing an enemy giving out pressure 」


「 Training and actual use are two different things 」

She’s right.

Even when Yomiko used her power to shut up Haruka, she was in a place where she feels at ease.

There’s no proof that Yomiko can use her power the same way in a place filled with Yakuza.

「 I think so too, I don’t think that their power should be used as a fighting power 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 But, why was I not stopped from rus.h.i.+ng their training? 」

I was in a rush to make Tsukiko and the girls’ power effective since last night until this morning.

The three were rus.h.i.+ng for nothing.

They just lost their virginity and yet I forced them to some intense s.e.x.

「 There are two reasons 」

Shou-neechan said.

「 One is that we wanted to know detailed information about the Takakura shrine maidens. Minaho wrote down everything she heard from the sisters and your reasonings. Then, Margo-san and I discussed it multiple times 」

Minaho-neesan heard all of our conversations.

They were watching us have s.e.x too.

But the Takaura sisters weren’t in the room together with the senior group.

They opened up their hearts and told us everything.

Nei, Misuzu, and Ruriko made a hypothesis out of it.

Then, they keep on looking for Tsukiko and the girls’ reactions.

「 Thanks to that, we somehow understand what the Takakura shrine maiden’s power is. Although it’s not complete yet 」

Minaho-neesan and Shou-neechan were investigating that?

「 What is the enemy’s aim? Why are they chasing after the sisters? How much is the Miko power worth? We have no way of taking countermeasures unless we know about that 」

「 Then, we can’t count on Tsukiko’s power yet? 」

I’m surprised.

「 That’s obvious. If we can’t fix this issue without relying on that power, then Kouzuki SS won’t make a good name 」

Shou-neechan laughs.

「 The other reason is we wanted the sisters to gain the confidence to confront their fate 」


「 Weren’t the girls acting strange when they just arrived at Kuromori house from Kyoto? 」


Yomiko’s overeager and is in high tension.

Tsukiko’s hiding her emotions.

Luna was dark and depressed.

「 Back then, those girls were in a situation where the Yakuza killed their parents, and they fled from the shrine they live in, they couldn’t see their future and feel desperate, aren’t they? 」


「 Yeah, they don’t know what to do, and yet they got angry and said that they’ll become a prost.i.tute 」

Edie said.

「 Anyway, they begged Kakka, and they couldn’t see any other way but to live with the foundation they build in Tokyo. If not, they won’t get in Kakka’s absurd proposal 」

Yeah, that’s right.

「 That’s how scared they are from the Yakuza 」

Tsukiko and the girls are afraid of the Yakuza?

「 The sisters have been living with the Yakuza around them since birth. Takakura shrine is under the Yakuza’s control after all. Naturally, they’re afraid of them 」

Tsukiko and Luna are daughters born from the arbitration ritual of the Yakuza bosses.

Tsukiko knows that her father is Oodori.

Oodori visits the Takakura shrine often and puts pressure on Tsukiko every time he does.

「 And then, their parents were killed by Yakuza. They should know the horror of the Yakuza themselves. Seeing that they couldn’t do anything, they went to Kakka 」

Then, the three came to our mansion.

「 They were so afraid of the Yakuza back then, and now, they’re taking the lead to confront the Yakuza. That’s amazing. Just who gave those girls the courage? 」


「 That is Tsukiko, Yomiko, and Luna themselves. They are now ready to rip out the fate by themselves 」

It’s not me.

They’re standing up on their own.

I look at the car behind me.

Rei-chan’s driving.

Michi on the pa.s.senger seat is facing the back.

It looks like she continues to train the sisters at this moment.

「 If you think that way, sure. But, we believe that you gave the girls a good influence. You guided them to face a positive direction in their life, to fight the fate they have 」

I don’t have that strength.

「 Anyway, it doesn’t mean that we’re not counting on their Miko power 」

「 That’s right. Don’t think of it as a trump card. We may use it as a last resort but think of how to win without using that power 」

「 And so, Kiyomi-san 」

I now understand.

「 Yes. That’s why our orders are to shoot Takakura Kiyomi on sight. That’s the only guaranteed method 」

Hearing Shou-neechan say that;

Jii-chan, and Kouzuki SS;

I now understand that they don’t want the Takakura shrine maiden’s power at all.

If you want to use the Miko power, then;

We have to catch Kiyomi-san and let her tell us everything she knows.

But they won’t, they’ll kill her without delay.

That’s because they don’t care about Miko power.

「 We just want to bring in the Kansai Yakuza and show the power of Kouzuki SS. To tell the truth, Kouzuki SS has never advertised or had business with the distinguished families in the Kansai region 」

To Jii-chan and Shou-neechan, that one is much more important than the Takakura shrine.

「 Ah, don’t get me wrong. It’s also true that Kakka felt pity for the sisters’ circ.u.mstances and he wanted to help them 」

「 I know. Jii-chan wanted to help Tsukiko, Yomiko, and Luna, the sisters of Takakura house, and it’s not because of the Takakura shrine maidens having the Miko power 」

「 Indeed, Kakka doesn’t believe in the Miko power or anything paranormal or occult 」

Yeah, Jii-chan’s like that.

◇ ◇ ◇

「 I see it now. It’s that building 」

Shou-neechan points at a hotel building.

「 That’s also a hotel from Kouzuki group. We have the floor 10 to 15 reserved 」

Oh, they’re pus.h.i.+ng the Kansai Yakuza on those five floors.

Today, the two big bosses who will arrive will bring their lackeys.

It’s also mentioned that the heavyweights in the Yakuza world will be present to watch the deal.

The other groups from Tokyo will also gather there.

「 This is the first car. Seki to all cars. Can you hear me? 」

Shou-neechan talks to the radio.

『 Second car. Fujimiya, loud and clear 』

『 Third car, Margo. I can hear you 』

I hear the drivers of each car.

「 We’re about to arrive, it might get rough. But, follow my lead. Second car, you don’t need to back us up. Act for your own safety first 」

『 Fujimiya here, roger that 』

No, she’s not talking to Rei-chan.

It’s Tsukiko and the girls.

If ever the Yakuza were to attack us, the first car, they shouldn’t use their Miko power. That’s the warning.

「 Thanks. Your our ace, don’t let the enemy know what you have until the last moment 」

Shou-neechan a.s.sumes that the radio’s bugged.

Rei-chan’s a celebrity due to her fights with Kyouko-san broadcasted nationwide.

People know her strength with her cane.

Therefore, to those who are listening, they’ll think that Rei-chan is our ace.

『 Roger that 』

Rei-chan replied.

Well, Michi’s over there on the second car too.

She’s probably telling Tsukiko and the two to hide their power right now.

『 As for me, I’ll do whatever I want 』

Next, I hear Margo-san’s voice.

『 It’s not like I’m Seki-san’s subordinate anyway 』

「 Indeed. I don’t think I can control you either. Do whatever you please 」

While at it, they’re also telling the eavesdropper that Kuromori and Kouzuki SS don’t work well together.

That’s amazing.

「 Well then, let’s go 」

Our cars head to the hotel’s underground parking lot.