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「 Hey, get out! 」

Kudou-papa, who’s cosplaying a pokemon trainer for some reason, talks to the car that crashed to the main gate of the mansion.

「 Enough of that, get out already 」

Three Yakuza guys come down from the car.

They all hold a pistol in their hand.

「 I’d like to repeat it, your pistols won’t go through Kouzuki SS’ cars 」

It’s not just Misuzu’s car, but also the other Kouzuki SS’ cars are bulletproof.

「 Do you guys not have any powerful cars? Well, I guess that’s the limits of the countryside Yakuza 」

Kudou-papa said. The Yakuza guys;

「 The f.u.c.k you said? 」

「 Try saying that again? 」

They glare at Kudou-papa.

「 Also, I’m as strong as Gundam. Taking you three down is just a piece of cake. 」

Kudou-papa said calmly.

「 By the way, I mean that it’s a light breakfast when I talk about a piece of cake. I was living in a farmhouse back in my days before I eat my breakfast for work, I pick up a light snack. That’s what I mean by a piece of cake!! 」


「 So what about it? 」

The Yakuza asks Kudou-papa.

「 Your car is in the way, you know? You can’t get in, you know? 」

Kudou-papa points at their car.

The car body crashed into the iron gate has its hood open up.

「 So, I’d like you to get it off right now 」

The Yakuza guys.

「 What are you talking about f.u.c.ker?! This car crashed, we can’t just move it over, you know?! 」

「 Yeah, that’s right! If you want to move it out, then get some wrecker or a crane! 」

「 The front tires are wrecked so we can’t just drive it! 」

Oh, he’s right, the tires that hit the iron gate now looks like it’s broken.

Even if they drive the car, the tires won’t move.


「 Don’t be so stingy, you can get that off. You three should be strong enough 」

He speaks in a cold tone.

「 What now? Your ma.s.s-produced car can be easily moved with the combined power of three men! 」

「 Are you telling us to lift it up and move it? 」

「 We can’t possibly do that 」

「 I mean, I don’t want to! 」

The Yakuza guys are fl.u.s.tered.

「 You’re the ones who crashed, right? Just do it already 」

Kudou-papa looks at the first guy who fell on the ground.

「 If you’re not doing it then I’ll crush his head! Here!! 」

Kudou-papa’s strength made the Yakuza guys lose their fighting spirit.

「 I-I get it already! 」

They put their pistols down and carry the car’s wreckage.

「 But, that’s impossible with just the three of you 」

The three look confused.

「 Can you? Ordinary cars should have a weight of 1 ton. In short, 1000 kilograms. If we’re talking about water, that’s 1000 liters. If we’re talking about a one-yen coin, that would be a million pieces 」

「 That would be 333 kilos per person if you break it by three! 」

「 Yeah, you can do it, right? You guys can lift at least 333 kilos of weight, right? 」

Kudou-papa said laughing.

「 As if we can! We’re not Olympic weightlifters 」

「 H-Hey, can you guys over there help us too? 」

One of the Yakuza asks the two remaining cars from a bit far away.

Right, there were three Yakuza cars, and only one of them crashed the gate to stop Misuzu’s vehicle from making progress.

「 No, you guys are the ones who crashed at the gate. Do it yourselves 」

Kudou-papa replied.

「 No, when we crashed, the airbags. .h.i.t our faces so we can’t muster our strength now 」

「 Besides, Kagiharboss is lying down there 」

「 That’s right, it was us four who crashed, but one’s on the ground 」

The Yakuza guys complain.

「 I guess so, I’ll help you guys out then 」

Kudou-papa rolls up his sleeves and holds the car.

「 You guys are really stupid, aren’t you? 」

Kudou-papa kicks the tires of the front wheel that aren’t bent and adjusted the angle.

「 It’s just the front tires that are useless, so just life from there, what’s left is to push it and move the car out 」

Right, the three other wheels are safe.

They can lift the broken one and roll it.

「 Ah, you’re right! 」

「 I didn’t notice that! 」

The Yakuza guys are impressed.

「 Nevermind that, help me out. We’ll push to this direction. Let’s go! 」

「 One two! 」

The vehicle starts moving.

「 Then, take it off the gate, and let’s put it on the side 」

「 Okay!! 」

Kudou-papa and the three Yakuza guys help cooperate and move the car.

「 See? We managed 」

「 Yeah, that’s amazing! 」

「 We managed, somehow

「 I’m surprised! 」

I don’t get it, but the four are getting along now.

「 Okay, that’s okay now 」

Kudou-papa claps his hands clean.

「 But you know, since our car crashed, can we open this gate or something? 」

「 Yeah, it’s electrically operated, right? 」

「 The axis is distorted 」

The three Yakuza looks at the mansion’s giant iron gate.

「 That’s okay. This house is built not to break even if a tank tries to crash on it. If you want to break this gate, then bring a Gundam

Kudou-papa laughs.

「 I knew it, a Gundam 」

「 What kind of Gundam? 」

「 The late Misawa said he liked Gundam Heavy Arms, didn’t he? 」

What’s this conversation?

「 Well, that’s how it is, hmph!! 」

Kudou-papa’s clenched fist hits the three Yakuza at high speed!!!

「 Myaa! 」

「 Myuu! 」

「 Myoo!! 」

The three fall to the ground.

「 You guys are going to enter as soon as the gates open. I’m sorry, but I won’t let that happen 」

Then, Kudou-papa glares at the remaining two vehicles.

「 Hey! Etsuko! How about you get out of there! 」


Kudou Etsuko, the one who ran away with Yamaoksan.


The door on one of the Yakuza cars open.

Michi’s Mother, and the former head of security department of Kouzuki SS, Yamaoksan gets off.

「 Hey, it’s been a while, did you bring your seal? 」

Kudou-papa said composed.

And then, he takes out some doc.u.ments from the inner pocket of his coat.

「 Well, who cares, you can use mine. Just write your name here 」

Kudou-papa waves the doc.u.ment.

「 This is the divorce papers. You don’t like to stay in that lukewarm state, do you? 」

Kudou Etsuko looks at Yamaoksan’s face.

Yamaoksan nods.

She glared at Kudou-papa and came close.

「 I have my seal 」

She speaks in a low tone.

「 It’s a regulation in Kouzuki SS to always bring in your seal. It’s a rule to use your seal whenever there’s a s.h.i.+ft of bodyguards 」

Michi mutters next to me.

It’s been four months since she’s chased out of Kouzuki SS.

Still, Kudou Etsuko brings her own seal.

「 Then, sign here and stamp your seal 」

Using the crashed car as a desk, Kudou Etsuko writes her name on the doc.u.ment and stamps her seal.

「 I’ll submit this to the office. Also, I’ll take custody of s.h.i.+nichi, Haruka, and Michi. Well, s.h.i.+nichi’s a man and an adult, so he has no problems ut the two girls are still students 」

Kudou Etsuko stares at her husband.

「 Can an irresponsible man like you even be a parent? 」


「 If you have complains then want to take it to court? I don’t mind either way 」

「 What do you think the judge would think of a man who says that he’s just a detective? 」

「 If that’s what you want, I can work on an ordinary company during the trial period. Also, I can have that old man introduce me to a lawyer. Even if the price is somewhat high, it’s for my family 」

Kudou-papa shows his connection with Jii-chan.

If he asks Jii-chan, he can find a job inside Kouzuki group company.

I know how remarkable Kouzuki’s consultant lawyers are.

「 In the first place, you’re hired by the Yakuza right now? I don’t think that the judge will look at that nicely 」

「 You’re right 」

Kudou Etsuko finished signing the papers, and she pressed the seal she took out from her pocket.

「 Okay, thanks 」

Kudou-papa confirmed the divorce papers and placed it inside his coat.

Michi’s mother stares at the seal at her hand, and then.

「 I don’t need this seal anymore, do I? 」

She’ll no longer be a “Kudou,” so the name seal is no longer necessary.

「 Hmph, this is foolish, to think that I’ve held onto this for so long 」

Michi’s mother throws the seal in her hand on the side of the road.

「 With that, we’re now mutual enemies 」

Kudou-papa smiled.

「 Then, well, that’s all 」

「 That’s all? 」

Michi’s mother glares at Kudou-papa.

「 Do you have anything else to say? To me? Or him? 」

She points at Yamaoksan who’s standing next to the Yakuza’s car.

「 I don’t have anything to say 」

Kudou-papa replied.

「 I do! I’ve got a mountain of things I want to tell you! 」

「 I see 」

「 I’ve got a lot of hateful complaints! Don’t you have the same?! Why are you not saying them?! I hate how you always have that resolute face!! 」

Michi’s mother screams out all her emotions.


「 Sorry, I can’t just get along with my enemies 」

Kudou-papa smiled.

「 Didn’t you have the resolve to face against that old man? 」

「 We! 」

「 If you don’t have that resolve then, it’s already too late. You’re the one who opened up with hostilities, Etsuko 」

Kudou-papa knocks on the body of the car.

「 What? Do you plan no hitting me now? 」

「 No way, that’s not what I’m doing 」

Then, Kudou-papa;

Shouts loudly.





『 You’re too loud, Kudou! 』

I hear another voice from a megaphone.

Oh right, the front of the mansion.

「 Etsuko, you only know half of what happened during May, this mansion is under police monitoring now 」

「 Huh? Weren’t those cars all from Kouzuki SS? 」

Michi’s mother is surprised.

『 Seriously, you’re exposing us 』

Someone’s talking from a police car.

「 You saw what happened, right? No employee from Kouzuki SS got involved. I’m the only one who did 」

『 I saw it 』

「 My Kudou detective office has a partners.h.i.+p with Kouzuki SS, but we’re separate companies. I did my job out of my will 」

『 I know that 』

「 And so, these guys drove their car and crashed to the gate of this house. It’s damage to properties case, and yet they took out pistols and threatened us. It was legitimate self-defense 」

『 You don’t have to explain everything 』

「 Besides, I don’t know any Judo or Karate, I don’t even do boxing either. I’m just an ordinary citizen, even if my punches were sharp, it wouldn’t fall into excessive defense, right? 」

『 You have that martial arts, right? Forgot the name though 』

「 Do you think that the police will call Kudou arts an actual martial arts? Can you certify a martial arts that no one knows? 」

『 I get it. That’s legitimate self-defense. We also see the three guys you took down carrying a handgun 』

Oh, so this is why Kudou-papa doesn’t enter Judou or Karate cla.s.ses, which are necessary for joining Kouzuki SS.

「 Then, how about you capture these guys already? 」

Kudou-papa smiles.

「 Your plan must be to arrest them when they make a single shot but, this good citizen here is asking help from the police, can you do something about it? I mean, aren’t I in danger? 」


Earlier, when we came home surrounded by the Yakuza.

The usual police monitor cars were together with Kouzuki SS.

Back then, Michi took them all down using s.h.i.+ngetsu.

Well, even when they fainted from s.h.i.+ngetsu, Michi won’t be arrested in the eyes of the law.

No, but, there was a Yakuza holding a pistol too.

The police didn’t make a move on purpose.

Were they thinking of letting us do whatever until they could arrest us, Kouzuki SS, and the Yakuza?

『 Tsk, you’re too noisy. Guess there’s no helping it 』

Police officers in their uniforms come down from the cars.

「 Hey, what are you doing, Etsuko? 」

Kudou-papa said.

「 Shouldn’t you run away now? 」

Michi’s mother suddenly realized.

She runs toward Yamaoksan.

「 Also, tell your employer this! If you approach this mansion carelessly, the police will take you away 」

「 Hey! Wait! 」

「 Stop! 」

The police officers head to the remaining Yakuza cars.

「 Also, Takakura’s Ojou-sama hasn’t arrived yet. She’s not in the mansion! Tell them that at least! 」

Michi’s mother jumped into the car.

Yamaoksan bows his head to Kudou-papa and gets inside the car.

Then, they turned their cars,

and the two Yakuza vehicles escaped.

「 Hey, one car stay behind, we’ll chase them! 」

「 Yes, sir! 」

「 You guys, arrest the Yakuza over there. Call support from HQ 」

「 Roger 」

The police’s car follows Michi’s mother.

The remaining police officers arrest the stupid Yakuza guys.

「 What an idiot, Etsuko’s too impatient that this happened 」

Kudou-papa mutters.


The mansion’s main gate opens up loudly.

I knew it, the sound is a bit dull because of the car crash.

Still, it opened up smoothly, no problems.

Seeing the crisis end out in front of the gate, Minaho-neesan and Katsuko-nee opened it remotely.


Misuzu’s car is the only one that entered the gate.

Michi and I who were lying down on the lawn stood up.

Ah, Rei-chan noticed us.

Misuzu, Ruriko, and Yos.h.i.+ko in the rear seats too.

But, the car didn’t slow down, it proceeds to the mansion.


The iron gate closes down as soon as Misuzu, and the girls pa.s.s through the gate.


It’s closed down completely.

「 Father! 」

Michi calls out her father from inside the gate.

Kudou-papa picks up something that fell on the road.

「 Oh, Michi? I mean, I knew you were there though. How do I look? I’m a pokemon trainer! 」

I feel like things are mixed up here.

「 I’ve shown you something unbecoming of me 」

「 No father, that was splendid 」

Michi said.

「 Well, there are so many things in life you can’t just explain with words 」

Kudou-papa looks at his hand.

「 She’s been carrying this all the time 」

That was the seal Michi’s mother threw away.

「 This, I bought this when we registered as a married couple. This was from the stationery shop in front of the station. She still had it 」

Kudou-papa approaches the gate.

Then, he stretches his hand inside the gate.

「 Michi, this is yours now 」

「 Father 」

「 If you feel unpleasant from her belongings then throw it away. But, I can’t just hold to it. I give it to you 」

「 Thank you 」

Michi receives the seal.

「 You look healthy. Looks like you’ve grown mature 」

「 Yes, Michi is living happily 」

The father-daughter talks across the iron gate.

「 Kudou-san, come over for some tea. Talking over here is hard. Katsuko-nee open the gate 」

I said.

「 I appreciate your thought but, I still have other jobs to do. Maybe next time 」

Kudou-papa said.

「 With this, they won’t come close to here as much as possible. Yakuza and police are like oil and water. Also, the police know how to crack down regular gangs, so the cops are a formidable foe for them 」

I see, Kudou-papa;

He let Michi’s mother escape to inform the Yakuza that there’s police stationed here.

「 We have two groups of Yakuza as enemies but, they’re in conflict right now, but they’re still connected. This information will reach the group that didn’t employ her. This will be a safe zone for a while 」

The Yakuza won’t come here.

「 It’s about time for Takakura’s ladies to reach here 」

Right, everyone knows that the lady will become a prost.i.tute of Kuromori.

She’ll eventually come to this mansion.

「 The Yakuza will take distance from the police, they’ll continue to observe the mansion but, well, there will be no one bas.h.i.+ng through the gate like what Etsuko did just now. They won’t forcibly invade the mansion. They have reliable information that the Takakura lady hasn’t arrived yet 」

Yeah, he shouted that to Michi’s mother earlier.

「 The other routes will give the same information. Those guys should be focusing on finding the location of the lady for a while. Well, you can take a rest while they do that 」

Kudou-papa said.

「 Still, they say that the child grows up when the parents are away, and Michi, who are raised by only the father who’s away from the parents is the most mature 」

「 I’m still a child 」

Michi said.

「 No, you’re the most self-reliant, Haruka’s been depressed since May 」

「 I’ll meet Aneue tomorrow 」

「 I see. Could you keep her company, Michi? 」

「 Yes 」

「 Don’t go so far as hurting her, Haruka’s also a martial artist. I think that she’d like to want to move her body all out 」

Kudou-papa doesn’t know that Michi’s sister promised to sell her body once.

「 Then, I’ll be going ahead 」

Kudou-papa looks at me.

「 Take care of Michi 」

Kudou-papa bows his head to someone like me.

Then, Kudou-papa takes his leave.

Michi stares at the back of her father, walking away from the gate.

「 Even so, they used to be a good couple in the past 」

Michi mutters.

「 I wonder what and how it went wrong 」

「 Who knows 」


Will there be a day when I will break up with my woman like that?

Someone who should be loving you now looks with eyes of grudge and hatred.

「 It must be beyond help 」

「 Yes, it’s impossible, she’s already an enemy 」

Michi speaks sadly.

「 What a genuinely foolish woman. She’s been picking the worst options 」

Having an affair with the former director, Yamaoka.

Both of them were fired due to abandonment of work.

Then, she didn’t return home for four months.

When we see her again, she’s hired by Yakuza, opposing Kouzuki SS.

Naturally, she leaked internal information about Kouzuki SS.

It’s impossible.

She’s beyond help.

「 It’s okay, I have Master, Misuzu-oneesama, and the family 」

Michi said.

「 Also, it’s okay, Master. Master has me 」


「 Master, please think of Michi as a dog, not a human 」


「 Dogs never forget the grat.i.tude they received for the rest of their lives. Michi will serve Master until death 」

Michi said.

「 I prefer it that way. Marriage breaks down, just like my parents, but a master-dog relations.h.i.+p is eternal 」

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