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Chapter 507. s.e.xy Night 2

「 Ufufu, the wind feels good 」

Misuzu stands in the front part of the veranda, feeling the night wind.

The observers from below can only see her talking to Michi near the concrete pillar.

Michi’s small so only her shoulder comes out of the fence.

In short, I can touch her naked body under the yellow raincoat all I want.

「 You two, if you’re going to talk about things you don’t want other people to hear then speak while facing the room, there might be a night vision camera that can read the movement of your lips 」

Turning around, Nei and Ruriko come to the veranda too.

Nei’s upper body only has a single s.h.i.+rt. Ruriko’s wearing a red unders.h.i.+rt.

This unders.h.i.+rt must be the one Misuzu pulled from her room for Nei.

「 Ufufu, it looks interesting, so I came to peep! Seems like Ruri-chan can move now too 」

It seems that she recovered during Misuzu’s pee show.

「 But, my body still feels unsteady. I’ll take a rest here 」

Ruriko sits on the plastic chair on the veranda.

「 Hmm, that’s definitely a lovely scenery 」

Nei goes to the front of the veranda.

「 Ufufufu, those guys below won’t notice that my a.s.s is exposed. 『 Even if the world is at war, the b.u.t.terflies will flutter, the flowers and orchids will bloom!! You idiots!!! 』

Nei speaks like Kabuki for some reason as she looks down the condo.

「 Ychan, what was that? 」

I ask Nei as I hide behind Michi, under the shade of the concrete pillar.

「 It’s Izumi Kyouka’s “Tenshu Monogatari” curtain fall act. Nei-chan 」

Ruriko happily replies.

「 Yeah, well, that’s it 」

Nei laughs.

I don’t know the original story, but I think that it’s good for Nei and Ruriko to get along even from that kind of thing.

Now then.

I squat before Michi’s a.s.s.

「 Hauu! 」

I touch Michi’s a.s.s, and she trembled.

「 Michi-pon, you’re too obvious, focus 」

Misuzu smiles at Michi.

「 Y-Yes, Kunuu! 」

When I caress her thighs, Michi fidgets.

「 Really, you’re so sensitive Michi 」

When I say that, Michi:

「 I just came earlier, so my body and mind is sensitive 」

Oh, when she linked hearts with everyone using s.h.i.+ngetsu, they climaxed like a chain avalanche.

Her pleasure is spread to the others, and it comes back as a counter-flow after a time difference. That keeps on repeating.

Of course, it would make natural for Michi and the two to pee.

Especially Michi who’s job is to relay to everyone, it seems that the waves of pleasure are transmitted to her so many times.

「 Hamu 」

I lift the hem of Michi’s raincoat and expose her naked a.s.s.

Yeah, looking at it closely, although it’s a small a.s.s, it’s tight and beautiful.

When I ma.s.sage it with my hand, it feels like raw rubber.

「 Yo-chan, is that fun? 」

Nei asks. She’s facing Ruriko as a camouflage.

The observers from below haven’t noticed my presence.

「 Yeah, it’s quite fun 」

I insert my fingers to Michi’s slit.

Oh, there’s already hot love nectar in between.

「 I see, then I’ll lend you something good 」

Nei gets close to me and hands me a pen.

「 Look, I often help out Maru-chan, so I have this all the time 」

She seems to have turned back her call to Margo-san to “Maru-chan.”

I look at the thing she pa.s.sed me.

Isn’t this, a penlight?

「 It’s purpose is so that other people can’t find it in the dark, so the light is suppressed. In short, it’s perfect for this kind of situation! 」

Nei says.

I turn on the penlight and check it out.

Michi’s a.s.s lights up.

I see. It’s not so bright; so I can see well.

「 I see, so Michi’s a.n.u.s is like this 」

I illuminate it with the penlight and observe.

「 Kuuuuu, this is embarra.s.sing!! 」

Michi’s aroused.

「 I’m here too so if Mii-chan, Mitchan, and I pretend to be talking, the people below won’t see through it 」

I see. The camouflage is better with three people than two.

「 Ruri-chan, it’s better if you don’t show up 」

Nei tells Ruriko.

「 Oh, why? 」

「 Ruri-chan’s appearance right now is too stimulating for the people below. 」

No, Nei…

It might be dangerous to show up Ruriko in her unders.h.i.+rt out of the veranda, but.

Misuzu, Nei, and Michi, if you take off one piece, you three are all naked.

Everyone’s not wearing anything on the lower body.

「 Michi put your hands on the backrest of the chair there and stick your a.s.s to me 」

I order Michi.

「 L-Like this? 」

Michi places her a.s.s higher.

My penlight illuminates Michi’s slit.

「 Then, open up your legs a bit 」

「 Y-Yes 」

Michi spreads her legs and liquid drips down from her slit.

「 Speaking of which, I’ve never seen it open all the way since the first time since this is an excellent opportunity, I’ll examine it 」

Yeah, I haven’t peeked inside Michi since she lost her virginity.

「 Aaaaah, that’s embarra.s.sing 」

「 Don’t worry about that, also, don’t move 」

I pinch the penlight in my mouth and open up Michi’s a.s.s with both hands.

I open up her slit.

Oh, her love nectar glitters from the light.

I can see Michi’s pink insides.

「 Hauuu, hauuu 」

Every time Michi breathes roughly, her insides contract.

Such a vivid genital.

Michi’s p.u.s.s.y is beautiful.

Oh, the hymen I saw when I peeked before is now gone.

I picked up the penlight from my mouth…

「 Michi’s hymen is gone 」

「 Master has rubbed it off a lot 」

Michi says while blus.h.i.+ng.

「 It’s my fault? 」

「 M-Michi also rubbed it off by swinging her waist a lot. I grind it so much that Master’s p.e.n.i.s has torn all of the membrane. I’m sorry! 」

Warm liquid drips from the inside again.

Michi’s aroused.

「 Oh my 」

Nei approaches Michi.

They’ll only see Nei coming on top of Michi from below.

They can identify Michi, but…

「 Dannsama, please continue 」

Misuzu says suddenly.

「 I’d like to discuss with the people outside 」

About what?

「 Ah, I’m only going to tell them a joke so please don’t take what I say seriously 」

Misuzu smiles

「 O-Okay 」

I don’t know what will start but…

For now, I’ll concentrate on licking Michi’s a.s.s.

I insert my tongue into her slit.

「 Hauuuuu 」

Michi’s body bends over.

She grabs on Nei’s arm instead of the back of the chair.

「 Oh hey, are you okay, Mitchan? 」

Nei supports Michi while grinning.

I lick up Michi’s fountain.

Michi’s taste is sour.

「 Michi-pon, tomorrow’s the end of the holiday. Although we have school starting the day after tomorrow, I’ll give you a new order 」

Misuzu tells Michi

「 Y-Yes 」

Michi replies while her waist trembles.

「 What you will do is survey all of the students in our school 」

“Our school,” ain’t that the ultimate Ojou-sama’s school in j.a.pan?

「 E-Everyone? 」

Michi replies while trembling.

「 Well, you don’t need to go to the college. Just the middle and high school. As for elementary girls, you only need to investigate if there are any excellent talents. I don’t think that their data will be required now 」

Misuzu, what are you planning to make Michi search?

I listen while I have my face buried under Michi’s soft a.s.s.

「 What I’d like you to investigate if there are girls among our school girls who are suitable for serving as Dannsama’s s.e.x slaves in the future 」


I stop my tongue unconsciously.

「 Yo-chan, that’s just a joke. Didn’t Mii-chan say that at first? 」1

Nei laughs.

Oh right.

「 You don’t have to worry about their family. Dannsama is like that, isn’t he? What’s needed is that the girl is beautiful, smart, and above all, has a good personality. Once they become a slave, Dannsama will love them forever so it’s troublesome if it’s a girl that can’t accept us as family 」

「 It is as you say, auu 」

Michi replies while gasping.

「 Even s.e.x slaves need to emphasize on personality, you must investigate from various angles and see if the candidate is genuinely trustworthy 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Also, of course, investigate their s.e.x experience in detail. Whether they a.s.sociate with strange men, or if they’ve already given their body, take off those girls from the candidates 」


「 That’s a lot of work Mii-chan. You have to make friends with the girls at school! 」

Nei said as she laughs.

「 But still, it’s hard to find out whether she has a boyfriend or not, whether she is a virgin or not. If you don’t get along with her, then she won’t be telling you anything! 」


Could it be that Misuzu…

She’s trying to make Michi interact with the students in the pretext of searching for a new s.e.x slave.

If they interact, then they’d get along.

If she continues the activity steadily and gets along with some girls, Michi’s friends will increase.

「 Then, as the investigation expands even outside the school, continue a friendly relations.h.i.+p who’s taken out a candidate. A good s.e.x slave candidate may be their friend, relative, or acquaintance of those girls 」

Misuzu said.

I knew it, Misuzu’s purpose is to expand Michi’s friends’ list.

「 Y-Yes. But 」

Michi replies

「 How should I build up a friendly relations.h.i.+p? 」

Michi grew up in an environment too unique that she has no friends of the same age.

「 It’s easy. Don’t Mii-chan’s school have girls like Mitchan enrolled as a guard? 」

Nei asks.

「 There’s at least ten in each year 」

Michi replied.

There’s that much?

「 Though instead of a guard, they’re more of an attendant 」

Oh, just like Yos.h.i.+ko-san for Ruriko?

「 First, get along with those girls. 『 Shoot the horse first if you want to shoot the general 』 It’s easier to talk if they’re a fellow guard, right? 」

Nei said.

「 But 」

「 To get along with people, you need to be cheerful, generous, and kind 」

「 But, Nei-chan, I don’t have a cheerful personality 」

Michi’s not gloomy, but she doesn’t smile in front of people that much.

「 That doesn’t have to be the case for everyone. Mitchan has the generosity and kindness, so it’s okay! 」

「 Am I? 」

Michi doesn’t have the confidence.

「 Yeah. Mitchan has a bamboo split-like evident personality, right? Quite timid too. You decide things without hesitation, and if you do, you’re straightforward. Yo-chan knows that Mitchan’s a kind girl, right? 」

Nei turns to me.

「 Yeah 」

Nei, sorry, I can’t answer when I’m licking Michi’s genital while lighting it up with a penlight.

I feel sorry, so I peel out the c.l.i.toris and lick it.

「 Hauuu! Master!!! 」

Michi trembles with pleasure.

「 Michi-pon will do anything to fulfill her duty. For example, try to call out other guards on the training course of Kouzuki security service. Isn’t training together also a method? 」

Misuzu said.

「 Misuzu-chan, how about you make Mitchan recommend the ladies to a tea ceremony? 」

That’s a good idea.

If they get along with Michi, then they can be invited to Misuzu and Ruriko’s tea party.

It’ll increase the girls who interact with Michi.

Some of them might become friends.

「 Anyway, once we’re back at school try a lot of things. If you worry about something, then consult it with me. First is to try and see, if there’s a problem then fix it bit by bit 」

Misuzu says kindly.

「 Yes, I’ll find someone who can satisfy Master, Kafuu!! 」

Michi promises Misuzu.

Yeah. The search for my new s.e.x slave is just the means.

She should use this opportunity and make friends at school.

Misuzu isn’t seriously searching for my slave either.

「 How about Makimura Maiko, first-year middle school? 」

Michi said.

「 Master still doesn’t have a first-year middle school slave yet, that girl is beautiful, she also has a timid personality, I think she’ll satisfy Master’s rape preference 」

Hey, Michi, what do you mean rape preference?

No, it’s hard to argue in this situation.

Since it gets me p.i.s.sed off, I’ll use my tongue even more violently.

「 Haaaaauuuu!!! 」

「 Are you sure that she has a good personality? You should make sure of it. Besides, Maikmursan has a bodyguard with her, right 」

Misuzu replied.

「 Makimura Maiko’s bodyguard is Suzuki Asuksan, she’s beautiful. I can control her Qi so Master can freely violate her regardless of Suzuki-san’s will, auauauauauaau!! 」

What are you thinking! Seriously!

I slap Michi’s a.s.s since I’m tired using my tongue!!!!

「 Higiiiii!!! 」

Misuzu’s also amazed.

「 Michi-pon, rape as a means for the end may be inevitable but don’t use that as a plan from the start. You must pick out the candidates diligently and investigate the people 」

Misuzu seems to be speaking directly at hindsight but “Raping as the means to an end is okay,” what the h.e.l.l?

「 Oh right, Michi! I’ll look for candidates too! 」

Ruriko speaks out.

「 I’m also Onii-sama’s s.e.x slave, you know? I’m sure it’ll be fun to find more friends from the same circ.u.mstances. Oh right, how about my cla.s.smate Matsunaka Miyuki-san? 」

This is bad, Ruriko’s getting merry.

「 Matsunaksan, from Matsunaka electronics? 」

Misuzu’s surprised.

「 Yes, she’s the president’s granddaughter 」

Ruriko smiles.

「 Oh my, that’s the largest electronic equipment manufacturer in j.a.pan 」

Nei mutters.

The lady of Kouzuki house has a different way of thinking.

「 Miyuki-san is also raised carefully, protected by the house, so she doesn’t know anything about s.e.x. I will tell her how much fun it is to have s.e.x with Onii-sama with all my heart. I’m sure she will be interested. I don’t know anyone as cheerful and pretty as her 」


「 Also, the granddaughter of the former prime minister, Takamizawsan, and the US amba.s.sador’s daughter, Sakuragi Tomoko-san is lovely too. I’m sure that it’ll be fantastic if they become Onii-sama’s s.e.x slaves 」

「 Yeah. We’ll list up the names of the candidates and discuss it later. 」

Misuzu speaks ambiguously.

If Ruriko makes a candidate as a s.e.x slave, then it’ll be frightening.

Political realignment, industry reorganization, sudden economic boom, I don’t get it well, but it would develop into a revolutionary problem.

「 Kufufufu, I guess I’ll try it in our school too! 」

Nei laughs, but…

「 Ah, I guess we can’t do that in our school, Megu-chan will glare at them 」

If they search for my s.e.x slave in our high school, Megu will cry.

It’s okay if she rages or just says she hates it but I guess she’ll cry on the corner.

I don’t want to see Megu like that.

「 Well, who cares, it’s a joke anyway 」

I mutter.

「 I also have to find at least one person in my grade too 」

Misuzu looks serious when she said that.


「 Look, Dannsama promised to come during our autumn school trip, right? Our school needs two girls to stay in the hotel at the same room 」


「 I have to find a cla.s.smate that Dannsama will embrace with me 」

Misuzu folds her arms and think.

「 Oh, I’ll have the other girl meet up Dannsama for the first time at the hotel. Then, I’ll have that girl’s virginity taken, isn’t it romantic to be deflowered in Italy during a school trip? 」

Misuzu’s quite broken too.

「 Then, every night, I’ll change my partner in the shared room, and have Master enjoy a fresh virgin every night? 」

Michi said.

「 Michi, you come up with an exciting idea! 」

Misuzu, that’s not something you should praise!

「 But, the school trip is in two weeks so half of my cla.s.s will lose their virginity during the trip 」

「 Do we believe that everyone’s a virgin, is there no problem in that regard? 」

「 Michi, investigating that is part of your job 」

Misuzu and Michi, you two!

「 Onii-sama, it has become ma.s.sive 」

Ruriko smiles as she looks at my erect p.e.n.i.s.

「 You want to put it in soon right? Yo-chan 」

Nei’s grinning.

「 Ruriko will moisten it up 」

Ruriko gets on all fours on the balcony so she can’t be seen by the guards below and come to me.

「 Excuse me 」

She then licks my p.e.n.i.s.

She puts saliva on the glans and the rod.

「 M-Master! 」

Michi is all-ready.

「 Okay, thanks Ruriko. 」

I stand behind the pillar.

Then, I stick out my p.e.n.i.s only so the guys from below can’t see.

「 Michi, stick out your a.s.s here 」

「 Yes, Master! 」

Michi timidly sticks out her a.s.s to me while keeping her hand on the back of the chair.

「 Okay, just a bit more 」

I hold Michi’s waist.

Then, I invade her p.u.s.s.y from the back.

「 Hauuuuuu!!!! 」

Michi raised her voice from the feeling of her body expanding.

「 No, don’t voice out too much, lewd voice echoes. You’ll be heard below! 」

Nei said.

「 Mitchan, you can’t move. Yo-chan’s only going to use his waist under the shadow of the pillar, if Mitchan uses her waist then your silhouette will be exposed 」

「 Certainly 」

I slowly move in and out.

「 Kauuuu, hauuuuu 」

Michi’s enduring.

From below, they see Michi only from her shoulder to her face as she’s wearing a raincoat.

In reality, her raw a.s.s is sticking out in the veranda, accepting my p.e.n.i.s from behind.

「 Kuuuuuuu 」

Even if I pierce her, swing my hips, Michi’s standing firm.

Since she’s putting strength on her leg, her v.a.g.i.n.a tightens.


Her clamping tight v.a.g.i.n.a swallows my erect p.e.n.i.s deep.

The love nectar is reaching to the base, it drips down to the floor.

「 Oh, the people below might’ve noticed that Mitchan’s having s.e.x! 」

Nei said. Michi s.h.i.+vers

Her body trembles.

「 What would you do? The guys from Kouzuki security service might ask you “You had s.e.x last night, didn’t you?” 」


「 I-It’s embarra.s.sing 」

「 Michi-pon, wave your hand to the people below 」

Misuzu orders.

「 Smile and wave your hand while you accept Dannsama inside! 」

「 Y-Yes! 」

Michi’s trembling.

「 Ah, let’s wave our hands too Mii-chan! 」

「 Oh well, Nei-chan 」

Misuzu and Nei line up and they wave their hands smiling to the police and Kouzuki security service below.

Michi also twists her body and join in while still accepting my p.e.n.i.s inside her.

「 Oh my, the guards are waving their hands too 」

Nei said.

「 It seems that they think Mii-chan is considerate of the guards, so she waved her hand 」

They can’t see me from the shade of this pillar.

Well, apart from the police, Kouzuki security service is Misuzu’s organization, so it’s not that impossible.

「 M-Misuzu-oneesama 」

Michi speaks while sweating on her forehead.

「 Oh, what’s wrong? 」

Misuzu says while she keeps on waving with a smile.


「 I-I, I’m going to leak, I’m about to pee 」

Has Michi’s bladder loosened from too much arousal?!

「 Go on. We’re on the veranda so cleaning up is easy 」

Misuzu smiles.

「 Let it out, Michi-pon 」

「 I’m very sorry 」


Michi pees…

While still accepting my p.e.n.i.s deep inside her.


Smelly water draws an arc on the concrete wall on the veranda.

「 Wow, that smells, Mitchan 」

「 Really, Michi-pon 」

Nei and Misuzu get away from Michi so they won’t get wet.

「 Hawawawawawawawa! 」

Michi’s head is about to blow from shame.

Shororo, Shuun.

Her urination ends.

「 Haafu! 」

Michi’s drained of strength.

At that moment!!!

I pull Michi’s shoulder behind the pillar.

「 Kyaaauu! 」

There’s no way I could hold back after this!!

「 Michi, there’s no stopping now! 」

I place Michi’s hands on the pillar.

Then I thrust my waist violently.

「 You can’t raise a loud voice, they’ll discover 」

Misuzu said, so Michi endures.,

I f.u.c.k her from behind while she grabs the pillar.

「 Nu, nu, nu, haa, kuu, uuuu!!! 」

I can’t hold it!!

「 Michi, I’m c.u.mming!! 」

Michi speaks in a small voice.

「 Please, inside! 」

She mutters.


「 Uugh, Uuu, uu, I’m c.u.mming! c.u.mming!!!! 」

I’ve e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed so many times already. As expected, the amount is diminis.h.i.+ng.

But still, the hot fluid penetrates Michi’s womb under this cold weather.

「 Higyaaaaa!!! 」

Michi raised a voice of delight.



I e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.e inside Michi while my body trembles.

「 Oh, that looks fun. I want to try that too! 」

I hear Ruriko’s voice.

「 Aaaauuuu!!! 」

I look up at the sky while ejaculating.

The night sky s.h.i.+nes silver, as it looks down at our foolery.

1. Spoiler alert, she’s serious